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FLL-BDL On Song And EWR-FLL On CO (what A Mess!)

Mon Jun 06, 2005 12:59 pm

got back from college orientation at beautiful Quinnipiac University! Honestly, it was maybe the 2nd time I've ever NOT wanted to get back on a plane to go home! Good news being I go up in August! anyway...without further delay:
We got to the airport around 5:00pm and as uaual, the airport was a mess. Checked in with the e-ticket mechine and checked our bags with the friendly TSA agent. Headed to security and the lady who was checking tickets was being a big BITCH! She made us stand in a specific place and etc etc one at a time, kjnowing full well she was just doing a bunch of bull. Most people in that terminal are frequent travelers and know what to do. I turned around and wispered "power hungry" and realized she was a BITCH with cat ears! She said "what did you say?" I responded "Oh, nothing about you." She did say thank you when I passed, but with a scowl. FLL gives every employee sensitivity training...where was that rubbing off on that lady?

Anyway, after heading through security without a problem...headed over to gate D1...saw a dispatched DL738 to ATL in a gate hold...and the mess was only beginning. Delays to ATL, CVG, RDU, TLH...just in 3 gates btw....everyone at the D6-D8 part of the terminal was panicing....it was a mess! It there is still more mess!

Anyway, I saw the Hooters Air as well as the DL RJ "hub" at FLL which is quite impressive. A song flight to LAX came and went and soon enough, our Song 757: N670DL from BOS came in! (no photo yet)

We boarded with group 3 on time! (NOTE, at no gate were the autimated systems in use!)
There was music playing in th jetway and on the plane (including hip hop!)
DL 2082 (operated by Delta Air Lines as Song)
ACT PUSH: 7:08pm
So, we left 12 mins late, still "on time for bts standards" but oh wait, there is more!
We push back and I see a DC9 NW in new C/s...pretty cool...
and continuing, our friendly in flight crew (including "Captain Kangaroo") helped with the safety procedeures...they were funny nad professional...B6 meets WN. Our safety instructions included salsa music and dancing....not great for a FLL-BDL flight, but ok for BDL-FLL!
So we taxi to the taxiway and a light rain begins, we're #9 for takeoff...it gets darker...we move a little...then it POURS...FLL literally closes...the winds change and the storm rolls through. Thank God for the radio on song and the trivia (some of the awesome IFE btw...better than B6)...we sat for an hour until the pilot announced they changed the runway from 9L to 27R...as the rain died down....we taxied to 27R getting a nice view of the airport....before finally taking off...
ACT T/O: 8:37pm...1 hour 29 mins AFTER PB and 1 hour 41 mins after scheduled departure...

Anyway, the crew was flustered...not sure whether to be funny or serious and they went down the serious path for the rest of the flight.
Uneventful flight at FL390...smooth...

We had a nice meal...for $5 my dad and I both had the fruit and cheese platter (me with OJ and him with sprite) and my mom had the chicken dish wich was absolutly DELICIOUS for $8 with a sprite. Despite the delay...it was still a great flight and the food was great...the crew was a little slow and older (but then again, when do the young crews get the FLL run?)
SCH ARR: 9:55pm
ACT LAND: 11:04pm
We got there as a song 757 from TPA let out...and the luggage was combined and we'll say it took forever! Still, my parents and I agree...SONG IS BETTER THAN jetBLUE! THATS RIGHT I SAID...SONG IS BETTER THAN MY FAVORITE AIRLINE...jetBLUE! WHAT IS THIS WOLD COMING TO????

Anyway,I'm exhausted...look for the return TOMORROW!
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RE: FLL-BDL On Song And EWR-FLL On CO (what A Mess!)

Mon Jun 06, 2005 10:08 pm

Glad to see that despite the wx delay, you had a good flight on Song. I have to agree that IMO Song outdoes B6. I have flown both and feel that Song overall has a better product. Now, we'll probably both get flamed.

PS: I spot at BDL once in a while. Maybe I'll see you there. (I live in Fairflield County, CT.)

Eric M.
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RE: FLL-BDL On Song And EWR-FLL On CO (what A Mess!)

Tue Jun 07, 2005 3:28 am

Quoting Eric777 (Reply 1):
Glad to see that despite the wx delay, you had a good flight on Song. I have to agree that IMO Song outdoes B6. I have flown both and feel that Song overall has a better product. Now, we'll probably both get flamed.

Why would you get flamed for being honest. Song has the BEST IFE of any domestic flights and flys the larger 757, which i'd rather have ANY day over B6's A320. SONG is a great product and I hope it continues to grow and do well for DL.  Cool
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RE: FLL-BDL On Song And EWR-FLL On CO (what A Mess!)

Tue Jun 07, 2005 8:51 am

Its not that I qould get flamed...its that I used to be bias towards B6...now I relaize that for often the same price, Song is the better product and not just a copy of B6. Yes, the crew was funny...but they were professional (and older...expirenced)...i mean they used the classic jokes..."Captain Kangaroo and Captain Crunch, our Hooterville based pilots"..."(bored voice) We now have to do our required FAA safety stuff"...and there is another classic one that I unfortuantly forgot that will get to me later. Now that I am somewhat sane though, I will further comment on song...the trivia is awesome, it would be nice to play for prizes, but its espically fun to play with like 3 people. I do wish they would have waved some fees due to the delay, but I understand and the food was DEFINENTLY worth it. I also liked the music...perfect songs and a great idea (playlist)...my parents didn't even figure it out. They were so professional...sure, one guy was not the best (very slow) but unlike some airline (SOUTHWEST) they realized that there was a delay and did not make any jokes following the runway change...very courtious of them. I'm looking foward to flying song 10 times this school year!
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RE: FLL-BDL On Song And EWR-FLL On CO (what A Mess!)

Tue Jun 07, 2005 9:56 pm

Quoting Clrd4t8koff (Reply 2):
Why would you get flamed for being honest.

I've been on these forums long enough to know that there are people out there who are very protective of an airline and if someone says there is an airline better, it generally results in a flame. I haven't been flamed yet so perhaps I jumped the gun this time.

The IFE is easily the most comprehensive of any domestic coach product I've seen. Like I said before, it outdoes B6.

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RE: FLL-BDL On Song And EWR-FLL On CO (what A Mess!)

Tue Jun 07, 2005 11:02 pm

Nice trip report.
I flew on SONG this wekend between MCO and LGA and back, leaving MCO we were 1 hour and 15 minutes late and this was a 7:45 am departure .Coming back we were stuck on a taxiway in La Guardia for 1 hour and 30 minutes due to thunderstorms. All that said I must also agree with you I kind of prefer SONG over B6- better IFE and food for purchase onboard- the delays I experieced this weekend were due to bad weather in the east coast so I cant blame Song for it.
I guess this was not a good weekend to fly in the East Coast.
Fly the Flag!!!!
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RE: FLL-BDL On Song And EWR-FLL On CO (what A Mess!)

Wed Jun 08, 2005 7:35 am

Hey nice report.

Have some questions.

Are the passengers as a whole, a younger crowd at Jetblue? Do you see more families on one airline over another? More business passengers on Song? Or is it about the same crowd on both? Elderly people travel Jetblue less so than Song?

Also are Jetblue flight attendants on average younger? I would think so.

Are these seats on Jetblue noticabley wider?

Is the Jetblue terminal at JFK a distinct advantage over Song's facilities or is this not a big deal?
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RE: FLL-BDL On Song And EWR-FLL On CO (what A Mess!)

Wed Jun 08, 2005 8:45 am

A few answers for padcrasher:
1) I flew to BDL...so my opinions are different than JFK or LGA for comparison

The crowd was a mix of everyone...lots of kids going home from college or vacation or whatever...some families, some older people, some businesspeople. everyone was on that plane...to be expected as its the only choice at that time of night. I happened to view the song flight to LAX board and it looked like a more liesure crowd. I also noticed that the mainline flight to ATL was still that business crowd and it is less liesure oriented than other airlines...like the time I flew AA. It defiently brought me back. If I had the option, I'd take DL over any other airline. I'd still fly B6, but I'd take song if the fare was good enough. But for like ATL, I'd take mainline DL (I'd like to see the song flight FLL-ATL...see the crowd, etc!)
The crew was older, but again, to be expected
The B6 seats are wider, but Song did the trick...I noted as you will see tonight or tomorrow I flew a 752 back from EWR and the aisle and seats were wider on Song...not by much, but there was a difference.

I noticed one thing at FLL...the terminal has not changed! The gate displays are the same...which is good for me because of my history with that airport. Also noticed that not all gates were in use, despite the delays...however, it is more in use than the '90s when D1-D5 were DEAD...but it is in less use than when Midway and ATA were there. I think that DL could make D8 a RJ gate for their further RJ expansion (it gets crowded when there is a Midwest flight, a DL764, and 6 RJ flights out of 4 gates with 1 seating area! So I think that 3 RJ areas would do better than a full gate so that it wouldn't be as cramped. D3 could handle the extra volume. Still, the airport has changed a lot. I remember 2003 when they just started doing the RJs from D6...it was wierd, it was set up for a 764, but it was a RJ there!
BDL was ugly as hell, but its old...the baggage crew was slow as hell too!
Hope this helps!
I promise, EWR-FLL tonight or tomorrow! I've been very swamped lately though!
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RE: FLL-BDL On Song And EWR-FLL On CO (what A Mess!)

Wed Jun 08, 2005 9:34 am

Quoting FLAIRPORT (Reply 7):
BDL was ugly as hell, but its old...

If I'm not mistaken, I thought DL operated out of the new East concourse at BDL.
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RE: FLL-BDL On Song And EWR-FLL On CO (what A Mess!)

Thu Jun 09, 2005 12:00 am

well, it was in worse shape than FLL!

BTW, I lost my sheet with the CO info on it...so I will post my return as soon as I find it. Sorry for the dealy
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RE: FLL-BDL On Song And EWR-FLL On CO (what A Mess!)

Sat Jun 11, 2005 9:55 am

Well, i lost the sheet from CO, but I'll have some pictures eventually...
Anyway, we arrived at the international terminal for our flight to FLL Big grin...wierd checkining in domestically and going to international...anyway...
the AirTrain was AMAZING...great views of the ramp action and its so efficient! beats ATL's train!

Check in was simple with an agent there to help and check bags. TSA was smooth...my checked bag was hand searched...but it was a mess anyway, so no big deal. 2 Nice guys checked boarding passes and a lady was directing people to the right check point (different for different gates)...there seemed to be a LOT of out of towners there on the Sunday.

There were planes going every in the international concourse...FLL, of course...but SNA, LAX, SFO, MCO, YYZ, Paris, LGW, BRU, Bristol UK, among other places. Our plane came from Birmingham, England
CO 201
ARRIVES: 9:00ish

We boarded in group 5...an interesting note is that the PA was not working, so they SCREAMED it! Sat down and I realized that this was the best domestic non LCC product I have seen in terms of cabin. Safety video came on with the CEO Larry Kellner explaining that they are the best in the industry and about thier high quality service...and he meant it...it is the best service I have had domestically LCC or non LCC
The FA's stood in the aisles for the safety demo and then sat down. My dads bag did not fit in the bin, so another bag was moved and someones suit bag was moved...here is the dialauge from that point...
Man: "Excuse me, why are you moving my suits?"
F/A: "I have to move it so other bags can fit"
Man: "So your not going to make it fit there"
F/A: "Sir, it won't fit, I'm going to move it to an open bin."
Man: SCREAMING "These are expensive suits, I need them...they can't be crushed!"
F/A: "Sir, they're going to be in an empty bin. "Sir, we have to make room for all of the bags...all bags have to fit."
Man: "You call this customer service? You just want to crush my bag."
F/A: "Would you like us to turn around so you can get off?"
Man: "No, I'd like my bag."
F/A: "I'll give it to you if it will fit under your seat."
Man: "Ok"
F/A turns to us and gives us this "what an idiot" look, to which I nod.
Flight attendents then came around with headphones for $5...I used 2 of my own to beat the system since its 2 pronged Big grin...my mom baught them, very nice but only works in 2 pronged systems! Movie preview played....
We sat for 15 mins due to a ground hold...but as we were about to takeoff...
F/A2: "Sir, you can't have that in your lap."
Man: "But she said I could. You call this customer service."
F/A2: "Hold on"...talks to F/A1
F/A1: "Sir, you can put under the seat in front of you.
Man: "That would crumble it up!"
F/A1: "I tell you what, I'll put it up and you can keep it for landing...remind me when we are about to land, ok?"
Man: "Ok, that'll work!"

We took off and the movie: Hitch...started...seemed funny as the whole plane was laughing...I listened to music and watch the world below me as well as read the magazine...I stole that and a Song menu this trip Big grin! F/As came around with the drink cart and I had a sprite with my snack: a small sandwich, Lays, and M&Ms...small, yes, but good AND FREE...can't say that on many airlines much more! How can CO serve FREE meals, have pillows, and have great service, and be closer to profitablity than NW, AA, DL, UA, and US?...hmmm!
Later on another beverage service came around to which I commented "Wow, I've never had 2 beverage services before." "On Continental?" "First time on Continental...and hopefully not my last, it's been a great flight!" "Thanks!"...is this standard on CO? I had an OJ this time. Some pretzels would be nice with the 2nd service or a mint or something small....just a reason to have the drink...
We decended into FLL and landed on 9L, as usual, and then taxied as it started to rain (suprise suprise). After landing, I went to the cockpit to talk to the pilot for a few mins...nice guys up there, let me know a little about the trip and we talked about how I was stuck on the ground coming up. They fly domestic and international and flew to IAH the next day. Baggage was a little slow for FLL, but it was raining...but gate C1 is the first gate on the concourse, so little excuse there. Overall, great flight!

TERMINAL FLL: 10...my favorite!
BDL: 5 but at night, so quiet
Baggage: 2 SLOW
ground crew: 7
FA: 10 GREAT...funny, professional
pilots: 9...smooth flight for the weather and kept us up to date on the ground delay even though they said it'll be 15 more minutes like 5 times!
cabin: 10...spacious for a 757 and leather!
Security: 7...1 mean lady
food: 10...expensive, but worth EVERY penny

FLL: 8 I don't like T1!
Ground Crew EWR: 10...got us in and out quick
Ground Crew FLL: 8...a little slow
FA: 10...perfect! Truely love thier jobs
Pilots: 10...great people and smooth flyers!
cabin: 10...smaller than song, but still best domestic legacy product!
security: 9...nice people and smooth...TSA did check my checked bag  Sad
food: 8...small but good
Overall: 10...best legacy flight EVER!

Both very high ranked Big grin...hope you enjoyed!
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RE: FLL-BDL On Song And EWR-FLL On CO (what A Mess!)

Sun Jun 26, 2005 10:15 am

Glad you enjoyed Song by Delta. I have yet to experience Song but I look forward to it.


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