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Trip US BDL-DCA-BDL (no Pics)

Tue Jun 14, 2005 9:55 am

Hello Everybody
This is my first trip report so take it easy on me.
This was my first trip to DC (and on US,usually fly DL) my father and I were booked on the 6:15AM flight from BDL-DCA on 6/3. We check in and go through security without hitch and we headed to the gate. The gate agent called our zone for boarding earlier then I expected, and by the time it was all said and done everybody was on the A319 and steeled 15min before departure. However the aircraft didn't push back until 6:35 due to ATC(can anyone clarify) We arrived only 20min late and the flight was good.(nice interior on the A319) So my father and I had a great time in Washington (didn't get to go to the Udvar Hangar though) and we were booked on US Express flight on 6/6 (a/c was a E-170, or so I thought). We were booked on the 6:45PM flight to BDL and when we checked in at DCA the a/c changed to and A-319(boo). However that would be the least of my problems. I looked at the departures screen and it showed cancellations to ALB,PVD,LGA,and MHT. I was getting a bit nervous because these airports are all around BDL. Low and behold our flight was canceled and we were rebooked on the 9:05 flight a 733. So I ate a burger at McDonald's around 7:30 when I look out the window to see these really dark clouds approaching. I heard a crackle of thunder and saw a brilliant flash of lightning. Soon DCA was frozen to all traffic and the 733 that was supposed to leave MCO, which would continue on to BDL wouldn't leave until 10:00 (supposed to leave at 7ish, but it never came to DCA). So my father and I wouldn't even get home until 3am. I noticed that there was a 10PM flight to BOS, so I brought this to my father's attention and began to haggle with the gate agent over at the BOS flight. Eventually with some moderate pushing my father and I snagged the last two swats on the BOS flight(an A-319). The storm moved away and our flight pushed at 10:05 in order to wait on the tarmac for an hour because of and ATC ground stop for and hour. We took off at 11:03AM and had some servere turbulence up to BOS. Well we ended up getting to BOS at 12:15AM, rented a car from Hertz and drove home returning at about 2:30AM( including a 13 mile detour through Boston).
Total time spent at DCA:6h 30min
I have to compliment the US agents though, they did a great job through this storm and they did a great job of rebooking my father and me to the BOS flight.(Luckily we didn't check any luggage) I will have to consider them whenever I fly next. (If they're still in business)

Cheers from little BDL and BAF,
A Good Landing is one you walk away from!

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