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Fri Jul 22, 2005 5:33 pm

Well here is the first part of my trip.

I woke up at about 9:00am and did some last minute stuff and finally left my house at 11:30a. My flight wasn�t until 5:35, but id rather spend the day at the airport then just sitting around the house. I headed to the bank first to get some cash then continued on the 1hr 15min ride to the airport. Once I arrived at the airport I parked in the $5 a day parking, this is when the day dragged on for quite sometime. I had just missed the shuttle that left the parking lot, 15 minutes later another shuttle finally shows up, but slowly goes through the stops, it was 15 minutes by the time that it came around, however, since it was a busy travel day, the bus was full therefore did not stop at ours (let alone even tell us about being full) and drove by my stop where about 20 other people were waiting. So I waited, and one lady called once shortly before that bus got to us to complain. Right behind that bus that just passed full, another bus came, then all of a sudden switched the thing to "out of service" and drove right by, the lady called again, so finally, another bus entered the parking lot and made it to us, again, it was full but a few of us managed to squeeze on the bus. So after waiting 45min I finally got on the bus. I then entered right at United domestic check-in, which I went up, slid in my Mileage Plus card and followed the steps, my assigned seat was 60 J for the ride to SFO and 18F for the ride to SAN, it also asked if I wanted to upgrade to Economy Plus for $50, hell no. So I headed down through security which was a breeze, by the time that I got to the gate it was about 2:00pm, so I had 3hrs 30min to kill, so I sat for a bit, walked around concourse B which is much nicer then A or C, then headed over to C for some Cazzolis pizza and sat at home (NW gates  Wink ) for about 30 minutes before heading back to the gate at 3:30. I saw the Washington Dulles bound 757 depart at 3:30 and then waited, at about 4:30 my plane showed up, the Boeing 747-400 arrived from San Francisco but it was in the old colors. I was a little bummed, oh well I was flying on a 747-400! Then I thought, I wanna sit up stairs, so I went to the UA customer service desk and asked about upgrading, sure enough, I had plenty of UA miles, so I used some to upgrade to Business class, which meant my new seat was 12A on the 744 upper deck! The lady also upgraded me to Economy plus for free. So now on to the flight.

UA Flight 595
Scheduled Departure: 5:35pm
Actual Departure: 7:16pm
Scheduled Arrival time: 6:58pm
Actual Arrival time: 8:28pm

So the beginning started with boarding, which was done by groups, but as always nobody seemed to listen to the announcements being made and people just lined up, luckily First Class and Business class had their own jetway. I boarded and was directed immediately to the stairs, where we had to wait about 5 minutes before we could go up because they were not quite ready, once reaching the top of the stairs I was surprised to find out I had to give them my bag to put in the closet, I didn�t care since my carry-on bag had nothing that I would need in it, so I headed to my seat which was the first seat in the row right behind the crew rest. I slid my camera bag into the bins on the side of the seat next to the window and just looked through a couple magazines. It was rather hot in the plane so they had everyone on my side (west side) of the aircraft shut the shades to help keep it cool since the sun was coming right in through the windows, at the time the outside temperature was 95F. An FA came up and asked if I would like a pre-departure drink, I took a Pepsi, and was given one quickly (just a cup not the whole can) in a plastic cup (no UA markings or anything) to sip on. One other person was next to me I played around with the seats features, it wasn�t anything special, but it had a few nice touches. Then the next thing I know the FA's said the boarding door had been closed, we were about to start our journey, or so I thought. So we sat there for a few minutes then the captain came on and said a hydraulic leak had been found and they had to take off a panel with 100 screws on it to get to the problem, and he said it would be at least 20 minutes, so I asked the guy next to me if he could see if the cockpit door was open, he looked and said it was, so I walked up and said excuse me captain, he said hello, I replied can I get a picture of the cockpit once we land in SFO, he said, hell go get your camera now, well be here for at least 20 minutes, so I went it got it. Came back and right when I walked back into the cockpit the maint guys came in and kicked everyone but the captain out for a while why they fixed it. So I waited right next to the restrooms then upon completing I went back in, the FO got up and said sit down and give me your camera, I�m taking a pic of you right there, I said sweeeet. So I sat down, he snapped a couple pics, and then the captain started talking to me, we talked for 30 minutes while I just sat up there. Then they said that someone saw something else, so they took off the panel again; so once again we waited, it was another 20 minutes or so before they were able to put it back on, finally it was put back on. I headed back to my seat and sat while we got the final prep done for pushback, the cabin was rather hot, now that I had been on the plane for about 2 hrs. Most of the passengers, especially in coach were rather heated and tired. The rather young, and pretty good looking FA came and said Mr. Burns, we have 3 choices for dinner, we have Cobb Salad, Chicken Caesar Salad, and Hot Chicken Wrap Asparagus *YUCK*, so I ended up choosing the Caesar salad. Finally at 7:16pm we started pushing back, we taxied to the east and took off to the south, and at about 2000 feet of the ground we made a sharp right to the west and climbed to 37,000. About 30 minutes into flight, I started playing with the seat features, I pulled the leg rest out a bit, which didn�t do any good since im too tall . I slid open the PTV to my right, and flipped through the channels, and found that channel 9 (map and ATC were rather un interesting tonight, so I found a National Geographic special about Air Force One. About 15 minutes later the FA came around and gave a small warmed cup of nuts, which the pax next to me and I decided to pick up, to quickly find out it was a little hot. Shortly there after, the FA again came around and sat the table cloth thingy on our fold out tray. Then shortly after came back and gave me the chicken Caesar salad with a �there you are Mr. Burns, enjoy� I was loving the Mr. Burns part hehe (EXXXCCEEEELLLLLEEEEENT). The meal consisted of a rather large roasted chicken breast, hot roll, slice of lemon pie (not lemon meringue). I didn�t really know what to expect from UA meals, I only had NW, DL, and TW meals before. I started to eat the salad, which was very good, the chicken had a great roasted taste, the salad was fresh and so was the roll. The pie had a rather good lemon taste to it. I finished the meal quickly, and continued to enjoy the Air Force One Special. Shortly after finishing the plates were removed from me, and I folded up the tray. Shortly after near the end of the Air Force One show another drink was offered (4th Pepsi on the flight ) I then switched to Channel 9, and continued watching it for the rest of the flight, before I knew it we were on finals for SFO. It took me forever to figure out how to put the seat back to its upright position, it only had levers for down, I ended up pushing rather hard on it to get it back up. I stowed the PTV and the headphones, and continued to watch the rest of the way down, the flight attendant came by and made sure that all the passengers were seated and ready for landing and then sat in the jump seat. We came in over the bay made a right turn and slowly creped down to RWY 28R. The landing was excellent, I couldn�t even hear the thrust reversers. We exited the runway, and slowly taxied to the international terminal gate 68 I believe. I got up, pulled my bag out of the bin, and prepared to collect my carry on before de-boarding the aircraft. They made an announcement and said that a CSA would be at the gate waiting for people to let them know about connecting flights now that it was 8:30 and I saw my original flight to SAN push back from the gate. I collected my bag which was in the galley, headed back downstairs and exited through door #2. I continued into the rather nice SFO international terminal to find, NOTHING (btw, the aircraft was continuing on to SYD). So I followed the flow, and came to a dead end and found I had to go up stairs to the �main� part of the terminal. I though this was rather odd, having a double deck terminal and seating. Oh well, it was pretty cool, and again, nobody up there. So I began walking down the hall, they said we had already been rebooked, so I wasn�t too concerned, but wanted to know wtf was going on. So I said the hell with it, I walked right into the UA first lounge to ask WTF the CSA�s were, he said they couldn�t get into the terminal, so, I stood there thinking, HTF could they not get in, do the gates just go to the plane by themselves? And they are Airline employees, why couldn�t they get there. He said they would be right outside security, so I marched down past two EVA Air 747-400�s. Finally exiting security, and again, nobody. So I followed the signs to UA�s domestic terminal, and finally just went up to the check-in to talk to someone, since nobody was at the Customer service counter. I said I just arrived off UA 595 that was late coming from Denver, I was told that I was re-booked for my flight to SAN. She said, umm ok, I handed her my ticket and she looked rather confused, and found my reservation. Then she said do you have any luggage to check, I said uh, no, it was already checked from Denver. She handed me my ticket, seat 21F Economy Plus. So I headed towards security and stood in line for about 20 minutes. Then removed my shoes, laptop (again), etc. So I finally got up to it, walked through BEEP BEEP BEEP, wtf, I removed everything, he said your belt. Im like WTF, it hardly has any metal, and I don�t have any problem anywhere else, so I removed my belt, shorts nearly falling off, walked through again, no problems. Gathered all my stuff, continued to find my gate which was at the inner part. By the time I arrived at my gate, the plane was boarding in 7 minutes. Tonight UA 983 was operated with a 757-200 OC.

UA 983 SFO-SAN 757-200
Scheduled Departure 10:10pm
Actual Departure: 10:08pm
Scheduled Arrival: 11:39pm
Actual Arrival: 11:24pm

Boarding began right as the counter on the screen wound down and began with sections, I was in section two and boarded promptly once section 2 was called, boarding was through door #2, and I found my seat 3 rows in. Stowed my bag in the overhead bin, and put my camera beneath the seat in front of me and buckled my seat belt while the rest of the boarding continued. One of the overhead bins had oxygen tank installed for someone�s health (not on our flight). Anyway, boarding took a few more minutes, the boarding door was shut, and then the FA�s played the safety message on the overhead screens. While we taxied out. It was not a long taxi, and I saw a few NW planes (5) DL (3). Scores of AA, UA. We made it to the rwy, not sure which one something L, took off to the North, and made a left turn giving a great view of downtown SFO, the Golden Gate was covered in a blanket of clouds. Then followed the coast for a bit. I didn�t listen to channel 9 because it wasn�t available, oh well. Nothing much to see, one beverage service, again, a full can. FA�s came around and collected trash and made sure that everyone was again, ready for landing. We flew toward the east then came back around to land to the west, going through the buildings and seeing the Parking garage really close then sailed over the rwy to the displaced thresh hold and another smooth landing, due to the short runway we slowed down pretty fast, then exited to the south, pulled around and arrived at gate 13. Again I gathered my belongings, and made a quick exit out the plane. Followed the sings to baggage claim. I walked down to find 3 carousels, with nothing saying UA, and then walked the other way, to find nothing but check-in desks. Walked back again, and waited, and waited, finally after bags started coming off the carousel, UA 983 was displayed on the screen. It took about 5 minutes afterwards for my bag to show up and I was off to sleep and enjoy SAN the next day.

UA Rating: 9 (-1 for delay and heat in aircraft)
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Fri Jul 22, 2005 8:51 pm

Hey Chris!

Thanks for making my day at the dreadmill. Big grin Enough niceness.  devil  Where are the pictures of the cockpit?

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Fri Jul 22, 2005 10:20 pm

The hot chicken asparagus wrap is actually quite nice... some chicken breast strips with asparagus and a nice tomato based suace (and cheese too)... not as bad as it sounds...

Thanks for the report!

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Sat Jul 23, 2005 5:52 am

Quoting Burnsie28 (Thread starter):
We flew toward the east then came back around to land to the west, going through the buildings and seeing the Parking garage really close then sailed over the rwy to the displaced thresh hold and another smooth landing, due to the short runway we slowed down pretty fast

Isn't that just so much fun! :P Now that Kai Tak is closed, I think this is the best approach in the world. Even better is sitting on top of that lot and watching the arrivals literally fly right over your head. Another fun one is driving north on the 5 in traffic, looking to your right at just the right time, and seeing that WN 737 bearing down on you at breakneck speed. Hah. Awesome. A tip for anyone that wants it. The SD Aerospace Museum is great, it is in Balboa Park and its like 8 bucks to go. Plus you can see all the arrivals into SAN flying past it.

Hope you enjoy/are enjoying/did enjoy your time in San Diego. It is really a great city to visit (and to live in, for that matter, since the same cannot be said of our bigger brother to the north...yick). Great report!


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Sun Jul 24, 2005 1:48 am

I was probably on the ramp just a few feet away from your 757 as it arrived in SAN that night....just an odd thought. Anyway, good TR.
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Sun Jul 24, 2005 2:53 am

Now your making me want to fly to SAN for the hell of it.... Good reports Burns.

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Mon Jul 25, 2005 2:18 pm

I enjoyed your details, but to be honest, your report would be a lot easier to read if you used paragraphs to break it up.

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