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Sat Aug 20, 2005 1:47 pm

Pardon the lack of details, but I just got back about an hour ago and I'm ready for some sleep.

First ever trip to Vegas!

Departed Monday (15 August 05) from ATL at approx. 0830 local on a Delta 767-400 for the roughly 4-hour trek. Had a window seat on the left that proved to be worth it--after a couple hours of smooth air above and cloud cover below, the clouds abruptly ended somewhere during the last part of "Monster In-Law" and somewhere over what I think to have been central New Mexico. Definitely some spectacular scenery there (especially from 35,000). A short while later, that left-side window granted me a spectacular first glimpse of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

As for the stay, spent four nights at the Aladdin. Thought it was a decent place and would stay there again--however, it will be Planet Hollywood in the not so distant future. Way too many things to do for such a short time, but did get in our fair share of sights and sounds. In those four short days, we managed to stroll around in about half of the major casinos, drive up to Mt Charleston, drive out to Hoover Dam, watch Lance Burton, Jubilee & Mystere(Cirque), eat at Margaritaville, visit the Stratosphere, get in a poker tournament and eat way too much. Also, interestingly enough, we were just arriving back to town from Hoover when I noticed a British Airways 747 about fifth in line for departure. Had to pull over to watch and coincidentally found what has to be one of the best spotting/viewing locations--the one right of Sunset Blvd that can't be more than about 100yds from the runway.

As for the flight home, it was a bit less interesting. For starters, leaving Las Vegas is hard enough, it's even harder when your out was a newer 764 and you go home on a smelly old 763 with worn out seats and a long-ago faded projector screen. It took the crew four attempts to get the safety video to work!

Well, all things considered it was a great trip. You Las Vegas locals have one helluva viewing area there off Sunset.
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Sat Aug 20, 2005 3:38 pm

Not bad for no sleep  yawn 

I'll be making the same trek in a couple of days on an AirTran 73G. I'm thinking I'll sit on the left so I can see Hoover Dam.
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Thu Sep 01, 2005 8:20 am

I´ll be taking that same route on September 24 with return October 3, but I´m taking the last DL flight to LAS which is on the B764.
I have a few questions:
1). How´s the IFE? Are there overhead screen throught the cabin?
2). What about food? Did you received any? What there a buy-on-board option?
3). Should I stay at the New York New York hotel or are there better, since I thinks I´m going to reserve this one.
Thank you,
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