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ISP-LAX ( The Return Trip ) On WN

Sun Oct 09, 2005 2:17 am

After about spending 5 days in Beautiful NYC ( not the same without the towers ), it was time to head back

From the Comfort Inn in Long Island City, I walked to Queens Plaza Station and boarded the eastbound E train to Jamaica Sutphin & Archer. This is also the transfer point for the Long Island Railroad and the AirTrain to JFK.

It was 1245pm, barely missed the eastbound Ronkonkoma Train Sad
I wasnt worried about missing the flight, since ISP is a fast airport to get through. I went ahead and bought my ticket for the 136pm train to Ronkonkoma.

So I killed time by finding a nearby McDonalds and got a quick byte to-go.

About 120p, I made it back to the station, and lugged my food and luggage over to Track 3 ( i think ) and waited for the Ronkonkoma train, which was now approaching.

At 136pm, we pulled away from the station. This particular train was a little bit filthy.Somebody left a half-empty beer bottle seat and it was getting everywhere. But hey, its public transportation. I didnt recall seeing trash bins on the LIRR trains either.

45 minutes later, we arrive in Ronkonkoma. Theres the Airport shuttle van waiting for passengers. It was the same driver as the last time.
After waiting for a few more people, the driver sped his way towards ISP. The ride was less than 5 minutes.

We got there at ISP. Paid the 5 dollar fare, got my boarding card, through security, and off to gate A6

ISP is a nice lil airport... especially the Southwest gates.

Upon arival at Gate A6, my aircraft N479WN, was already at the gate.

This is my aircraft back to el lay. SWA Flight 321 ( ISP-MDW-LAX-SMF )

Boarding was quick and easy. Almost everybody in line had a boarding card for Group A. There was about 40 or so people waited to board this flight. I was about the 10th person in line. We took off on-time, which was about 330p i think.

We took off west towards The City. Turned right a little and turned west, flew directly over Tarrytown and Nyack and them proceeded west to MDW.

About 1hr and 50min later, it was time to come down. It was a little bumpy going down. Landing was pretty smooth...didnt even feel it.

3 people continued on the plane ( not counting myself nor the F/As ).

Boarding for the flight to LA began 10 minutes later, since we was a lil early. The flight was about 95% full. Lucky i had an empty seat seperating me and the other passener.

Leaving was a different story. The pilot informed us that we were number 12 for takeoff. There were quite a few WN 737s and two NW 320s that took off before us. About 30 minutes behind schedule now, we were now rolling on the runway. Made a few turns, hit quite a few bumps going up to FL 390 ... through the clouds, and away to el lay

After takeoff from MDW

Snack boxes was served. plenty of drinks and peanuts to go around. No reroutes, diversions or anything like that.

with pleny of room between me and the other passenger, I had room for my laptop.

We landed in LAX about 10 minutes late ... so we made up some lost time

All except for 6 people and the crew deboarded at LAX.

See all the light down there, thats the BNSF Railroad yard and the UPRR yard in East L.A. This is also a view of East LA, Montebello, and Commerce.

A little closer to home

I made my out out to the terminal, over to the LAX Free Shuttle G for the ride over to the Green Line Station. One thing I noticed about the shuttles is that they installed Clever Talking Announcements on all them. They sound pretty good ... and I didnt hesitate to get sound recordings of them too  Smile
Upon arrival at the Aviation Green Line station, I boarded the Eastbound Green Line to Harbor Freeway/I-105 station. and boarded MTA Line 446 bus home.

A few hours later, my mother also arrived home from MEM on AirTran. Though she didnt like the idea of backtracking to ATL & only given 1 bag of pretzels on a 4 hr flight, she gave it a 7 on a scale of 1-10
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RE: ISP-LAX ( The Return Trip ) On WN

Sun Oct 09, 2005 4:51 am

Great trip report: I like your last 2 night pictures of the LAX landing the best  thumbsup 

Your mom's score on Airtran was a was yours on Southwest ?
don't throw away tomorrow !
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RE: ISP-LAX ( The Return Trip ) On WN

Mon Oct 10, 2005 7:33 pm

i give southwesst a 9 so far. havent had any bad experiences with them yet. been flying with them since 1999

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