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AC871 CDG-YUL 12/10/05 (Pics)

Thu Oct 20, 2005 6:48 am

It was time again to fly across the atlantic to my favorite city on the other side of the pond : YUL. Usually, I try to fly via ORD or FRA ( Nothing better than having a lot of flights to enjoy) but this time I decided to fly the direct way. The AC staff in CDG (they rock !!!) found a good deal for me and so I was on my way to YUL. (Sorry for the poor quality of the Pics..Promise, next time I use a better camera)

12 OCT 05
scheduled 10:30 - 12:10
Real 10:50 - 12:11
Aircraft : A330-343X C-GHKW
Seat : 40A

The day started with a relatively quick ride to CDG2 with the RER train and I arrived in CDG2 at around 8:00 (enough time to have a nice chat and a coffee with the AC Colleagues).
CDG2 Railway Station

The Airport was relatively quit on this wednesday morning. Not the usual "summercrowd". I headed to CDG2A for the AC check-in. Instead of taking the shuttle, I preferred the 10 minutes walk. Nothing better to enjoy the airport "ambiance".
The plane was almost empty and I got seat 40A. A nice window seat far behind the wings, at least, its possible to see the landscape.
Air Canada Check-in in CDG2A

The Airport seemed to me empty, compared to the crazy summer months, especially terminal2A. Immigration and security took 5 minutes and I headed to the AC lounge situated in the "Babybell" terminal (the small building next to the old T2A) where the AC flights are usually boarded. My gate was A38.

The lounge is windowless and relatively small. Nice choice of Snacks, beverages and some newspapers/magazines. Nothing extraordinary and as the rest of the airport, the lounge was quiet empty. I was wondering what will happen with this lounge when AC moves to the "Star Alliance" Terminal 1 in 2007.
Air Canada Lounge in CDG2A

After enjoying some tomato juice (this is always the big question : why do so many travelers drink tomato juice !!!) it was time to board our plane. This time it was C-GHKW. We were greeted by the Crew and by the way, we really had a sort of "Captain Hook" Flight attendant. Tall, long black hairs, "pirate style" barb and circled earrings in each ear. (he really could play in some Caribbean pirate films). I often fly with AC, but this time the crew seemed to me quit bored to make this flight. No real smiles, they just weren't happy to make the flight.

Anyway, with 20 minutes delay, the plane pushed back and we made our way to RWY 09R for an eastbound departure.
Continental 777 arriving just before our push-back
CDG2A in the morning. Note the AC767 to YYZ
Threshold to RWR 09R
First time that I saw a KLM 767 in CDG !!

After take off, the plane made a left turn heading towards the UK and Ireland for a flight across the Atlantic at FL400, passing the southern tip of Greenland and entering Canadian Airspace near Indian harbor/Goose bay.

One of the highlights of the trip, was this LX 330 (I presume that it was the flight to NYC) flying above and then some feets under our plane.

I was really disappointed with the AC service on this flight. As I wrote before, the crew was really not in a good mood. Not even the usual pretzels and a drink before the meal. They went directly to the meal and I had no choice. They just gave me the usual Chicken. I think it was just tasty because I was really hungry. Just a small salad with it and a bread. No Can for the Drink and just a glass of Ginger Ale with lots and lots of ice cubes (this is, I presume, the north-American way...In Europe we prefer (I guess so) more Drink than Ice!).
The good old days of aviation are gone. Gone the times where Meals were a real joy. Log time ago that I had enough of this kind of meal !

As everybody knows, there are no Inflight Entertainment system in the AC planes (in the inflight magazine they say that they will have them in 2006), so no way to track our route. Instead of the boring film, I preferred to enjoy the best Entertainment that I know : Relax and look outside the window. Even the Atlantic can be nice.

Some Shots during the flight :

And finally, we entered canadian Airspace. First time in many years that I didn't saw a white snowcovered landscape whilst entering Canada :

Just south of goose bay, the mountains with a little bit snow and without frozen lakes :
Just beautiful those deserted areas !
Nice those red shores

Two hours, prior to landing, it was time for the snack ! What a snack ! I always used to say that the day, I get a Pizza on a plane, I fly with another airline !!! So what a "bad" surprise when I saw this :
Not appetizing, not tasty just a waste of time !
Shame that AC offers such a catering.

Anyway, there's not a lot to say about the service. It was like the choice of meals...very Average. I can't say it was bad, as I love AC, but I really was disappointed.

The real highlight of the trip was this person sitting in the same row and having a good sleep. As we discovered later, it was fellow a.netter Dario Crusafon from Iberian Spotters thumbsup . He was already thinking that I must have been an airliner enthusiast as I was reading the last AirlinerWorld and Airportwolrd issues. We had a nice chat and it was really fine to meet a colleague in this plane. This is by the way, one of the only reasons that took me to write this trip report. Anyway, big Hello to Dario, hope to meet you soon somewhere on a plane or elsewhere! Maybe you can complete this report with your pics or comments.
That's the good thing with the a.netters community. They are really are everywhere !  thumbsup 

The flight went on :
Forestville on the St Laurent. Nice place for whalespotting.
The Saguenay

and we started our final descent to YUL for an ontime arrival.
Stade olympique de Montréal
Downtown with the Mont Royal at the top.

Landing was on rwy06R. Smooth as usual. and soon we were finally in my most preferred City : Montreal.
Our beauty !

Anyway, this was not a flight worth of a tripreport, as it was almost uneventful. Service was really average, catering bad, but at least, we arrived and AC had a good on-time performance. Once again, I was lucky to meat a.netter Dario.

What should I say to AC ? The good times are gone and traveling across the pond is today like taking a bus ! If teh AC staff in CDg were not so great, I think, I tried another Airline like UA (just because of Channel 9) or maybe AF.

Thanks for reading....and remember, our community is real BIG. For your next flight, maybe the person next to you, is an a.netter too !!
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RE: AC871 CDG-YUL 12/10/05 (Pics)

Thu Oct 20, 2005 7:01 am

Nice report!

I personally would have flown Air France to get a chance to fly on the B777-300ER!
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RE: AC871 CDG-YUL 12/10/05 (Pics)

Thu Oct 20, 2005 8:56 am

Great pictures. Wow desert is a tiny Cadbury bar. AC don't have a very good reputation. But as you say most airlines are really cutting down on meal service in Y.
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RE: AC871 CDG-YUL 12/10/05 (Pics)

Thu Oct 20, 2005 12:39 pm

Nice pics thanks for sharing.
I just wanna give you a heads up on some issues...

Quoting Myk (Thread starter):
Service was really average

I agree with you, most senior FAs are nasty. Unfortunately, YUL-CDG is one of the most senior routes in AC's system. Slowly, they are retiring and being replaced by more enthusiastic FAs who actually enjoy their job. But to be fair, I know some of them that will be retiring soon, and their work is amazing and very professional. I guess it's pure luck who you get on your flight.

Quoting Myk (Thread starter):
catering bad

Yes, AC has cut down in meal service in Y... BUT, the pizza and ice cream service (didn't you get it as desert with your meal?) is actually appreciated by many passengers. AC wanted to try something new and different, something everyone likes. I think it's a smart idea. It's cheap and tasty (in my opinion...).

Anyways, I've said it before, once we get those new planes in with new interiors, I think we will finally be able to compete on the European market, although we have a long way to go to reach Asian level...

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RE: AC871 CDG-YUL 12/10/05 (Pics)

Thu Oct 20, 2005 3:28 pm

NIce pics, haope fully you will have better experiences next time. Not so good flights happen all the time, in every airline.
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RE: AC871 CDG-YUL 12/10/05 (Pics)

Thu Oct 20, 2005 7:09 pm

The real highlight of the trip was this person sitting in the same row and having a good sleep. As we discovered later, it was fellow a.netter Dario Crusafon from Iberian Spotters

Hello Myk,

This is Dario. The Iberian Spotter on board that plane! So how was your way back to CDG.

I finnally came back via EWR to flight with Continental on the direct flight they have to Madrid.

Regarding this flight, it was my second flight in Air Canada. I flown many years ago on a 747 from Toronto to Mirabel!! I think is was in 1995. In overall the service was OK but nothing spectacular. There was no choice of meals and no fruits for dessert but I really enjoyed the big cookies.

About the snack, I was also impressed about it: a pizza!!! At least if was something different but nothing spectacular...

The plane inside was a little bit dirty and no inflight entertainement  

Here a pic of YUL airport before landing...

About my way back, I had a very bad experience with AC staff in YUL: very very RUDE!
I was flying with a ZED ticket and I had one with AIr Canada ZED MEDIUM ZONE 1 from YYZ-YUL-YYZ and I wanted to fly to EWR. So I went to the ticket office and the recalculate the amount of taxes to pay for the change. It was about 30USD. I say OK, the day I fly I will change it. So I went in Friday to the ticket office, and they say I can't do the change!!!! They didn't know the rules of the ZED tickets!!!! They were very very rude specially one girld there saying that it was imposiible was I was saying. Saying AIr Canada is Star Alliance and Air Europa (the company who issued the ticket) is Skyteam...After 30 min of no where situation I decided to go to Continental Airlines where they accepted my ZED M ticket and without paying taxes!

HEre is a pic landing in EWR...

And that's all, in overall, not a very good experience with Air Canada. At least I had 4 seats for me, and I had a very good good sleep!

Next time if I go to Canada I think I will try AF or go again with Continental via Newark.

And as "Myk"said, you never know, if you will find a a.netter on board the plane  


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RE: AC871 CDG-YUL 12/10/05 (Pics)

Fri Oct 21, 2005 2:27 am

I've flown on an AC A330 to Montreal... It was so depressing sitting there staring at those green squares where the PTVs were meant to be!! (I wasn't anywhere near a window)
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RE: AC871 CDG-YUL 12/10/05 (Pics)

Tue Oct 25, 2005 3:48 am

Dario, Nice to hear that you made it back to Spain.

Anyway, I use to choose AC because of their amazing service in CDG at the ticketing. Their ground staff is usually excellent. So I am really surprised about the way they treated you.

Anyway, for me, the only real comment about AC is : "The good old days are gone".
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RE: AC871 CDG-YUL 12/10/05 (Pics)

Thu Nov 17, 2005 11:28 pm

Hi Myk,

Good days are gone, you are right... I flew last week to TUN with AF and believe me, the dinner and lunch served on both ways were much better.

More consistant salad, tasty main course plus cheese and pastry. As for the drinks, you can get wine, beer by the bottle or can...

However, great trip reports and thanks for the pics. I was surprised to see this KLM Boeing 767 at CDG. Is it common???


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RE: AC871 CDG-YUL 12/10/05 (Pics)

Fri Nov 18, 2005 12:16 am

Good report and nice pictures.

Quoting Myk (Thread starter):
a glass of Ginger Ale with lots and lots of ice cubes (this is, I presume, the north-American way...In Europe we prefer (I guess so) more Drink than Ice!).

Yeah, somewhere along the line Americans got tricked into more ice than drink. Not sure how that happened but it did. Perhaps someone will blame George Bush or Karl Rove and his hurricane making machine for this one as well.  duck 

Personally I like no ice as it makes for a better belch to embarrass the wife while in public.  smile 
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RE: AC871 CDG-YUL 12/10/05 (Pics)

Sat Nov 19, 2005 11:25 pm

Just piling on with the discontentment for AC. They really seem like an airline who's motto is "Be happy the plane lands upright and in one piece." They'll get you there...just don't expect anything more.

And I still have nightmares about their boarding/deboarding music. Months later.
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RE: AC871 CDG-YUL 12/10/05 (Pics)

Sun Nov 20, 2005 4:41 am

I must add that their groundservice (Ticketing agents/Boarding), at least in CDG, is absolutely excellent. I like those people working always in a good mood.

But the image of AC is getting more and more low cost ! Just think about the 767 in the metal "colours" !!!

But as I said before: (but I think its more and more the same for other airlines) the good days are gone.
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RE: AC871 CDG-YUL 12/10/05 (Pics)

Sun Jan 15, 2006 6:24 am

Quoting Vasu (Reply 6):
I've flown on an AC A330 to Montreal... It was so depressing sitting there staring at those green squares where the PTVs were meant to be!!

I know what that's like. Was that way on a couple of AI flights.
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RE: AC871 CDG-YUL 12/10/05 (Pics)

Sun Jan 15, 2006 6:29 am

Heavens - you don't seem to get much to eat or drink on AC!
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RE: AC871 CDG-YUL 12/10/05 (Pics)

Fri Jan 27, 2006 12:52 am


I loved your TR, specially the amazing pics you've taken of the LX A330 and the Canadian landscape.
It's a shame that an airline like AC, that has a good reputation worldwide, offers this kind of service in one of their most important routes!
But let's say a pizza is not that bad. I had one aboard an AA 763 from MIA to GRU, and I found it innovating (considering that this wasn't the only option for the afternoon snack, as they called), as some of the fellow netters stated above!
Not a complete meal, but not a simple snack.

Quoting Myk (Thread starter):
I always used to say that the day, I get a Pizza on a plane, I fly with another airline !!!

Now, would you fly AC again?  Wink

Congratulations for your excellent job!

Picture by Justin Cederholm at MCO.
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RE: AC871 CDG-YUL 12/10/05 (Pics)

Thu Feb 16, 2006 10:36 pm


Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Quoting Myk (Thread starter):
I always used to say that the day, I get a Pizza on a plane, I fly with another airline !!!

Quoting Myk (Thread starter):
Service was really average, catering bad,

I do have to disagree with you here (keep in mind that I do like AC, so I'm biased).

I flew them across the pond about a year ago and the lunch I got (pasta) was actually truly awful. However, recently, I feel that the catering quality has actually improved. On two transatlantic trips, last Nov and a few weeks ago, the lunch I got was actually very good. In Nov I opted for the lamb and it looked like lamb and tasted like lamb and had a gravy that tasted like gravy. Amazing! What a concept! It was miles better than the usual goo covered with goo that I've gotten on other occasions and other airlines. And they did give you ice cream after lunch, right? Also, did you get another drinks service, with generous sized biscuits, half-way through? (LH, for example, doesn't do this). Finally, as for the pizza, I personally like it (LH give you a pizza now as prelanding snack too). I'd rather have the pizza (i.e., something hot) instead of small sandwiches, in stale bread, and thin slices of cheese and turkey.

Anyway, my  twocents  worth.


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RE: AC871 CDG-YUL 12/10/05 (Pics)

Sat Feb 18, 2006 11:46 am

Great TR and nice pictures too. Don't worry about them not being that good. As long as they make this trip report enjoyable to read they are fine.  spin 
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RE: AC871 CDG-YUL 12/10/05 (Pics)

Tue Feb 21, 2006 10:51 am

Very nice report!

As for the in-flight crew members, at least you didnt get the old hags that AC usually deploys on their short-haul routes.

All I can say is "Ayy, matee!"

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