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AS: Not The Same Great Airline They Used To Be

Mon Oct 24, 2005 12:31 am

I do not fly AS that often (only 2-3 times a year) but I am probably not going to fly them again for a long time.

The past four trips, without fail, the experience was not pleasant. Each trip was SFO-SEA-GEG-SEA-SFO and every segment on each trip was notonly late, but very late (45 mins. to 2 hours). In addition I found ground staff and flight attendant to be apathetic and uninterested. Now don't get me wrong - I don't like the overly bubbly F/A's at WN, but I do like courtesy which I saw lacking on the past few flights. Even when I would upgrade myself to F class the service wasn't any better.

Now I also had the chance to fly on the MD80's, which I love, however AS has the older, smaller overheads so rollerbags have to go in sideways meaning more people had to check bags. The last trip AS lost my checked-at-the-gate bag (how can you lose a bag wen it is walked to from the jetway to the plane?).

So all of this leads me to wonder: what happened? I remember flying AS in the past (5 years ago) and foound their customer service far superior to anyone else. I am an airline brat so I grew up flying and know how to act on the plane, so I do not think it is me.  Smile

Anyway, just my thoughts. I mostly fly UA and will pretty much stick to them from now on even to GEG where the SEA-GEG is a Brasilia vs. AS' jets.
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RE: AS: Not The Same Great Airline They Used To Be

Mon Oct 24, 2005 5:09 am

AS is hit or miss these days. I've taken 9 roundtrips on them since May and had a good experience each time. My routings, all from ANC, have been to PDX three times, FAI three times, BRW, JNU, and PDT. The only delay I encountered was due to fog in Barrow, and I'm not about to blame an airline for the weather. To their credit, they seem to be righting their ship after a disastrous summer.

I'm going to Calgary in about three weeks on AS (routing ANC-SEA-YYC and return). If I have time, I'll do a trip report on it.

Sorry to hear about the rough trips to Spokane, though. If it happens as often as it appears to happen to you, then you have a right to be unsatisfied.
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RE: AS: Not The Same Great Airline They Used To Be

Mon Oct 24, 2005 6:31 am

AS is a shadow of it's former self - avoided at all costs if possible. There are the occasional necessary ANC-SCC flights, but not if I can get a ticket on Frontier Flying service . . . yes, AS, I'd rather hop into a B1900 turboprop at twice the flight time rather than hop onto one of your late, or cancelled or unfriendly aircraft to any destination . . . .

I hope you continue the trend to turn it around, and once again, the smiling eskimo is more than a simple paint job.

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