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MAD-BRU-MAD Jumpseat (pics/vid)

Sat Oct 29, 2005 12:45 pm

hey guys,
this is actually my first post here
that useless info being said
i'm a pilot in training at Aero Madrid but I live in Belgium
so I fly a lot from MAD to BRU and back
with a lot of jumpseats  Wink
Here are some pics for you to enjoy from various of those flights

cruising above the clouds

what to do when the sunlight is to heavy ?

professional pilots pretending to fly manual (look at the autopilot)

on final for rwy25L at BRU with typical belgian weather

the north side of terminal A

yours truly checking the approach charts while sitting in the FO seat

again some typical belgian weather while on short final rwy25R

some planes waiting at holding point B1, you can hardly see anything !

and now some movies

Surfing over the clouds and diving in

Landing in BRU
Don't mind the 2 bozo's waving at the camera  Wink

I have some jumpseat pictures aswel from flying to madrid with an RJ100 of SN Brussels Airlines so if you guys want to I'll post them aswel
I also have ome special jumpseat pictures from when I had the chance to sit there on SNBA's open day. We flew over Belgium between 2000 and 6000ft, really nice experience !
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RE: MAD-BRU-MAD Jumpseat (pics/vid)

Sun Oct 30, 2005 2:05 am

Hey defeinilty .. those pics were amazing.. i loved the one of pilots pretending to fly manual  Wink hehehehe

well loved you pics.. post more if you can esp of the airbus cockpit!! my favorite.. =) better than any other cockpits out there.. maybe excpet for the Gulfstream Flight deck but yup

post more pics up of thi sjumpseat exp. its been a pleasure reading it

Gulfstream Planeview Cockpit: "why have hundreds of buttons when a CCD does the same thing and more?"
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RE: MAD-BRU-MAD Jumpseat (pics/vid)

Sun Oct 30, 2005 2:29 am

Hey Captain Tim,

if you want to see al my pics just go to the website me and 2 friends made
it's a diary where you can read about our trips around spain and see a lot of pictures
also of your beloved airbus cockpit  Wink
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RE: MAD-BRU-MAD Jumpseat (pics/vid)

Sun Oct 30, 2005 3:06 am

Hey great pics! I also liked your website but keep posting some of your trips and pics here too ok?...

Cheers!  Smile
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