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JetBlue 11/21 BOS-JFK

Wed Nov 23, 2005 12:14 am

Okay, so the trip report may not be formal. It's my first.

B6 Flt. 1015
Sched. Dep. 4:45
Actual Dep 4:43
Sched. Arr. 5:55
Actual Arr. 6:01

Seat 11C (sat in 11D)
EMB E-190 Reg ?

So there was a major flaw when I got my ticket online. I booked the 6PM flight, however, when I got to checkin (I lost my e-reservation), CSA Kim informed me that there was no 6 PM flight. As it turns out, the 6PM was JFK-BOS!!!! My face dropped! She was however able to get me onto the 4:45 flight without cancellation fee, only change of airfare price. I think it's a great gesture on her part.

I ran through security (it was 4:20) at this time, and sat at 11D. The plane did not have full IFE available, and row 11 does not recline. However, the seat was still very very comfortable. Rolling takeoff occured at almost 5 PM, with a long rotation period. I've flown the EMB twice now, and each time was a rolling takeoff without stopping from RW 15R This time might have been because we took off immediately after a B6 A320 and a DL Connection RJ.

Inflight consised of pretzels of cookie and drinks. The standard JetBlue fare.

Landing was a bit scary. As we approached RW 22R, we were making a right turn to line up with the runway. I could see the airport ,and a landing aircraft in the distance. Almost fullway through the turn, the entire right side of the plane dropped suddenly, and it seemed like the pilot was fighting to keep us from going in the ocean. After that, landing was pretty routine, except for a long time spent on the taxiway waiting for planes to clear. I can't wait for the taxiway and terminal to be fixed (I heard it was for the A380 widening project).

Before deboarding, I made sure to ask the pilot about the landing, and the turn. He told me that a 767 in front of us caused wake turbulance, and we were at a 45 Degree bank angle. Scary, but, as always, a good flight from JetBlue.
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RE: JetBlue 11/21 BOS-JFK

Wed Nov 23, 2005 7:06 am

Interesting experience. I guess it would be advisable to print your reservations before heading to the airport...just in case...

Out of curiousity, how much $$$ was the change in fare that you had to pay? On the contrary, if the other fare was cheaper, would you have gotten a refund?

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RE: JetBlue 11/21 BOS-JFK

Wed Nov 23, 2005 7:21 am

It was 75 dollars, and I'd looked over the confirmation so many times without realizing it, i doubt it would have made a difference.

BTW, i just got an Email from jetBlue giving a $5 dollar voucher due to the lack of Direct TV service. Good customer service!

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