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Hyderabad, India to Toronto, Canada

HYD-SIN-ICN-YVR on Singapore Airlines, YVR-YYZ on Air Canada

Singapore Airlines is actively promoting their new SIN-HYD service as witnessed by this billboard near the Hyderabad Exhibition Grounds.

A wonderfully relaxing vacation visiting family, partying, and some spotting thrown in was just what the doctor ordered! However my three week vacation passed with blinding speed and the time had come to leave my bustling hometown of Hyderabad and head home to Toronto.
Sunday, November 20
Our return journey began from Hyderabad as we left our house at 19:00 IST. Our driver was able to guide our loaded up Toyota Qualis SUV through the congested streets among the chaos that passes for traffic in India. The airport is about 5km from our house and we arrived at Hyderabad Airport at approximately 19:30. At HYD only passengers are allowed inside the terminal building and everyone else needs to buy a ticket to enter into a greeter’s hall. After saying our good-byes, my wife and I entered the departure hall. Immediately upon entering, all our bags were screened. Once through this security clearance we proceeded to the SQ Raffles check in counters by 19:45. There was no line-up, so we were able to go right up to the counter. The service was pleasant but because everything is still done by hand at HYD our boarding passes and luggage tags were handwritten before being presented to us. This took a good fifteen minutes. Our bags were however, priority checked all the way through to Vancouver. Our handwritten boarding passes for both HYD-SIN and SIN-YVR were issued. Once we arrived in Vancouver we would need to check in at the AC counters for our YVR-YYZ boarding passes. Unfortunately there is no Star Alliance lounge at HYD so we waved to our friends and family in the greeter’s hall and made our way to the immigration checkpoint.

There were two international carriers’ flights our SQ B777 and a MH A330 within an hour of each other so the security lines were busy. We were lucky enough to get the slowest agent of the lot! He took about 20 minutes to go through our passports. He kept asking for my Canadian Visa… and I kept explaining I was a Canadian Citizen. This went on for a few seconds before I asked him to call his supervisor. The supervisor seemed disgusted with the agent and apologized for the inconvenience. Next step was security. Another unique feature of Indian airports was the separate lines for male and female pax. We cleared security without incident and were in the large common gate area lounge by 20:20 Local. There are a few shops in the lounge and large windows looking out over the apron. I could see our SQ bird’s tail. The schedule had shown this flight to be operated by the B773 but I couldn’t tell if it was a -200 or -300.

The first boarding call was made at 20:40 for our 21:20 flight and with the call for Raffles/Star Alliance Gold fliers made we headed to gate 1 for our flight to SIN. We were greeted by 3 beautiful F/A’s who warmly welcomed us aboard SQ439.

Type: B777-200ER
Reg: 9V-SQH
Capt.: J. Dunn
F/O: N. Lagouros, H. Ng
Cabin Crew: 14
Pax Load: 122
Sector Distance: 1950 nm
Seat: 42A
ETD: 21:20 L
ATD: 21:36 L
Departure Rwy: 09
ETA: 04:20+1 L
ATA: 04:14+1 L
Arrival Rwy: 02C
Block Time: 4:30
Actual Airborne Time: 4:25
FL: 410
Mach: 0.84
TOW: 188.5 tons
Fuel: 32.3 tons
Meal Service: Dinner
IFE: Wiseman

My seat was 42A the second last row of the centre cabin section on this B777-200. Once the doors were closed my wife and I each took a row for ourselves to stretch out during the flight. The light loads must be because Silk Air used to operate this route with the A320, a big size difference from the B777. Hot towels, menus and the economy class amenity kits were distributed by the cabin crew in what seems to be a consistently superior level of efficiency compared to other carriers.

We pushed back from the Rajiv Gandhi International Terminal at 21:23 IST, three minutes late due to ATC at HYD. We held short of Rwy. 09/27 as the MH 330 landed on 09. Once it passed us we made our way onto the runway and back tracked Rwy. 09 for our departure. At 21:36 we began our takeoff roll on Rwy. 09 and rotated about 40 seconds later heading due East out over Maula Ali before making a right turn to the South East. The lights of Hyderabad grew more distant as we powered out toward SIN and I felt a slight bit of sadness that I was on my way back to the “real world”.

The fasten seatbelt sign was extinguished quite quickly after take off at 21:41 and the first beverage service began. The F/A’s brought out trays of glasses pre-filled with juice, beer and white wine.

Everyone settled into exploring the very nice IFE system called Krisworld. This aircraft however didn’t have the Wisemen 3000 system I have experienced on my previous SQ sectors. The difference between the two was the ability to fully control the system start/stop/pause/rewind/advance functions were not available. For a last gasp of India I decided to watch an Indian movie - “No Entry” with the lovely Bipasha Basu.

Dinner was served at 22:15 IST with a choice of Indian or International Entrées.

International Selection
Salad of green bean, potato, tomato and turkey in vinaigrette

Main Course:
Pan-fried chicken in forest mushroom sauce with seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes

Cheese and crackers

Ice cream

From the bakery:
Roll and butter

Hot beverages:
Coffee – Tea


Indian Selection
Sweet potato salad

Main Course:
Lamb with Bengal gram lentil, spicy minced cauliflower and mixed capsicum pilaf
Mixed vegetables pilaf with Parsi style tempered lentil

Gulab Jamun – Milk dumplings in sugar syrup

Indian bread:
Oven baked kulcha

Hot beverages:
Coffee – Tea

The lamb was tender and delicious and the pilaf with capsicum (green peppers) was tasty with a nice fluffy texture of Indian food. Most Asian dishes make the rice too sticky… presumably for use with chopsticks. I quickly devoured the meal as I had not eaten anything all day. Once my belly was full I stretched out occupying seats 42A-C and continued watching my movie.

Lights out at 23:00 but during the remainder of the flight there were several rounds made by the F/A’s to bring drinks and snacks to the pax.

At 23:45 we were over flying the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal.
Flight status;
Groundspeed of 857km/h
Headwind 27km/h
Altitude of 12496m
Outside Temp of -59C
Km to SIN 1561
Time to SIN 1:59

At 03:50 SIN time, approx. 30 minutes before landing we began our descent out over the Strait of Malacca. We skirted southwest of Kuala Lumpur on our Southeast heading. The lights of Kuala Lumpur were stunning and I made a vain attempt at locating the Petronas Towers.
Flight status;
Groundspeed of 855km/h
Headwind 27km/h
Altitude of 12496m
Outside Temp of -59C
Time to SIN: 22min

Weather in Singapore was reported by our Capt. Joe Dunn as rain with thunderstorms. I cursed softly as it looked like no decent spotting for me in SIN on this return trip either. We came in from the Northwest and made a long sweeping turn south of Singapore and then lined up 02C. The clouds and rain afforded no views of Singapore as we landed at precisely 04:14 SIN time on 02C. As experienced previously the windows fogged up immediately but I was able to see that it was very quiet at the airport with not many airplanes around. We exited quickly off the runway and with a short taxi parked at gate E5 in Terminal 2. Gate E5 is one of the new A380 ready gates. This reminded me that just 10 days prior to my arrival the A380 had paid a visit to SIN. Oh well you win some you lose some!
After deplaning we headed to the transit area of the terminal. We had a five hour transit in SIN as SQ18 departs 09:55 SIN time. Unfortunately the SQ premier lounge didn’t open until 05:00 so we passed the half hour by checking our email at one of the many free internet terminals throughout the airport.

Koi Pond

Once the lounge opened up we made our way there and had an early breakfast.
The lounge is spacious and was mostly empty so we settled into the comfortable seats. The view from the lounge was nice but not suitable for photography as there are awnings to block the sun and you’re sitting up and away from the windows. You can however see the airside viewing area from the lounge. The food offerings in the lounge included alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages a variety of sandwiches, and noodles. After logging online to MSN I chatted with some friends in Canada. It truly is amazing how connected we are in this day and age. Anyway after pigging out a bit in the lounge, my wife and I took a nice nap.

We woke up at 07:30 SIN time to find that the lounge had filled up with travellers. We freshened up and headed downstairs to peruse the duty free shopping area. One thing I found about Singapore was that is was a little more expensive than other “Duty Free” places especially Dubai. I was able to snap a picture of the A380 model at the terminal and took some other photos of airplanes from the T2 spot that many have referenced. With it being cloudy and rainy the fact I was facing east didn’t matter, a small consolation on this trip.

After grabbing a coffee we made out way to gate E3 where our flight was departing from. 9V-SVF was our chariot for this trip to ICN and across the Pacific to YVR.

At approximately 09:25 SIN time the first boarding announcement was made for SQ Kris Flyer Premier/Star Alliance Gold. We were warmly greeted by the lovely cabin crew and proceeded onto the aircraft.

Type: B777-200ER
Reg: 9V-SVF
Capt.: K.J. Maynard
F/O: S. Bharathan
Cabin Crew: 11
Pax Load: 258
Sector Distance: 4943 nm
Seat: 51A
ETD: 9:55 L
ATD: 10:15 L
Departure Rwy: 02C
ETA: 17:10 L
ATA: 16:50 L
Arrival Rwy: 33R
Block Time: 6:15
Actual Airborne Time: 5:35
FL: 410
Mach: 0.84
TOW: 225,100 kg
Fuel: 46,400 kg
Meal Service: Lunch
IFE: Wiseman 3000, AVOD

My seat was 51A the forth row in the rear cabin section. I had a nice view out my window of the wingtip and the ground below. Once all the pax had settled into their seats, hot towels were distributed.
Prior to the doors closing the headphones and menus were distributed. The menus were substantial in both look and feel; it’s these little touches that I assume has kept SQ above the game even in Y class. We were to receive Lunch on this sector.

Pushback was at 10:09 and with a temperature of 22C we made the long trek to 02C. As we approached the threshold of 02C I could see that there was a SQ773 and SQ772 following us down to the runway.

We were number one for departure and were quickly on our way as Capt. Maynard didn’t waste any time punching the throttle on this powerful bird. I was able to see the entire terminal complex at SIN and quietly wondered about a possible spotting trip to Singapore and Sydney next year.

The fasten seatbelt sign was extinguished quite quickly after take off and the F/A’s again brought out trays of glasses pre-filled with juice, beer and white wine. The first formal beverage service with carts began at 11:40 SIN time. I was really getting used to the excellent level of service on SQ. It’s truly a pleasure even in Economy. Most of the passengers were heading all the way to Vancouver so many settled in with their blankets and began exploring the very nice IFE system called Wiseman 3000. This is a FULL AVOD system with pause/rewind/advance functions.
I selected “The Island” as I have been a Scarlet Johansson fan since I saw “Lost in Translation”. Sadly this film left much to be desired.

Lunch was served at 12:00 SIN time as we cruised north towards South Korea in the South China Sea. Lunch choices were either International or Indian.

International Selection
Seafood with pasta salad, curry flavoured cocktail dressing

Main Course:
Seared chicken with fondue of leek and new potatoes
Wok fried perch fillet in ginger soya sauce served with mixed vegetables and steamed rice

Cheese and crackers

Ice cream

From the bakery:
Roll and butter

Hot beverages:
Coffee – Tea
Green tea


Indian Selection
Chick peas with Indian spices and coriander

Main Course:
Spiced potatoes, curried mixed vegetables served with saffron pilaf accompanied with curd and pickles

Ice cream

Hot beverages:
Coffee – Tea

The meal was very filling and tasty. The sauce was nice and spicy with a slight tangy taste which had permeated the meat and added to its softness. The tangy fetish is something us Hyderabadi’s are known for. However, I had eaten quite a bit at the airport so it was unable to completely polish off this meal. Cherry ice cream cones were distributed which were a nice treat to end the meal.

After lunch I pressed the F/A call button and literally within 5 seconds the beautiful Leading Stewardess dressed in her distinctive green Singapore Girl outfit magically appeared. I asked her if she would be so kind as to take my flight log up to Capt. Maynard and his crew for completion of this flight’s detail. Unfortunately there was a slight miscommunication and she thought I was giving the pilots my book. I corrected this and we both chuckled about the incident.

After finishing “the Island” I had a short nap until about 14:00 SIN time.
When I awoke, a couple hours to go before our arrival into Seoul-Incheon, the cabin lights were brightened and hot towels were distributed to the pax.
We began our descent into ICN and I was lucky to be treated to some spectacular scenery.

View Large View Medium
Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Kazim Alikhan - photography

As on the outbound trip through ICN we landed on 33R. Local time was 16:50 with a temperature of 9C. As we exited the runway I was able to see an EK 343 which had arrived immediately ahead of us. On our long taxi to gate 39 I was able to see aircraft landing including an OZ 321.

Seoul-Incheon Cargo City

On the outbound trip I had hoped to snap some pics from the terminal during our 1 hour transit in ICN. I knew from that experience that it would be next to impossible for any decent photography as the transit security is slow at ICN. Everyone deplaned and there were two lines one for the transit pax like me who were continuing on to YVR and the other for pax terminating in ICN.
The transit security clearance was somewhat faster than before but still by the time we made it up to the departure area the sun was almost non-existent. I took a couple of quick snaps of the beautiful terminal and visited a souvenir shop.

The agents called all Star Alliance frequent fliers first so we were able to board first again. There was a complete crew change at ICN again and we were greeted warmly by the new cabin crew.

Type: B777-200ER
Reg: 9V-SVF
Capt.: E. C. Antoni
F/O: P. F. Cheng, J. Solomon
Cabin Crew: 11
Pax Load: 240
Sector Distance: 5108 nm
Seat: 51A
ETD: 18:15 L
ATD: 18:34 L
Departure Rwy: 33L
ETA: 11:05 L
ATA: 10:47 L
Arrival Rwy: 08L
Block Time: 9:50
Actual Airborne Time: 9:32
FL: 330/340/360/380/390
Mach: 0.84
TOW: 266,886 kg
Fuel: 87,500 kg
Meal Service: Dinner, “Before touch-down” Meal
IFE: Wisemen 3000, AVOD

As we settled back into our seats I marvelled at the fact we had left Singapore at approximately 10:00 Local on Nov. 21, 2005 and would arrive in Vancouver the same day at approximately 11:00 Local. After a long 15+ journey I would effectively lose only an hour in travel.

Pushback from the gate happened at precisely 18:15 local time. As we pushed back the cabin crew came by with hot towels which were very hot, just like I like them. After pushing back we held for 5 minutes as an Asiana 321 pulled into gate 38.

We began the taxi out to 33L for departure at 18:20 local time. I was extremely fortunate to see the Iran Air 747SP as it taxied in after arrival from Tehran. We were number two for departure behind an OZ 763. Once the Asiana bird had cleared the runway we lined up 33L and immediately began our take-off roll and rotated away from Korean soil at 18:34 local time. It was dark now so it was hard to see any landmarks, but about 1 minute after rotating off 33L we made a sharp 180 degree turn and headed due south. I was able to see the sparkling lights of ICN airport below to my left. We then made a 90 degree turn heading due East. I was able to look down and see the gate and terminal where we had been just a few minutes before. It was a surreal experience!

Again the fasten seat belt sign was quickly extinguished and the F/A’s sprang into action bringing out beverages. I was not the least bit interested as the vast blanket of lights below was captivating. We were heading east directly above the city of Seoul.

I flipped through the movie choices again and settled on “Bewitched”. I am not a Nicole Kidman fan but enjoy Will Ferrell. What a terrible movie it turned out to be!

Main beverage service began at 19:20 followed by Dinner at 20:15 Seoul time.
At 20:00 Seoul time we were streaking due East across Japan just north of Tokyo.
Flight status;
Groundspeed of 1200km/h
Tailwind 283km/h
Altitude of 10058m
Outside Temp of -43C
Time to YVR 7:53

I was quite hungry by the time dinner was served. Unfortunately due to some oversight in ICN, I wasn’t able to have my preferred selection of the Pan-fried fish.

International Selection
Smoked turkey with Caesar salad

Main Course:
Pan fried fish served with creamy saffron sauce, stewed vegetables and steamed potato
Sam gye jchim
Korean style stewed chicken with ginseng and red dates, seasonal vegetables and steamed rice

Ice cream

From the bakery:
Roll and butter

Hot beverages:
Coffee – Tea
Green tea


Indian Selection
Mixed salad with vinaigrette

Main Course:
Cheena biryani
Indian style cottage cheese biryani with braised aubergine

Ice cream

Hot beverages:
Coffee – Tea

Dinner was too bland for my taste buds and I barely managed to finish half of the chicken plus the snacks offered throughout the flights had been almost non-stop. Once the dinner trays had been removed by 20:45 I resumed watching “Bewitched” and finally fell asleep as the plane cruised somewhere out over the Pacific Ocean.

At 23:00 Seoul time we crossed the International Date Line back into Monday November 21, 2005! It was 6:00 PST in Vancouver.

Flight Status at this point was;
Groundspeed of 990 km/h
Tailwind 92 km/h
Altitude of 10668m
Outside Temp of -46C
Local Time was 02:00
Time to YVR 4:32
Distance to YVR 4500 km

I tried watching one of my favourite movies “Good Fellas” but the long trip had tired me out and I fell asleep shortly into the movie.
The first light of day was due west of YVR and somewhere near the same longitude of Anchorage at approximately 08:30 PST.
Flight Status at this point was;
Groundspeed of 1001 km/h
Tailwind 100 km/h
Altitude of 10972m
Outside Temp of -52C

Cabin lights came on at 09:05 PST and the cabin crew began their setup of the cabin for the final meal service prior to our arrival into YVR. Hot towel service was performed which helped me wake up after a decent snooze session.
What amounted to Breakfast was served at 09:45 PST approximately 1 hour to YVR.

Fruit appetiser

Main Course:
Chinese style fried rice with chicken, crabmeat and vegetables
Steamed rice bread, black watana lentil and vegetable cutlet

From the bakery:
Assorted breakfast rolls
Butter – Fruit preserve

Hot beverages:
Coffee – Tea
Green tea

The fried rice was delicious and with a little hot sauce really gave my stomach a much needed boost. I quickly devoured my breakfast as I watched a fresh contrail just above us. I was hoping to capture an Air-to-Air snap for my collection. Sadly it was not to be as Capt. Antoni came on the P/A system and advised us that it was an AA 772 heading NRT-DFW with whom we had flown in formation over the Pacific Ocean. He was making a slight turn to the right to head into US airspace and toward Dallas.

We began the descent into YVR at 10:21 PST just west of one of my favourite locations; Tofino on Vancouver Island. I could see below that the entire area was blanketed by a thick fog. We were advised that we would make an initial attempt to land on 08L but may have to pull up and try a second time.
Flight Status at this point was;
Groundspeed of 890 km/h
Altitude of 10515m
Outside Temp of -52C
Time to YVR: 26min

One of the F/As returned my flight logbook thanked us for flying SQ. I filled out the Canadian immigration forms to be presented to officials upon our arrival. As I finished we were lined up on final for 08L. We seemed to be just gliding as I saw Cypress and Grouse Mountains on Vancouver’s North Shore. It was a surreal and nice feeling to be home. We still had a 5 hour flight to Toronto but we were back in Canada.

Suddenly we were in the fog and just as suddenly flaring for a solid landing at 10:47 PST, outside temperature was 5C. We exited off 08L and taxied past the AVIS just as we had done three weeks ago. This time none of the local spotters were out due to the poor visibility. . The SQ772 pulled into gate 73 as passengers were eyeing the quickest way off the plane.

After exiting and walking what seemed like an eternity we reached the Canadian Immigration and Customs hall. Our papers were processed quickly and we were welcomed home by a pleasant officer. Our bags had been tagged with the appropriate Star Alliance priority tags so they were some of the first to emerge. After grabbing them we headed to the Air Canada check in counters. Unfortunately when checking in we were told that my wife and I didn’t have seats together but that we should check again at the gate. Too tired to worry we made our way to the domestic terminal and cleared security once more. This was rather uneventful, once through that we made a bee-line to the AC Maple Leaf Lounge.
The lounge in YVR is on the second floor and is quite spacious with wonderful views out over the apron, and of the mountains. We were chomping on some of the snacks and drinks while catching up on the news with the local papers by 12:00 Local.

After relaxing a bit and freshening up we made our way down to try and get seats together from the gate agent around 13:25. As we exited the lounge I noticed that gate C32, our gate, was immediately across the hall from the lounge. We spoke to a nice agent who tried to upgrade me but J-class was already full. She was however able to get my wife and I seats together, 12E and 12F.

Type: A321-200
Capt.: J. Carlson
F/O: J. Covell
Cabin Crew: 6
Pax Load: 155
Sector Distance: 2085 nm
Seat: 12F
ETD: 14:00 L
ATD: 14:19 L
Departure Rwy: 08R
ETA: 21:23 L
ATA: 21:23 L
Arrival Rwy: 24R
Block Time: 4:23
Actual Airborne Time: 4:04
FL: 330-350
Mach: 0.78
TOW: 82,300 kg
Fuel: 16,000 kg
Meal Service: All Day Pantry – Buy Onboard
IFE: Main Screen Feature – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The first boarding announcement was made for AC and Star Alliance members and we made our way down the jet way towards the airplane. When I had booked this flight the equipment was to be a 763 but it seems AC really needs those wide bodies for international routes. Once onboard I realized that I had the “window” seat at the R2 door on this bird. Not much of a window to take pictures out of but I was tired and with the short winter days upon us it would be dark shortly after takeoff anyway. We pushed back and made our way out to 08R for departure. Luckily we were number one for departure so without any delay we were roaring down the runway. We rotated at precisely 14:19 PST and headed straight out for YYZ. I was able to see from my little porthole window Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier just across the border in the USA.

There was no meal service on this 4+ hour flight but rather Air Canada’s “All Day Pantry” which is a buy onboard service. In my opinion however, for flights over 4 hours there should be at least a small meal service. One caveat is that pax purchasing a “Latitude” or higher fare receive a complimentary selection from the Pantry. I wasn’t hungry anyway so it really didn’t matter to me on this flight.

At about 19:30 EST, about two hours from Toronto I woke up because my feet were freezing from what seemed to be a draft from the R2 door. I asked the F/A for a blanket and she quickly brought me one. I returned to sleep for about another hour before the lights were brightened for our descent and arrival into YYZ.

At 20:47 EST we began our descent into Toronto Pearson International Airport around the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula.

Flight Status at this point was;
Groundspeed of 909 km/h
Altitude of 10668 m
Outside Temp of -56C
Distance to YYZ 350 km
Time to YYZ 23min

On descent we came down just west of Collingwood and Alliston before making a left turn around the town of Bolton. We headed East on the downwind leg until we were above Buttonville Airport before making a 180 degree turn and lined up 24R. The final into YYZ was smooth with the city lights shimmering on this cool night. I could see the world’s tallest structure the CN Tower and a weird feeling came over me, a sense of happiness to be home. Many people say it and it’s so very true. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and wished I could have stayed longer, I was very happy to be home. We made a smooth landing on 24R at 21:26 EST

We exited 24R and made our way to Terminal 1 and parked at gate 143.
After quickly deplaning we walked down the entire length of a well lit if rather sterile Pier E to the Domestic Baggage Claim. It was a pleasant surprise that our bags arrived quickly and we were on our way home within 25 minutes of touchdown.

So after about 25 hours of flying time we finally reached our destination. It was a long trip to be sure but a wonderfully exciting, and interesting experience indeed. I am looking forward to experiencing Singapore Airlines’ service again soon.
Any Comments/Feedback appreciated.

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Thu Feb 09, 2006 4:59 am

Very well written review. Thank you for a truly enjoyable read as well as wonderful pictures (you got some truly amazing shots of Changi Airport!).

Otherwise I totally agree with you regarding Singapore Airlines. It really is a great airline to fly!
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Thu Feb 09, 2006 5:13 am

The best trip report I think I've ever read.
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Thu Feb 09, 2006 5:36 am

Wow, that sounds like such an amazing trip! I am always impressed by how much detail you are able to capture in your trip reports.

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Thu Feb 09, 2006 5:59 am

Excellent report, with gorgeous photos Kazim!
Hope you keep posting tripreps in the future!

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Thu Feb 09, 2006 6:13 am

HYD-SIN-ICN-YVR-YYZ . Your luggage tag must have been a mile long!

Great report and very nice photos.
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Thu Feb 09, 2006 12:21 pm

Superb TR of a superb trip.
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Thu Feb 09, 2006 1:25 pm

Quoting AirbusfanYYZ (Thread starter):
Unfortunately the SQ premier lounge didn�t open until 05:00

That's something very strange about SQ/SIN - given that they have a number of flights arriving earlier/leaving than 05:00.

Great report!
Incredible India!
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Thu Feb 09, 2006 3:19 pm

Excellent trip report, as well as your first (outbound) one. Thank you very much for taking the time to write this, and taking all the excellent pictures  biggrin .
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Thu Feb 09, 2006 11:38 pm

Great report and pics. It reminded me why I love SIA so much!
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Fri Feb 10, 2006 5:09 am

great work buddy! really good report to read.
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Fri Feb 10, 2006 7:45 pm

Thank you for the very nice Report! It was a pleasure to read it!  bigthumbsup 
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Sat Feb 11, 2006 12:06 am

Fantastic Report.Great Reading it & excellent Pics.
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Sat Feb 11, 2006 6:00 am

Well my friend, now we know why Johan had to get a new server! This novel must have taken ages to upload! When is the "Coles Notes" version being released??? Excellent read Kazim as always. SQ are a great carrier but as we have discussed, TG's A345 experience was equally as good IMO. Hard to beat the Asian carriers in general I think.

And, for those amongst us who do not know the stunning Bipasha Basu, here she is in all her splendor:

Great work Kaz!

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Sat Feb 11, 2006 6:29 am

Very enjoyable report! I really appreciated the details. Keep up the good work!  Smile
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Sat Feb 11, 2006 4:17 pm

Fantastic report again Kaz!  Smile

Quoting AirbusfanYYZ (Thread starter):
This reminded me that just 10 days prior to my arrival the A380 had paid a visit to SIN. Oh well you win some you lose some!

I know how you feel, I missed the inaugural SIN-LAX direct flight by a day back in 2004. I was on the old SIN-TPE-LAX on the 777. Ah well.

Quoting SQPAX (Reply 13):
And, for those amongst us who do not know the stunning Bipasha Basu, here she is in all her splendor:

I was curious who she was! Thanks Big grin

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Sun Feb 12, 2006 10:33 am

Kris... I would like to say Kaz's wife but i would be not be telling the truth... he has to be better looking for that one!!

Great report... and an awesome follow up to the other report... ya Johan is complaining about the clog... oh well worth the space...


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Sun Feb 12, 2006 12:32 pm

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flight log

What do you have in your flight log?

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Mon Feb 13, 2006 12:26 am

Thanks for all the kind words everyone!

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What do you have in your flight log?

A detailed listing of each flight I've taken (300+) and the related summaries.


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