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Hi all, my first trip report.. so its probably gonna be a bit primitive compared to what ive seen/read here. Its all good though.
I had a week off school, so i decided to go to Milano for a visit. My mom was going there for work, so we decided to meet in CDG. She was going via AF. I was supposed to leave on friday the 17th of february, but our managerial accounting professor decided to give us a midterm on sunday the 19th. (ya i know.. a midterm on a sunday? welcome to concordia..). So i had to postpone my trip to the 19th right after my midterm. I finish my midterm at 4.. flight is at 7 55 so i had enough time.

AF 344 YUL-CDG on an A343 seat 35K.
Flight left on time, was a full flight as usual.. an old lady was sitting next to me.. she insisted on chatting IN french, even though i told her repetedly that i dont speak french. To my delight she slept 40 minutes into the flight. But unfortunately, the inflight entertainment wasnt working on board, so we were stuck with blank screens infront of us. I dont think i missed much, scheduled movies wernt all that good anyway. Luckily i had a book (Prey by micheal Crichton - very good book for people who are into fiction based on science).
Arrived CDG on time.. terminal 2F.. luckily departure to MPX was from 2F, so i didnt have to go through the hassle of transferring terminals. I had to wait for 4 hours till my moms flight arrived from AMM so we could go on the same one to MPX.

AF 1714 CDG-MPX on an A320 seat 19A.
Flight left on time too, flight was half full, short and bumpy. Nothing special to report here.

Had a great time in Milan, it was my first visit ever to Italy. The plan was to go visit Turin to check out the olympic action, but my mom got caught up with work, so we couldnt go.

AF 1213 LIN-CDG on an A321 seat 18A.
The scheduled aircraft for this flight was a A319, but on my itiniary it said 735. What surprised me the most is when i saw an A321 pull up to the gate. haha.. scheduled was different from written which was also different from actual. Oh well.. never been on an A321, so it was alright. Flights out of LIN are pretty cool, you can see parts of milan from above, then we flew over the alps. Beautiful sights. On our approach to CDG, we flew over CDG, passed by ORY, flew around Paris once before landing. It was beautiful. The skies were clear so the views were good.

Had a nice stay in paris, spent 1 night there. Vacation was winding down, back to montreal, school, and the routine life. I bought 2 model planes from the airport to add to my collection of 78 models (and counting). I got a 1:200 AF A380-800.. very detailed with landing gear and rotating fans. Also got a 1:200 CO 777-200.. also very detailed. They are looking beautiful on my shelf. Security guard gave me trouble for having the planes with me on board. But i went through eventually.

AF 346 CDG-YUL on an A343 seat 41K.
I normally dont complain about annoying people on the plane, but i think this time i have to. First off, the lady sitting next to me smelled bad. She smelled something like rotten boiled carrots and corn or something. She kept on pushing my elbow off the arm rest, and she slept with her mouth open. What a smell. The person infront of me reclined her seat, but half way through the seat bumped into my knees, i told her to give me a second to adjust my position, but she kept on banging the seat back to recline to the max. Im 6'5" so the seat was uncomfortable. On top of that there was the black box which i assumed was a heater under the seat infront of me limiting my leg room. There was a baby in the back screaming like theres no tomorrow, and would not shut up. The meal options were chicken or hake. With all the bird flu scares in france, i avoided the chicken, but didnt know what the hake was. Turned out to be some mix of vegetables with i dont know what. Couldnt eat it. So the seat was bad, the meal was bad, and the movies wernt all that good. The highlight of my flight is a AF 777 flying next to us across the atlantic. Took a picture, but i dont know how to upload.
Our flight arrived 45 minutes early, but they wouldnt let us park on a gate different than the usual gate which was occupied. So we had to wait till the gate was free. An AF 777 was about to leave, so we had to wait 30 minutes till we can park. The cues to the passport control were incredibly long. The cue for a taxi was incredibly long. So from moment of touchdown till moment of departure from airport was 2 hours and 45 minutes.. which usually takes me an hour in YUL!

Overall the trip was great. Had a great time. Was good to see my mom.. and i experienced several new things:
1- Took my first inter-europe flight
2- First time visiting Italy
3- Visited 2 new airports
4- flew aboard a new airplane (A321)

Next break CUBA or MEXICO!

Happy flying all!

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