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Aloha Airlines B737-200 HNL-OGG-HNL

Sat Apr 29, 2006 9:30 am

Because I needed to check our affiliates in Maui, the office booked me on Aloha Airlines departing Honolulu on April 27 at 8:00am (flight 62) and leaving Kahului at 6:00pm (flight 275).

I arrived at the airport at around 7:30 to find the interisland parking garage was already full. Lucky me, I found a space on the top floor. Since I printed my boarding pass the day before and having nothing to check in, I proceeded directly to gate 52 in the interisland terminal. There was no line at the security station and I arrived at the gate 10 minutes before departure. Boarding started at 7:55 and I was able to find a window seat on the right side of the aircraft all the way in the back. With Aloha Airlines, it is free seating and because of that people tend to pick seats in the front so they can leave the aircraft first.

We pushed back at 8:05, taxied on taxiway Lima and held short on runway 8L. If the airplane is light enough, the pilots usually take off immediately instead of going all the way to the beginning of the runway. I don't know if it is because we had a full flight or because they were repaving taxiway Alpha but we had to taxi to the beginning of runway 8L. And because of the repaving, taxiway Alpha which is normally used to go to 8L and 8R was closed and so all aircrafts had to cross 8L and use taxiway Bravo. 8L is the landing runway in Honolulu so we had to wait for the runway to clear before we could go across to taxiway Bravo. We were almost at the beginning of 8L when the pilot (or the tower) decided to use the reef runway(8R). With all the wait and taxi, we took off at 8:20. The flight time is only 20 minutes meaning you reach cruising altitude (usually around 12,000 ft) and 5 minutes later, they start the descent. The FA have just enough time to pass out juice or coffee. Approach was very bumpy since it was windy that day.

I came back to Kahului airport at 5:30pm, went thru security and walked to gate 9. We boarded on time and I found a window seat all the way in the back again. You could tell who was a Honolulu resident because they all had Krispy Kreme boxes (the only store is on Maui). We have lots of Dunkin Donuts stores on Oahu but the locals like Krispy Kreme better. This time the taxi was short and we were on our way to Honolulu where we landed on runway 8L.

Since I was on the back of the plane both ways, I was next to the exhaust of the engine and those suckers are LOUD, especially since Aloha is flying the -200 series of the B737. Next time, I'll ask my office if they can book me on Hawaiian new and quieter B717.

Click here for a PDF map of Honolulu airport.
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RE: Aloha Airlines B737-200 HNL-OGG-HNL

Sun Apr 30, 2006 12:10 am

Nice report! The 737-200 is a great airplane, I'm glad to hear that Aloha Airlines still has them flying.
I love to fly!

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