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Ok so this late february i went to Miami with my friends an their parents. We were going via JJ to Miami on C class. the dates were:leaving on february 21st,and returning on march the 3rd. now to the flights!

February 21st 2006--------------------------------------------------------
TAM JJ 8090
Aircraft A330-200 PP-MVH
ETD 22:50
ETA 5:00(-2 hrs)

i woke up and had a normal day at school since the flight only left at 22:50.
Me and my friends decided to go tp the airport together i'd pick them up AT 19:30 SO WE COULD HAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO about 20:30 we were at gru and went to the First Class check-n (the adults were all on first).
the gave me seat 9A which i was very happy with.After that we went to security which was a breeze,i wish i could say the same for passaport control!
but finnaly at 21:45 we were at the Tam V.I.P which is very nice and modern. At 22:10 they called us to board i was impressed that an agent took us personally to the gate .As we boarded the whole cabin crew welcomed us aboard i then noticed that we were the first people onboard which was noce but what i also noticed was that the cabin was absolutely spotlessand the seats were lie-flat and extremely comfortable! (i was already looking forward for the flight). Soon after a male fa came along welcoming us onboard and asking what we wanted to drink i asked for some water. when he came back he gave me a nice black amenity kit,a menu and a plate with some cheese !
soon after we took off very smoothely and reached our cruising altitude of 37000 ft. Then a fa called Raissa asking us whatwe wanted for dinner this what i had:
first dish :cold tomato soup
main course:grilled fillet of chicken with curry accompanied by steamed vegetables.
desert:ice cream
it was delicious! after dinner Raissa asked if i wanted breakfast too which i said yes!
after that i pulled out my ptv and watched "little manhattan" which was great .then i fell assleep and was woken up by raissa for breakfast which was great to.we had pastries,yogurt,fruit and a delicious omelette before i knew it we began descent i to MIA which was smooth we lande and collected our luggage and had a great week ahead of us.
i will be posting areturn trip soon
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bad trip report ha hahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahah get it

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