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I live in London so this itinerary might appear rather strange.

As it happens i do some work for a company whith offices based in Edinburgh, but plants near Glasgow and Birmingham.

In this way it seems to work well if I fly LHR-EDI-BHX-GLA-LHR. Here is a report of the sectors flown on BACON. Between LHR and GLA/EDI i always choose to fly with BMI. Star alliance Gold is incredibly easy to attain flying weekly. BMI also still offer a 'business class' - if you dare call it that - service. Similar to BA CE (no B seats etc).

EDI-BHX (BA1792)

I pinched 3C on this flight. Front row on the right hand side of the Embraer(?) jet. Often enough there is nobody allocated in 3B. super!

The edinburgh BA lounge is not a favourite of mine. It's not very large and has no windows. Right, so go into the outer area and it's a little lighter. However it's no longer very exclusive. You can now hear all of the hussle and bussle of the terminal building from within your frosted glass cocoon. It is in these situations i wish BMI would let me in to their lounge.

After an OJ it was time for boarding. Flight left on time and arrived on time as is the case quite often when using airports which don't involve anything to do with Heathrow.

I will never buy food on board. Simply not worth the money. However i believe that the full Y-fare (BA Connect Plus - lord idoesn't it just sound luxurious) should allow the customer the 'meal deal'. In the same way that GNER, when purchasing a special executive fare include the price of food in the ticket. Rant over.

After Landing I was met and continued my journey for a day's work near Coventry.

BHX-GLA (BA1807)

Work all over and I returned to Birmingham for my flight home. no luggage and boarding pass in hand i went through security and onto the Terraces. Despite what i've seen written here i think that they are genuinely nice. I even had a shower (it was cold. . .) and changed into my black tie and DJ for a drinks party in Glasgow on arrival.

I slept most of the way to Glasgow, landed, walked the miles from BA's end-of-the-world gate area, down the stairs and out into my ride.

Comments welcome. More reports to follow.

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