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As it happens I do some work for a company whith offices based in Edinburgh, but plants near Glasgow and Birmingham.

In this way it seems to work well if I fly LHR-EDI-BHX-GLA-LHR. Here is a report of the sectors flown on BMI. Between LHR and GLA/EDI i always choose to fly with BMI. Star alliance Gold is incredibly easy to attain flying weekly. BMI also still offer a 'business class' - if you dare call it that - service. Similar to BA CE (no B seats etc). I then fly to Birmingham, and back to Glasgow on BACON.


I was dropped at LHR with plenty of time for my flight. I rarely travel with checked baggage and this trip was no exception. In fact my hand luggage was very limited (due to upcoming BACON flights).

I'm never entirely sure what on earth to do at BMI check-in at LHR. It seems to me a bit of a joke having premium SSCI. What the hell, it's easy enough and works. . . Sometimes. Today it spat out a boarding pass with my name barely readable.

One almost strip search later i was in the lounge. I like BMI's lounge. especially the segregated Diamond Club bits.

With my new boarding pass I was on the plane in 1F. For as long as i've used BMI (not that long really) 1E has never been taken by someone else. Ridiculous really. The business cabin is often half empty on this route, especially if you fly at lunch time or early afternoon, or at weekends.

After take off shoe boxes were distributed - the funny golden picnic boxes. Fould bag of fruit slices, a cheap cup of coffee, napkin, glass etc. I used to think these boxes were novel. I now think they're just silly.

Landed late (LHR's fault no doubt), and ran to my ride outside of the terminal


After Monday in Edinburgh, Tuesday in Birmingham, and Wednesday in Glasgow it was time to go home to London.

I was driven through the afternoon traffic to Glasgow, SSCI'd myself and went airside to the lounge. Security at both Glasgow and Edinburgh is routinely slow - beware. I've once waited more than half an hour just to get through.

The BMI lounge at Glasgow is the best in my opinion (not the best in the world i mean. . .). When flying BMI, i can still use the Terraces with my OW Emerald status (BA Gold). However I rather dislike LHR domestic terraces (too big and noisy), EDI (too small inside), GLA (minute). So i always head for the BMI option.

A few proper drinks later and i was boarding. Seat 1F (nobody next to me). A good snooze to London meant i missed out on some rice and chicken dish i've had too many times before - my life is so much worse as a result. not.

No luggage meant I was in the back of my ride, speeding (well actually the M4 has ludicrous speed limits, so i wasn't speeding) towards my beloved London home.

Comments welcome. More reports to follow.

On a side note, it has been made known to me that my LHR-GLA/EDI trips would cost me a mere £100k+ using netjets. Well nobody will pay for me to do that, so I ask you this:

Are there not people out there who have top-tier management/executive jobs (maybe me one day(!?), i'm still young!) who travel domestically frequntly in the UK? I just can't believe people put up with BMI's offering? 20 return trips comes out at less than £8k flying on flexible business tickets. I propose a niche airline fill the gap between netjets/BMI flying between the South East and EDI/GLA.

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