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Fri May 26, 2006 12:55 pm

Segment 1

May 16, 2006
Seat: 19A
Departure Time: 2:15p
Gate: A5

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Photo © Vladimir Kostritsa

I arrived at RIC at around 10 something to check in. I got there way too early. I got something to eat, a BBQ sandwich, and a diet Coke, this set me back over $10. I made my way thru security, where they gave my hand luggage a good going thru. It took about 15 minutes total for them to go thru it all. I got down to the gate, where not so many other people were waiting. At about 1:30 the aircraft we were to take arrived. It didnt take long for them to turn the aircraft. They soon made the boarding announcement, and that most hand luggage would have to be gate checked. I observed the rampers offloading the hand luggage for the incoming flight, and needless to say, they didn't handle it well. I immediately asked for a fragile tag, and got a blank look. I had in my bag, all my camera gear, certain medical supplies, and various other things. They called for my zone to be boarded, made my way down the jetway and left my bag at the end. I got to my seat, almost near the back, and had a rough time putting on my seatbelt. I got it on, but it was the closest I had ever come to asking for an extension. If they had put larger seats on these little planes, I certainly would have used it. A few minutes passed, and a young Marine took the seat next to me. He was on his way home, before being shipped back out. Before long, everyone was on, the baggage was loaded and the doors were closed. An unemotional voice - almost like a mechanical voice - went thru the safety briefing, and we made our way to Runway 34. This runway is on the opposite end of the airfield, so it took a few minutes to get to. We were cleared immediately for take off. While climbing, I noticed we almost went right over my work. It is pretty easy to see from the air we all the crap they have there. Not too long after that, we started to do a circle. It was explained later that this was needed for spacing. There was no drink service on this flight, and we arrived in Charlotte in no time. We landed on 36R, and taxied to some gate on the C Concourse.

Segment 2

May 16, 2006
Airbus A319
Seat: 3A
Departure Time: 5:55p Actual 7:20p
Scheduled Gate: B8 Actual Gate: D7

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Photo © Joseph J. Wagner

After we arrived in Charlotte, I passed thru the central atrium. It had been quite sometime since I have flown thru Charlotte. The last time was in the 80's on a Piedmont flight to SFO. The airport had changed much since then. I spent a few minutes looking around for a smoking section, and didn't locate one in the atrium. I then went to my gate, which was supposed to be B8, and found a bar between B4 and B6 that allowed smoking. I took a seat and ordered a Diet Coke. I was seated next to another truck driver (I am one as well) and we talked for a bit. He was headed to LAX to drive for a new company. He asked me where I was going, and I told him Denmark. His reply made me think his geographical knowledge was not all that great. He asked to see my passport stamps, and was impressed that I had been to Amsterdam. I told him, that I drive so much in the US, I want to vacation somewhere else other than here. He seemed to agree with that. As it came close to boarding time, I went to look at the monitors to verify my gate was still correct. It wasn't. It had been changed to D7. I went back thru the atrium and hopped onto the moving walkway that headed to D. It became even closer to boarding time, and an aircraft had yet to be parked at D7. Eventually one arrived, I assumed from the Carribean, as the bags some where carrying advertised Jamaican Rum or something like that. The aircraft scheduled for the flight was an A321, but what was parked at the gate was a 319. They eventually annouced an aircraft swap, and had us come to the podium to get a new boarding pass. I had my laptop out, and had to put it away before getting in line. The line eventually ran across the entire concourse, and lucky me was near the end. There was a podium close by, and one of the gate agents came over and started processing my end of the line. I was first in her line. It was a good thing, as I was able to keep my First Class seat. Little did I know at the time, that the First Cabin on the 321 has 26 seats, while the 319 only has 12. I figured out then that if I was still at the back of the line, my ass would have been back in economy. I couldn't have had something like that screw up my first time in first. They called for boarding, and since I was in zone 1, I was one of the first to be boarded. I stowed my big bag in the overhead, and put my laptop under the seat. After boarding they annouced that the flight was oversold, and was looking for volunteers. A few accepted, and a few got left behind. The plane was loaded up, and we made our way to 36L, and made our way into the sky. At 10,000 ft, they allowed the use of personal electronics, and I pulled out my laptop, and was for the first time, able to try the power connection at the seat. I pulled out the GPS antenna for my laptop, and opened up my GPS program. It started out, over SW Virginia, and I ended up turning it off over Cleveland somewhere so I could have room for my dinner. The dinner selection was a chicken dish, and a pasta dish - ravioli. I had the ravioli. It was pretty good. After dinner, I watched what was left of the movie King Kong. Afterwards they had some odd programming and what not. It didn't seem all that long, but we were almost to Seattle. The Captain had made pretty good time in the air, and we arrived about 45 minutes late. After getting off the plane, I followed the signs that said baggage claim. Well I walked for a bit, turned around, and a sign said baggage claim back the way I had come from. I found someone and asked where do I go? They explained something about changing the stuff around, but hadn't gotten to the signs yet. I finally found baggage claim. It took forever before my bag came out. I got it, and went to the Thrifty rental car desk and signed the paperwork for my rental. They had a shuttle take us to an off airport location and I picked up an almost new Suzuki X7 or something like that. I got in and left for my hotel.

Segment 3
May 17, 2006
Airbus A340
Seat: 2A
Departure Time: 6:55p
Gate: S3

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Photo © Anne Deus

After spending the day at Boeing Field, and the Museum of Flight, I returned to SEATAC to catch my flight to Denmark. Check in for my flight started at 3pm and I got there shortly after. I hopped into the Business Class line and gave them my passport. They printed out my boarding pass, and I headed back outside to enjoy a few smokes before my 9 1/2 hr flight. I went thru security and opened my bags and etc and put everything into the bins. This saved me from having to wait 15 minutes while they sorted thru my bags. I walked downstairs to the train that takes you to the South gates. I noticed that there was no driver for the train. I was a little apprehensive about this, but arrived without a scratch. I came real close to walking into the SAS Business Lounge, but decided against it. I don't know why, I guess I was a little nervous for not having been in one before. Before long, OY-KBD arrived. I guess it took awhile to turn the plane, and eventually they called for boarding. They first called for the kids and others that needed assistence. I think that this is abused sometimes. After that they called for Business Class, and Y+ to board. I happily handed over my first trans-atlantic business class boarding pass, and then got on the plane. I showed the FA my BP and she motioned the way I needed to go. I put my bag in the overhead, and my laptop beside me. I was informed that everything needed to be in the overhead for departure. As boarding continued, they passed thru with a drink tray. There was a selection of water, orange juice, and I guess some kind of alcohol. I opted for the water. Not long after that, boarding had ended, they checked the cabin, and they showed us a multilingual safety video. We took off, and made our way into Canada. After a bit, they came thru with more drinks, this time I chose a Diet Coke. They also handed out the appetizer for dinner. I don't remember what it was, but it was something on a stick. Oh, it was some veggies and cheese. Then came the saled, bread, some fruit, and some other stuff. I tried my best with proper Europeon table manners, but I was a bit rusty. For the main course, I chose some kind of Lamb dish. It was pretty good. On the PTVs they had a selection of movies, none of which really turned me on, but I settled for Minority Report. After it ended, I played with some of the games, but they were too 1980 to really enjoy them. Eventually I tried for some sleep. I set the seat for the sleeping configuration, but wasn't really comfortable. After awhile of tossing and turning, I pulled the screen back out, and started playing more games. I really can't remember much after that, but I imagine I played on my laptop some, becuase I remember trying the GPS and not getting a signal, so I put it away. I tried listening to some mp3s, but the volume thru the headset on the laptop is really low. It dosn't help that I my hearing is bad as well. Before long they turned the lights back up. It had been light outside the whole trip, even though it was an overnight flight. My past trips over the atlantic, had never taken me that far north. They served us breakfast, some eggs and potatoes. Then they started packing up for landing. I had the call of nature, and decided to try the lav. It was a little more roomy than what I have experienced before. I finished and took my seat. The captain put on the forward screens, the camera that faces below. It was pretty cloudy, but you could make out some stuff. We got a little lower, and over a patch of water, it was there that the captain put the forward facing camera on. It was a view I had always wanted to see. The forward view during landing. (They turned on the camera for take off, but I forgot to mention that) We arrived at one of the far gates on the C Concourse at CPH. This is it for now, its past my bedtime, I will write the rest in the morning. I know this is boring, I tend to ramble at times.
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Fri May 26, 2006 4:28 pm

Sounds great so far. RIC is a very boring airport. Once thru secutiry not much to eat or do.
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Fri May 26, 2006 5:47 pm

Can't wait fo the rest... di you have the new SAS Seats? if so, what did you think of them?
i flew this a year ago in the old business.
~~kyle H.
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Quoting Delta732FF (Reply 1):
RIC is a very boring airport.

Yes it is. They should move security to just past the stairs. Plenty of room there.

Quoting Alaskaqantas (Reply 2):
did you have the new SAS Seats?

This was the main reason why I chose SK thru SEA. They were advertising the new seats on the SEA-CPH route when I bought my ticket. Right after I bought it, problems started with the new seats, and they held off putting them in the rest of the 340s. So no, I didn't get the new seats.  Sad
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Fri May 26, 2006 10:55 pm

The return home
Segment 4
May 24, 2006
Airbus A340
Seat: 2H
Scheduled Departure Time: 3:55p Actual Departure Time: 4:45p
Gate: C39

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Photo © Europix - AirTeamImages

So, I spent a week in Copenhagen, meeting people I had never met before, and had a real good time. I checked out of my hotel, and ran into more problems as discussed in one of the CPH meet threads. I walked to Central Station, having to use the elevators. I do have one question though, what does "I Fart" mean on the elevator buttons? I wanted to grab a picture of the sign, because I laughed like a little kid seeing that. Anyways, I caught the train to the airport, and had to wait a bit before checking in. Well, I waited about an hour. They had us fill out a form in the check in line, I don't know why though, because nobody took it from me. I checked in, and got my boarding pass for seat 2H. This time, I wanted to make use of the Business Lounge. I went in, gave them my boarding pass, and I was let in. I went in to an enclosed smoking area, to light up. Inside they had some beer, wine, coffee, and soft drinks. I don't drink alcohol, or coffee, and as luck would have it, the soft drink dispenser didn't work. I spent about 1.5 hrs in the lounge, reading a newspaper, and magazine that I had read sitting at the airport in Richmond on the way out. After topping off my nicotine levels, I decided to use the restroom. Wow. They had little private rooms to use. I did my business, and left the lounge. I walked thru passport control, getting my passport stamped again. My gate was C39, which was at the end of the C concourse. They had a little setup before the gate, where they checked the boarding passes, and other forms we have to fill out. After that I walked to the gate, and noticed the maintenance guys replacing a tire on the center main gear. For those interested, it was the right side tire on the center main gear, the right side if sitting in the plane. It was raining as they replaced it, but they were not loading the plane yet. Once they pulled the jack, they started loading the plane. Later on, they started boarding the kids, and older people. Then they called for the upper crust to be boarded. I got in line, and headed on to the plane. I don't know if it is just me, but I felt as if I had a different attitude flying up front than flying in the back. Maybe it was just the kids, as they annoy me anyway. This time Business wasn't as full as it was on the way over. I think everybody could have got their own 2 seats. They eventually got loaded up, served us some drinks, I grabbed a water. They passed thru again, and collected the cups. They started the safety video, and proceeded to the takeoff runway. I am not sure what number it was. They say that the 340-2/300 are slow climbers. It really isn't that noticable in the plane. During the take off run, I saw people at the Flyvergrillen(spl?) so maybe someone, somewhere has a picture of a plane I'm in. We reached 10k feet, and the electronics were allowed. I didn't pull out my laptop right away. I first watched the movie The Gladiator. Even though I have seen it plenty of times, it always has the same affect on me. During the movie they served Dinner. For the appetizer they had Salmon, and cream cheese. The Salmon was wrapped around the cream cheese. I am not fond of cream cheese, so I only ate a bit of the Salmon. They then came out with the salad, fruit, bread, etc. I ate that with gusto, and couldn't wait for the main course. I chose the Danish Meatball dish, and really enjoyed it. For desert they had some kind of fruity cheesecake type thing. It was good. After I finished watch the movie, I pulled out the laptop and plugged in the GPS antenna. This time it actually worked good. We were right over north central Greenland, and it logged until we were almost to Seattle. I decided to try the inflight internet service. The service was a bit slow, even slower than my cellular connection for my laptop, thru the Sprint PCS service. I really need to learn how to do paragraphs. I played around on the internet some, then decided to watch another movie. It was Derailed or something like that. Definately a shocking ending on that one. After Derailed, I played around on the internet some more. About 1.5 hours before landing they served something else. The menu said a tortilla with eggs, potatoes, and something else. It ended up being a block of eggs, etc. No tortilla in site. We ate, they cleaned up, I played on the laptop, then they turned everything off, and we were going to land. They annouced shortly before landing, that it was going to be pretty windy. I expected a crabbed type landing, but in the end, I was let down. We got to the gate, got off the plane, and had to go thru passport control. They did not stamp my passport upon entry, like they have in the past, must be some new thing. Then we waited, and waited, then waited some more before the bags came out. Mine finally came out, I grabbed it, and went thru customs. They asked me a few questions which I could barely hear, and I guess I answered them correctly, as I am typing this now. I placed my bag on the belt so I could pick it up landside. The train they have at SEA is split up, so the connecting pax get in one portion, and the others get in another portion. I collected my bags at baggage claim, and went outside to enjoy my first smokes in 11+ hours.

Segment 5

Airbus A321
Seat: 3F
Scheduled Departure Time: 10:30p Actual Departure Time: 11:15
Scheduled Gate: A4 Actual Gate: A3

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Photo © Mark Kopczak

After enjoying some smokes, I went to US Airways check in. It was quite a while before the flight, but they checked me in anyway. They handed me my boarding pass for 3F. I asked if the plane was going to be on time, and was told yes, it was. I went back outside, browsed a.net a bit, smoked a few smokes, and then decided to go thru security. This was the only time they did not give me a closer look, due to the shit in my carry on. After security, I went to the central area, where a bunch of restaurants, I decided on the Japanese place. I watched a few planes, the BA 747 caught my eye, it was leaving a little late. After a bit, I took care of business in the rest room, then made my way to the gate. At this point, I had been up for about 22 hours. I was really tired. Boarding time came and went, then eventually they called for boarding. The amount of rug rats on this segment was amazing. The parents of these kids had the biggest strollers I had ever seen. And there was like 5 of them. (huge strollers) After the kids, they called for First Class, *A Gold, etc. I handed over my BP, and got on the plane. I took my seat, and watched the rain pour down, while they loaded the bags. After what seemed like an hour, everybody got on. For a red eye flight, this one was completly full. I eventually noticed my seat was reclined, I tried pushing the button, but nothing would happen. One of the FAs, pushed on the back, and it went up. The guy in 2Ds seat would go back without pushing the button. Some of these seats really need repair. After they loaded some bags, and closed up, they had more bags arrive, which added to the delay. Eventually every thing was loaded, and we were ready to go. We took off, and a bit later, they passed thru with some water. This was pretty much the only thing they served for the entire flight. I had about 3 bottles for the whole flight. I was pretty dehydrated, and I still am. I tried to nod off a bit, but I didn't have everything needed to use the medical equipment I need when I sleep. I have sleep apnea, so this was the first time in 10 years I had tried to sleep without the equipment. It didn't really go over well, everytime I snored, I woke up. I don't know how many times this happened thru the flight. But the flight seemed pretty short, so I must have gotten a bit of sleep. We were descending into Charlotte, and I noticed the cloud layer was pretty low. I noticed a broadcast antenna sticking thru the clouds. It was pretty wierd looking. They had us do all kinds of turns and stuff, so we were pretty late arriving. We landed on 18R, and taxied to gate B6. I jumped out of the plane, hit the bar I stopped at last time, and lit up. I didn't really have time to do that, but did it anyway. I then made my way to gate E3, where my final segment would depart from.

Segment 6
Registration - I have no idea, too tired
Seat: 15A
Departure Time: 7:50A
Gate: E3
Since I don't know the registration for this segment, no picture will be used. At this point I feel totally wrecked. I don't think I had ever felt so tired. I got to the gate, thinking they would be loading up, but they werent. They finally called for boarding, which didn't take long at all. I got to my seat, and found no one sitting beside me. The flight was about half full, so I enjoyed the 2 seats, and stretched out a bit. We took off from runway 18L, and a little later, they came thru with some drinks. I got a glass of water, and don't really remember much after that. This last segment was pretty short, we descended, and landed on runway 20 at RIC. We taxied to gate A5, and then we got off the plane. I wandered my way to baggage claim, where my bag was one of the first to come off. I grabbed, and met my moms outside. Thats all folks.

I noticed that I havn't put flight numbers for any of this, stupid me:
Segment 1: US5035
Segment 2: US59
Segment 3: SK938
Segment 4: SK937
Segment 5: US518
Segment 6: US2228
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Sat May 27, 2006 6:39 am

Very good trip report buddy. Was good to see you in CPH!  Smile

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Sat May 27, 2006 12:00 pm

Quoting RJ100 (Reply 5):
Was good to see you in CPH!

You too. Thanks.
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Sat May 27, 2006 1:32 pm

At CLT there are a few restaurants in which one can smoke..I usually duck in for a quick one in between flights.

What a long strange trip it's been

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