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First off, this trip report is very long. It's very detailed, just the way I like to do my trip reports. I hope you enjoy it!

After a few years gap, we decided to spend a few weeks in Croatia once again. We booked the tickets back in May for our trip in August. After looking online for months for a good fare to Zagreb, we could only find the NW/KL/OU combo. which came out to about $1,800 per person. Since there were a total of four people traveling, this trip would have been very expensive. So, we decided to just fly into Venice, Italy, and save several thousand dollars. We booked JFK-BRU-VCE and back on AA/SN for a little over $400 a person. Later, we booked MSP-JFK and back on NW for a little less than $200 a person. All in all, we saved about $4,800 which was pretty darn good. The only thing we'd have to do now is get from Venice to Rijeka, Croatia which was easily done by calling a taxi.

Morning of departure: August 2, 2005
We woke up around 4am for our 7am departure. The nice thing about living near MSP is that it's just a quick trip down Cedar Ave., and you're basically already at the airport. After loading the bags into the trunk, we were on our way. We arrived at the airport, parked in short term parking, and made the quick trip to the Northwest ticketing counters. We got to the counters to find that it really wasn't that busy. Since my father does not like to check bags, we decided to carry on all of our bags. We checked in rather fast using the self-checkin and proceeded to the nearest security checkpoint. At the checkpoint, we said farewell to my mother, and continued through security which was a breeze.

Northwest Airlines flight 736
7:01 am departure
August 2, 2005
Airbus A320 (N325US)
We arrived at gate C12 in the C concourse. This part of the airport is nice as it has been renovated. Further past the C concourse is the A/B concourse which is new. We sat down at the gate, and waited for boarding to be called. Since we were there rather early, I decided to head down to the A concourse. To get to the A concourse, you have to pass under this mini tunnel with cool lighting effects (just like in ORD, except the lighting effects in ORD are way cooler). The A concourse is pretty long considering only regional aircraft use it. There were loads of flights that were going out but not until around 8 am. I headed back to C12, and boarding was finally called.

We sat down in our seats which were behind the wing on the left side. Before doing so, we were able to get all of our bags in the overhead compartment which was not that difficult. My bag was designed to be a carry-on as it just meets the 21 in. requirements, but since it had more clothes than usual (this was more than a 3 week trip), it looked rather bulky. It fit in the overhead compartment rather easily. After the plane was loaded up and ready to go, we backed out and made our way to runway 12L for departure. We didn't go line up for the runway immediately; instead we went over to holding area and waited a few minutes alongside a NW A319. After a few minutes we were given clearance to go, and taxied onto 12L. We roared down the runway, and took a small left turn after departure. I was able to recognize several buildings and areas below which is always fun to do. We climbed to FL350 (I think) and I watched the sun still rising over the horizon.

The in-flight service consisted of just a drink as they discontinued pretzels and granola bars before our date of departure. The flight was for the most part uneventful and not bumpy at all. My brother and I just played blackjack most of the way, and our chips to bet were Swedish fish. Surprisingly, the flight went rather quickly. After playing many, many hands of blackjack, we descended over the Pennsylvania area. I wasn't able to see much as the clouds had obstructed the view, but they tapered off as we reached the eastern NJ area. I was able to spot Hackensack, NJ, my place of birth. We flew over Manhattan and parallel to Long Island just off the coast. This was the weirdest approach, because our runway we were landing on was 22R. We flew very, very low over all these neighborhoods, and it felt like we were headed towards LGA! The pilot banked the aircraft to the left, and JFK finally came into view. We finally touched down on 22R, and it took a while for the aircraft to slow down. It seemed as if we had used most of the runway because the water was just off to the right of our A320.
We taxied to terminal 4, and had to wait a while for a LAN 767-300 to pull out, start up, and leave. While waiting, I was able to get a great view of all the heavies moving around at JFK. There were numerous aircraft coming in and going out, even a few heavies. Northwest had their 747-400 sitting at terminal 4 awaiting departure to NRT. We finally pulled up at gate A3, and made the long walk from the aircraft, UP to the terminal.

We were finally at JFK, and it was only a little before 11am. Since our next flight wasn't until 6:30pm, we had a long time to wait. We left the secured area at terminal 4, and proceeded to terminal 8 where our AA flight was to depart. We took the train at the airport which was pretty neat, and we got off at terminal 8. My father wanted us to check-in now, but I didn't think it was possible this early. The lady by the AA check-in line said that it might be too early, but we could try anyway. We got to the counter, and the lady told us that it was not too early, and issued us our boarding passes for JFK-BRU as well as the SN flight from BRU-VCE. We were most likely the first people checked in for both flights!  Smile The lady at the counter was easily one of the nicest CSRs I have ever met. She was very courteous, kind, and she had a great personality. Our only problem now is that we had several hours to wait, and terminal 8 was a dump.

Terminal 8 has no seating whatsoever, and it seemed as if we were in a third world country. We gave up on trying to find a spot there and headed back to terminal 4 where we came from. Terminal 4 has a nice little seating area near the airline clubs. It's the area where the big metal T4 sign is. There were many seats open, so we decided to rest there until our flight to BRU. During that time, I looked at all the airline clubs that were there. There were so many clubs; it seemed as if each airline operating out of terminal 4 had their own club upstairs. While I waited, all I did was eat, play hackysack, make a few phone calls, and read. I finally decided I wanted to go outside, so I walked from T4 to the Song terminal. I then went to all the parking garages to see if I could get a good view of departing aircraft. There were some good views, and I took a few shots of aircraft at the terminal as well as arriving aircraft.

I finally saw the NW 744 takeoff to NRT which looked so graceful! I headed back to T4, and waited even longer until finally we made the trek to T8.

American Airlines flight 172
6:30pm departure
August 2, 2005
Boeing 767-300 (didn't get the reg.!)
We went through security which was an absolute mess at T8. They had to hand check my smaller carry-on which I kept a close eye on as I had some rather expensive electronics in there. We went to our gate which I believe was A20, but I may be wrong. We got to the waiting area to the Brussels flight, and it was absolutely crowded and loud. My father went to buy cigarettes at the duty free shop for my grandfather (which later we found out that HE QUIT smoking, so it was really a waste). After waiting for quite some time, the waiting area became even more crowded. There weren’t even enough seats for everyone in the waiting area, as people began to crowd the floors. To top it all off, the fire alarm in the building suddenly goes off, but fortunately we were not told to evacuate the terminal. The pilots finally show up, and it’s time to board. Our zone was called (I believe zone 5) and I took my seat in 33J. Since we carried on our stuff, we placed it in the overhead bin which was great because we boarded before most people. I immediately noticed that the seats were extremely tight, the legroom was a joke. We backed out from our gate, fired up the engines, and began our taxi to runway 13R. We joined the queue for 13R which wasn’t too bad and eventually made our way to the front. The takeoff role was nice and long as expected as the flight was full, and I viewed the bay on the right side as we climbed away.

We flew along Long Island as we continued our climb to our cruising level. We continued to fly along the coast and over Cape Cod which was awesome to see from the air. The sun was already beginning to set not even an hour into the flight. To our right side, a Lufthansa 747-400 was cruising right past us.
The sky got darker and darker and the Lufthansa 747 disappeared from sight. Eventually it was pitch black outside, and dinner was about to be served. Looking out the window, small lit-up towns of Canada could be seen which was a great sight. Dinner was a choice between chicken or beef; I chose the chicken. Along with the meat was I believe beans and potatoes. A small salad was included, a small piece of dessert, and a piece of bread. All in all the dinner was ok, nothing to write home about. As we ate dinner we could view a thunderstorm down below. Frequent lightning strikes lit up the sky which was really something to see. Looking down, small towns of Canada could be seen lit up in the night. Looking out the window was so relaxing a peaceful. The flight continued smoothly and Fever Pitch was shown. The movie wasn’t as bad as I had expected. Later on they showed Miss Congeniality 2 which was sub par. One thing that disappointed me and quite frankly I was surprised at, was that there was no moving air map. Every international flight I’ve been on (mostly LH), there’s a moving map which includes outside air temperature, speed, time at destination, and distance to destination. Do they have the moving air map on other aircraft? I actually managed to get about an hour or so of sleep, but of course I woke up with my head wedged between the seat and the window giving me a terrible pain in my neck. I didn’t want that to happen again, so I decided to just stay awake. A few hours later the sun began to rise. Still over the Atlantic, there was really nothing to see. Breakfast was served which I believe was a cheese/ham sandwich, a few other things and a beverage. The breakfast, like the dinner, was only ok. A few rows ahead of us, this uncontrollable little girl kept running up and down the aisles while her parents sat there. The flight attendant told the parents to watch out for their daughter, and the parents got pissed. They asked for the flight attendants name and were clearly displeased. Hats off to the flight attendant for doing a good job, but you’ll see later that she was really a terrible flight attendant. We flew over England and the sun was finally up. It was really nice to see all those little English towns, and I was able to see an AA 777 in a holding pattern most likely for LHR. We flew over the channel and over Belgium.

We began our descent over Belgium, and the little Belgian towns were very cool. Our 767 got lower and lower until little sheep could be spotted in the fields. We made our way onto final approach for the left runway of the direction I don’t remember (toward the city). What happened next explains why that flight attendant was a terrible one. We were just seconds out from the runway, literally seconds; gear down ready to land. These little girls ask a flight attendant nearby that they have a connecting flight and have little time. The flight attendant gets the girls out of their seats, and escorts them to the front (keep in mind we’re almost on the ground). A different flight attendant tells them to sit down and take any seat. As we’re just about to flare over the runway, the flight attendant almost pushes the kids down onto a seat and finds her own seat. I really doubt they were even buckled. I have no idea what was going on in this flight attendant’s head! Regardless, it was a great landing and a great flight. We taxied to our gate, and I viewed al the SN Avros coming in and going out. We got off our plane and walked into this long corridor which appeared to be only for arriving international flights.

We went to use the restrooms in the long corridor and we saw the AA crew walk by. We continued down the walkway and signs saying, “Brussels-The Heart of Europe” lined the wall. After a very long time, we reached the end of the corridor. We made our way through customs which was really just a quick stamp, through security again, and then into the A terminal. Terminal A is a palace compared to JFK terminal 8. The marble floors, the tall, tall, tall ceilings, all the windows, the space, the shops, the moving walkways, the sweet cars on display, and the cleanliness make this terminal simply amazing. It may have been the best terminal I have ever been in. Our gate was A42 which was right by the entrance to the A terminal. We had some time until our departure around 9:45 am. My brother and I decided to take a stroll to the end of the terminal. There were flights going all over Europe; I specifically remember the Virgin Express flights going to Spain. We walked to the very end and saw the waiting area for an SAS flight. We walked back to A42 while trying to find an American paper for sale. I believe we found one, but it was very expensive and most likely required Euros. As we waited, I noticed a family that was on our previous flight from JFK was also headed to BRU. I continued to snack on the snacks we brought until boarding was finally called.

SN Brussels Airlines flight
9:45am departure
August 3rd, 2005
Avro 146 (workin’ on the reg.)
We approached the door, and the lady took my ticket. We walked down the jetway and took our respective seats (I was in the 2nd to last row, window, left side). The flight attendants handed out the complimentary airline magazines and I believe some papers in languages I will most likely never understand. We backed out from A42 and began our way to the runway (this time it was the right runway headed towards the city). We got to the runway and waited for a BMI ERJ to takeoff. Once the ERJ was airborne, we made our way down the runway. The takeoff was smooth, and we could see the airport as we climbed away. I was also able to see our AA 767 we had just gotten off still sittin’ around at the gate. We climbed past the spotted cloud layer and up to our cruising altitude. I listed to my iPod as we cruised, and then the snack commenced. The snack was a sandwich, candy, and a small thing of pasta all in a nice box. The snack was actually very good and really hit the spot. The man next to me had the Kosher meal which I forget the contents. After the meal, the flight attendants came around with a large basket of Belgian chocolates. I was going to buy the chocolates at the airport but I had neither time nor the proper currency. The flight attendants were nice enough to place some chocolates on my seatmate’s tray table as he was in the lavatory. The flight continued and I listen to my iPod as we passed the Alps. Of course the sights were spectacular and I wish I had my camera on hand.

Eventually we made our descent into Venice, Italy. The weather around Venice was rather crappy as the overcast let down its rain. Of course, flying through stormy weather is always fun. Slowly, we made our way into the clouds. The aircraft began to jerk around, left-right, up-down, it was great. All of a sudden, the plane dropped sharply as if we had fallen off a waterfall. Eventually we stopped falling which was accompanied by a large bump. People were holding on to their seats, and a lady let out a small scream. Years ago this would have scared me, but now that I know so much about aviation and how an aircraft flies, it’s more interesting than scary. We broke through the overcast and Italy was visible. Lower and lower, we finally passed over the small water channel that the water taxis use to get to Venice. We touched down on the runway (the end of the runway closest to the terminal) and slowed down quickly. We pulled off the runway, and taxied past a small building by the runway operated by the airport. The interesting thing I noticed is that there were palm trees growing next to this building. I was surprised that palm trees grew this far north; I guess the Adriatic breeze keeps the area relatively warm during the winter. We continued our taxi to our disembarking area where we were met by a bus and air stairs. We got off the aircraft, and I remember looking back and seeing the registration. I can’t remember it exactly, but I know it had DJ in it. The bus took us to the terminal as we passed many aircraft such as an Air France A319 (possibly A318), Alitalia MD-80, some Alpi Eagles F-100s (which were awesome to see, I love the F-100) and a bunch of other aircraft that I forgot. Once in the terminal, we went through customs. This was pretty odd because there were two doors to choose from; one that said international arrivals which had guards with machine guns by it, or a door that said EU arrivals. We went through the EU doors without having to talk to anybody or getting our passports stamped. We quickly found our driver, a Serbian guy living in Rijeka, Croatia, who took us in his large van from Venice to Rijeka. After the long ride in the rain, we arrived in rainy Rijeka where we waited for a catamaran ship to take us to Cres.

I had a fantastic time as always in Croatia. We got to see our family, and we spent most of our time in my grandparent’s village of Podol (population: 4, which include my grandparents and uncle). We only went as far south as Losinj, which is a neighboring island. Here are some pictures from Croatia:

A beach that we walk to from my grandparent's village.

The neighboring island of Losinj where my aunt and uncle live.

Part of my grandparent's village on a rainy, misty day.

After a fantastic time in Croatia, it was time to head back to the USA. We said goodbye to our grandparents, and our uncle drove us to Cres where we’d catch a bus to Rijeka. We met more relatives in Cres, said goodbye to them, and boarded the bus. The bus ride was rather long and it included a ferry ride back to the mainland. Once in Rijeka, we had a few hours until we met the same guy to take us back to Venice. We were supposed to meet him at 11pm, so we had about 3 hours in Rijeka which was surprisingly cold on August 23rd. We met the driver, and we drove back to Venice. The ride didn’t seem as long as I slept most of the way. I can distinctly remember a bunch of cars just flying past us probably going around 100mph. We arrived at Venice airport and said goodbye to the driver. Of course, it was very cold in Venice as well. We went up to the entrance and found that the doors were locked. This was terrible, because there was no way I could stay outside in this cold, especially since I was in shorts. Fortunately, I found one door that was still open. The escalators were off and blocked, so we couldn’t get upstairs. Fortunately again, I found a working elevator which took us upstairs. There were a few people sitting around. The time was around 2 am, so there wasn’t much going on. We found a row of extremely uncomfortable chairs. Since the chairs were uncomfortable, I decided to sleep on the floor. I woke up a little after 5 am. The terminal was now crowded, and everyone must have walked past me, looking at me sleeping on the floor. The floor was ridiculously cold as it was cement, so it was most definitely not enjoyable. I sat up, and we waited for our flight to Brussels to begin check-in.

We were the first people to check-in, as we were probably the first people at the airport. The lady looked at my bag, and said it was a tad too heavy to carry on. So I took some clothes out and temporarily placed it in my sister’s bag. After getting the tag that will let us carry on our bags, I placed the clothes back in my bag. We went down to the gate and had some time until our 6:50 am departure. The airport in Venice is rather nice with plenty of small shops. I stretched across a row of seats that were slightly more comfortable and slept until we began boarding. I was woken up by my family, I quickly used the restroom, and we were then in line for boarding. We walked down the jet way, boarded a very crowded bus, and were driven to our aircraft.

SN Brussels Flight 3208
6:50am departure
August 24th, 2005
Avro 146 (OO-DWE)

We boarded the Avro from the back and took our seats. I had the window on the right, the middle seat was empty, and my brother sat in the aisle seat. We pushed back, started up the four engines, and made our way to the runway (same direction as when we landed). We didn’t have much of a wait, and we pulled on the runway. Looking out to the right, the Adriatic Sea could be seen as well as Venice. Venice looked great in the morning with the sun rising. The engines powered up, and we were on our way to Brussels. The takeoff was smooth, and we took an immediate left turn. The rising sun put an amazing glow on the Adriatic Sea. I tried to see Cres from the air but the clouds obscured my view. We climbed to cruising altitude and breakfast was served. I do not remember the contents of the breakfast, but it came in another neat box. I recall the breakfast being rather good, but I do remember the great mints that came with it. The flight was smooth, and the Alps could be seen once again. Nothing eventful at all went on during the flight, and eventually we made our way into the Brussels area.

We made our descent and a smooth landing on a runway (I believe the same runway as which was landed on with the AA 767). We pulled off the runway, and I looked back to see plenty of aircraft on final (many were company Avros). We arrived at our gate which was in the A terminal. We got off the aircraft and made our way as fast as we could to the AA gates.


We had to go through security again which was busy as ever. After that, we realized we had no boarding passes. We didn’t want to leave security as we would miss our flight. We went to the AA gates where we found a line of people heading to the US. The line was for a mandatory baggage check and pat down for every single passenger. This was odd to me as I haven’t flown out of Europe since 2001. A lady removed all the clothes from my bag, and told me to turn on my camera and iPod. I did so, and she had a tough time cramming all the clothes into my bag. I received a pat down, and was on my way. We then asked the AA agent if we could get our boarding passes and he was quite confused for a while. He was very helpful, and eventually we received our boarding passes after 200 questions. I used the restroom quickly, and we were once again in line for another flight.

American Airlines flight 171
10:10am departure
August 24th, 2005
Boeing 767-300 (N354AA)

We took our seats which I believe were the same ones as our previous flight. I had the window seat, and my father was seated to my left on the aisle seat. We backed out a little after 10 and made our way to the runway. The runway was the same direction as the one we had landed on but it was the right runway, not left. We waited for a BMI ERJ to takeoff. While waiting, I noticed out the left window a small little hill that had many spotters on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if some were a.netters, but there were plenty of them. We took off from the runway and made a smooth turn to the left. The city could be seen below which looked spectacular in the air. We slowly made our way up to cruising altitude. Lunch was served which once again I forgot. I believe it was a pasta dish with sides and a beverage. The movie Because of Winn Dixie was shown as well as another movie which probably wasn’t good because I didn’t bother to watch/remember it. We flew over England and over Ireland. I saw the coast slowly disappear from my view and I continued to listen to my iPod. I didn’t try to get any sleep as I knew I’d wake up with a horrible pain in my neck, so I kept myself busy by reading, listening to music, looking out the window or doing nothing.

I was rather disappointed that we didn’t fly over Iceland or Greenland like we had down in the past. Instead, we flew over the Atlantic. Icebergs were spread out all over the ocean which was a cool sight to see. For the next few hours, I continued to keep myself busy until a snack was served. The snack was a small, blue box that consisted of an assortment of snacks. There were Pringles, Oreos, crackers, cheese, and a few other things. The snack was great because all the snack foods are delicious. AA did a good job at putting these together, they really hit the spot. We continued to fly over Canada when I spotted a KLM 747-400. I can’t remember if we overtook it or it overtook us. It probably overtook us. I tried to take pictures but they came out blurry which sucked because it was so close. I continued to view the terrain below which was barren land and lakes. We continued our uneventful flight and filled out the mandatory customs forms. We eventually made our descent into the New York area. There wasn’t much to see except for some boring land and a bunch of clouds outside the aircraft. The view gets more boring as the flight progresses, especially if you’ve been in flight for nearly 8 hours. The flight attendants cleaned everything up and took their seats for landing. We flew around Long Island and the ocean for a while before we made our way onto final approach for runway 4R. We seemed rather low out on the ocean which was pretty cool. We got closer and closer to land until we were over the water again in front of 4R. We had a semi-smooth touchdown on 4R and took a large portion of the runway to slow down. We pulled off to the left and made our way to the AA terminal. I remember seeing an AA 757 takeoff right in front of us as we made our way to the gate. We pulled into the gate and entered the crappy terminal on our way to customs. We waited in line for a while waiting for customs. The line for US citizens went very fast, and the international line seemed to move very, very slowly. We met a nice old man who asked us some questions and made some jokes about our town name (Apple Valley) which consisted of some Johnny Appleseed jokes. We went down the escalator to the baggage area which we did not have to use, so we left the customs area while only having to talk to some lazy customs guys that were stereotypical Italian guys speaking with the stereotypical New York accent. After that, we entered the terrible, terrible AA check-in area which still looked like a third world country.


Since we had several hours until our NW flight to MSP, we went back to terminal 4 because it actually had seating. We took the Air Train to T4. We noticed that they got rid of most of the seats at the area where we were sitting on our way to Croatia. Downstairs has a food court with lots of seating so we sat down there. I looked out the windows at all the heavies coming in going, most of them to Europe. We grabbed something quick to eat, and sat around for several hours. We went upstairs and checked in for our flight to MSP. This was done on the E-checkin, so we didn’t have to talk to the gate agent that wasn’t even there yet. We went downstairs and went through security. This nice man told us to come visit the NY/NJ area again. We told him we were originally from the northern NJ area so we briefly talked about that. We made it to the gate and we sat for more hours. I looked at the NW flight going to DTW and noticed there was no plane. Finally, the lady comes on the speaker and says the flight is cancelled. She offered the passengers van vouchers to LGA so they could take a NW flight to DTW. Surprisingly, the passengers weren’t even that mad. I continued to view the traffic and remember seeing an aircraft from China arrive, a CX A340-600 and an LH A340. At the gate where the NW flight to DTW was supposed to leave, a huge NWA 747-400 in new colors going to AMS pulled in. There was also an Air India 747-400 waiting to board to LHR, a Thai A340, and two Aer Lingus A330. Finally, our flight to MSP was called for boarding at gate A3. We walked to the gate and waited for our area to board. I noticed a man that I knew I had seen before. It wasn’t until after this flight and on I realized that this man was KL672 who I had met at the MSP meet. He sat a few rows behind me on the same flight to MSP.

Northwest Airlines flight 735
5:44pm departure
August 24th, 2005
Douglas DC-9-30 (N985US)

The gate agent took my ticket and made a comment to himself that all these people with bags will not fit them into the overhead. We boarded the DC-9 and took our seats. The bags fit perfectly in the overhead and there was plenty of room for all. The interior was rather nice on this old aircraft. I sat on the left side by the window next to my father. We backed out from A3, and started up the engines. We made our way slowly to runway 31L for departure. We joined the queue behind a bunch of heavies heading back to Europe. After waiting for about 10 to 15 minutes, we pulled onto 31L. The pilot jacked the power up to insane, and we roared down the runway. We rotated so much earlier than I expected and took a takeoff angle which may have been the most extreme angle I have every felt. This old DC-9 took off like a rocket. There was a great view of Jamaica Bay to the left. I tried to enjoy the view as we took a sharp left turn, but the left side of the DC-9 was shaking like crazy. I thought the left side of the plane was going to fall off! I forgot the name of this departure, but it’s extreme. After pulling a bunch of crazy turns, we finally continued smoothly to our cruising altitude. I could see Manhattan and the Atlantic Ocean in the distance slowly disappearing. After it left sight, the flight attendants came around with beverages and snacks for sale. I took a Coke, but turned down the snack which was a reasonable bag of trail mix for $1. The flight attendants on this aircraft were very hot. A blonde one and a brown haired one, both rather young. Anyway, I eventually fell asleep after finishing my beverage. I slept for most of the flight until I was awoken when we were making a rather tight turn. We flew over Wisconsin and into the Minneapolis area.

We descended through the sky with spotted with light clouds. It was a fantastic evening in Minneapolis, perfect for flying. We made some turns over the north metro area, and turned around for an approach to 12L. We started our approach rather low, so we got a neat view of the neighborhoods. We flew over Lake Calhoun, 35, and 62 before making a rough touchdown. We slowed down and made our way to the gate (I believe C5). We got our bags and left the DC-9. We called our mother and made the 15 minute ride back to our home. It was kind of amazing to think that in that day, August 24th, 2005, I was technically in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, New York and Minnesota in one day. It was even more amazing to realize I have traveled so many thousands of miles in one day. It’s weird to look at yourself in the same clothes you put on in Croatia; it feels like you put it on days ago.

Overall, I was really impressed with all of the airlines. Northwest did a good job both ways, no complaints even though service was nonexistent. American did a great job; the only complaints were the tight seats and that weird flight attendant. SN did the best job with their comfortable aircraft and amazing service. They treat you like a person and really care that you fly their airline. I sent SN a letter a few weeks later thanking them for their service, and they promptly replied with a letter thanking me. I will most definitely look to fly SN again in the future. From what I recall on LH, SN offers a better service at a reasonable price.

Thank you for reading my report. I’ll be doing another report soon for an HP trip MSP-PHX-LAX-PHX-MSP back in January of this year.
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Thu Jun 01, 2006 4:24 pm

Nice report! You passed even by me going from Venice to Rijeka! I live in Koper, you know, the city in Slovenia between the Italian border and the Croatian border!

Cres is a nice island by the way.  Smile

About the palm trees, i actually think it's a stupid idea to put them at the Venice airport since it's not their natural habitat. I noted that too in the middle of march when it was even a snowy day. I think they have to change them often because they surely die Big grin

About customs, it's strange you passed throught the customs doors from BRU to VCE because it's nothing to show, it's a Schengen flight. Soon also Slovenia will finally join it.
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Thu Jun 01, 2006 5:23 pm

I enjoyed reading your report! BTW, the hot looking blonde FA on NW735 was quite rude and snippy. I got the impression that she thought that she was God's gift to man! I took that flight because I had wanted to see the KLM 777 at JFK. Unfortunately, it was delayed and had not even arrived before our departure to MSP. Maybe I'll see you at Post Rd. sometime this summer. I usually take my kids on Sat or Sun.
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Thu Jun 01, 2006 10:53 pm

Good report and pics! That's interesting that you flew a A320 from MSP-JFK. I haven't yet flown that aircraft into JFK.
I love to fly!
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Fri Jun 02, 2006 2:16 am

My mistake!! KL672 was actually KL642, the second replier in the thread! Sorry about that!

Quoting Koper (Reply 1):
I live in Koper, you know, the city in Slovenia between the Italian border and the Croatian border!

I'm sure I did! I'll have to ask my father about Kopar, I'm sure he'll know.

Quoting KL642 (Reply 2):
the hot looking blonde FA on NW735 was quite rude and snippy.

I'll agree with you on that one. She did have that impression which I did not enjoy at all. I do however, think that the brown haired flight attendant was more attractive!

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