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Trip To Johnstown, PA From Chicago W/ Pics And Vid

Sat Jul 08, 2006 4:34 am

Caution! This Trip Report contains 79 photos plus video. IF you are on 56k, I strongly suggest you let it load and go get some coffee or something while it loads. Please note that the videos do not have sound as my camera doesn't have a mic on there.

STD: 1124
Pushed back: 1124
TO: 1139
STA: 1348 LT
Landed: 1336 LT

Well I got up at 7.00a had breakfast, took a shower and while I did that, United called and left me a voicemail stating that my flight was on time. I did all that good stuff before we left. Mom wanted to leave the house at 9.30 but we had to wait until my brother’s shirt dried so we ended up leaving at 9.45. It took us 20 minutes to get there. As we pulled up to the departure level for United, I saw a Mexicana A319. We said goodbye to my dad and then proceeded to check-in to Johnstown PA. Check-in wasn’t crowded and we were waiting less than 5 minutes because we had e-tickets.We checked 5 bags all the way through.

Our gate today is C32 so that would effectively mean that we’d have to take the underground tunnel. As we went to security, a soldier returning home from Iraq was in front of us and my mom talked with him for a little but until we got through security. I promised my brother that I would get him something after we go to the gate so I took him and bought him 2 candies.

Stupid sales tax is 9% at O’Hare. The aircraft arrived from LaGuardia and today’s aircraft is N329UA, a Boeing 737-300. The aircraft next to us was going all the way to Osaka.




Surprisingly enough, our seats today are in Economy Plus. This is funny because we paid $132 for roundtrip tickets to Johnstown! My seat today is in seat 8A and Channel 9 is available! While people were getting onboard, I called a friend and talked with her until I was told to turn off my phone.


The gate was pushed back at 11.21 and we pushed back about a minute or two later. I listened to Channel 9 and so we pushed back and was told to taxi to 4L via A, E. We soon took off and flew over Maine East as I saw the Home Depot on Dempster St. We then climbed to FL190. We experienced some light chop on climb out. Soon we were told to climb to FL230 and then FL240. Then up to FL260 and finally FL290.






The pilot came on the PA and said that 55 minutes flying time to Pittsburgh, smooth ride and some light chop at FL290. We contacted Cleveland center and repeated continuous chop. I ordered a Pepsi and got the whole can. Was told that the ride does smoothen out the farther east we go. Sadly, the ride never did smoothen out so we descended to FL270 for the duration of the flight. We contacted Cleveland Center on 119.87 and we started our descent into Pittsburgh. We descended to FL250, FL240 and then contact Cleveland Center on 120.60 and then down to 10,000.







The temperature in Pittsburgh was 76ºF, 10 mi. visibility with scattered clouds. We then contacted Pittsburgh Approach on 124.50 and by then we were 13 for 10,000. We were assigned the Visual 32 but then the pilot asked for 28L. We descended to 7,000 and then 6,000. We turned left to 140 and then down to 4,000. We contacted Pittsburgh Tower and we were cleared to land on 28L. We landed at 1.34 local time and we taxied via F, W to gate C53.




STD: changed flights
Pushed back: changed flights
TO: changed flights
STA: changed flights
Landed: changed flights

STD: 1205
Pushed back: 1610
TO: 1624
STA: 1245
Landed: 1640

Well after I deboarded from UA274, I checked the monitors and I found out that our flight to Johnstown, PA on US 4903 was delayed until 5.30. I waited for mom to come out of the Women’s room to tell her. I told her that an earlier flight US 4908 was delayed until 3.15 and so we should try and get on it.

So we walked our way towards A22 and while walking Peter had to walk and whine about food and how it’s going to take too long. Mom was quickly losing her patience. My mom has gone through some tough times since May and her patience level has dropped significantly. We were able to switch to the earlier flight and have our bags but on US4908 so mom was happy and we were then onto McDonalds. I had McDonalds while the rest had sushi.



After I finished, I walked back to A22 while the rest finished lunch. I sat down and stared out the window and talked on the phone until I realised I needed to charge my phone so I plug it in and stand there with my phone in my pocket with a wire coming out of it into a plug. Alert the media! Someone has a wire coming out of their pocket into a plug outlet! I’m joking.

Soon our flight was pushed back until 4pm because the maintenance had to do routine maintenance on the aircraft. Our aircraft today is N9CJ, a Saab 340. We boarded at 3.50 and the flight attendant had a small British accent but I couldn’t grasp whether it was a Pennsylvanian one or not. The flight attendant asked some people to move up to the front and middle for balancing.



The doors were shut at 4.07. We taxied via V, V1, F, P, and 28L. We took off at 16.24 and climbed to 9,000 feet. We leveled off at 16.31 and we’d be at 9,000 feet for 17 minutes. Our female pilot came on the radio and said that we had just leveled off and we were 48 miles west of Johnstown. She came on again and announced that we were descending when we were 22 miles west of Johnstown and the weather was 10 miles visibility, partly cloudy and 70ºF with light winds from the north. We landed at 1640 on runway 15. We parked and watch soldiers coming home from Iraq get off our plane and greet their families. Mom cried and thanked them for protecting our country.




http://www.megaupload.com/?d=W5Y0VI6M -- Landing in Johnstown video too big for Youtube.

Caution! 108MB download!


STD: 1305
Pushback: 1319
TO: 1325
STA: 1325
Landed: 1336

STD: 1345
Pushback: 1353
TO: 1412
STA: 1425
Landed: 1442

I left the conference center around 11.00 and I said goodbye to all my friends. We had to stop at McDonalds for Peter. Today’s plane is stopping over in Altoona, PA before continuing to Pittsburgh. I decided to sit down in the Johnstown Airport restaurant and write the trip report going home and listen to my iPod but not before getting scolded for putting my feet on the ledge for the window.

The plane arrived and then we went through security, but not before Peter decided to cry and whine about putting his Game Boy through security. Our aircraft today is N277MJ, A Saab 340.



I boarded at 1308 and 7 passengers boarded. I was told it was a short flight to Altoona. Theengines were started and after the safety demo, they were shut off again. I thought to myself that there’s possibly a delay. They were restarted and it seems that they were having some trouble with the left engine but eventually got it started.


We started moving at 1319 and we took off at 1325. It was pretty bumpy on our way to Altoona. Not much to report on this flight to Altoona just the bumpy weather and how quick it was. We landed at 1336 on runway 21 Right. We parked and 4 people got off and 3 people boarded.






We taxied off at 1353 and we taxied to 21R. As we approach the holding bars, the captain came on and said that there were some thunderstorms along our route so we’d have to vector around them. We started rolling at 1410 and took off at 1411.


The captain came on again and said due to turbulence, there would be no beverage service. Weexperienced lots of turbulence as we flew through clouds. I enjoyed the turbulence as we dropped some altitude and climbed up as we went past dark clouds.





The captain came on once again and said that soon we began our descent and the temperature was 65ºF, 7 miles visibility and thunderstorms in the area and we’d be landing in Pittsburgh in 15 minutes.



We landed at 1442 on runway 32. We taxied to the US Airways Express gates via, R1, E, T, V, and C2. Soon we arrived at the ramp area and the captain said that the ramp was closed because a thunderstorm just passed through and the ramp would be open fairly shortly. A lady who had a 1530 connection was paged over the intercom and the F/A told her that she’ll be deboarding first so she can make her connection. We parked at gate A19 at 1457.





STD: 1550
Pushed back: 1551
TO: 1608
STA: 1617
Landed: 1615

After I got off the plane I immediately received a call from a friend of mine who told me that he was at the Pittsburgh Airport. I told him that I just got off the plane and was heading inside right now. He was at gate A3 and was on his way to Chicago Midway as I was on my way to Chicago O’Hare.

I asked my mom if I could go and hang out at A3 but she said no because apparently, our flights left within 10 minutes of each other and that I had to go to the gate. I don’t even get to hold my own boarding pass until they call the flights for boarding. Mom and Peter decided to stop off and get some food but I went to A3 until my mom showed up and then I was off to B35 for my flight back.

Peter decided to cry and whine and shout at the gate so I walked away towards the window with my camera and snapped photos. Apparently some African Americans were just laughing and Peter felt the need to shout and cry. One of the good things about not looking like my parents is that no one will know that I belong to the crying kid and my mum.

Our aircraft today is N801MA, an Embraer 170. Soon boarding was called and I boarded at 1536. I sat down in 6F and asked a female if I could have the window seat and she let me.


The doors were shut at 1549 and we pushed back at 1551. We taxied to the runway via V5, V, Runway 10C, N, and departing off of 28L. We passed some other aircraft which I thought that we’d hold for them but I guess I was wrong. We took off at 1608 and the seatbelt sign went off at 1612. We experienced some minor bumps along the way but a smooth flight otherwise. I put my iPod back on and listened to wegmetbnn (Dutch travel program in Dutch) and some Bollywood music. I snapped more photos and wrote in my trip report for you guys.



The drink cart came around and I wanted a Ginger Ale. Joe, the F/A started talking with Peter. Joe told Peter that if mum needs something, just press the call button. Luckily, it didn’t need to be used.


Soon we started our descent into Chicago at 1554 local time and once again there were absolutely no announcements from the flight deck. It was like that back in April when I flew the same flight. I guess Republic’s pilots aren’t sociable.


As we came in around Southern Indiana, the city of Chicago came into sight, flew past Navy Pier, Sears Tower, Chicago’s former airport – Merrill C. Meigs field, and the Southside of Chicago.
We flew past Chicago O’Hare from the northwest side and turned, flew over Elmhurst and local suburbs and landed on 4R. Takeoff from 4R or 4L, you may possibly fly over my school or house.







We landed on 4R at 1615 and exited at S5 and proceeded to taxi to the gate via D,B, M but then we make a left turn and the pilots appear confused as the turn the aircraft right and then back to the left and we sit there on the M taxiway. The captain came on and said that our gate wasn’t free and that they are working to get this flight out of here.









We sit there and sit there with the engines running I must say for the next 20 minutes as I watch various heavies depart and arrive until 1630 when the captain comes on and says that all gates are full and that US Airways is short on ground staff today at O’Hare as a few people called in and that we’d be at the gate in the next 10-15 minutes.









Everyone decides to moan and groan but mom’s comment stands out the most. She exclaimed “What kind of an airline is this?” well when US Airways unlike United or American and only uses 2 gates at O’Hare and they are short on staff, it sometimes cannot be a pretty picnic. I explained that to her later.

At 1645, we got clearance to our gate and we taxied to the gate. I originally thought that we’d have to hold for a Lufthansa A330 (D-AIKA) but they held for us. I was kind of disappointed as I wanted to get some photos of that bird. I got atleast 1 good one. We parked at gate F8 at 1700.







We deboarded and then proceeded to baggage claim. Called dad for a ride home and as we got there, US Airways had bags on the belt for flights coming from Charlotte and Philadelphia. 1720 comes around and bags from our flight come off the belt. Peter whined about how the same bags kept going around, how they are too big or too small and that it’s taking a long time.

Eventually Mum’s and Peter’s bags came off the belt around the same time. Mum was starting to get worried thinking that my bag was still in Pittsburgh but my bag came out about 5 minutes later. We then proceeded outside and then waited for 20-25 minutes before dad came and then we were on our way home. We got home around 1815 after picking up KFC.

This is the end of my travels! Hope you enjoyed! : D

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RE: Trip To Johnstown, PA From Chicago W/ Pics And Vid

Sat Jul 08, 2006 5:01 am

Great report and good quality pics! That's great that you got to fly on a Saab 340. I hope that aircraft stays around for a while. Great views out of the window, of downtown Chicago, and of the international terminal at ORD. Wow, it looks pretty busy there!
I love to fly!
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RE: Trip To Johnstown, PA From Chicago W/ Pics And Vid

Sat Jul 08, 2006 9:33 am

Greeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat trip report, Leo! Very nice to read and see images.  Smile

Hope you had fun.  Wink

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RE: Trip To Johnstown, PA From Chicago W/ Pics And Vid

Sat Jul 08, 2006 12:04 pm

Its the Summer, T5 at ORD will be packed always! O how I miss T5 but it was time to bid out!

Great trip report young man! Funny stuff with your brother crying lol.
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RE: Trip To Johnstown, PA From Chicago W/ Pics And Vid

Sat Jul 08, 2006 12:19 pm

Awesome pictures, great details about your trip! It was fun reading about your trip! Keep it up! Big grin
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RE: Trip To Johnstown, PA From Chicago W/ Pics And Vid

Sat Jul 08, 2006 3:52 pm

Incredible pictures and fantastic report. Great job!  Smile

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RE: Trip To Johnstown, PA From Chicago W/ Pics And Vid

Fri Jul 21, 2006 5:51 am

Quoting Lfutia (Thread starter):
Apparently some African Americans were just laughing and Peter felt the need to shout and cry.

How come he was crying about some ethnic people laughing?!
Anyway, great report leo
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RE: Trip To Johnstown, PA From Chicago W/ Pics And Vid

Fri Jul 21, 2006 3:18 pm

Thanks for the replies!

My brother has some mental issues and so he gets upset very easily although it doesnt help that im really harsh on him (well someone has to be!) but thats besides the point.

My next trip report will be in a month or so when I get back from India.

I leave in 2 weeks onboard AA's nonstop flight from Chicago to Delhi and then travel around India and then come back at the end of August.

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RE: Trip To Johnstown, PA From Chicago W/ Pics And Vid

Sun Nov 02, 2014 5:55 pm

Hallo Leo,

What a great TR to read some 8 years later. Seeing PIT nearing the end of its prime is always interesting to me. Also, lots of older liveries that aren't around anymore.
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RE: Trip To Johnstown, PA From Chicago W/ Pics And Vid

Mon Nov 03, 2014 9:33 am

Quoting Lfutia (Thread starter):

Caution! This Trip Report contains 79 photos plus video. IF you are on 56k, I strongly suggest you let it load and go get some coffee or something while it loads. Please note that the videos do not have sound as my camera doesn't have a mic on there.

I just read this and thought it was a joke. Then I noticed this TR was posted 8.5 years ago.


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