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My Nonrev Adventure TYS-CLT-DEN-LAX US/UA

Tue Aug 08, 2006 8:46 am

Hey all.
I am a gate agent for US in TYS, and I non reved to LAX on today, 7 Aug. My plan was pretty simple: fly to IAH on CO and connect to LAX. I was flying on a station pass agreement. Well, of course AA had to cancel its morning DFW flight, so the IAH flight became oversold. So, I figured the only way to get to LAX was to go to CLT.

US Airways Express
TYS-CLT 05:45dep
operated by PSA CRJ
This is one of the 4 overnighting planes that we have in TYS. Since I am an agent there and we have a crew base, I know most of the crew members by name. I got to the airport at 0500 and parked in the employee lot, which is about 100 feet from the terminal. I walked up to the counter to get my boarding pass and to make sure the flight still had seats. I went effortlessly through security and waited at gate 10 for departure. The flight had about 35 PAX on board including non revs. Nothing exciting happened on this leg... a typical CRJ flight. 32 mins in the air. I got to CLT and went straight to the UA gates in concourse A.

United Airlines 517
CLT-DEN 08:00
Boeing 737-300
I was so happy to get a seat on this flight because the US flight to LAX was oversold and had 42 standby's listed. I got my boarding pass as the last nonrev to get a seat. US has and ID95 agreement with UA, so the fare was 73 dollars for CLT-LAX with a connection in DEN. I had 4E which is in economy plus... of course it was a middle seat. There was a considerable amount of leg room and the seats were comfortable. The crew was IAD based, one of whom is part of the new hires that have been going on recently. The UA uniforms look so classy and the service was efficient and friendly. We got a full can of soda and biscoff cookies. Snack boxes were available for purchase.. but I passed. I slept most of the flight, but listened to channel 9 when I was awake.
We departed on time and arrived ontime in DEN.

United 455
Boeing 777-200
DEN-LAX 11:30
I really like the DEN airport. It is nice... but kind of a pain to walk from end to end. Boarding began for the flight 40 mins prior to our scheduled departure. A DEN-SFO flight had cancelled and the DEN-LAX that leaves 30 mins before this one was oversold... but there were plenty of seats... or so I thought. I was the about the 3rd to last standby to be cleared. I got 50 D which is an aisle in the 2nd to last row of the 777. We had about a 1.5 hour delay due to the runway issues in LAX. I was extremely impressed by this flight. Once again, there were mostly men flight attendants and quite a few new hires. They worked well together and completed the service quickly. I LOVE THE SAFETY VIDEO FOR UNITED!!!!!!!!!!! It was so upbeat and quirky and the models look great in their classy uniforms! I loved every minute of it and wished I could see it again. We arrived in LA.. which was a mess. Cancelled flights all over... misconnects etc. Typical busy day... I guess.

Overall... I was lucky to get to LA and I really enjoyed my UA experience. Non reving can be stressful because the agents aren't too helpful.. but they get the job done.... Personally, I think they like to make you sweat it out at the gate!

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RE: My Nonrev Adventure TYS-CLT-DEN-LAX US/UA

Tue Aug 08, 2006 8:58 am

I agree with you as I non reved to 2 interviews. It was stressful as my flt to PHL was oversold ( flt 598), but I got on anyways on memorial day. The guys @ MCO know me, so they helped me out a whole lot. How do you get placed on the stand by list as in top or bottom? What was the condish of the UA 733?

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RE: My Nonrev Adventure TYS-CLT-DEN-LAX US/UA

Tue Aug 08, 2006 11:16 am

Great report! I also must admit to liking the UA safety video. I especially like the piano music in its background.
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RE: My Nonrev Adventure TYS-CLT-DEN-LAX US/UA

Wed Aug 09, 2006 5:04 am

The 737 was nice. One can tell that it is a little old... but in the galley and the restrooms, it looks pretty nice. A lot better than our US planes!
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RE: My Nonrev Adventure TYS-CLT-DEN-LAX US/UA

Wed Aug 09, 2006 3:37 pm

UA priorities:
08A-Mainline employees
08C-Express employees/UA companions traveling alone
09-OAL employees

Top to bottom, seniority for mainline employees and their companions. First come, first serve in the 08C and 09 catagories.

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