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NW DTW-STL,STL-MEM-DTW Interesting Trip!

Tue Sep 26, 2006 8:55 am

I travel DTW-STL and back all the time and not much of anything happens. The flight is always a DC-9 of some sort, which is sweet. This was an all around screwed up trip. I was supposed to meet up with SpeedBird at DTW on the evening of the 22nd. I missed him, and when I went to my gate for STL-DTW I found it was delayed. This was no ordinary delay. Not only was the DC-9-50 delayed out of Hartford when it arrived at the gate it couldn't get up to the jet-way. It seems that there was a baggage train accident. The last car on the train jack-knifed and couldn't be moved. The crew brought over a belt loader and used it to lift the cart out of the train. This process took a bit, I can't say how much time because I missed part it. We arrived at STL an hour late and when I got to the baggage carousel the the flight number shown on the display was wrong and bags from AA were coming out of it. Eventually the correct flight number was displayed and our bags came.

On the way home today was a real hoot. The DC-9-50 from STL-DTW, 10:17am) was canceled for some reason or another. I was told there was no crew. I then checked with the agent, who was very helpful, and he booked me from STL-MSP-DTW to leave at 12:50pm. The 11:15 to MEM was about to stop boarding when the agent found me and said that he could get me to MEM and then to DTW, which would put me home at 4:30pm. I said yes, but what about my bags. He got them switched. I wish I remembered his name, but he did a top shelf job. I was then looking out the window and noticed that a NWA Ford F-150 was pouring gasoline all over the ramp. I alerted some worker and that issue was taken care of. The thanked me for bring that to their attention. I flew on a Pinnacle (NW Airlink) CRJ-200 to MEM. After an hour stop in MEM I boarded a 757-200 for DTW. Only only spoke to one FA and she was very friendly, and rather attractive, her name was Nichole. After arriving at DTW the baggage carousel jammed or something so our bags began to come out of the neighboring carousel, without the message board saying anything. Someone noticed there bags on that carousel so we all went over there. After dozens of trips to STL nothing interesting ever happened. I guess I was due! I was also surprised my bags came with me all the way. Sure things were screwed up, but hats off to the great NWA employees who made the day a bit bearable.

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RE: DTW-STL, STL-MEM-DTW Interesting Trip!

Tue Sep 26, 2006 9:06 am

Good trip report. Very intresting.

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