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Berlin Candy Bomber On Board

Fri Oct 20, 2006 11:56 pm

It was a great pleasure again to fly with COL.Gail Halverson,the ONE & ONLY Candy Bomber from the Berlin Airlift of 1948/49 of History Fame. He was our special guest this past weekend at the Winchester VA airport 10/14 & 10/15 Flyin & special event. On SAT 10/14 the C54 BAHF named the :Spirit Of Freedom: Performed a Candy Parachute Drop over the airport for all the kids & folks who attended the special event. The Candy Bomber is also known in the History books as Uncle Wiggley Wings & the Chocolate Flyer,as He tied the chocolate candy bars to his parachutes as they floated down from the skies! After landing,the C54 was open for display & COl. Halverson was at a table signing HIS book & others about HIS adventures & the true story of the Berlin Airlift. He is a true Patriot & absolutely a grand person to talk to & be in his company! Also while there on my preflight on SUN early afternoon I looked up & behold,flying overhead was the ONE&ONLY Fairchild C82 Packet,forrunner of the C119,on its ferryflight east to Haggerstown airport to join the museum located there. To top things off for the weekend & made my day was my special ride in a 1946 WACO double wing aircraft,open cockpit,which was won as a door prize the night before. So there is my little story & exciting weekend with our Beautiful Douglas C54 Flying Museum! We also have added this year a 52in Plasma avitar screen with an image of a person greeting you & talking about the Berlin Airlift as you proceed through the museum. Just flying on this special aircraft & being part of the flightcrew is a dream come true!! THANKS,JR

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