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GVA-MAD-BCN Barcelona Anet Meeting

Sat Nov 18, 2006 7:37 am

Welcome to my new trip report fellow aviation lovers! This time it's about the flight I took for the Barcelona november meeting. This is the third anet meeting I attend. The two first meeting took place in Zürich where I went for spotting only, now I was looking forward to spend some time in the city with anutters.

I booked my flight GVA-BCN with Air Nostrum in august along with anet member Braulio (Rootsair), service onboard their flights have good reputation and I wanted to experience it. However in september Iberia dropped GVA-BCN with Air Nostrum and replaced it with Clickair low cost airline flight. Anet member Braulio (Rootsair) with who I was flying with for this trip was so upset by the news that he made a call to Iberia saying that he didn't wanted to fly low cost airline. So Iberia made the following proposition to him : GVA-MAD-BCN and back BCN-MAD-GVA for the same price. He accepted. Then I also decided to call Iberia to switch from GVA-BCN with Clickair to GVA-MAD-BCN with Iberia. It wasn't because I didn't want to fly the new airline Clickair (why not I mean) but rather for the purpose of flying twice more at the same price. Plus I'll have the opportunity to see the new Madrid terminals.

I arrived at the airport at 11:00, flight IB3483 was scheduled to depart at 12:00. As usual in my home airport, I checked-in the day before as I live near the airport. Hence I had plenty of time ahead to experience the new european security rules  Wink After the security screening (no problem) I met fellow anetter Braulio (Rootsair) in the terminal and had a coffee with him. At 11:45 we decided to head to gate A8. When we arrived at our gate the staff told us "For Madrid? Hurry up! We are going to close the boarding!!". They were upset about us being late "We called you 3 times over the speakers!!". The fact is we didn't hear a damn thing over the speakers. Braulio and I apologized and they calmed down.

Push back

10 Nov 2006
Flight IB3483
Seat 7A
Flight time 1h30

We then boarded EC-EYB. Before we knew it we were pushed back and engines were started. We then taxied to the active, today it was runway 05. The flight attendants started the safety demonstration, we heard over the speakers the flying crew announcing "Entrando en pista para despegue" (entering the runway for take-off). We entered the runway for take-off an aligned while the safety demo was still not over. As soon as they finished the f/a rushed to their seats while engine power was applied for take-off. After take-off we maintained runway heading and then made a 180° left turn and passed next to GVA airport.

GVA-MAD Take-off download video [13Mb - 2:26]

GVA-MAD Inflight download video [11Mb - 2:31]

GVA-MAD Landing download video [11Mb - 1:54]

The Mont-Blanc in the background

Flying over the Pyrenees

The flight was uneventful, the seat next to me was vacant so I had plenty of room. Paying food was available and I was so hungry that I spent 12EUR for a sandwich and a cola. I spent most of the flight watching the beautiful sight by the window, listening to my iPod and taking pictures and videos. Shortly after the Pyrenees, some one hour of flight, we started our descend into Madrid. We then made our approach towards runway 33R. Landing was smooth and only brakes were applied to slow down the aircraft. I spotted LAN A340 flight 704 at the gate preparing her flight to FRA while taxiing. It was my first time to spot the new LAN livery. When we disembarked we headed towards the LAN A340 to make some pictures. We had more that two hours to spent in Madrid, so we spotted the aircrafts in the terminal. MAD airport is now a real beauty, the architecture and colors of the new terminals are simply amazing. Time passed very quickly and we headed to Terminal 4 by bus.

Arriving at our gate Madrid Barajas

LAN A340, beautiful bird.

Splendid tail!

Engine of Iberia A340-600

10 Nov 2006
Flight IB6404
Seat 15F
Flight time 0h55

We entered the MD88 by the rear door. The flight was delayed some 45 minutes, we waited for passengers coming from flights from south america that were late. The flight was full. We headed to runway 36R for take-off.

MAD-BCN Take-off download video [12Mb - 1:59]

MAD-BCN Inflight download video [2Mb - 0:41]

MAD-BCN Landing download video [18Mb - 3:11]

Again I was very hungry. I ate a salad that I bought in Madrid, and it was delicious. The only service on this "Puente Aereo" flight was an orange juice and a chocolat for... free! (wow). Soon we started our descent towards Barcelona El Prat airport.

We landed on runway 25R. Upon arriving we felt like arriving in a south american airport with all those persons waiting for their relatives/friends coming from south american. It was fun.

From there Braulio went by train to the center of Barcelona in a youth hostel called "Kabul" next to the Plaza Real. I took a cab from the airport to go to the hotel NH Sant Boi which is some 13 kilometers away from the city and 5 kimolmeters from the airport. Once arrived I checked-in, went to my room, unpacked my stuff and relaxed watching some spanish TV. Then I took the bus to meet with Braulio to eat a pizza in a restaurant in Las Ramblas. From there we went to La Plaza Real to go to a Cervezeria and drink some good beers. Nice first evening in Barcelona.

Saturday was the day of the anet meeting. We all met in terminal B and from there we went spotting to see arrivals on runway 25R. A lot of spotters that day, there was also a bunch of people from the Iberians Spotters. It was cool. We spent some 4 hours there.

Anet meeting, Spotting 25R arrivals download video [8Mb - 1:18]

After that I was with a small group (Zruda, Adam, Michiee, IberiaA319, Rootsair, Plymspotter and EHHO) that wanted to visit the city instead of going to the hotel again. We took the train and headed to the city to see the famous "La Sagrada Familia" by Gaudi. We then took the subway to go to the waterfront and have a walk there to Las Ramblas. It was time to go to the restaurant "El Rincón Persa" were we met almost all spotters again. We had a good time there with... interesting food.

Eric (IberiaA319) chatting with Yirina (Yirina77)

Dan (Plymspotter)

Raphael (RPaillard) hiding behind the Dan's lens

Judith (Zruda), Adam, Richiee (Richard), Eric (IberiaA319), Braulio (Rootsair), Dan (Plymspotter), Maxim (EHHO). Having a coffee in our way to La Sagrada Familia. Eric please don't move when I shoot non-flash!

Richiee (Richard), Eric (IberiaA319), Adam, Judith (Zruda), Dan (Plymspotter) and Braulio (Rootsair) at La Sagrada Familia.

La Sagrada Familia

Eric (IberiaA319) and Braulio (Roostair)

Judith (Zruda) and Dan (Plymspotter).

Eric (IberiaA319)

Group picture at the waterfront: Adam, Richiee (Richard), Braulio (Rootsair), Eric (IberiaA319), Judith (Zruda) and Dan (Plymspotter).

Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas

They sell birds at Las Ramblas

James (PSA727) in front of the restaurant were a bunch of anetters came to eat.

Dan (Plymspotter) having a rest in the hotel lobby after a long day of spotting, walking, talking, eating...

After that back to the hotel. There a bunch of Czech spotters (Zruda, Yirina, Richiee, Adam) invited me along with JRadier, Plymspotter, Petertenthije to taste some Czech beers in their room. They wanted to finish all beers they took from Prague. I was exhausted and after saying my goodbyes I went to my room at 03:00.

I left the hotel along with Czech spotters Yirina, Adam and Richard and we took the cab together to the airport. Arrived there, we said our goodbyes in Terminal A and I went to terminal B to do my check-in for the afternoon flight to MAD. When I asked for window seat the guy at the check-in counter said he already did it for both flights, he said he knew that I was an aviation freak because otherwise I will have chosen a direct flight to GVA instead of that weird routine via MAD, rather nice guy. Having more than 3 hours ahead of me, I took the opportunity to go back by train to the center of Barcelona and met Raphael (RPaillard) and Eric (IberiaA319) in la plaza de Colon. We ate some expensive but excellent fried squids with lemon in a restaurant and we enjoyed 22°C with sun in november!

The restaurant were we tasted some excellent fried squids.

I whish I could have stayed a few more days to see Les Luthiers ! I love those guys.

Then it was time for me to go back to El Prat Airport. I met again with Braulio at the gate. We took the bus to the aircraft and boarded on MD87 EC-FEY.

Model of BCN future airport.

Model of BCN's new terminal.

Model of BCN's new terminal, another angle.

12 Nov 2006
Flight IB2605
Seat 22A
Flight time 0h55

Take-off was made on the new runway 25L. Unlike the flight from MAD to BCN, nothing was served for this "Puente Aereo" flight which was rather disappointing. After an uneventful flight we landed on schedule on rwy 33R in Madrid Barajas.

BCN-MAD Take-off download video [10Mb - 1:56]

BCN-MAD Inflight download video [8Mb - 1:51]

BCN-MAD Landing download video [12Mb - 2:06]

The new terminal in BCN under construction

View during our BCN-MAD flight.

We taxied to terminal 4 and disembarked there. We took the metro to go to the other terminal and there we spent two hours before taking our flight back to Geneva.

Splendid T4 terminal in MAD... the best looking airport I've visited so far.

Stunning light

Roof structure detail of the new terminal

Nice piece of work!

12 Nov 2006
Flight IB3482
Seat 16F
Flight time 1h30

MD87 EC-FFH almost ready to fly us back to from MAD to GVA.

Night flight. While boarding Braulio noticed that a girl was in his seat and the aisle seat were she was supposed to be was vacant, the girl said to him with a blinking eyes "You don't mind if I take the window seat, please ?", overcome he replied "ok, ok" and then turned his face to me and said "FUCK!", needless to say, he was so pissed off! But after a while they started chatting for the rest of the flight. After take-off, only paying sandwiches and beverage were served. I ate the salad I bought in MAD again... no problem, excellent taste. We made a straight approach to runway 05 and landed some 12mn ahead of schedule. It was time to say good bye to Braulio and the window seat girl.

MAD-GVA night landing download video [9Mb - 1:39]

These were not so special flights, but when I asked Braulio (Rootsair) if he planned to write a trip report about it and he said no, I decided to do it myself as I wanted to have a something to recall this trip. As for spotting, to be honest I didn't expected much from BCN but it's always nice to spot airlines we don't see in Geneva. The greatest interest I had for this trip was meeting new anetters and spend a while with them without being around an airport and visiting the city which is among my favourits in Europe. For that, Barcelona has always fulfilled my expectations. I have lots of good memories there, not as a spotter but as a musician when I used to tour Spain doing concerts, the people are great and enthusiasts. Also spending saturday night in a restaurant with aviation lovers was also one of the highlights of this trip.

I hope you enjoyed,
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RE: GVA-MAD-BCN Barcelona Anet Meeting

Sat Nov 18, 2006 7:46 am


Amazing trip report. I didn't think you were gonna write one. Well done! thanks for those great pictures

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RE: GVA-MAD-BCN Barcelona Anet Meeting

Sat Nov 18, 2006 7:55 am

Great report and beautifull pictures Alejandro!
Hope to meet you again in next meetings.
Byee Yirina
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RE: GVA-MAD-BCN Barcelona Anet Meeting

Sat Nov 18, 2006 8:15 am

A fantastic report, Alejandro, I've just seen all your videos, they are great!!! And you chose good and relaxing music for your inflight videos. And you can see some of the Spanish Landscape, with Trillo, the Tajo river....and so many airborne planes  Smile

Excellent pictures!!!!
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RE: GVA-MAD-BCN Barcelona Anet Meeting

Sat Nov 18, 2006 9:57 am


Amazing report!! Wow, what great pictures! I like the ones of the alps, the Lan A340, and the Madrid airport. That's an impressive terminal.

The videos are also really good!

Looking forward to more reports!

I love to fly!
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RE: GVA-MAD-BCN Barcelona Anet Meeting

Sat Nov 18, 2006 12:09 pm

gonna place another post about your trip report. I like the pictures fo far. They make me make go wanna go back to BCN.
Talk to you later...

They loved to fly and it showed..
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RE: GVA-MAD-BCN Barcelona Anet Meeting

Sat Nov 18, 2006 12:20 pm

Excellent Report!!! Seeing pictures of the Cathedral and the Ramblas brought back memories of one of my favorite trips to Spain . . . .  bigthumbsup 

Great photos, looks like everyone had a good time!
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RE: GVA-MAD-BCN Barcelona Anet Meeting

Sat Nov 18, 2006 2:43 pm

Another wonderful trip report. Enjoyed watching the videos. The pictures of BCN bring back memories when I was in BCN over a year ago.  biggrin   spin 
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RE: GVA-MAD-BCN Barcelona Anet Meeting

Sat Nov 18, 2006 7:17 pm

Thanks so much for the pics and videos Alejandro! Looking forward to see you again sometime soon..
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RE: GVA-MAD-BCN Barcelona Anet Meeting

Sun Nov 19, 2006 2:21 am

Nice report & photo's, many thanks.

Barcelona is a great city, one of my favorites, just so relaxing.

Where did you spot from, the beach?



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RE: GVA-MAD-BCN Barcelona Anet Meeting

Sun Nov 19, 2006 8:10 am

Buen trabajo!.

Very good report, great videos and excellent pictures. MAD's new terminals are indeed impressive, although the lack of experience by both Richard Rogers and Antonio Lamela in airport design can be seen in some details.

BCN's new south Terminal is also going to be huge and impressive.

Glad to see you had a great time in my country...I still regret not having attended this meet.
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RE: GVA-MAD-BCN Barcelona Anet Meeting

Sun Nov 19, 2006 8:43 am

Great report. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you had a nice time at the BCN meet.
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RE: GVA-MAD-BCN Barcelona Anet Meeting

Sun Nov 19, 2006 9:12 am

Rootsair, Yirina77, IberiaA319, 767747, DALelite, ANCflyer, Mexicana757, EHHO, BA319-131, IBERIA747, ZKSUJ: Thanks to all of you for your nice feedback, it's always rewarding to have such nice comments from you, I've almost forgot how that these TRs were so long to do!

Quoting RootsAir (Reply 1):
I didn't think you were gonna write one

Well, to be honest I didn't think to make a TR and I was looking for a TR from you. After looking at the pictures and videos I thought it would be worth to do a TR anyway. I'm glad people enjoyed.

Quoting BA319-131 (Reply 9):
Where did you spot from, the beach?

I don't know the exact name of the place but it's next to the short final for runway 25R. There's a (famous) tree over there.

Quoting IBERIA747 (Reply 10):
although the lack of experience by both Richard Rogers and Antonio Lamela in airport design can be seen in some details.

Really? I'm not architecture expert but like what details?

Quoting IBERIA747 (Reply 10):
I still regret not having attended this meet

I hope to see you in one of the european meet!
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RE: GVA-MAD-BCN Barcelona Anet Meeting

Sun Nov 19, 2006 1:16 pm

Great report Amigo!

I hope to be in MAD for two weeks in Spanish school.
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RE: GVA-MAD-BCN Barcelona Anet Meeting

Thu Nov 23, 2006 8:13 am

When i looked at your report the first time, i was at work, so i only had a look at the pictures. Now i had the time to go through your post again and have to say: i am impressed!!!
Great pictures and it seems that you guys had alot of fun!
To bad that Air Nostrum droped their flights from GVA - BCN for they have a superb service. I am stunned that you payed 12 Euros for a snack and a beverage on IB.
Next time you go to BCN , go to the mount blue. They have wonderful bars
and restaurants up there. And the view, especialy at night is georgous.

greetings from BSL: DALelite
They loved to fly and it showed..
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RE: GVA-MAD-BCN Barcelona Anet Meeting

Sat Nov 25, 2006 1:15 am

Quoting Tsaord (Reply 13):
I hope to be in MAD for two weeks in Spanish school.

Have fun in Madrid !

Quoting DALelite (Reply 14):

Thanks for your nice comment Markus, I hope you to meet you in one of these ZRH meet again.

Quoting DALelite (Reply 14):
Next time you go to BCN , go to the mount blue. They have wonderful bars and restaurants up there. And the view, especialy at night is georgous.

Thanks for the tip !

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RE: GVA-MAD-BCN Barcelona Anet Meeting

Sun Nov 26, 2006 6:51 am

Alphafloor, just by chance is that I was able to browse through your wonderful trip report.

Thank you for quite a few minutes of true enjoyment.

...You have so much sense and sensibility !!!

Best regards
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RE: GVA-MAD-BCN Barcelona Anet Meeting

Sun Nov 26, 2006 11:06 am

Fantastic guys look like you had a great time...

btw...any spotters in OKC?

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