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VIE-FRA-HEL-FRA-VIE W/pics (jumpseat)

Tue Mar 13, 2007 5:30 am

Hi everyone!

I'm glad to finally be with you after three years of reading the forums!
I'd like to start off my a.net career with something rather nice: My first trip report.

I'll kick it off with my city trip to Helsinki last summer.
I was lucky enough to meet the captain of the first leg on an Austrian aviation forum, so after some bureaucratic efforts, it was settled that I could enjoy the flight up front.

OS 0121
FL 340
106 PAX
A320-200 OE-LBN "Osttirol"
mfd 1997

Check-in was done at a self-check-in counter in Vienna's terminal 1, which predominantly serves the Star Alliance carriers.

After having a coke and an aspirine at the beautiful Panorama Café (highly recommended), we proceeded towards our gate, with the expected A320 waiting for us to board. Like usual, we were greeted by the Senior FA and the Captain himself. He recognized me from my passport image and showed me the way to the cockpit. (I believe I'd have managed it without his help as well, but it had more style that way.  Wink

Pretty tough to get good pictures in this kind of lighting conditions...

The FO was a young German who was actually working for LH and was about to return to Berlin to fly for DE. We had a nice chat about Vienna and Berlin while we had to wait for a missing pax. The Captain then decided to offload his bags in order to secure a punctual departure. So, the 107 pax in the loadsheet were wrong.

Upon taxi, the crew introduced me to my headset and my seat and welcomed the pax aboard. Pretty cool to witness the same old phrases (blablabla) from the other side as well...

A handsome fella from Renton:

We surprisingly had no typical rush-hour q in front of us, so we could perform a rolling takeoff on RWY 29, which is the most common runway before noon:

Passing the GA hangars:

Like always, a left turn was carried out to follow the SID that avoids overflying the city. After that, however, to the southwest of the city, we got on track pretty directly towards FRA:

Passing through 7,000:

Beautiful clouds along the river Danube, above the Bavarian/Upper Austrian border:

The crew was obviously having loads of fun, poking fun at certain collegues and ATC. Highly enjoyable, as was the relation between the Cabin and the Cockpit.
I was lucky enough to be presented the captain's C class breakfast (Omelette... mmh), even though I was on a Miles spending trip, booked in Y. What's better than enjoying something you haven't paid for in a place you love to be but usually can't???

Weather in FRA was less than friendly. I never knew rain could be that loud when it's pouring at the windscreen of a descending Airbus...

We passed to the south of the airport and city and approached the 07ers. We expected a 07R arrival, but fortunately we were given 07L which meant we wouldn't have to wait to cross one runway.

Our approach, showing a pretty nasty cell to the east of the airport:

Procedure turn:

On final, with some LH widebody just having rotated off 07L:

On shorter final, with an American Beauty waiting:


This is FRA, no doubt:

Hey there!

D-ABEE blocking our way into the gate:

After engine shut-down, I said goodbye to the crew as I unfortunately had a rather tight connection to HEL...(due to an ATC delay...)

LH 3102
FL 370
??? PAX
A319-100 D-AILW "Donaueschingen"
mfd 1998
Capt. Weingarten

This was to be my third flight (only!) on an A319. I was expecting nothing grand from LH, even though they are among my favorite airlines (I must admit, I don't know CX, SQ, TG or NH...).
The aircraft was equipped with the (then) new leather interior which I found to be very classy yet it was providing the sleeker look that LH desperately needs inside the cabins.

Sitting idle:

Taxiing out to RWY07L again:

Waiting for a 733 to land. Fortunately we were give TO clearance ahead of the 744, speeding things up a bit:


After a left turn we were flying overhead the city by the Main, already on our northeast-bound track:

After an eventless flight (FAs were friendly and quick, food was bland but sufficient, no airshow, no nothing) above a thick cloud layer (the route lead us over Germany, the East Sea and Sweden), we approached HEL on time.

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is Estonia:

A nice view of the Finnish capital:

I can't remember ever seeing anything that flat...  Wink

Touching down on 22L:

Taxiing to the gate:

So much for the journey TO Finland. More on helsinki itself can be found in my Helsinki picture thread on SkyScraperCity.com

The return trip will follow a little later, but ...fire away!
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RE: VIE-FRA-HEL-FRA-VIE W/pics (jumpseat)

Tue Mar 13, 2007 5:35 am

First off, welcome to ANET! Very nice report and pics. I hope to see many more reports in the future.
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RE: VIE-FRA-HEL-FRA-VIE W/pics (jumpseat)

Tue Mar 13, 2007 6:03 am

Wouldn't have minded some cabin pics / pics of the food from your Y flight...

Excellent selection of pics from the jumpseat though - stunning! Well done - great first report!
I do enjoy a spot of flying, especially when it's not in economy!
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RE: VIE-FRA-HEL-FRA-VIE W/pics (jumpseat)

Tue Mar 13, 2007 6:35 am

The return trip was a little less exciting, as it was to be operated by two LH 320s... Well, erm...better than nothing, I'd say.

Some impressions from HEL airport, pretty crappy windows, though...:

LH 3105
FL 360
121 PAX
A320-200 D-AIQT "Gotha"
mfd 2000
Capt. Steindorf
FO Iversen

In all its glory.

Incidentally, I found the whole crew waiting at the gate. I pulled up to the captain and asked him whether he could fill in my fact sheet and, of course, he agreed. We then talked about my interest in aviation and his job.

At the gate, waiting to be pushed:

Once again, we performed a rolling take off, this time on RWY15R:

A nordic sunset:

This time, our route took us over entirely different parts of the continent. We crossed the Bay of Botnia, coasted in over the Baltics and made our way across Poalnd and germany to FRA.
We were treated to excellent weather and lighting conditions and memorable sights outside the window that turned a standard LH flight into an experience.

Without words:

Due to very heavy rain over parts of Hessen, we circled through the highest cloud level for about 45 mins which caused us to worry about our connection to VIE. However, the FAs announced that there was absolutely no nedd to, since the weather (obviously) affected and delayed departures as well and most planes for connections had not yet arrived at FRA.

The shaky approach was quite challenging for us photogs...

Through the soup:

On final RWY25L, the city to our right:

The gorgeous Waldstadion:

De-celerating with another A320 on take-off:

Loads of planes behind us:

Deplaning via stairs, allowing us to take closer looks on certain Latin beauties:

Our flight to Vienna was indeed delayed for more than an hour, so there was no need to panic. FRA was quite a mess at that time, but one is used to that.

LH 3542
21.45-23.05 (etd/a, for atd/a add one hr.)
FL 310
120 PAX
A320-200 D-AIPF "Deggendorf"
mfd 1989
Capt. Keller
FO Brückner

After a flight onon of LH's youngest airbusses, it was funny to be on board of one of the 89er Busses this time. I honestly didn't notice any difference, LH knows how to keep their planes in shape.

I've only got two pictures to share from this flight.
Alongside a company A321 in FRA:

And at the gate in VIE, next to a KL F100, which, just like our A320, is staying in Vienna for the night:

All in all, LH has once again proven to me that it is a very reliable, friendly (yes, friendly), conveniant and enjoyable airline, the OS jumpseat was fan-tas-tic!
And no, I'm not lazy, but there was nothing more to report on. Standard European flights, always a pleasure, even without surprises.

Comment! Yay!
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RE: VIE-FRA-HEL-FRA-VIE W/pics (jumpseat)

Tue Mar 13, 2007 6:39 am

cabin pics / pics of the food from your Y flight...

I don't know why I didn't take any cabin pictures this time....

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RE: VIE-FRA-HEL-FRA-VIE W/pics (jumpseat)

Tue Mar 13, 2007 7:58 am

Great report and pictures!! I flew Austrian Airlines in '99 from JFK-VIE on an A340. What a great flight that was.

I love to fly!
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RE: VIE-FRA-HEL-FRA-VIE W/pics (jumpseat)

Wed Mar 14, 2007 3:35 am

Great report and a brilliant start on A.Net - welcome! I really enjoyed your pics, especially the ones taken from the jumpseat, offering a view that you usually don't get as an ordinary passenger.

I agree with your opinion about LH - despite offering nothing spectacular on European routes, I have always made positive experiences with LH.

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RE: VIE-FRA-HEL-FRA-VIE W/pics (jumpseat)

Wed Mar 14, 2007 3:38 am

First of all, welcome to A.net!

Great report! Especially the pics made upfront are tremendous! Thanks for sharing!!
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RE: VIE-FRA-HEL-FRA-VIE W/pics (jumpseat)

Wed Mar 14, 2007 5:57 am

Nice report and WELCOME !!!

How lucky were you to blag your way into the cockpit. You lucky son of a......

Really enjoyed the report and nice photos of the 'office'

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RE: VIE-FRA-HEL-FRA-VIE W/pics (jumpseat)

Fri Mar 16, 2007 2:19 am

Great pics...like everyone else, I really love the pics from the jumpseat...welcome to a.net! Big grin
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RE: VIE-FRA-HEL-FRA-VIE W/pics (jumpseat)

Mon Mar 19, 2007 10:51 am

Cool jumpseat pics, lucky you!  Smile
And thank you for the link to the Helsinki pictures, my home city looks cool through your camera! ...made me missing the summer, so grey & wet now...
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RE: VIE-FRA-HEL-FRA-VIE W/pics (jumpseat)

Tue Mar 20, 2007 2:05 am

Great report, loved the jumpseat photos!! - Very luck indeed!!

Perhaps a little more inflight details on the cabin next time, ie meals etc.


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RE: VIE-FRA-HEL-FRA-VIE W/pics (jumpseat)

Wed Mar 21, 2007 9:39 am

Welcome to a.net!

Excellent TR for a first try. The approach shots bring back memories (let alone your city-report), as i frequently travel to HEL myself How did you like the city? I absolutely love it, along with the finnish people. Also, your english is impeccable if i may add.

Quoting DavidkunzVIE (Thread starter):

I can't remember ever seeing anything that flat..

Edit: Nice hottie you photographed there in front of the kamppi mall  Wink

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RE: VIE-FRA-HEL-FRA-VIE W/pics (jumpseat)

Fri Mar 28, 2008 12:07 am

I jsut noticed I referred to the Baltic Sea as the "East Sea"... Germanism, sorry. Pretty embarassing.
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RE: VIE-FRA-HEL-FRA-VIE W/pics (jumpseat)

Sat Mar 29, 2008 5:24 pm

Quoting DavidkunzVIE (Reply 13):

And it took you 1year to realize that??

However a really good TR

The pics are really good.

Would love to sit one day in the jumpseat.

Thank you for sharing

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