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Fly The Avrojet To Linz

Wed Apr 04, 2007 6:05 am

Fly the Avrojet to Linz

Hello, dear readers,
another pictured story from last weekend at Linz/Austria, enjoy!.

The easter school vacation time starts last saturday, time to go for a father/son trip I´ve promised
my son earlier this year. Lufthansa offers acceptable fares to Linz, so lets go!.

Saturday, 31.03.2007
FRA (Frankfurt-Rhein/Main) - LNZ (Linz-Blue-Danube-airport)
LH 3524 operated by Cityline Avro RJ 85 D-AVRK
Scheduled: 13.20 // 14.25
Actual: 13.30 // 14.25
Gate: B12 Seat: 15 E/F
Load factor: around 50 %
Fare: EUR 55,04 per pax/per leg
History: Delivered to LH Cityline: 21.03.1996

My second flight on the RJ85 and the first on this machine.

Part of the "adventure" this weekend was to go from FRA, a first time for my son.
We parked the car at the park and ride car park Stuttgart-Albstrasse, travelled by Deutsche Bahn´s
highspeed train ICE from Stuttgart main train station directly to FRA airport station.
Arrival there at around 10.30 am.
170.000 pax expected at FRA today, not bad for spotting some interesting planes there.
There are special check in desks at FRA´s long distance train station, usually a fast way.
We used the quick check in machine, selected our seats there, but it was only one desk for all
business open, a queue there, we had to wait for around 20 minutes till another agent arrived and
send our bags quickly to LNZ.
Btw., around 45 minutes to wait for check in, in the main hall today.
Another 15 minutes in the gate area B for security and finally at our gate at around 11.30 am.
Spotting time there goes by really quick.

Nice view from Terminal 1 area B, train to T2 included:

Heavy area T1:

More heavies at T1:

We´re called for bus boarding at 1 pm, quick boarding doesn´t work today, and had to wait in the bus for another ten minutes
till the last pax arrived.
The free airport tour follows, the LH regional planes are usually parked in front off the LH cargo area, near the entrance to runway 18 west,
that means a ride down along the whole T1 and cargo apron action, really not bad.

How to board the Avrojet:

A friendly welcome on board, two female FA´s. A low load, free seats where you want.
The captain, Werner Riedel, welcomed us also and announced a quick engine start up and departure from runway 18.
No time to wait there and airborne at around 1.30 pm.
Route: FRA-Augsburg/Landshut/LNZ. Flight level 27.000 ft.
Bright grey leather seats, cabin was ok.
Service: Free chocolates and coffee/beverages.
Clouds during the flight, nothing for interesting pix.
Ontime arrival on runway 09 LNZ, sure not the same situation like in FRA, we´re the one and only plane on the apron.
Ryanairlike deboarding, we had to walk to the terminal building, ok for some more pix.

Deboarding at LNZ:

Bye-Bye, D-AVRK:

No time to wait for the bags.
I´ve rented a car by Holidayautos, Rental company Buchbinder, 36.-- EUR all inclusive, so I thought for one day, significant cheaper than all the other companies.
At return I was forced to pay a out of hour sunday charge, 45.-- EUROS, bad style, send a note to holiday autos and will wait for the answer.
Accomodation was the "Das Schloss an der Eisenstrasse" in Waidhofen, around one hour from the airport.
Stylish, wellness and spa area, indoor pool, not bad.
Some pix:

Das Schloss an der Eisenstrasse:

Austrian architecture:

If you ever read Umberto Eco's novel, "The name of the rose", now you know where Adson come´s from, Melk:

The door to Melk:

Melk again, fascinating:

Sunday, 01.04.2007
LNZ (Linz-Blue-Danube-Airport) - FRA (Frankfurt-Rhein/Main)
LH 3525 operated by Cityline Avro RJ85 D-AVRK
Scheduled: 15.05 // 16.15
Actual: 15.10 // 16.10
Gate: 2 Seat: 16 E/F
Load factor: Around 50 %

Flight no. 3 on the RJ85 and the second on this machine.

Back at the airport at around 2 pm, early enough for LNZ i´am noticed later.
Two desks open, no pax at all.
A not to friedly guy send our bags to FRA, same situation at security,
no time to wait.
LNZ is IMO a Ryanair style airport, some shops, some travel agencies, thats it.
No departure between our arrival and our flight, no other plane at the apron.
But free internet, so time goes by quick.

Avro arrival from FRA:

Exciting, which plane will arrive:

D-AVRK again:

Our machine from FRA arrived ontime, I was really not amused when I noticed that LH
and its partners operate 38 BAE/Avros but nevertheless send the same aircraft like yesterday for this service.
Boarding at around 3 pm, we had to walk to the plane, parked directly in front of the gate.

Short ahead to boarding:

I remember, said goodbye to D-AVRK yesterday:

Again a friendly welcome from the two female FA´s.
Captain Thomas Bassauer welcomed us also and explained that his FO, Jahn, will fly us to FRA.
Service: Some chocolate easter rabbits today and free beverages, coffee/tea, ok so far.
Approach to FRA was interesting and bumpy, with some heavy clouds in the area.
We passed the airport along the runways, five minutes towards the landing direction, lined in the queue
and landed on 07L.
Never mentioned such a short arrival, touch down, heavy brakes and vacated 07L only some meters from our
parking position, now I know more about the short runway needs of the Avro jet.
Again the whole interesting apron tour back to T1.
What do you think about the rate of FRA connecting passengers on this service?.
Final destination FRA for me and my son only, that means we had a whole baggage belt for our two bags,
all the others on connections.
Back home with the ICE after an interesting hour at the famous McD with the panoramic view at T2.

So, a great adventure for my son, a new airport for my log, two flights on the Avro, which is not that much covered in my log.
An interesting area there around Linz and also a interesting hotel.
All together a nice weekend.

Comments welcome,
Markus (FLIEGER67)
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RE: Fly The Avrojet To Linz

Wed Apr 04, 2007 9:01 am

Another cool report Mark. Glad you and your son enjoyed the trip. Nice photos also.

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RE: Fly The Avrojet To Linz

Wed Apr 04, 2007 3:43 pm

Thanks Markus, another good report and decentselection of pictures  Smile

Quoting FLIEGER67 (Thread starter):
Avro RJ 85

- I'm missing the entire Avro RJ famaily, ir 70, 85 & 100 - I need to do something about that!!

Shame you had the same plane back, real bummer that.


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RE: Fly The Avrojet To Linz

Wed Apr 04, 2007 4:42 pm

Markus, nice one!
Indeed the Avroliner is for some reason an aircraft you won't fly often...
I remember a couple of Avro flights I had on Swiss and one on Cityjet of Air France, and twice BUZZ ex FRA (actually an older BAe146s). But I like those 4-holers  Smile When there are no clouds, the views down to earth are perfect, because the wings are not blocking the view.

When can I expect your next writing here?  Wink

"The whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going"
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RE: Fly The Avrojet To Linz

Thu Apr 05, 2007 2:49 am

Hi Markus!

Another nice report also covering the 'homeground' FRA.
Flying the Avro's is great fun, had the luck only once from AMS to FRA, to go for holiday in PMI.
I remember it being a very smooth ride!

As usual great pics!

Thanks for sharing!
flown: F50,F70,CR1,CR2,CR9,E75,143,AR8,AR1,733,735,736,73G,738,753,763,744,77W,788,319,320,321,333,AB6.
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RE: Fly The Avrojet To Linz

Thu Apr 05, 2007 3:20 am

Hi Markus,

again a very interesting report about your short trip to Austria and some nice pics as well, with LNZ including a quite rare airport.

Quoting FLIEGER67 (Thread starter):
LH and its partners operate 38 BAE/Avros but nevertheless send the same aircraft like yesterday for this service

This was really bad luck. However, LH's Avro fleet is spread all around Germany; lots of the Avros are based at MUC, some others at DUS, STR, HAM, etc. so the number of Avros based at FRA at the same time might be quite limited.

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RE: Fly The Avrojet To Linz

Thu Apr 05, 2007 7:50 pm

Hello Markus

Really interesting trip report of a place we don't see much on a.net. Linz looks nice too! What a shame the airport is so empty  Wink

Lufthansa seems to be good as usual, especially for the not too bad fare.

Best regards + thanks for the report
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RE: Fly The Avrojet To Linz

Sat Apr 07, 2007 12:00 am

Hello and thanx to all for your replys.

OA 260: We enjoyed it real much!.

Mark: I hope to count more AVRO´s to my log, and especially other reg´s, soon.

Eric: There are more BAE´s than AVRO's in my log till now. I agree the views are real good.
I will go to Faro this sunday and return via Madrid and Duesseldorf, later next week, if nothing goes wrong!.

Joost: FRA is always a good place for spotting some interesting planes!.

Christoph: IMO thats the true explanation, there was only one Cityline AVRO on the apron when we leave FRA and
also the same situation when we arrived.

Thomas: Yes, not that much action at Linz and no problem with Lufthansa, till now.

Best regards,
Markus (FLIEGER67)
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RE: Fly The Avrojet To Linz

Sat Apr 07, 2007 12:14 am

Nice report. I have yet to go to Austria. Looks like you didnt go to spain this time(LOL). Great as always mark!

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RE: Fly The Avrojet To Linz

Sat Apr 07, 2007 12:27 am

Thanks for posting an interesting report again- wow, your trip report output rate is becoming amazing!

Offering a rental car for 36EUR and then collecting 45EUR sunday fee is kind of cheeky, well, they're Austrians...

Regards, Alex.
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RE: Fly The Avrojet To Linz

Sat Apr 07, 2007 9:43 pm


Gage: Thanx for your reply. Wish you a nice time in Austria.

Alex: Thanx also for your reply. Nothing further booked for April, hope to do something in May.
I was really not amused about that show last sunday at the Buchbinder office.
Tell you more when Holidayautos will answer to my letter.

Best regards,
Markus (FLIEGER67)
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RE: Fly The Avrojet To Linz

Tue Apr 10, 2007 11:38 pm

Nice report Markus! I was happy to see this, because I just happened to book the same flight for myself next month!

I will fly the early flight LNZ-FRA (06:05). I think you are right that this flight is mostly for connecting passengers. I myself will connect on to Düsseldorf, and fly the direct OS service back.

What was the load like on the return flight LNZ-FRA?
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RE: Fly The Avrojet To Linz

Wed Apr 11, 2007 4:24 am

Hey Flieger,
nice Report I flew this route around 100 times in the last years.
The Cpts name on your first flight is Riendel  Wink , there is also a Riedel with us but on the CRJ!

regards SQ325
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RE: Fly The Avrojet To Linz

Sat Apr 14, 2007 4:12 am

Hello, straight back from FAO-MAD-DUS and thanx for your replys.

Greg: Load on both flights was not more than 50%, but the inbound FRA-LNZ on Sunday seems rather full, acording to the number of pax I saw walked over the apron. Have a nice trip next month!.

SQ325: Thanx for the advice so far, I know someone named "Riedel", sounds pretty familiar to me.

Quoting SQ325 (Reply 12):
nice Report I flew this route around 100 times in the last years.

Not that new route for your log like to mine!.

Best regards,
Markus (FLIEGER67)

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