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QF 078, SIN - PER Return + Pictures(few)

Sat May 05, 2007 8:30 pm

Airbus 330-300
QF 78
Seat 55F changed to 54A but then asked to change to 55D
Boarding Time: 1845
Departure Time: 1925
Actual D.T.: Don’t know
Arrival Time: 0130 (DST I think)
Actual A.T.: AFAIK A few minutes late
Date: 17/02/07 ( A little late but had my exams going on)

This time it was another school trip, but this time I was going to Perth on Leeuwin II. For those of you who don’t know, it is a ship made for youth development in Australia. In my school you have to do one activity which takes you out of your comfort zone. For this I chose Leeuwin II. I was the last one to get accepted because the whole grade wanted this activity.

It started of in the afternoon, with my parents driving me to school. We arrived a little late. As soon as I arrived I checked in with the school, that I am present for the bus. We left a little late then the scheduled time and headed towards Changi Terminal 1 on the bus. The bus ride was quite long, but I chatted with a few other people on a challenge.

We finally arrived and waited for other people who were meeting us at the airport to come as well. When they all did, we were given our passports and told us that seats have been assigned, and no switching is allowed due to some people having special meals. For some reason my passport was with someone else, who I still don’t know. She was holding my passport but clearly wasn’t from Qantas.

We were given our passports and we proceeded to the check-in area. My baggage was only 15kg. We got our boarding passes and proceeded through to the departure hall. We had a hour to kill so we went to McDonalds and passed time there. Here are some pictures taken from there. Not a clear view

Straight after McDonalds, I proceeded to the gate area. If anyone has read my SINADL report also with QF they would know that I lost my boarding pass only to find it in the dustbin, so this time I was VERY careful with it.

We all sat down and were told once again no switching seats. Soon our boarding call came and we proceeded to our seats. I was stuck with my two teachers and another student who had the same last name as me. It was sorted out alphabetically as I realized a few seconds later. I was sitting in the middle seat. I did have an Indian Vegetarian meal ordered but I had to move from the middle seat to an aisle so a group of three could sit together. They also had the same meal as me so they said it wouldn’t make a difference. I didn’t comment after that.

Here is a picture of the leg space

Take-off was fairly smooth, and straight after lift-off everyone turned on their IFE. The first thing the whole group including the teachers did was to watch Borat. In Singapore it was rated R21, so no one could watch it, but it was on Qantas as PG-15. Sadly the IFE was still buggy after my first trip on QF. It was real annoying but everyone had to do with it. The girl sitting next to me, her IFE crashed and she asked me to get the flight attendant. I told her if I see one coming by I will ask her but don’t on the buzzer. She agreed but wasn’t happy. Soon after she came and the announcement came that many were suffering the same problem and that the whole system was to be reset.

While watching Borat, my meal came. The people sitting next to me asked where was their meal, but they said they didn’t have it on board. The difference was that my school ordered theirs and I ordered mine. Here is my meal:
Thats some lentils, rice and lady finger
Thats some more indian delicacies (Pakoda)
There is the bread

Another great meal, though it was better while watching Borat. I finished my meal even before the groups came as we were sitting in the last rows. The Flight Attendants managed to skip our row for some reason, so not only my row didn’t receive the meals but they didn’t get anything to drink. I don’t think they realized it as they were engrossed in the movie. Soon after I called the Flight Attendant for a drink, and with that everyone asked where their meal and drinks were. She said that the meals were not onboard but if they wanted something from the bakery they may do so. They all took the bread and chocolate which was offered.

After Borat I started another movie, and right before finishing we started descent. We landed smoothly and proceeded through the immigration. As everyone probably knows that the customs in Australia are very strict, and I did write I was carrying medicine. My teacher told me to say no, but tell the custom officer. I followed her instructions. It took quite some time for the immigration and customs to be done.

As soon as customs was over we went to the arrivals area where out bus driver was waiting. He was very cheerful, and we went to a flying club.

There our amazing trip started

I will post the return on the same thread but at a later time.

Now some comparisons between SQ, SIN - DEL

The IFE was miles better
The screen quality was much better
The staff were good, although I think could’ve been better. Maybe the idea of having a large school group put them off
The meals were excellent, while the one on SQ seemed inedible
The leg space I thought was a lot even with the box disturbing me

After this trip I have been put off with SQ.

Here are some pics from Leeuwin:
What a great ship
Just minutes later I would be back on the bus for the airport
AHHHH!!! We are all gonna die, with me operating the ship

Thats it, as I said earlier the return will also be on this thread

For the Adelaide trip report - Click Here
For the SQ trip report - Click Here

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RE: QF 078, SIN - PER Return + Pictures(few)

Sat May 05, 2007 9:16 pm

Wonderful 'school' trip report! I wish I could have done something like that 10 years ago.  tongue 
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RE: QF 078, SIN - PER Return + Pictures(few)

Sun May 06, 2007 10:04 am

Great TR, makes me want to choose QF for my next trip to AKL.

What school do you go to?
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RE: QF 078, SIN - PER Return + Pictures(few)

Sun May 06, 2007 1:04 pm

Quoting Ag92 (Thread starter):
Soon after she came and the announcement came that many were suffering the same problem and that the whole system was to be reset.

I experienced the same problems on my QF A330 flight to Perth. It was so bad that after a while, a PA annnouncement was made that they had given up trying to reset. That was almost 2 years ago and it looks like the airline is still suffering the same problems.
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RE: QF 078, SIN - PER Return + Pictures(few)

Sun May 06, 2007 8:47 pm

Quoting Ryanair!!! (Reply 3):
I experienced the same problems on my QF A330 flight to Perth. It was so bad that after a while, a PA annnouncement was made that they had given up trying to reset. That was almost 2 years ago and it looks like the airline is still suffering the same problems.

The problem here is pretty simple!

Airlines such as QF, LH, NZ etc. all use the same rockwell collins AVOD system. Rockwell Collins is pretty new in this market but in only 4 years they managed to develop a great AVOD programm. LH was the first airline to introduce it in their new C class product and the initial faults where enourmous. Half of the actual system was no operational and requiered huge work. This was because the system is based on Windows 2000 and just in general had initial programm flaws. Thanks to the great work of LH technik, LH in under years managed to get 4 service packs out including the first rockwell collins one. The 5th and last patch came out late 2005 and made all systems in the AVOD operational such as the game's etc. The restart rate in dropped by 98% and the Rockwell Collins AVOD system is now one of the most reliable in the world.

The Problem with QF is the same, they could resolve it but this would cost much more to get the LH service packs for their planes. LH technik gave this service pack to all Star Alliance airlines such as NZ that where using the same AVOD system for a minimal price.

But because QF is not in Star Alliance their price would be much larger for this and so they have to rely on their technical devision that still has little knowlegde with this AVOD system and on Rockwell Collins developement team.

So you can expect some more time for their flawless software version to be used on their planes.

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RE: QF 078, SIN - PER Return + Pictures(few)

Mon May 07, 2007 1:07 am

Quoting Ag92 (Thread starter):
This time it was another school trip, but this time I was going to Perth on Leeuwin II.

I was on a Leeuwin trip in October, 2006. It had just gotten refurbished. Great trip! Nothing like those 20 second showers, huh  Wink

Great trip report.

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RE: QF 078, SIN - PER Return + Pictures(few)

Wed May 09, 2007 5:49 pm

Quoting 9MMAR (Reply 1):
I wish I could have done something like that 10 years ago

You still can do it, there are eco-voyages for adults. It really is a great trip and an unforgettable experience

Quoting CXfirst (Reply 5):
Nothing like those 20 second showers, huh

Those were great, just go in and out. Did you climb the mast???

Due to my busy week I will post return on the weekend


Hopefully you enjoyed it
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RE: QF 078, SIN - PER Return + Pictures(few)

Thu May 10, 2007 9:21 pm

Nice trip report! Loved the pics

Quoting Qantas744ER (Reply 4):
So you can expect some more time for their flawless software version to be used on their planes.

Interesting facts there. I heard Qantas is choosing Panasonic for its A380 and 787s over the Rockwell Collins system
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RE: QF 078, SIN - PER Return + Pictures(few)

Sat May 12, 2007 9:23 pm

Here goes the return flight. I didn’t take many photos, don’t know why.

Our bus driver took us from the dock of Freemantle back to the airport. The same one who picked us up at 2am when we came. We talked along the bus journey remembering the sites which we saw going to the flying club. When we arrived we got off and started to take off our bags. No one else was helping the driver so I took the initiative and started to help him get all the bags out.

We made our way to the checkin and started to line up. I was maybe 10th of the 40 or so people flying today in our group. They asked us to check in one by one, and we did what they wanted. My turn came and one thing I really enjoy about Australia is how gentle and caring the people are. I asked the check-in lady if I can get a window seat but she told me the seats were assigned, my biggest fear. The convo went like this:
Me: Is there a window seat available
Her: Sorry hon (short form of honey), the seats are assigned by your school
Me: Ok, no problems
Her: You can try and switch onboard, but just make sure you tell the cabin crew that you have switched as your special meal is onboard. Sorry once again
Me: Probably wont switch but thanks anyways

We were told that once check-in was complete proceed upstairs. We went upstairs and I waited for like 10 minutes before a teacher came and double checked that everyone is here at the airport. She said to hold on to your boarding passes and passports as you can get discount once inside. My group of friends started walking only to find out that the immigration is after duty free? We were a little confused so the teachers said just to shop here.

I bought the things I grew in love with, when I came to Australia first on a cricket tour in November. FREDDOS!!! We all went inside a bookshop and bought like 10 freddos each, and I still have two today. Not trying to eat them so fast, don’t know when I am going to Australia next. I then went and ate and the two restaurants. The first was a café so I just took a drink and a cake, and the second one was a fast food area, where I ate potato wedges. That costed A LOT. Australia is one expensive country. When I asked for some chili sauce she said it would cost me 20 cents. I really don’t like spending money so I declined. Throughout this time she was also calling me hon, like the one at the check-in. I started to eat, while looking at a magazine which was talking about graphics card.

Finally at the specific time we met and we proceeded through immigration. No one had any problems there and we then proceeded through to security. One of our group members was taken to the side and started some search after looking at his name. Probably some extra security. My bag had to go through the scanner twice, as I had a deodorant bottle inside.

We stopped maybe a few meters from the security to wait for the rest of the group but was told by the security to move upstairs, and I will notify your teachers. We moved upstairs and then waited for the teachers to arrive. We were told the boarding time, (some people cant be bothered to read the boarding passes) and were told to be there at that time, as the aircraft dosent wait for you.

I didn’t do anything because after that small meal I was 20 dollars short. I went straight to the gate and started what seemed like the longest wait in the life. This was the first time I had an opportunity to take out my camera and start clicking. Once again they were not really clear but here are some ideas to what it was like:
Thats the aircraft that will take me back home
Singapore airlines just having arrived from Singapore

I waited and waited and finally boarding was called for my row. It was also told that those who were not supposed to board would have to wait and if you tried you would be sent back, and also have your boarding pass ready because if you don’t then you will be sent back.

QF 71
Date: 24 February
Seat: 54F (changed to 54G)
Boarding Time: 1530
Gate: G01
Seq NBR: 54 (Does that mean I was the 54th person to check-in for the flight?)
Class: Economy (The best way to travel)
Departure Time: 1630
Arrival Time: 2045

I took a seat and immediately we made the same swap as we did on the outgoing sector, only I was in G rather then D. Sadly the people behind me were all the annoying people who speak louder than the volume maxed out of my PDA. Luckily I had some noise canceling headsets, but still they couldn’t block that amount of noise. At least I had a trip more comfortable then the rest. We all took a seat with the teachers constantly asking them to shut up.
Here is the amount of legspace

We took off, and immediately the IFE started, and also the teacher swapped with the D student as his was not working, so she had a seat without IFE I suppose. The problem only grew worse over time, as not only the person infront was a fearful flyer but the people behind me were kicking my seat as I was an Indian. That was very clear as they always annoy all the Indians, and I also asked her to stop but she said I was an Indian so I wont. As the person infront was a fearful flyer she reclined her seat immediately and being on the bigger side made me uncomfortable, so I reclined my seat as far as it would go to annoy her. She really did get annoyed as she started to kick harder. Soon the kicks faded away and I started to recline and go back every 10 minutes or so, and also during meal service I never bought my seat back up which I generally do.

My IFE seem to reset itself a lot, so I asked one of the flight attendant to reset it. He said that if my one was reset so would be the person sitting next to me, she didn’t say anything. She didn’t mind at all. She was the same person who’s IFE was going like mine on the outbound flight. Once he came back everything started to work normally.

I started to watch Borat again, as it was too funny. Then my meal service came, and for some reason Qantas cant cater an Indian Vegetarian meal from Perth that day so they had to give me a Jain Meal. Here are photos of the meal

When I started clicking one of the flight attendants came and gave me some jelly beans. I was quite confused when he came back and said thanks for advertising our meals. I told him the reason for this (YOU), and so later he came back with another pack and said I will try and bribe you. After that we constantly chatted.

I have to say he was a great flight attendant, a very down to earth type of guy. He was talking a lot and was really enjoying his flight. He was chatting with everyone, tried to cheer up the person infront of me and many other things as well. This was in contrast to the rest who seemed to be tired of their jobs. They were just walking around and when I asked for drinks they never came. When I asked the male who gave me the sweets he always came.

After the meals some turbulence came in, where the person infront really got scared. I told her to calm down, and later the flight attendant who was enjoying his job also told her not to worry. He then came to me and said sorry about the turbulence. I told him no worries as this wasn’t in your control. I can only talk about the things which are in your control, not natures.

I later started to watch a Hindi movie, when the time of descent came. Once again this time the landing was a little interesting as the plane was going up and down and vice versa, while the engines were going full power to low power and vice versa. This was happening for a good 10-20 minutes and the Koreans started to cry that we were all going to die I told them to chill and just sit down otherwise you WILL die. They all actually listened to me. Anyways even during those 20 minutes I was wondering what was going on and whether this would be my first ever go-around  Smile .

Nah it was not to be and we safely landed and taxied to the gate. The person who had to go through extra security was a in a deep sleep and while de-boarding no one told him to wake up. He finally came 20 minutes later at the baggage claim asking why no one woke hum up. It was hilarious.

Immigration in Singapore is a 30 second affair most of the times and again it was a even shorter affair.

The time spent at the baggage claim wasn’t long, so I quickly got my bags, and went to my parents.

Overall the flight was excellent only because of the great flight attendant. Without him I would have certainly thought this flight to be hell. SQ really needs people like him, but even then they probably wouldn’t as he isn’t a robot.

The meal was a little annoying being served VEGEMITE. Don’t they know that no-one likes vegemite AFAIK.

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RE: QF 078, SIN - PER Return + Pictures(few)

Tue May 22, 2007 8:25 pm

Quoting Ag92 (Reply 6):
Did you climb the mast???



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