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DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Fri May 18, 2007 7:03 pm

I think this report is going to be quite lengthy, so I hope you have a good broadband service. Pour yourself a wee dram of whisky and take in a Scottish trip report.

This one started off back in February when I got a call from my parents asking if I could be their "tour guide" on a trip to Scotland in May. I happily agreed, of course, and they even paid my way, asking me to take care of the flight details and they would handle the rest. What a deal! I have been to Scotland on about four occasions, and could not love the place more, but my parents hadn't yet made it there, though they are very seasoned travellers.

I work for American Eagle, so that's my honest disclosure before getting into a trip report and an appraisal of the service of Delta Air Lines. I did all I could to persuade my folks to book on AA, on which they have Gold status anyway, to fly to London on the 777 and connect to BA. When I told them that Delta had a flight to EDI from ATL, they wanted to do that. So then I thought I would do a price comparison for them, as I get an employee discount on purchased tickets for myself and my parents on AA--hoping AA/BA would be cheaper. Delta's flight was cheaper than AA, even considering my discount! They were flying from SHV and I was flying from DFW. I forgot who got what fare, but booking 90 days in advance for an early May trip to EDI, the fares were $600ish and $800ish. I don't remember if the SHV or the DFW was cheaper though. I also told them not to waste their money on a ticket for me, that I could fly standby, and they went ahead and got me a ticket anyway. They really hooked me up!

Moving along. My parents had not bought a ticket on Delta in 7 years because of a really horrible customer service fiasco DL/AF caused us when the whole family was on a VCE-CDG-ATL connection through Paris in 2000. They could have handled the situation professionally, but did not, and so my folks decided to start flying AA, and that was about the time I started working for AA, so they have stayed with them. My dad was apprehensive toward trusting DL again but mom wanted the easy connection, so we went with that.

Here is my itinerary:
May 6th DL 1078 DFW-ATL 11:00am - 2:01pm 737-800
May 6th DL 96 ATL-EDI 8:05pm-9:05am 767-300

May 14th DL 97 EDI-ATL 1:15pm-5:15pm 767-300
May 14th DL 1753 ATL-DFW 9:30pm-10:41pm 737-800

Nearly to the report proper, but let me set up one more thing. I was really looking forward to this trip. We were leaving on a Sunday and I was working every day through Saturday night, where I got off work at 1:30am Sunday morning. On Thursday of that week DFW had another round of really horrible thunderstorms, and my apartment had so many power surges that my security system got all screwed up when the power finally was restored early Friday morning. The security system went off periodically through the night, and I actually HAD to wear my brand new Bose QC2 headphones to combat the noise! I had received them the previous day! When I was leaving my apartment for the day on Friday, and I opened my door, the alarm system sounded, even though it hadn't been set, and I was unable to shut it off. I decided that if it was still broken when I got home that night I would stay at a hotel.

It was still broken, so I had done some advance research to see if it had rooms, and decided to spend Friday and Saturday nights, leading up to my trip, at the new DFW Grand Hyatt, built into DFW Terminal D! I went home, grabbed my luggage for the trip, plus a bag for the two nights I would stay at the Hyatt, and went to the hotel, unannounced, arriving there at like 2:00am Saturday morning, asking if they had a room. I just checked in for one night at the time. A really nice guy set me up, giving me a good rate for the room, considering the time I was showing up. He set me up in a king room on the second floor, which offered a horrible view of the terminal roof and no view of the ramp/runways. I called from the room and asked if he had anything higher up with a good view. He mentioned something about looking for king beds and so I told him that for me, the view is more important than the bedroom configuration. He said in that case, he can offer me an Executive room on the top floor, with a fantastic view of the runways! I went downstairs to collect my key and really thanked him.

When I got to the room it was just what I had hoped for, and the room, featuring 2 queen beds and a 9 or 10 foot ceiling, plus marble bath, etc. I was living it up, and extended my reservation for Saturday night.

Here's the view of some AA action from my room:


This hotel is perfect for airplane spotters, and that's why I'm writing so much about it here. The hotel is built into the terminal such that your elevator to your room is right by the TSA checkpoint and you can see some of the airline ticket counters. The roof is somewhat accessible, as it is where the fitness center and pool are. The treadmills and bikes are set up facing windows that look at the DFW terminals! The pool is on the roof where you can sort of look down at the terminals as well.

The Grand Hyatt also has a program where you can enter the terminal one time per day to go "shopping." I had heard about this, so I decided to try it on Saturday, before I went to work. I told them at the concierge desk that I wanted to go shopping in the terminal, and they said that would be no problem. They had to phone DPS (police) and the police would escort me in. After about a 10 minute wait, 2 DPS officers showed up, and one was training the other on how this works. They got my driver's license and also matched my name with my reservation at the hotel. Then they filled out a long form, and handed it to me. I had to go to the checkpoint at the bottom of the elevator, and only that one, and handed it to the TSA agent as I approached the Xray. They do special screening on everyone who does this. So I got to get in the wind machine! He was very professional about it and told me that I have access to all terminals via the Skylink. If nothing else, it was certainly interesting seeing how they do this. I did end up buying a couple extra voltage converter/adapters at Brookstone, which ended up being lucky, because my folks forgot theirs.


Here's a view of the layout. The escalator going up takes you to the lobby of the hotel. Behind the frosted glass is the exit from customs. To the left is the TSA checkpoint. Right of the escalator is the elevator to the rooms. It's quite convenient.


Sunday the 6th. I never really slept much that night. I left my curtains wide open, and from the bed nearest the window, I could, with my head on my pillow, look down runways 18R and 18L! So I spent the morning plane-watching from my bed at the Grand Hyatt!

The day started off with a great omen of good plane-spotting as I watched this from my window.


This was a North American 767 arriving with troops coming home from Iraq/Middle East. I actually saw this happen the same time the day before from my room, only with an ATA L1011.

Finally it was time for me to get moving, so I checked out. I got a cup of coffee from the coffee bar (very beautiful area--nice bar and restaurant). The only flaw with this hotel is that you have to fly AA, LH, BA, MX, KE or any other Terminal D airline if you want to just take the elevator to your check-in. I was on Delta, so I asked what was the best way to get there, and they said take the Terminal Link bus. I was wondering if the Hyatt would drive me, but they don't.


Here I am waiting for the Terminal Link bus beneath the Terminal D complex.

I got to the Delta check-in, which was very crowded. It was about 9:30am and my flight was at 11:00am. I had read on the internet that Delta allows international check-in from their kiosks, and so I gave that a try. It was surprisingly easy. I had to open up my passport a certain way so that the kiosk could read some info, and I slip the passport through the kiosk. Then my boarding passes printed, and I checked my bag--which weighed 47 pounds! I had 2 sport coats and an overcoat stuffed in there. Usually I travel with just a carry-on.

TSA wasn't too bad, and I made it through in like 5-10 minutes. I had all my camera gear, but that didn't slow anything down. I have a Priority Pass membership, which grants me access to Crown Rooms among other clubs, so I went to the Delta Crown room. I knew it was at gate 10, which is really a Continental gate, and my flight was at gate 14, so it was quite a walk from the gate to the Crown Room and v.v. The agents there were friendly, and commented on how busy they were this morning. I asked them to check on my parent's ASA flight out of SHV and they said the airplane to SHV had just blocked out of the gate on time, so it looked OK.

While sitting in the lounge, watching what was going on at Terminals C and E, I got my second unusual airplane spot of the day. The twice-per-week Continental Express CRJ taxied in!


It was arriving from IAH and parked next to an Embraer that was going to CLE. When taking off in my DL 737, we were parallel to the CRJ while holding short for 17R.

At 10:30, I went to the Delta gate to board my flight to ATL. I hadn't been to ATL in years, so I was excited about that. I also like to fly other carriers, to see how they all compare, so I was looking forward to this. Delta didn't have any new signage at the gate, since they had just announced their "New Delta" on Monday six days previous. They did have a very professional automated gate announcement system announcing boarding and all the complicated zones of boarding. At first I didn't know if I liked it, but have since decided that this has a very professional feel about it. My seat was 22F, a right hand window seat, and the flight was nearly full, so I had heard.

When I boarded, I snapped these shots quickly.


Here's a quick view of the interior of Delta's 737-800.


Here's the view out the window.

The Details:

DL 1078
N389DA "Wavy Gravy" or my favorite "Aeroflot" paint job.
11:00am - 2:10pm On-time

Just before they shut the door a Delta captain who was hitching a ride to work claimed the middle seat next to me. A captain in full uniform, so I decided not to video the takeoff and landing like I usually do. I didn't want to get in trouble. I spoke to him and immediately found out he was a talker. We ended up talking for the whole flight to ATL.

The most awkward question was when he said, and this was still before we pushed, "so, what do you do?" When asked that by a crewmember I always get really close to telling them I'm a writer. I write as a hobby, and haven't been published in a few years, but that answer would lead to more questions than I care to answer, so I answered him truthfully. "Crew scheduler for American Eagle" We talked for half the trip about the difference between the two carriers and things like that. Then he tried to get me involved in some multi-level marketing scheme that he's involved with and I respectfully declined!

We took off DFW runway 17R and turned out east for ATL.

My biggest surprise was that they have the Air Show, showing our present position, even on the 737-800, which makes sense I guess, since the aircraft can do some really long flights. They played that for a while before turning on the TV shows.

I asked him if the Delta uniforms had changed, because the flight attendants looked to be in a new uniform with red highlights, but he said that was last year's new uniform. The new new uniforms hadn't come out yet!

They came by for the beverage service, and also offered one item from the snack tray. It was a choice of various things such as chips, biscoff cookies, cheese and crackers, and there might have been more. I took a coke and a cheese and crackers.

Soon enough we were landing at ATL and we landed on the new runway--10. My captain seatmate called it the penalty runway. I compared it with DFW's 17L and he said that ATL's 10 seems even further away from things than 17L at DFW. We taxied forever it seemed, before parking at terminal A.

We arrived on time, and I looked around the terminal, which seemed recently remodeled. The gates all had the new Delta signage, which looked OK. My parents were arriving on ASA from SHV at 3:30 (including a 30 minute delay) and it was about 2:15, so I went out to Terminal E to see what was there. There was an Omni MD11, a KLM A330, and a very familiar LH A340-300. The LH was D-AIGI. I had spotted it at DFW on 4/22 and 4/28. This was 5/6 and I was seeing it again, now at ATL, so that's the third interesting spot of the day, which had hardly begun. If anyone cares, the KLM was PH-AOB.





The fourth interesting airplane spot of the day for me was when back at Concourse B, waiting on my parents to arrive, I saw that ASA still has their Texas special paint job. I would have though they would have repainted that after DFW closed down for them. I suppose it doesn't matter all that much, and ASA flies to Texas still in a couple cities.


Finally, mom and dad arrive, so we are all in ATL in one piece. I had a choice of scheduling them a 1 hour layover or a 4 hour layover, and decided to go with the long one, given ASA's on-time performance plus the fact that ATL's worst delays are in the afternoon around the time they would be arriving (5pm-ish). So they arrived 30 minutes late at 3:30, and that was no problem at all. We headed to a TGI Friday's for a bit of lunch. There aren't many sit-down restaurants in ATL. Mostly they just have fast food.

Once we left TGI Friday's we headed to the Crown Room at the T Gates. I picked that one because my dad is a golfer and that one has the putting green. Here he is using it:


The T Gate Crown Room has some great views. Here's a really big 767-400:


And here's its little brother:


Time goes by rather quickly, so at 6:30 or 6:45 we get up and move to Concourse E for the 8:05pm flight to EDI! It was at Gate E36 and there's no way to see that plane from inside the terminal. I suppose it could be done at Concourse D if you knew where you were looking, but that wasn't convenient. So I didn't get to see my plane until Scotland!

Here is the gate. I have always loved ATL's Concourse E signage:


Look at the uniforms of the Delta agents. They are so casual that I don't find them professional. It looks as if two non revs are checking standby lists, wearing golf shirts and all.

While sitting at the gate I look over toward the cargo ramps and the private jet ramps. I see a strange airplane. I don't trust my eyes at all. It looks like a Qatar A319 in ATL, but that can't be. So I grab my NIkon with 200mm zoom lens and look through that. It is a Qatar A319! In Atlanta?!?!


This is as close as I could get to it. I left the heavy 400mm zoom lens at home this trip. Does anyone know why a Qatar A319 would have been in ATL on May 6th?

Flight Details:
DL 96
May 6th
On Time
70% full
Seat 35A

They begin to board the flight with zone 1. I'm sitting right by the boarding door, and notice that the zone 1 people, who are in business class, mostly have NRSA in huge letters on their boarding cards. OK ,I saw at least 4 of those. American doesn't put huge NRSA on boarding cards for passengers to see! It's more discreet. Anyway, I'm in zone 6 with seat 35A. I look across the hall and I see another surprise airplane spot, this would make number 6 for the day. Look what I saw!


Yep, the new paint job. Citgo has arrived! It looks better in person than it does on a.net forums.


Anyway, as you can tell, I quickly ran across the hall to snap a shot or two out the window, and ran back quickly.

So we board up N177DZ and take our seats, strapping in for the 8 hour flight to Scotland. A Scotsman sits by me on the aisle and his wife and some friends are in the middle seats. He was really friendly, as all the people I encountered in Scotland were, and he gave me some good tips on restaurants & etc. He had been scheduled to fly home the day prior, but missed his connection by five minutes. They had been on vacation in Florida, and their RSW-ATL flight diverted to TPA for a medical emergency. Delta put them up in a hotel and gave them food vouchers.

We push out right on time.

Here's the takeoff from runway 9L.

I was impressed that Delta has almost brought back the amenity kit. We were given (all with the new logo) eye shades, ear plugs, and a menu. I'm going to go in more detail on the return flight, as I have more pictures from that, but I'll just say that the staff were very professional and mostly friendly. The food was some of the best coach class food I have ever eaten. My main course was a ravioli that was rather good. The choice was a grilled breast of chicken with honey glaze and carrots or a spinach and cheese ravioli.

We flew up the east coast, but since there's no personal IFE, I didn't know where we were once we left the big cities. I wanted to see St John's NFLD, as I always look forward to seeing it as the last city of North America. About an hour past Boston the flight attendants made an announcement for everyone to shut their window shades. I shut one of them and had the other one halfway open as I was still looking at the various cities in Canada go by, while listening to music on my Bose QC2. All the sudden I feel my chair move, and the flight attendant is behind me, on top of the back of my seat, reaching across to my window to shut it. I felt that was out of line. I was not about to fall asleep and I fully intended to shut my window shade once we passed St John's. I could sort of see the Air Show that was on the main screen in business class up front, and I had an idea where we were. Later on I actually did pop the window open and saw it.

I slept for an hour maybe. As the sun was coming up outside (yes I popped my window open quite a bit) we were north of Ireland and I couldn't see it. We had a satisfactory breakfast and started preparing to arrive at EDI. It was 55 degrees and rain showers according to the captain's report. Luckily the weather moved off before we got there.

The breakfast wasn't very exciting, as it included:
Granola Bar

We came in to Edinburgh from the south and then flew around northeast of the city to land on runway 24, to the southwest. Here's the landing video:

I've only flown into EDI once before, and that was a domestic flight, so this was my first time through customs there. It's a small airport and customs was very easy. Once we were off the plane I got to see it was the "Aeroflot" or "Wavy Gravy" paint scheme.

We had a great time in Scotland, spending 5 days in Edinburgh and 2 days in the Highlands at Inverlochy Castle. Here are two friends I made:


And here is my dad, an avid golfer, doing his tee shot at number 1 on the Jubilee Course at St. Andrew's. A huge milestone for him. And he got the best score of his foursome.



DL 97
May 14th
N1604R Older Paint Scheme
40-50% full

Mom did way too much shopping! We actually had to buy 2 bags to carry all the stuff! It was a challenge getting all that in, and I wasn't expecting them to actually enforce the 1 item carry-on limit. Last year at Heathrow I went through security with my camera bag plus a 22 inch carry-on and they didn't say anything. At EDI we had 5 carry-ons among the 3 of us. In the 5 were my mom's purse, my camera bag, and three normal carry-ons (such as a small duffel bag, etc). I ended up stuffing my camera bag into my duffel bag, which barely worked, and my mom put her purse into another bag, and then we went through.

Delta and Continental are the big excitement at EDI, and they park next to each other. The Continental 757 had winglets and was running a bit late getting to EWR. The DL 767 was in the older paint scheme and had arrived 1 hour late from ATL, but was scheduled with a 4 hour sit at EDI, so it was no problem.


Here's Continental starting up for EWR.

This time I had seat 31G (or whatever the window seat on the right at 31 is) and had an empty aisle seat next to me. The two rows in front of me were empty and three rows of middle seats adjacent to me were all empty. Well, they were empty until later in the flight when people layed down across the three seats in the middle on two of those rows.


The view from my seat at EDI.

Business class had maybe 10 people in it and they were mostly non-revs. I watched when they made a general announcement for all standbys to please approach the podium and it looked like about 15-20 nonrevs for the flight.

It was so empty that we pushed out 15 minutes early, at 1:00pm rather than 1:15.


Here's the terminal. There's an Easyjet there and a Scot Airways. You can see Edinburgh in capital letters written on the terminal, which is a nice touch.


Some colorful cargo.


Holding short. See the colorful yellow field. That's grape seed.

And the takeoff on runway 24, with some scenery after takeoff.

As we were taxiing out, I noticed that the main screen was not working and the flight attendants in my section did a manual safety demo. That made me think that the projector was broken and I would have no video IFE at all. My suspicions were correct. The mainscreen is at about row 21-23ish. There are little TV's above the aisle up there. Then the next little tv's over the aisle are at row 32. I was at row 31. They made an announcement after takeoff that if anyone wants to move to a seat where they can watch the movie, they are welcome to, once the seat belt signs were off. They mentioned that there was plenty of room to move about.

I had a good book and wanted to look out the window too, so I remained in my seat.


See the dark screen! And look at the empty seats. You can see, from where I was sitting, that the nearest TV to watch was a long way away.


Here's a view looking to my left, just showing how many empty seats there were.

As mentioned before, Delta gives out almost a complete amenity kit now. Here's what they give you:


The one thing I forgot to put there was the pack of ear plugs. I think that's a nice touch. Even British Airways doesn't give out menus in coach. Or at least they didn't last year when I flew them.

For the meal I got the roasted chicken breast. The food was rather good for airline food once again, so Delta gets good marks for that. I was going to get the pasta, but decided on the chicken as the pasta had an emphasis on olives, which I don't much care for.

Food details:

Fresh seasonal salad with tomato and feta cheese, served with creamy Italian dressing.

Pesto Roasted Breast of Chicken complimented by marinara sauce, with orzo, broccoli, and carrots



Penne Pasta
enhanced by red and green peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, green beans and olives, topped with Parmesan cheese.


Oat Crunch Cookie

Mid-flight Snack:

Ice cream will be offered midflight


Afternoon Refreshment:

Four Cheese Pizza featuring Mozzarella, Edam, Emmental, and Provolone Cheeses
Shortbread Cookie


The pizza was made and packaged in Italy. The cookie was made and packaged in the Netherlands. I thought those were impressive, since it wasn't all just Atlanta-catered stuff.


Here's a shot sort of showing the flight attendant's uniforms. The flight attendants were all rather friendly and professional. The flight attendant who made most of the announcements was Scottish.

After I woke up from a 2 hour nap or so, I saw the business class Air Show showing we were approaching the south tip of Greenland. It looked like we would remain south of it, but I had a north-facing window seat (by design, in hopes of seeing Greenland) so I started looking for it. I actually think I saw some of the darker black or brown mountains way off and took an unconvincing picture of them, because it might be just clouds. I'm not sure. Anyway I'm not posting that picture, as it's not too exciting.


This is just a shot of the wing over the North Atlantic somewhere along the way.

Further along the way, just before making landfall, there wasn't a cloud in the sky hardly, and there were some really excellent ice formations. Look at this:


And then we start seeing some islands in the middle of this ice:


Further in still, we see some frozen lakes and rivers:


We followed the St Lawrence Seaway for a really long time before breaking off and going nearly due south down the East Coast toward Atlanta. I began to see more and more air traffic as we made our way south.



Some contrail shots.

Probably in Virginia, I looked down and saw we were just above an Air Tran 717, and this 717 was going along at the same rate we were, so that it remained below us for a good 10 minutes. Finally we hit some turbulence, and when that happened, it moved forward of us. I'm not sure if it was a wind differential or an ATC instruction that separated us.


The captain came on and said that the combination of our leaving 15 minutes early plus the favorable winds meant we would be landing in ATL a full hour early. He said don't get your hopes up until we have a gate assignment, as that usually causes a logistical problem when too many planes come in early, and all the transatlantic flights had the same favorable winds. A little while later he said we had been given gate E35, so that was promising.

Here we are landing ATL 8L. It was a very bumpy landing this time.

We held for our gate for about 12 minutes or so and parked at 4:35pm. Scheduled arrival time was 5:15pm.


Here's BA that sat for about 15 minutes waiting on a gate. G-VIIP featuring GE90 engines.

My scheduled flight to DFW was at 9:30pm. There was a DL 757 at 7:15pm. After going through customs and immigration I went to the DL re-booking area. I asked my parents to come along as well. They didn't have seats for me to go on the earlier DFW flight, but they had two seats on the ASA CRJ for my parents to catch the 6:30pm flight to SHV. They charged my parents $25 each for this standby and rebooked their bags to go with them.

My parents complained to me in ATL about the discomfort of the DL regional jet (CRJ) compared to the Eagle one (EMJ) and I talked to them again today 4 days after the trip and my mom said once again not to book them on the DL regional jet again, as it is just too uncomfortable. I agree with them about the CRJ, where you get a neck pain when trying to look out the window.

I had the option of catching an AA flight as an AA employee, and there was one at 6:50pm with 40 seats open. I had a problem though, because of a design flaw at ATL. I couldn't take my bag with me. I could either send it on its way from customs to DFW as it was tagged, or I could get in line again to get it rechecked to ATL (even though I was already there) to get to the main terminal and then claim it, then carry it to American and check it. I usually just bring a carryon, so this checked baggage thing is really annoying. I decided it wasn't worth it, and so I dropped my bag at baggage recheck and went through security, then saw my folks off on the SHV flight. Then I wandered around Terminal E for a bit to see the plane I came in on and see what else was there.


Here's my plane from EDI, now getting ready to be DL 70 to FCO. I wonder if they fixed the projector.


ATL needs to update their information. There are some defunct carriers listed here on their information display. See if you can find them!


Here's the AF 747 to CDG.

OK this trip report is long enough. I'll summarize the ATL-DFW. After my 5 hour layover, it was delayed an hour due to maintenance. It was a 737-800 with the "wavy gravy" or "Aeroflot" paint. I was tired and missed the registration.

As we taxied out at ATL, the flight attendant gave an announcement that we had a Navy Seal in seat 1C and everyone clapped. He mentioned that there were a bunch of employees on the plane coming back from furlough. That was a little different, but I guess that's a good thing!

As we were landing at DFW we did a go-around! It was 11:30pm and the pilot said the reason for the go-around was due to a FedEx that didn't vacate the runway soon enough.

If you have read this far, thanks for reading. It's really long and might should have been put into two different reports, but I put it all into one. I appreciate your comments and suggestions for further reports.

See, I knew American Eagle was first class all along!
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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Fri May 18, 2007 9:55 pm

Wonderful report, thank you^^^^
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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Fri May 18, 2007 9:58 pm

Great Report Matt.. thanks for sharing.

Also, i'm really curious to know why the QR A319 was @ ATL !
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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Fri May 18, 2007 9:59 pm

Great report, great photos, I wouldn't mind trying coach class with Delta, the Ice cream is a nice touch!

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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Fri May 18, 2007 10:26 pm

is the answer song aand independence air?
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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Fri May 18, 2007 10:48 pm

Quoting JamesJimlb (Reply 4):
is the answer song aand independence air?

Well you got two of them. Its Song, Hooters Air, and Independence.

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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Fri May 18, 2007 11:21 pm

The meals on Delta seem to be pretty good except for a measly cookie for desert. A menu and an amenity kit for me is unecessary.
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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Fri May 18, 2007 11:38 pm

Great report and pictures!!!

I love to fly!
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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Sat May 19, 2007 1:05 am

Nice report and especially nice pictures!

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That's grape seed.

Rape seed  Wink

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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Sat May 19, 2007 2:56 am

excellent trip report m8... Enjoyed reading every word and looking at every image... Keep up the good work
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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Sat May 19, 2007 5:14 am

Quoting Semsem (Reply 6):
A menu and an amenity kit for me is unecessary.

...That is until you get seated next to a baby. You'll be able to use those earplugs then!
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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Sat May 19, 2007 6:59 am

Great report & photo's, many thanks!

DL International fights seem to get better each report I read!


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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Sat May 19, 2007 6:06 pm

Great report to the most wonderfull country in Europe!
Scotland is just great! Thank you for sharing, it seems DL is picking up with their standards in coach!

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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Sun May 20, 2007 8:10 am

I am glad that you have enjoyed your trip on Delta. Your TR was very entertaining with great pics.
I wonder, what kind a multi level marketing your travelling pal had on offer?
Looking forward to the next TR of yours.

cheers: DALelite
They loved to fly and it showed..
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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Sun May 20, 2007 10:27 am

Great report. Glad to hear you had a better time than in 2000
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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Sat May 26, 2007 9:59 am

Quoting CO7e7 (Reply 2):
Also, i'm really curious to know why the QR A319 was @ ATL

I learned on houstonspotters.net that the "first lady" of Qatar spent a week or two in the US and consequently a Qatar A340-500 has been spotted around the country from May 5-21st. It spent 2-3 days in Houston and was in LAX and some others. I'm thinking perhaps this was her airplane for a few days earlier in the month.

Quoting DALelite (Reply 13):
I wonder, what kind a multi level marketing your travelling pal had on offer?

"Retail electricity" where everyone in the scheme gets a commision off each electricity bill in the scheme. I got a card from him but won't be joining the program!

Thanks for your comments. One thing I would like to add is that I was impressed with the frequency of water service throughout both flights. On the return leg, at one point I reached down for a glass of water and realized I had two glasses! I probably got 5-6 glasses of water on the return leg. It's nice that they kept busy rather than one of those flights where you never see the flight attendants between meals.
See, I knew American Eagle was first class all along!
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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Sat May 26, 2007 5:14 pm

Thank you DFW13L for the great TR. It seems that you like EDI.

You have captured nice pics and I liked the pics of the contrails and the Airtran.

I didn't know that Delta offers menus in coach class. That is very good. More airlines should follow DL and offer menus.
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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Sat May 26, 2007 7:08 pm

Hey, great trip report  bigthumbsup 
Great to see you had a good time..... Scotland does have that effect on people  rotfl 
Cool to see your dad golfing at St. Andrew's, it's a very good course

Quoting DFW13L (Thread starter):
That's grape seed.

Quoting TupolevTu154 (Reply 8):
Rape seed

Hey! I was about to say that too.  Yeah sure

First Class passengers are my favourites. They can't get any further forward without an ATPL.
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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Mon May 28, 2007 9:30 pm

I enjoyed your trip report very much. I'll be flying on DL to the USA in June and after reading your's and other reports here I'm really looking forward to the trip. It's the little things like amenity kits, menus and decent food that make flight a tad more enjoyable. Did you try one of those new DL cocktails....mile-high mojito (I think that's what they call it)??

What did your parents think of the service? Are they still "mad" at DL? Being in the airline business yourself I'm sure you know "bad" trips happen. I#ve had them on other carriers yet I'm still willng to give them a second try. However, with the 3rd strike, that's it for me too.
A330 man.
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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Wed May 30, 2007 6:50 am

A little late here, but nice TR Matt. One of the reasons your on my resp. m list  Smile

Sounds like that was a fantastic trip and the stay at the hotel with the wonderful view was the iceing on the cake I'm sure. Again loved your TR. Keep em comin'
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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Wed May 30, 2007 1:28 pm

Quoting Cgnnrw (Reply 18):
Did you try one of those new DL cocktails....mile-high mojito (I think that's what they call it)??

Yes I did. I ordered "the Big Apple" because the captain sitting next to me DFW-ATL suggested it. I didn't ask him how he knew so much about inflight beverages.  Wow! It was funny because the flight attendant had obviously never made one of these before. We had a big laminated card in our seatback pockets highlighting their three stylish beverages, inclding the Mile High Mojito, The Big Apple, and whatever the third one was (sorry can't remember). Looking at that, I would think they make these things all the time, especially since they are free during the meal service. But she pulled out her instructions on making it and looked a bit flustered. Then she asked me if I wanted it made with Bourbon or Vodka, and I didn't have a clue becuase I'm not much of a drinker and I didn't really know what I was ordering. I looked at the card in the seat pocket and it seemed to make a big deal about the brand of Bourbon, so I told her I wanted that. Anyway she made it. It tasked OK. And it seemed really large.

Quoting Cgnnrw (Reply 18):
What did your parents think of the service? Are they still "mad" at DL? Being in the airline business yourself I'm sure you know "bad" trips happen. I#ve had them on other carriers yet I'm still willng to give them a second try. However, with the 3rd strike, that's it for me too.

They enjoyed the ATL-EDI-ATL flights. Back when they flew DL before, however, DL was mainline out of SHV. They have gotten used to the American Eagle EMJs and Saabs. When they flew the CRJ both ways, they sincerely disliked them. They said even the Saab is more comfortable than that. Plus the SHV-ATL is about 1hr 20mins, so it's not quick like SHV-DFW. If DL offered a more comfortable aircraft to SHV they would fly them, but they told me they don't ever want to fly on that CRJ again. They did truly enjoy the DL flight to EDI and loved the fact that they could fly to EDI without connecting in the UK.

I'll be honest. I flew a NW (Pinnacle) CRJ today in the window seat, and I'll say that as a true lover of all sorts of aviation, the only truly uncomfortable airplane that I have flown on is the CRJ. I'm thinking about doing trip report on that, but haven't made up my mind. I flew a CRJ and an A319. Anyway I digress.

Quoting MKP1013 (Reply 19):
A little late here, but nice TR Matt. One of the reasons your on my resp. m list

Sounds like that was a fantastic trip and the stay at the hotel with the wonderful view was the iceing on the cake I'm sure. Again loved your TR. Keep em comin'

Thanks for the positive comment!
See, I knew American Eagle was first class all along!
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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Wed May 30, 2007 2:36 pm

Great TR and pics, which for once didn't cause my computer to freeze up  bigthumbsup .

Wow, small world....I saw G-VIIP here in TPA two days before you did.

A DL RJ with new markings was here last Saturday but was parked at gate 70 so I couldn't see the tail and even though I stayed for an hour the plane hadn't moved before I left. Nice to hear that the new livery looks better in person.
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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Thu May 31, 2007 5:59 pm

OOPS! I goofed!

I was showing this to a friend today and noticed that the video clips of the ATL and EDI landings and takeoffs didn't load properly. Then I looked through the thread, and couldn't find them. I realized that I must have accidentally not added the videos. So, for those of you who actually look down this far in the thread, here are the missing videos of the takeoffs and landings of the 767 flights.

ATL 767-300 Takeoff
DL 96 May 6th ATL-EDI

EDI 767-300 Landing from the Firth of Forth
DL 96 May 7th ATL-EDI Runway 24

EDI 767-300 Takeoff Runway 24
DL 97 May 14th EDI-ATL

ATL 767-300 Landing
DL 97 May 14th EDI-ATL

I'm glad you made it this far. The videos are usually one of my favorite parts of a trip report, so this was a big oversight on my part. I wish there was a way to move this reply up to the top of the replies or something.
See, I knew American Eagle was first class all along!
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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Fri Jun 01, 2007 1:53 am

Nice report and good pics of the stuff you get in Steerage.

Quoting DFW13L (Thread starter):
Look at the uniforms of the Delta agents. They are so casual that I don't find them professional. It looks as if two non revs are checking standby lists, wearing golf shirts and all.

As someone who is in ATL every week I can assure the one guy to the left in that picture is not the norm. 99.9 times out of 100 the agents are wearing their regular uniforms. Perhaps it was a casual day? I really have no idea but does someone wearing a company t-shirt checking you in really cause your trip and/or opinion of the airline to be damaged? As long as they check you in, collect your tickets, and get the flight on its way on time or early I really don't care what they are wearing as long as it is clean and not smelly. (except for some of the hot gate agents....they can be topless.  Wink )

Quoting DFW13L (Thread starter):
They did have a very professional automated gate announcement system announcing boarding and all the complicated zones of boarding.

If you have problems with the concept of zones 1-8 and how they go in order from low to high then you really shouldn't be let out unsupervised.  Wink

Quoting DFW13L (Thread starter):
Then he tried to get me involved in some multi-level marketing scheme that he's involved with and I respectfully declined!

Well the pilots do have to pay for the lavish lifestyles they had before the paycuts.  duck 
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RE: DFW-ATL-EDI And Back On Delta

Fri Jun 05, 2009 5:41 am

Great report Matt! Too bad you never got on the 757. Wonderful jet!

Tho' I've belted you an' flayed you, By the livin' Gawd that made you, You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din!

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