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DL - BOS, SLC, PHX - PHX, CVG, BOS - Video & Pics

Fri May 25, 2007 9:00 pm

I had to make some last minute travel plans due to a death in the family in Yuma, AZ. I normally fly into PHX or SAN and drive to Yuma. After checking the normal Orbits, Travelocity, etc. most of the PHX flights from BDL were pretty pricy, and YUM, forget it. I however found a fare of $289 R/T on Delta out of BOS to PHX.

It has been a few years since I’ve flown Delta; last time was a Song flight from BDL to FLL in 2005. So I was excited to see how DL was operating now that they had emerged from Chapter 11.

I found Delta’s Terminal A at BOS very striking, modern and clean. My previous flights out of BOS had been on AA and HP and I was not impressed with those terminals.

My flight was departing from gate A18 which was on the other side of the underground walkway. I do not recall if past DL flights had this, but they now provide flight status/details on overhead monitors at the gate. These monitors provided such information as if there are upgrades available and how much they cost, the standby list and a host of other useful travel tidbits.

Delta Air Lines, Flight 871
Seat 27A
Scheduled 6:41 AM EST
Departed – on time
Flying Time – 4 hours and 46 mins
May 12th, 2007

We quickly boarded and if I had to guess, I’d say the load factor was about 70%. I was hoping for an ex-Song bird for the PTV, but found N625DL at the gate. This 752 started service with DL back in 1987, so it had the old style ceiling but revised overhead bins. Since I had an emergency exit seat so there was more legroom than the typical Y seat. I found more than enough room and pitch for an overall comfortable flight. I’m sure with the current revamping of DL’s fleet, better seats with headrests and PTVs will be on the drawing board.

We pushed back on time, but didn’t rotate until 7:02AM EST due to normal morning airport activity. During the taxi, I noticed the brakes were very loud on this ac.

We departed runway and made our way up over New Hampshire, Vermont and upstate New York and on up to our cruising altitude of FL380. At one point the captain pointed out Niagara Falls, but I was on the wrong side to spot it. The typical snack and beverage service was average and the FAs were pleasant and attentive. I was disappointed not see any type of “breakfast” items, but instead cheese, crackers and cookies. Later on they offered snack service again, this time they had Oatmeal-to-Go bars, very tasty.

Headphones for the in-flight movie were $2 and you could keep them. I actually recommend this because they provide an adapter for the single 1/8th jack to a double 1/8th jack. If you use your own headphones, expect sound from only one channel without the adapter. Entertainment was via the CRT screens that ran along the ceiling in the typical 757 layout. Some screens were very dark, other very light, but the aircraft was showing its age. I settled in and watched “Music and Lyrics” and took a quick nap.

Halfway through the flight I woke up freezing! After a quick examination of the area I came to the conclusion it was due to the over wing exit door. I had never experienced this before when sitting by an emergency exit, but I had to move over to the isle seat to get warm and stayed until our decent. I was lucky to have an empty row of seats or else I would have had a miserable, cold four and a half hour flight.

After napping for another hour or so, we began our decent into SLC. This was my first time at SCL so I was sure my camera was ready! And I’m glad I did because the views were awesome.

We gently touched down on 34L at 9:48AM MDT, twenty minutes after our estimated time of 9:25 AM. After coming to a halt and began out taxi roll, the brakes were even louder! I’m no ac mechanic, but I’m sure they needed replacing!

After taxing to our gate, we had to wait another twenty minutes for the gate to open up. I was ecstatic to see the Pink 757 for Breast Cancer Awareness that was on the port side of our ac. The FA even pointed this out via the intercom, but on one seemed to care.

After the parking brake was set, we waited an additional ten minutes for someone to operate the jet bridge. I was thankful that my connecting flight wasn’t leaving until 11:19 AM MDT because people didn’t start deplaning until after 10:20AM MDT!

Delta Air Lines, Flight 1407
Seat 20F
Scheduled 11:19 AM MDT
Departed – on time
Flying Time – 1 hour and 5 mins
May 12th, 2007

I didn’t get to see much of SLC, I basically went to grab a new set of headphones at InMotion and made my way to the gate. I was delighted to find out my flight to PHX was on the Pink 757! Ex-Song, so there were PTVs too! This ac entered service with DL back in 1985, so she is a classic!

We boarded on time but were delayed due to a late passenger and her dog. I would estimate the load factor to be 85% for this leg. Seat and leg room was more than adequate for my 5’ 11” – 250lb frame. There was a nice gentleman sitting in the isle seat of my row. We had been conversing waiting for the PX/dog situation to be sorted when the FA asked if either of us wanted more leg room and switch seats to a bulkhead middle seat. I didn’t want to part with my window seat so the gentleman next to me obliged. That is when this flight (thankfully it was only an hour flight) took a wrong turn. The late passenger, with her leg in a cast and toting an oxygen tank plopped down in my row. She immediately propped her leg up on the middle seat and claimed every inch of the row to herself. I was trying to piece her situation together in my head; she seemed fairly young, too young to be tied to an oxygen bottle, what was with the leg, etc.? I then forgot about my seat partner as I watched the taxi and videotaped the takeoff.

About 20 minutes into the flight I was enjoying the view of the desert landscape at FL370 when I started hearing this electronic “beep…beep…beep.” I looked around and paid it no mind, but it continued “beep…beep.” After five minutes or so, people around started asking what the beep was. I looked down at my fellow passenger’s oxygen machine and determined that was the culprit. I asked her “Is that your machine that is beeping?” and she quickly snapped “Yes, I’m out of oxygen!” I thought to myself, oh boy, here we go. She made a racket pulling the machine out from under the seat in front of her, slamming things and such. She finally shut the “beep” off, but then proceeded to tell the FA that was tasking the drink service that she needed O2 immediately. Of course there are no 110 AC plugs around, which I guess is what her machine needed. So the FA brings her a personal O2 bottle with the yellow cup mask. She started barking that she was not going to wear that, etc. when the FA exclaimed “if you need oxygen, this is all I have, take it or leave it.” She then took the tank and plopped it down in the seat next to me and proceeded to put the mask on. Keep in mind the entire time her cup of Sprite, filled to the top, and is sitting on the middle seat cushion bouncing around with every movement she made. I was just waiting for it to spill over onto my leg or something. After grabbing the cup a few times before it tipped, I asked her to take it because I didn’t feel like wearing it. She shot me back a glare, or so I think because she adorned oversize sunglasses the whole time. There were a few more instances when the FA came over to attend to her, but I tried to block it out and enjoy the flight.

Again, drink and snack service was provided with a smile.

We had brilliant views of the Grand Canyon which kept me away from the PTV.

I did poke around with some of the stations and watched a bit of the Discovery Channel after the Grand Canyon passed. The TV channels were at no-charge, but it appeared games and movies, with the exception of trivia, required payment.

We began our decent into the Phoenix area and started bouncing around due to the hot climate, what fun! We touched down….wait, did I say touch? I meant slammed down on Rwy 8 (see video, and yes I exclaim “That sucked!”) and came to a halt at 11:36AM MST, three minutes early.

I have to give kudos to the crew of this flight. After putting up with my seat mate, they still attended to her every need…above and beyond, as well as every other passenger, with a smile and professionalism.


I hadn’t flown into PHX since 2000, so I was expecting to be able to pick up my rental at the airport and scoot on out as I had done in the past. WRONG! You now have to be bused to a separate facility a few miles away where all the car renal agencies are. This adds a good 20-30 minutes on to your travel time, so BE AWARE if you plan on going to PHX! On the return it took me forever to find the drop-off because of construction and the address of the rental company (which was on the contract) was not recognized by my GPS. I was basically driving around Phoenix, with construction and traffic, searching for this place.

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RE: DL - BOS, SLC, PHX - PHX, CVG, BOS - Video & P

Fri May 25, 2007 9:02 pm

Delta Air Lines, Flight 443
Reg Unknown
Seat 23B
Scheduled 12:30PM MST
Departed – on time
Flying Time – 3 hours and 3 mins
May 17th, 2007

I was late for this flight due to my debacle trying to find the rental return. I was still in the security line at 12:15PM and DL443 was set to depart at 12:30PM! I was pretty panicked, but relieved to see that my gate was the first one after security. I was the last one in line and on the ac except for a couple of stand-by passengers that boarded later. I will not go into too much detail on this leg because I didn’t have a window (23B), so there are no photos or video and the flight was pretty uneventful. Load was 100% for this leg. We departed on time and wheels were up at 12:48PM MST.

The FAs were pleasant and there were two snack and drink services. The 738 had drop down monitors on which I watched “Bridge to Terabithia” and The New Adventures of Old Christine. The A/V kept fast forwarding on its own and they had to reset and rewind the program a few times.

We cruised along at FL350 until we hit an edge of storms and began to pick up some chop. For the rest of the flight we alternated between FL350 and FL370 hunting for smoother air.

According to the FO, we were scheduled to be back on terra-firma at 7:10PM EST. My connection flight back to BOS was scheduled to depart at 7:30PM EST, so my stomach sank. I never had been to CVG, so I was not sure of the terminal size and gate layout. My seatmate’s Express flight was supposed to depart at 7:35PM EST and come to find out; most of the passengers’ all had 7:30-7:40PM departure times. Cutting it kind of close, eh Delta?

We touched down at 6:51PM EST and everyone was ready to make a mad dash to their gates. Hopefully my seatmate made it!


As I ran to the gate, I was happy to see that my flight was delayed until 8:20PM EST, but suddenly realized that meant I wouldn’t be back in BOS until 10PM and not officially home until 1AM or so. Drats. So I decided to take the next hour and finally grab something to eat. I grabbed a Chick-fil-a sandwich and pulled up a chair next to the terminal window to check out the CVG ramp activity. After watching the DL ground crew button up and pushback an MD88 and a B738, I decided to head to my gate.

Delta Air Lines, Flight 708
Seat 33B
Scheduled 7:30PM EST
Departed 8:20PM EST
Flying Time – 1 hour and 31 mins
May 17th, 2007

No ex-Song plane this time. Actually, N690DL was still clad in the old colors of DL as when it first joined DL back in 1998 (well, the old, old colors, not the old, old, old widget colors. Get it? No? Well neither do I sometimes!) I was again seated in the middle (33B) and the load was 100%. As I boarded the greeting FA took my carry on and exclaimed that it had to be checked due that all the overheads were full. Drats again, but what are you going to do? Now I won’t be home until 1:30AM, sigh.

Wheels were up at 8:37PM EST as we lifted off into the darkening sky. Again, this flight was uneventful. Cruising along at FL350, more drinks and snacks served with friendly service. More video from the overhead CRTs, the same The New Adventures of Old Christine as my last flight.

After I nodded out for a few moments, we nosed down and started our decent into the Boston area. The forecast called for cloudy skies and periods of rain. We were in a holding pattern for some time, skimming along the cloud tops and before long, we started diving into the ocean of clouds. I wish I had the window seat because we had a spectacular night approach into BOS. We used 4R which brought us right next to downtown Boston and the skyline was breathtaking. The old colored stick’s wheels kissed 4R right at 10:08PM EST.

Back through the impressive Terminal A, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for an XL coffee for the ride home.

It was a treat to fly DL again. The service and value was excellent and they went above and beyond to thank you for your patronage. I wish that DL would bring back more 757 and direct service from BDL to FL and the west coast. I’m not a big fan of the Mad Dogs and 738s and would much prefer the stick down to FL. If they did, I would definitely book DL over WN.

DL also needs to start revitalizing their fleet. I know that a 20 year old 757 is just as reliable as a 5 year old 757, but the general flying public doesn’t. In most Joe A Consumers’ mind, newer = more reliable and better.

Hope you enjoyed my second TR. Good luck DL, and I hope to be aboard again soon!

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RE: DL - BOS, SLC, PHX - PHX, CVG, BOS - Video & Pics

Fri May 25, 2007 9:38 pm

What a good TR. You have spend much time to write this.

The brakes were very loud on the 757 as you say. And the landing at KPHX was not smooth at all. ( It seems that you like it). Nice views of the Grand Canyon.

Hope you will post more TR soon.
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RE: DL - BOS, SLC, PHX - PHX, CVG, BOS - Video & Pics

Sat May 26, 2007 3:13 am

Quoting Golftango (Thread starter):
DL also needs to start revitalizing their fleet. I know that a 20 year old 757 is just as reliable as a 5 year old 757, but the general flying public doesn’t. In most Joe A Consumers’ mind, newer = more reliable and better

The general public also doesn't know how old the planes they are only aviation nuts like us take down the registration #'s and then look them up! For all they know, the pink plane was delivered last October  Smile Great TR though!
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RE: DL - BOS, SLC, PHX - PHX, CVG, BOS - Video & Pics

Sat May 26, 2007 4:00 am

Quoting DL4EVR (Reply 3):
The general public also doesn't know how old the planes they are on

O RLY?,9171,967406-3,00.html

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RE: DL - BOS, SLC, PHX - PHX, CVG, BOS - Video & P

Sat May 26, 2007 8:36 am

Quoting Golftango (Reply 4):

Yeah really. Most people don't really care how too much how old the equipment is they are getting on. They just want to make it to nanna's house or to their business meeting. In fact, I am willing to bet that even those who are enlightened enough to know that average age (in the link you provided) that they aren't actually able to tell how old the equipment is. I remember flying on a NW 727 some year's back (around 2001). The 727 that pulled into the gate looked like it just left the hanger where it was painted. Lo and behold, the guy sitting next to me said (on his phone) "looks like Northwest just got a new plane."

Never underestimate the stupidity of the traveling public. Case in point, the lady with the O2. She needs it, yet refuses when she demands oxygen. Gotta love it.

Excellent report. Awesome pics. How was PHX?

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RE: DL - BOS, SLC, PHX - PHX, CVG, BOS - Video & Pics

Sat May 26, 2007 9:23 am

Very nice report! You and I were at Logan on the same day, the 17th  Smile I had arrived from ATL about 4 hrs prior on a non-song DL 75. Also spotted your pink airplane at ATL after we took off:

Terminal A is the nicest I've seen at Logan definitley. Those gate screens are great. I also love the PTV's. It's going to be REALLY HARD to not try and fly DL again after having their PTV's at your disposal. Put's everyone else to shame. Really liked your pics of SLC. I haven't been there before, so thats cool to see. Thanks for writing the TR !  Smile
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RE: DL - BOS, SLC, PHX - PHX, CVG, BOS - Video & Pics

Sat May 26, 2007 2:48 pm

nice videos! too bad you got stuck in the aisle....
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RE: DL - BOS, SLC, PHX - PHX, CVG, BOS - Video & Pics

Sun May 27, 2007 7:50 am

Thanks for posting your TR. I am glad that you've had a good time on DL.
In Dec.06 i was at BOS. And i wouldn't recognize it at all. The DL termial is nice , but it lacks of restaurants .

many more happy flights on DL: DALelite
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RE: DL - BOS, SLC, PHX - PHX, CVG, BOS - Video & P

Mon May 28, 2007 3:06 pm

Quoting Xjramper (Reply 5):
Excellent report. Awesome pics. How was PHX?

Thank you! And to everyone else with your positive feedback.

I didn't stay in PHX unfortunately. I basically picked up my rental and headed to I-10W -> 85S -> I-8W on into Yuma. It was warm, of course, avg. temps about 101F. I was in PHX, Tuscon, the Grand Canyon and Sedona a couple of years ago and had an excellent vacation. Here are some pics of Yuma and the surrounding area:

Some paratroopers out at the Yuma Proving Grounds

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