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PHX-JFK-PHX With Jetblue (Pictures)

Wed Jun 20, 2007 1:20 pm

Hey everybody, I recently went to New York with my Parents and Cousin over the weekend and wanted to write this trip report on it as it was my first time in New York and my first time flying with JetBlue Airways, I hope you enjoy it!
Big version: Width: 127 Height: 32 File size: 1kb

Here's some basic flight info on the trip out.
Airline, JetBlue Airways Flight 178
Date, June 15th 2007
Phoenix-(PHX) to New York-(JFK)
Sched Dep 12:10PM-Actual 12:26PM
Sched Arr 7:52PM-Actual 7:56PM
Seat 14A
Aircraft, Airbus A320-N506JB "Blue Yorker"
Flying time-4 hours 30 minutes
Runway's 25R and 13L.

I woke up at about 7:00am to the sound of my alarm to get ready and finish up packing. My cousin got to our house about 9:30 and shortly thereafter we headed out for Sky Harbor. Traffic was fairly light today and we made good time getting to the airport and made it to the check-in area by 10am. The Check-in area that JetBlue uses in PHX is quite cramped and can get pretty crowded, They share a small area with both Hawaiian and Midwest Airlines check in counters next door, Good thing all three airlines don't have flights going out at the same time. Once we checked in and received our boarding passes we made our way up stairs to find something to get for lunch before we got on the plane, What we decided on was a place called Dick Clark's AB Grill located just to the right of security. Terminal 3 doesn't really have much in the way of Food service's, Especially beyond the security check point: Although there is a pretty good BBQ place for an airport on the South concourse of T3. After Lunch we started our journey thru security, Luckily the line was pretty short but it still was a very slow moving line as the good old TSA only had one X-Ray machine running  Yeah sure witch slowed things down. Once we got past the security check point we saw a huge number of people at our gate (Gate 5) more then could possibly all be on our flight. After a little while we found out that JetBlue's flight 180 was cancelled from the night before because of problems with the plane and if two flights worth of passengers wasn't bad enough, Midwest Airlines morning flight to MKE was also delayed and supposed to use our gate, So in short, There were three flights worth of passengers in the one gate area It was pretty chaotic  Wow! Despite all the commotion I was still able to snap a couple of photos before we got on the plane.
Flight 178
TZ, B757
The Delayed YX flight waiting for the gate
Headed for T4
The Delayed Jetblue flight 180
A Miami Air B738 charter flight from/to where?
Different view of the TZ B757
View from seat 14A at T3
Legroom aboard "Blue Yorker"

Once I got these photos we made our way over to the gate for boarding, Considering all the people in the area boarding was still pretty fast and orderly. I was impressed by the seats as I got on, nice leather seats with lots of room and the cabin was nice and clean plus those TV's are a great thing to have on long flights! As soon as we sat down the flight attendants announced that there was a passenger on this flight who was extremely allergic to Nuts and that they would not be serving any Nut products n the flight, At least they had a lot of other things to offer.
All passengers were on board by around noon and the door was closed at 12:10pm and push back was shortly thereafter at around 12:15pm. The engines are started and we began our taxi to runway 25R for take-off, There were only a few Mesa CR9s in front of us and after about 3-4 min we got our turn for take-off, The captain eased the plane onto 25R and applied full power and we lifted off pretty far down the runway near T2, but once airborne we climbed pretty steeply and made a turn towards the Northeast and we were on our way to JFK. Most of the flight was uneventful and smooth as could be for most of the way, Once we reached our cruising altitude of FL330 and cruise speed of 460kts, The crew came around to take drink orders and to bring snacks, I chose a Diet Coke and a bag of Munchies snack mix.
Drink service, Sorry for the blurriness
The flight was pretty uneventful for the most part just a lot of watching TV and looking out the window.
En Route to JFK
Getting close now
Just about there
Descending into New York
On Final
Welcome to New York
Taxing to out gate
One of JetBlue's E-190s
Arriving at the gate

We started to Descend around 7:30pm and we flew right over Manhattan witch was pretty cool seeing all the buildings like the Empire State Building and such, I wasn't able to get a picture of it from the plane though. After coming over the city we went out over the Atlantic and made a tight turn to the left and flew over Long Island before turning towards the airport to set up for final approach. We touched down on runway 13L around 7:50pm and interestingly the pilot didn't use reverse thrust on landing witch I thought that was interesting. After landing we made our way over to JetBlue's Terminal 6 gate 11, Among some of the interesting planes I saw along the way include an AF B77W a QF 744 an EK 77W plus an A345 and an Virgin Atlantic B744. We parked at gate 11 at 7:56pm and were in the Terminal by around 8:00pm. My first impression of their terminal was that it had almost no windows and it seemed old out dated and crowded. However my thoughts on Jetblue were overall great! I really enjoyed flying them, The seats and the Direct TV were awesome. I Highly recommend JetBlue to anybody.

I Hope you enjoyed this report! the return trip will be in another post.
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RE: PHX-JFK-PHX With Jetblue (Pictures)

Wed Jun 20, 2007 1:22 pm

After a whirlwind weekend in NY it came time to head back to JFK.

Airline, Jetblue Airways Flight 177
New York-(JFK) to Phoenix-(PHX)
Sched Dep 8:45AM Actual 9:24AM
Sched Arr 10:22AM Actual 10:41AM
Seat 14A
Aircraft, Airbus A320-N552JB "Blue Jay"
Flying time-4 hours 17 minutes
Runway's 31L and 8.

We had 3 alarms wake us up at 1:00AM Phoenix time or 4:00am NY time in order for us to have time to get ready and catch a cab, We got a cab and were on our way to JFK by 5:30am and thanks to light traffic we made it to the airport by around 6:00am. Once to the airport we get into line to check-in and get our boarding passes witch even with a line we still made it thru the line and got our tickets in about 10-15 min, and headed up to security and found the line to be pretty short, Getting thru security only took about 5-10 min witch gave us ruffly 2 hours till departure time. After we ate a little breakfast we headed to our gate 21 witch is in JetBlue's temporary terminal that you have to take a shuttle bus to reach. One of the best things about the terminal (I thought) was that it had a few small windows you could get photos from where as the main terminal didn't have much in the way of windows.
Our plane "Blue Jay" as seen from the little window
Seen from 14A at JFK T6
Boarding started on-time and we made out way onto the plane, I had my same seat as the flight before seat 14A and the first thing I noticed about it was that the seats were larger and there was XM radio that the plane we took to JFK didn't have. For most of the boarding process there wasn't anybody in front of us and we thought we would have a nice quiet ride but just a few min before boarding ended a few parents with little kids got on the plane, So we went from not having to much noise to being surrounded by fairly noisy little kids, thank goodness for the TV on the plane witch kept the kids from getting to bored and in turn a little quieter With everybody now on the plane the door was closed but we didn't get to go anywhere because ATC was having a traffic jam problem, We were finally able to Push 15 min after boarding was completed and we made our way out to runway 31L for departure, along the way I was able to see an Etihad A345 a EK B77W and a TAM A332 parked a their various terminals, once we get to the runway the Captain announces we are number 2 for departure behind a DL B757. After the 757 takes off we enter the runway and shortly there after the captain applied full power and we roll down the runway and rotate aggressively skyward about half way down the runway and we made a left turn and continued to climb up to our cruising altitude of FL300 and cruise speed of approximately 460kts. Shortly after reaching our cruising altitude the crew comes around with the drink and snack service and once again I chose a Diet Coke and Munchies snack mix, I'm exiting I know
The captain came on to give us a look at the weather in PHX he said it was a clear sunny day (as usual) and a chilly 107F witch of course made everybody say "Did he just say 107!?" I always find it interesting when flying to PHX in the summer when the crew says how hot it is and how it makes all the passengers not from AZ react and vise versa flying to really cold places from PHX how the people from AZ react :P
Most of flight was pretty uneventful, Here's a couple of pictures from in flight
Not sure where we are at the moment
Overflying some rough weather.
Around 10:30am we started to descend into Phoenix with relatively little turbulence just a little bit here and there from the thermals, We came in from the northeast and flew flight by the airport witch afforded a great view of the airport (Wish I had a photo!) and made a right turn to enter the pattern for runway 8, Flew west for about 5 min give or take and made a U-turn to line up with the runway and flew over downtown (A little different from NY :P) here's a few photos of approach.
Just about to make a U-turn for the approach to runway 8
Just completing the U-turn.
A smooth landing on runway 8 signaled our arrival in Phoenix and interestingly the pilot didn't use reverse thrust either so neither of the Jetblue flights used reverse thrust. After some heavy use of the breaks we slow enough to exit the runway and taxi over to our gate at T3, I saw all the usual planes you would think to see in PHX , US Airways and Southwest galore plus an Ex-TWA now AA B757 taxing out for take-off, we arrived at gate 5 at 10:41AM and of coarse as soon as that seat-belt sign came off the click of seat-belts coming off all at once and everybody jumped up into the aisle, not sure where they planned on going Here's a few photos I got during and after landing.
On short final over downtown
Seconds from touchdown
A few Buses
What a shame that this will be going away soon
Taxing out for departure
Joining the line for departure, Bound for YYZ
Great Lakes Beech's rest at T2
Blue Jay after arrival from JFK
Flight 545 to ATL

And this completes yet another trip for me.
I always enjoy trying new airlines and Jetblue was an awesome experience! I would Highly recommend them to anybody!
I hope you enjoyed reading this report, If anybody wants to see some photos from New York just let me know!

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RE: PHX-JFK-PHX With Jetblue (Pictures)

Wed Jun 20, 2007 2:39 pm

Good report. It does get around these parts this time of year doesn't it? I haven't gotten to fly B6 yet, still waiting for them to start flying to the CLE area.
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RE: PHX-JFK-PHX With Jetblue (Pictures)

Wed Jun 20, 2007 2:40 pm

Nice TR!

How is the live TV on B6? Is that In-Flight map interactive at all?
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RE: PHX-JFK-PHX With Jetblue (Pictures)

Wed Jun 20, 2007 3:47 pm

Quoting AirTranTUS (Reply 2):
I haven't gotten to fly B6 yet, still waiting for them to start flying to the CLE area.

Yeah, Im still waiting for them to start flying to DTW/GRR/LAN/FNT so I can try them out.

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RE: PHX-JFK-PHX With Jetblue (Pictures)

Thu Jun 21, 2007 4:25 am

Quoting TUNisia (Reply 3):

The live TV was pretty cool, There were 37 free channels to pick from along with 3 movies available for purchase.. The map unfortunately wasn't interactive and it didn't even work on the return flight.
Thanks for the comments!
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RE: PHX-JFK-PHX With Jetblue (Pictures)

Thu Jun 21, 2007 3:41 pm

Wow! JetBlue has some wild looking pushback tugs!

As for the trip report ( Big grin )... Nice!
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RE: PHX-JFK-PHX With Jetblue (Pictures)

Sat Jun 23, 2007 6:06 am

Quoting Treebeard787 (Thread starter):
We touched down on runway 13L around 7:50pm and interestingly the pilot didn't use reverse thrust on landing witch I thought that was interesting.

I might be wrong, but from your photo it looks like you touched down on 22L....
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RE: PHX-JFK-PHX With Jetblue (Pictures)

Mon Jul 02, 2007 8:52 am

very nice report!

does Jetblue sell any products apart there snack service?

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RE: PHX-JFK-PHX With Jetblue (Pictures)

Mon Jul 02, 2007 5:51 pm

Nice report, always interesting to see how B6 keeps impressing its pax, especially those who hadn't flown them before. B6 has been my favourite LCC since I first tried them in 2002.

Quoting Treebeard787 (Thread starter):
Aircraft, Airbus A320-N506JB "Blue Yorker"

Little typo, "Blue Yorker" is N605JB.  Wink

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RE: PHX-JFK-PHX With Jetblue (Pictures)

Tue Jul 03, 2007 7:24 am

Quoting PlaneHunter (Reply 9):

Whoops  Cool transposed the numbers it would seem......
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RE: PHX-JFK-PHX With Jetblue (Pictures)

Tue Jul 03, 2007 11:59 pm

Quoting RJpieces (Reply 7):
I might be wrong, but from your photo it looks like you touched down on 22L....

I agree... if sitting on the port side of the aircraft during a 13L landing, you would have seen hangars and buildings, as well as the fire training device. Unless you get pretty far down the runway, you see buildings the whole way. It was much more likely a 22L landing, especially considering the number of planes he saw while taxiing to the terminal (sounds like they were paraded past T1-T4).

Quoting San747 (Reply 6):
Wow! JetBlue has some wild looking pushback tugs!

That thing looks hideous! Unless this is something new - I don't think it is - most of Jetblue's tractors and ground equipment are painted in standard blue (albeit beaten up thanks to heavy use).

Quoting Treebeard787 (Reply 10):
Whoops transposed the numbers it would seem......

Great TR. I have flown B6 many many many times and I still believe they offer the best domestic coach product in the USA. I wasn't flying on them in February, thank God, although I have suffered increasingly long delays at JFK lately, but I have always found them to be courteous and efficient. The seat comfort and tvs do make a big difference. Although I can't say that they have gotten better as they get bigger, they are still the best in my opinion. Can't wait until their new terminal opens - it has to be an improvement over the overcrowed T6.
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RE: PHX-JFK-PHX With Jetblue (Pictures)

Sun Jul 08, 2007 11:31 pm

Great TR, many thanks for putting it together.

Photo's are pretty neat too!

I think PHX is one of my favorite airports in the states, love the spotting from the parking garages.

Glad you liked B6, I've not managed to fly them yet- had an aborted trip a few years back- Fog at LBA!!



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