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OAK NON-REV Part 1 (of 2)

Sun Jul 01, 2007 6:32 am

I apologize for having no pics because when non-reving you take what you get. Part 2 will hopefully have pics. I woke up a 4:20 and immediately went to get dressed and headed to the OKC. Arriving at 5:30 hopeful for a seat on the PHX flight because I got into OAK earlier. I went right to security check point after having to rearrange my luggage because of WN's 50lbs rule. Anyway the stupid idiot TSA guy lost one of my carry-ons in the midst of taking it 5 feet the the table to check. Then when he finally spent 15 minutes checking another bag he checked mine and took so long and was a jerk about anything I or anybody else said or did. Finally I got checked in and the lady said I would have to do something else. I checked the computer and MCI-OAK had seats available either through LAX or not. I took it and ran to the gate. Luckily the crew was 1 hour late or other wise I was out of luck.

Flight 1:

Scheduled Dearture Time:06:25
Actual Departure Time:07:36

I got on and sat next to a fellow pilot and a guy with LARGE shouders. The pilot and I talked and the we slept till touchdown. And when the BING went I jumped because it was 08:24 and the first flight left at 09:00. I was on but it wouldn't all go well, it couldn't... and of course it didn't.

Flight 2:

Scheduled Dearture Time:09:00
Actual Departure Time:09:00

I got on and I knew I shold have sat by the UM. I sat in the second from last row and there were 3 brat children and a father that wouldn't do anything about it. On takeoff it was the screaming and in the air it was kicking gurgling and wetting them selves. On final approch the 2 yearr old girl at the top of her lungs was screaming "I AM LOSING MY VOICE, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I commented to another passenger about what a back ach and head ach I had and how I couldn't sleep. We had to wait on the ramp and in the meantime the four year old was jumping in his seat and slamming his fists on the tray.

I had some spagetti and meat balls and went do to meet my bags that hd come in right after me but to my surprise 2 of the 3 where in the office. I waited 3 hours for PHX flights and none of them had my bag, my clothes bag that is! After getting irritated I called my aunt and she came to pick my up. Later I found out that my bag tag fell off and and the lady I bought it from was contacted about it... LOL. Anyway hope you anjoyed and the bag verdict will be in part 2... Im heading off to Starbucks!

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