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Wed Jul 18, 2007 6:56 am

I had to go to ORD for a couple of hours last week. Just like my other trip reports; just the basics..

Routing: AA/DTW-ORD
EQP: MD-80
Status: On-Time
Cabin: First
Flight Service: A-
Customer Service: A- (by observation)
F/A Attitude: Positive

As usual, I was running kind of late, I got to the gate about 6:55 for a 7:10, I already had my boarding pass waiting for me with my upgrade cleared, most of the passengers had boarded. The next flight, the flight I really wanted but couldn't get positive-space on was delayed so I was relieved that I was talked into this earlier 7:10 flight, as I needed to be at ORD by a certain time. The gate agent gave two PL members comp. upgrades, so that they could get two standbys from the next delayed flight on (good customer service!). We pushed off the gate on-time and the flight was full. We departed for ORD after about a ten minute wait for ORD ATC, which for me, the later we get into ORD the better! The flight was very smooth, the F/A came around with drink service; this flight, either cabin was a juice and coffee flight only as it was only a 45 minute flight. We came in for landing at ORD just a few minutes past scheduled time due to morning traffic.

Routing: AA/ORD-DTW
EQP: 757
Status: On-Time
Cabin: First
Flight Service: A
Customer Service: B+ (by observation)
F/A Attitude: Very Positive

I finished up about noon, so I had time to just hang around, I grabbed some lunch and waited by my gate. The gate agent came up to meet the flight, which was early inbound and people came up to start asking questions- but obviously you could tell he was very tied up and told a few in line that he wasn't open yet. But of course, people just stood there as though the flight was going to leave without them, even though they still had over an hour before departure time (sigh!), so he just answered a few, and then continued to work on some print-outs and then met the in-bound. I had my coworkers in another city check-me in, so I went to an SSD and printed out my boarding card, but got a text from a coworker that I will be upgraded, so sure enough, I got my upgrade cleared. I ran into some other coworkers and finally boarded about 10 mins prior to departure. The cabin had one open seat at close-out; the lead F/A was very friendly as was the one that would be assisting him for the flight. After push-back, we taxied, and departed promptly. The F/A's were extremely attentive and many of the other F/C passengers really enjoyed the lead and the assist F/A (lots of laughs, conversation, etc.). Great work!

A good batch of AA'ers.  Smile
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Wed Jul 18, 2007 8:27 am

Nice concise report and I'm glad you got good service on AA. Are you an airline employee? If so what do you do?
(I'm retired AA living in Japan as a missionary)
Have you kissed a 777 today?

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