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Hey im new here, so please enjoy my Trip Report. So this is a trip report i took a while back. Apologies on there only being 1 pic.

Flight: SQ232
Date: 29-Mar-2007
ETD: 11:30am
ATD: 11:25 am
ETA: 4:45pm
ATA: 40 mins early 4:59
Seat No: 50K
Departure Gate: 53
Arrival Gate: E12

So my dad and I set off on a trip to Malaysia, I was having some last minute nerves because I sometimes get afraid to fly. There was one problem checking in online 2 days back. My dad got his miles already in his account, but me having a new account that I made a couple weeks back didn't. We asked some dude with at SIA Service Assistance and he placed the blame on KrisFlyer, saying that "while Singapore airlines owns krisflyer, I cant do anything, you have to ring the office in Singapore." We later went off airside because that's the part I never get to see, and what a place, it looked really cool. Ralph Lauren, and all these other brands I can't remember. Went to gate 53 and waited seeing that it was 9V-SMV I waited there feeling nervous because this was my first time flying since 2004 and my second time on Singapore airlines . Walked down the jet bridge one way, then the other finally reaching the plane. Being greeted by the flight attendants was great, walking down the plane to 50K. Taxied down the taxiway to RWY34L, seeing ETHIAD!! Virgin Atlantic A340, BA 777, Thai Airways 747, one thing I wanted to see was VH-XBA!! Even though I saw her couple months back when she first came to Sydney.
Takeoff was smooth, feeling a little bit of G. Climbing out over Sydney till we went through clouds then the AVOD got turned on. I was a little disappointed, it was a bit slow, sometimes not even moving, didn't really watch anything, just a few Friends, Malcolm in the Middle and SPONGEBOB!! Episodes. Listened to a bit of music, tried to sleep. Just a couple of hours in flight, I just felt like getting off, I didn't want to go to Malaysia where it was near 30 degrees and high humidity. I just sat there doing nothing, just trying to relax. I can recline in an economy seat, It was cool, I just put the seat all the way to recline and stretched my legs. But me being below 6 feet, it was good sometimes. I was an idiot and put my 2.5mm headphone adapter into the socket that could fit it and I put the headphones in my ears and they really heated up, so I immediately took them out and now my headphones don't work  Pretty dumb of me, now I have to go buy some new ones, they were good ones 
So the food came around and it was beef, it was almost as hard as a rock, I couldn't eat, I just didn't feel like it. I tried cutting through it with a plastic knife and I got like an eighth the way down. My dad complained showing Marc, a flight attendant, how hard it was, he was a bit drunk drinking his third scotch on the rocks. So Marc later came back with potato wedges, my dad didn't eat that much of it and his ice-cream melted on top of it. I tried going to sleep, being in the crappy mood I was, kept trying to see how much longer the flight would take. I looked outside quite a bit sometimes seeing us going through clouds and sometimes almost clear blue sky. I accidentally set my watch back one hour too far and thought we had 3 hours to go, in real it was 2 hours. Didn't feel like seeing a movie on the small screen, didn't feel like sleeping so I just walked around, when I was about to get back to my seat, I walked through the galley and some dick of a flight attendant says "are you lost?" In a really dumb way. I would've sworn at him, but I thought something might happen so I just said "no, can I just get back to my seat, its just on the other side?"
My dad chatted with one of the green flight attendants about life and all that, saying how the escalators are slower in Sydney than Singapore. He also asked about if I could get a chance to go into the cockpit and she said no, I was disappointed but I guess those are the rules, my dad asked the head female flight attendant and she also said no, saying because of 911. My dad talked to Marc saying the service is great while the food is not so great, Marc said that food ex Singapore is a lot better along with saying you could order a seafood meal. My dad also asked about how life was at SQ, he said he worked there for one a bit years, saying he couldn't complain about it.
I cant remember the later part of the flight so hot so I'll just skip to landing, we were on the west side of the island and turned right to get into Changi, I'm not sure what runway it is, but seriously that was a smooth landing, saw the condensation form on the wing. I saw the main building I think. Spotted a Fedex DC10, Valuair a320, a LOT of SQ777's, JAL747. As usual, everyone started using their phones unbuckled before the plane even nearly stopped at the gate. So we got out of the plane, having nearly two hours before our next flight. My dad bought some duty free stuff. When I was looking around, it looked very dull, the carpets looked a bad colour, they were like grey with patches of different colours. Maybe I just didn't see that much stuff, I saw T2 and a bit of T1.

Check In: 10 (A very cheerful lady helped us)
Service: 10 (Singapore Girl, you're a great way to fly)
Food: 4 (The only good thing I can say is, that they served it)
Entertainment: 8 (Was slow and not many shows that I like to watch)
Aircraft: 7 (Looking a bit worn out)

Flight: SQ198
Date: 29-Mar-2007
ETD: 11:30am
ATD: 11:25
Seat No: 34A
Departure Gate: E24
Arrival Gate: 6
I went to the gate and waited in line for security, I was beeped, usual scan along with my dad. I got scanned quickly and then while I was waiting for my dad, the person who scanned me just said 'move along' in an angry sort of tone. After that, tried the internet but wouldn't work because of maintenance, so I sat down and watched Yu-Gi-Oh. The dubbed voices were different from the ones I watch in Australia. First, Business and PPS boarded. There was this stupid man who reminds of a person I hate went up and got denied because he was in 36A with nothing special, so he just waited there looking like a total idiot. Went down to the plane feeling very cold, I got inside and I smelt the plane and I loved it. Sat down in 34A, I had a great view of the wing and engine. The captain did his intro and we pushed back a bit late because of ATC, taxied down to 2C and it was like not much power then like full power straight into the skies, I didn't know that they were that strong. Small parts of turbulence here and there and they served this little bread thing with like stuff inside, it was alright, didn't feel like finishing the whole thing because I felt like I would choke on the stringy parts and I didn't have a drink. The top flight attendant guy came past and my dad once again asked if I could visit the cockpit. It was denied but he said he would check at the end to see if I could just get a peek. We came straight in from the south, not sure what runway it was on and we landed. Great landing, I commend the pilots on this. So everyone deboarded and my dad and I walked with the top flight attendant guy into the cockpit, met the pilots, it did feel quite small; my head barely missed some of the switches. So it was great being in the cockpit. I'm going to see if I can get a visit on the way back.

Service: 10 (As always, they are great people)
Food: 9 (Quite enjoyable)
Entertainment: n/a
Aircraft: 9 (Very nice)

Flight: SQ191
Date: 19-Apr-2007
ETD: 10:30am
ATD: 10:25am
ETA: 11:55am
ATA: 11:45
Seat No: 48G
Departure Gate: 5
Arrival Gate: E12
My dad got injured about a week prior to our flight so we rang up SQ and asked for wheelchair assistance and bulkhead seats. I got the wheelchair for my dad then he complained no one was there to help him so we went to the counter and they came a few minutes later. We went to business class check-in. It was quick and efficient and went straight to immigration, got priority. My dad bought some duty free stuff and we just waited at gate 5. We got priority boarding, my dad hobbled down the aircraft to his seat while I walked after him. The flight was near full. We took off into the clouds and we encountered some turbulence which made people jump from their seats, luckily everyone was sitting down with seatbelts on. After that I was too scared to get up from my seat and I just stayed there for the rest of the flight crapping myself. We came into land very smoothly. We waited for everyone else to get off then we got a wheelchair waiting for us at the gate. Walked a long way to immigration, then off to baggage, they were taking the bags of the carousels and I grabbed 2 bags from the belt then 1 from the pile. We got a taxi and stayed at my dad's friend's house.

Service: 10 (Very friendly and attentive)
Food: N/A (I didn't eat anything so meh)
Entertainment: n/a
Aircraft: 9 (Very nice)

Spent 3 days in Singapore, it really is a great place. I would love to live there, just the heat would annoy me. Saw some Lamborghinis, Maseratis, and Porsches and I think a Ferrari.

Flight: SQ231
Date: 22-Apr-2007
ETD: 00:30am
ETA: 9:55am
ATA: 9:41
Seat No: 32K
Departure Gate: E20
Arrival Gate: 5

My dad's friend drove us to the airport after a late dinner; we went too far the first time, so we went around. We got the airport and I got my dad a wheelchair but they didn't have anyone to take him around yet, so we waited at the special assistance, just a small lounge next to their special assistance place I think. The person came and she wheeled my dad to group check in. There was a huge group of at least 40 people being checked in, we got checked in and passed immigration and my dad got wheeled to the special assistance place but we didn't go for some reason, so he waited in the transfer lounge. I decided to walk about by myself and saw the orchid garden and the many shops. I went back to the transfer lounge when it said the gate had opened to go with my dad to the plane, and he was still there, I thought they would have taken him already. I walked with my dad and the porter to the gate
New shoes + Carpet + Moving Quickly = A lot of static when I touched the metal part of the trolley.
We got priority boarding, even before first class. My dad hopped down to 32J, while I took 32K. I got a great view of the wing and the engine. We were lucky and an orthopedic doctor sat next to us, so my dad had someone to talk to about his foot. He was a nice guy and offered some advice to my dad. Captain McLachlan introduced himself, and gave us some standard stuff about how we would be early and stuff. We pushed back and started to taxi down to runway 2C. We took off smoothly and I saw the lights of Singapore.
About half an hour in-flight, I looked outside and I saw lights. I just looked at the lights trying to pass the time.
They served us a snack but I can't remember what it was. I played with the AVOD and fell asleep. Every time I tried going to sleep, the turbulence kept annoying me. So basically I was almost up all night. I watched the sun rise, but it would have been better if I were on the left side to see that. I saw the clouds go by and saw the very dry areas of Australia. We went over Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales. Pretty cool, 4 states and a territory in less than 4 hours.
On descent we passed through heavy clouds but little turbulence which was good. I thought we were going straight into 34L, then we went right and I thought we might go to 25, and I could see some Sydney stuff. But we went leveled up and went into 34L. It was a great landing, very smoothly

Service: 10 (very, very friendly people)
Food: 9 (Wasn't that bad)
Entertainment: 8( (Same as on SYD-SIN route)
Aircraft: 7 (Looking quite warn out)

We were the last to get off and my dad hobbled to the door and we got wheeled through immigration. When we got to customs the customs person had a really heavy Aussie accent. My mum took us home and now I'm helping my dad quite a bit.

Several months later, hes fine but its hes still limping.

Thanks for reading this

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PEN is Penang in Malaysia. Are you sure you went there in a 744? (9V-SPH) with an EET of 8+ hours... are you sure you are not meaning Perth? (PER)
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Ahh..crap, i just realized i wrote the wrong thing. should be SIN-SYD. I'm so sorry ZKSUJ, and now its too late to change.
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A okey TR.

The pic that you putted up is not necessary, because it has a really low quality.

Quoting ThreeFourThree (Thread starter):
a flight attendant says "are you lost?" In a really dumb way.

That was a really stupid question.

Thank you for sharing.

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Sun Nov 11, 2007 9:55 am

P-A-R-A-G-R-A-P-H-I-N-G H-E-L-P-S........

E-F-F-O-R-T.... E-F-F-O-R-T......
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Quoting ThreeFourThree (Thread starter):
When we got to customs the customs person had a really heavy Aussie accent.

Sydney IS IN Australia... So I hope your mystery is solved.
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Quoting Ryanair!!! (Reply 5):

Yeah i know, I LIVE in Sydney. I talk to Aussies everyday, but she had a really heavy accent, like they were True Blue Aussies.
BTW, i should mention this is my first trip report at the age of 14. I'm not the best writer, nor the best photographer, i just wanted to share my trip. Maybe next time I won't post a report then.
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Good first Trip Report ThreeFourThree.

I went to PEN a couple of years ago, how did you and your dad like it? Where did you stay there? Lucky you that you have been overseas at least twice (you said this was your 2nd time in SQ) and you're only 14! I was 20 when I took my 1st O/S trip. Although now i'm seeing more and more young people overseas, which is great!

Your dad must have done something major to be limping and needing a wheelchair! Glad that he's ok (as he can be) now.

Please do a TR for your next holiday as well!
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Thank you for your comment BNEFlyer
Well we weren't mainly in Penang, we were actually in Ipoh, my dad's hometown. But Penang is great, especially the seaside, where all the tourists go. I had a great dinner with my dad and his friend there. While in Penang, i stayed at my aunt's house near Komtar, which is this pretty tall building that's not very active anymore.
Yeah, he fell off a ladder while he was trying to change the light and its his heel bone that got the impact.

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