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DL Non-rev Trip LAX-ATL

Thu Apr 03, 2008 10:38 pm

Hi All, recently, I was able to fly a trip on the 777...and let me tell you, that plane is AMAZING! And this was my first time on it as well. Since my mother used to work for Delta Air Lines, I was able to fly stand-by in buisness class,which made my 777 all the more.

So my trip starts in Los Angeles,where I list my self for the flight to Atlanta.... I get on,and once I step in side the plane, I go "wow",lol...
so,I ask if I could see the cockpit,and of course,I can,and did; the 777 has one of the most advanced flight decks available today on a commercial aircraft,and the captain let me sit in his seat-the 777 has power seating,of course,an electronic checklist,and the list of features goes on and on...
The first officer tells me that the 777 is very easy to fly, and that almost everything is automated.

So,now,it is time to take off,im now in my Business Elite seat,that *almost* turns into a bed,but lays out enough,to where one could sleep. Delta recently installed a interactive in-flight entertainment system,that allows you to play games like chess,trivia,and poker with passengers seated else where.Now comes dinner-time, and OMG,they have some of the best grilled chicken I have ever had! I even asked for more. You would think you were in a 5 star restaurant at 39,000 Feet. So then, I walked around the aircraft,and had a little conversation with one of the male flight attendants, then unfortunately my 777 experience had to end, as we descended in to Atlanta.

So if you ever have the chance to fly on a 777,DO IT!!

Happy Flying!
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RE: DL Non-rev Trip LAX-ATL

Sat Apr 05, 2008 10:13 pm

Glad you got to get a ride on a Triple Seven. Ive had the experience once with AA and thought it was awesome. I hope to non rev on a 777 DFW-ORD with AA soon.
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RE: DL Non-rev Trip LAX-ATL

Thu Apr 10, 2008 5:54 pm

Nice TR.

Glad that you made a 777 flight. Really love that bird, and want to try it out.

Seems however that you enjoyed the food really much.

Thank you for sharing

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