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Sat May 03, 2008 12:01 pm

After my hectic trips from Canada to USA and USA to Taiwan in one day, I finally got a rest in Taiwan for a day. However, I still have another trip to make to CAN, so I had to take another flight or two to get there. When I was in Canada, I tried to book the tickets via for my trip, but was refused as the dates I want is only couple days away. I was originally going to buy a CI Y + CZ Y ticket, but then I have no choice but to go to another website and issue a CI C + CZ Y ticket... since the other site's CI Y + CZ Y ticket is much more costly.

I was trying to play around with my seats by selecting the flights with a B744 so I can possibly sit in First Class seats with Dynasty Class ticket (They do that often for the TPE-HKG route). However, when I went online to select my seats, I was confused with the seating allocations as there are 5 rows with 6 seats in each row. When I finally selected my seats, I saw the A340-300 on the side... and I was like... NOOOO my plane got diverted to an A340.... no chance at a First Class seat!!

Anyhow, had to get to the airport anyways since my plane is at 10:00am, so I left my house at 8:00am to go to the airport. My house is around Jhongli, which is only 20 minutes away from the airport. I got everything done very quickly since I am a Gold Card and is holding a Dynasty Class ticket, so... I breeze my way to the lounge in Terminal 1. Today is very chill cause there were not that many people at immigration, so I went to the lounge immediately after security.

This is the entrance of the lounge at Terminal 1.
China Airlines also accommodates passengers from 13 other airlines along with plans with 3 credit card companies given your flight is purchased with that card. However, those cards are all issued from Taiwan, so they are quite useless to me.

This is the entrance to the First Class lounge. It's on your right side after you pass the front counter. Usually, there will be a ground staff accommodating you if you hold a First Class lounge pass. You have to be flying in First Class, or acquire China Airlines' Emerald or Paragon Card in order to use this lounge. Well, this will never be a place for me as I will never have enough mileage to acquire Emerald Card or fly in First Class.

After we pass the lounge, we will reach the computer access place. Right next to it are the bathrooms and shower facilities. This is the photo of the path to bathrooms and shower facilities in Terminal 1.

You can pick up magazines right when you get in. There are two sides, one is Taiwan-related and one is Western-related. Right when you step out of the places to pick up the magazines... this is what you see...
The lounge in Terminal 1 is quite empty today... I was surprised to see that! There's actually more people in the Hong Kong lounge that you will see later on.

This is where you pick up your drinks and food. On the top is the freezers and on the bottom are the buns, instant noodles, and hot drinks such as coffee/tea.

My boarding pass for today, CI 0605 in seat 3A and CZ 0304 in seat 10F. I took the magazine but never read it.

That's the noodle bar in the back... everyone should try it at least once when they are here. I like to sit here because it's convenient for me to fetch for more. However, I don't usually eat much in the mornings... and I expect better airline food today as I am in C... so I only had one bowl. By the way, the server inside the noodle bar was teaching the lounge staff in picture how to deal with passengers in the lounge... very interesting.

Yatse (taste similar to Red Bull, but much better) and beef stew noodles as usual.

Operating Airline: China Airlines (CI)
Operating Aircraft: Airbus A340-300
Flight Number: CI 0605
Departure from Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) at 1000
Arrival at Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) 1135

Similar to the flight from LAX-TPE, the FA will offer you newspapers to read and hand you hot towels before the flight takes off. If you look Asian, they will supply you a list of Chinese newspaper... otherwise, they will supply you English reading ones. Also, there are enough FAs for today's flight.... 1 Purser and 3 FAs actively serving in today's Dynasty Supreme Cabin. This flight is an A343, which usually serves the TPE-SEA routes, so if you are taking a TPE-SEA flight, you can check out the cabin as well.

Today's cabin is quite full, 24 of the 30 seats were occupied (4/5). The ratio of FA to passengers on board is about 1:8, which is usually 1:10 if the cabin is full. The FAs on this flight were top notch and the hardware on this flight is faultless... I wish they use this plane on the LAX-TPE flight... I would love it.

Pre-flight drink... I chose Watermelon Juice (it's not Tomato Juice!) and the person next to me chose OJ. The person next to me is at least 40 years old. In fact, all the passengers in cabin were at least 40 years old... I was like the only young person in there. He looked at me all weird as I sit next to him. He probably did not expect someone this young to spend $ on this short route in Dynasty Supreme.

Today's meal menu. Each week there's a different set of choices for the TPE-HKG route, and we are in week 4. I did not take a picture of the drink menu as you can see from the LAX-TPE one.

I took a photo on the English menu as well, so you can read it directly from here without my horrible translations.

This is a picture of the back side of the Dynasty Supreme seats in A343. By looking at the pictures... you can probably see how far away I am from the seats. I bet CI can get more customers if they use this plane to fly the US routes. However... there are no First Cabin... so it's never going to happen.

We are about to depart... so no pictures for now. The uncle sitting next to me probably think I am someone weird because I kept on taking pictures of my surroundings. Sorry you can't sleep well today!

Today is very cloudy... so you can guess the weather in Taiwan, right?

Personal TV w/AVOD... this should also be a 10.4" one. It's a little bit different from the ones in B744 on the LAX leg, and is very difficult to fetch if you do not know how. Since today is still part of April, the entertainments on the TV did not change. Next time I should alter my flights around different months...

This headset looks like the ones in Economy on the long haul except that it's in a bag. I was surprised at the noise reduction level it supplies (not that bad), though.

The control looks a little old, I don't use it much since I just tap on the monitor.

I tried to pull my legs all the way to the front to see if I can reach the seats... but I cannot (since the seats are not lie-flat, it's angled, so it's a bit further). The seats are very comfortable though.

A view of the cabin. It's in 2-2-2 layout with 5 rows, and there are no storages at the top of the middle rows (it should be very convenient for tall people to sit in the middle seats). It feels similar to the Premium Laurel seats from EVA, just that it does not have a shell and is not a lie flat.

I had: Pork chop in balsamic tomato sauce with green pea mashed potato.
Other than the bread which is brought by the Purser (she is friendly and quite speedy), everything else came on at the same time. Not many people wanted the bread... probably they are not very hungry? I think I am the only one who finished the entire meal... Shouldn't waste them!

Almost everyone else choose the other meal as it has fish in it. I asked to take a picture from the uncle next to my seat. This is the Sauteed grouper and mushroom with fried rice. The only difference between the two is the main dish... everything else is the same. There are no appetizers for this short-haul to Hong Kong, though.

Here are the pictures for the meals and hardwares:

Pork chop in balsamic tomato sauce with green pea mashed potato.
Everything else is mentioned in the name except the vegetables on the right and the mushrooms. On top of the pork chop is cheese and a slice of tomato.

Vegetable (healthy) and Pine (tasty) bread.
For the fruits, there are two slices of kiwi fruit, pears, and wax apple.

Dessert is Pumpkin Cheesecake with something on the top that I don't know. There's also chocolate on the side if desired. It's quite sweet, but not nasty... most of us will probably need something else to go with it. I had green tea.

The FAs are doing after meal drinks. What's on the cart were oolong tea, green tea, and coffee. Obviously, I chose the green tea as mentioned.

Items inside the lavatory, one item less in comparison to long-haul.

The sky after we pass Pong Hu... a little better now.

My seat on 3A. The pillow seems to be a little bit smaller than the ones from long-haul. I tried to make the seats recline as far as it can so my feet cannot land on the ground. It's not an angled lie-flat so you won't fell on it.

You can open it for foot rests.

The purser helped the aunt in front to recline down. I guess you can see how far it reclines in comparison to the seats on the left, right? Even when she reclines, we can still walk around freely.

This is a random picture of the cabin.

Arrival pathways in Hong Kong International Airport.

On the top is the departure pathways.

TV monitors that display transfer information. My gate for the CZ flight is located at 34.

The pictures from last time did not show too well about the transfer desks, so I took one more...

Photos of CI's Hong Kong lounge once again. Don't you love the dim sums?
I should just take Y next time... the airline food make me way too full to have any more than just 1 plate... what a waste!

You are allowed to be in the lounge if you are flying Dynasty Class with CI, or if you have a Gold Card when you fly in their Economy Class. You may enter the lounge if you hold an Emerald/Paragon Card whether you fly with them or not. If you fly to any destination to China right after, you may enter the lounge if you hold a Gold Card (which is me).

Can you see the fridges far out?

Operating Airline: China Airlines (CZ)
Operating Aircraft: Airbus A319
Flight Number: CZ 0304
Departure from Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) at 1320
Arrival at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN) at 1400

I thought it would be a good idea to take the trains to gate 34... I was wrong... I had to walk backwards. I was second to last to enter the plane... the ground staff has already left the cabin when I rush in.

A picture of BR's 747-400 when I just entered the boarding gate.

A picture of CZ's A319 (B-6220).

Another picture I took of the same 747-400 when I am inside the plane.

Today's complimentary cookie/drinks with wet towels

ANA's STAR ALLIANCE airplane at gate 102 of CAN, looks great!

Baggage claim in CAN... note that you can see the outside with the rubbers being teared at the entrance of the carousels.

Hope you enjoy this trip report... I am hoping for direct flights next time I fly to CAN from TPE!
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Sat May 03, 2008 9:26 pm

Yet another Nice TR from you!

The seats looked nice, but the covers seemed to be a bit worn out, maybe it's just me. The food realy looked nice and yummy. IMO that waterbottle you got on the second flight semmed like a big waste of natural resources, they could at least have given the bottle a normal capsule instead of the cup-ish one. Is the bottle recycled or is it just thrown in the garbage?

Thanks for sharing.
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Sun May 04, 2008 5:17 am

An error that I must correct, but I cannot find editing functions.

Operating Airline: China Southern Airlines (CZ)
Operating Aircraft: Airbus A319
Flight Number: CZ 0304
Departure from Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) at 1320
Arrival at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN) at 1400

To LH4116:

I think it should be a little bit worn out as it has been in service for quite some years. Glad you enjoy the food.

That's the style of the Watson's Bottle which has a style of a cup on it (but hardly ever came to a use and I would not want to use it cause I do not know if it's dirty or clean)... and yes I do agree it's a waste of natural resource. It can be recycled but typically there's no place for you to recycle it in China (other than specific luxurious places).
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Mon May 05, 2008 10:45 pm

Enjoyed the report very much. CI look's like a great airline, and personally I love their paint scheme. One of my best friends is from Taiwan and I hope I can visit the country one day. I consider Taiwan a country, and think it deserves to be one)

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Mon May 05, 2008 11:06 pm

Quoting ATLFlyer323 (Reply 3):
CI look's like a great airline,

I flew CI from LAX-BKK last year, not only was it a great value, but the service was outstanding.
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Tue May 06, 2008 12:02 am

The CI A340 looks like an ex-SQ bird. The seats are not automated right?
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Tue May 06, 2008 1:47 am


Cool report! When did you go? I'm surprised in that pic with the Airport Express advertisement there was no signs of Beijing 2008 Olympics. Also, it's a bit sad I didn't get to try CI when they did their stint at IAH. How was the service on CZ?

Thanks again for sharing!

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Tue May 06, 2008 7:56 am

To ATLFlyer323:

Thanks for your comment. Their interior painting is more on the comfortable scene and is iterating softness. Well, it has it's own government and president, but it's not widely accepted due to PRC scandals.

To AirCop:

I think most of the trips that stops to the Southeast Asia (bypass TPE) from North America usually gets a good deal. Recently I saw there's special fares from SFO to Southeast Asia as well during the peak season in summer... but I think price is about the same as last year's regular peak season price. After all, fuel rise does create a big problem in ticket pricing.

To Ryanair!!!:

I believe the SQ A343 was first given to Mandarin Airlines, and then later on sold. It's no longer with CI. Regarding whether these are automated seats or not, you can see from the ninth picture on this report, it's automated.

To AznMadSci:

This trip was taken on the last day of April this year. On the far side where you see orange banners... those are the Beijing 2008 posters. Also, you can see Beijing 2008 posters on the transfer counter picture as well. CI took out their IAH routes this Feb., but they are still doing cargo there, maybe they will return some day? I think it might be possible for them to return if they have planes that can fly non-stop to IAH, or if Canada/Japan allows fifth freedom from TPE to KIX/NRT/YVR then IAH.

For CZ, it was only a 45 minute flight, for Economy Class, there's basically no service except for the water and cookie distributed prior to flight takeoff... so it's hard to comment on anything for this leg. However, for previous trips I took from Guangzhou to Shanghai, then Dalian return, there's basically no services except for the meal and two drink (no alcohol in Economy) runs. The meal is the usual chicken rice, beef noodles, and then reverse w/beef rice, chicken noodles. If you do call bells, it's usually not answered unless done couple times (or you walk to the galley).
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Tue May 06, 2008 7:22 pm

Nice report and photo's, thanks.

CI have a lovely colour scheme, I'd really like to fly them one day, your and other TR's seem to indicate they provided a pretty decent level of service.

Quoting Coolfish1103 (Thread starter):
Pork chop in balsamic tomato sauce with green pea mashed potato

- What an interesting mix for a meal!

How was the CZ flight? - Loads, service etc, we don't see many CZ TR's or domestic/intl flights with Chinese airlines.


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Fri May 09, 2008 2:24 am

To BA319-131: It was a code-shared flight along with KA, and the cabin is about 50% full. Since it's only a 45 minute flight, there's virtually no services except for the complimentary cookies and water distributed. On other flights I flew with them (for about 90 min to 3 hours), they typically do a meal and two drink runs.

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