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People To People: Neth. & Bel. W/Pics (Pt. 2 Of 4)

Tue Jul 29, 2008 9:06 pm

TR 3: Part 2 of 4
People to People: Neth. & Bel. W/Pics (Pt. 2 of 4)

This TR visits The Netherlands and Belgium and explores the cities of:

-Rotterdam, Netherlands
-Amsterdam, Netherlands
-Brussels, Belgium

Also, there are some commercial aviation parts. If you want to get ahead to that part, just look for asterisks on the left marking some aviation related things!

-----The Netherlands
From Schiphol, we immediately started our activities by visiting an authentic Dutch farm that makes Dutch wooden clogs and Dutch cheese. When we got to the farm, we met up with another People to People (P2P) group! I think they were from Maryland, but I’m not too sure now. So, while the other group took the tour, we were let into the barn where this waited for us!

While most of us (including me) started to play and jump in the hay, we also took this time to meet with our new delegation manager, Mark. I knew these next two weeks will be crazy because if somebody calls “Mark”, we would both look to see who it is. The owner of the farm also had two daughters. They played with us and I offered them some of the American coins I had. Soon, she kept on asking people for some money! I heard she had $7 USD! She really hustled us.

Soon, it was our turn to go in. We watched how a piece of wood transformed into a Dutch clog. Soon, we learned how the Dutch make their famous cheese! We also learned that the farm has also been experimenting on making different cheeses like onion, Italian, and a chili pepper cheese! After that, we had a great lunch of toast, soup, cheese, and fruit. We were so happy to get some food in our stomachs because we didn’t have anything to eat after arriving at AMS.

After lunch, we went to the shop there at the farm. If we buy any wooden clogs (no matter what size) they will engrave anything you want on it for free. So, I got some small clogs and I got this engraved:

“7-14, UA964, IAD-AMS, 767-3”

I got it to remember my first UA flight, my first transatlantic, and the flight crew went Above and Beyond for me! After shopping, we went on a 6-mile bike ride! I only got these two pics.

After that, we were exhausted and slept on the bus on its way to Rotterdam. Our hotel was in Rotterdam, even though the next day, we had to go to Amsterdam. After we settled in to the Hilton Rotterdam, I went with a group to go get some stamps, and then afterwards, we went down the street to eat dinner and then headed back.

Our Hotel:

View from room:


The next morning after breakfast, we headed towards Amsterdam. When we arrived in Amsterdam, we first went to Dam Square. After walking past Madame Tussaud’s, we headed to Begijnhof, a nice and serene place that was a former home to people of a religious order. Soon, we headed to the floating flower market. We went around the area until noon, where we walked (for a LONG time) to a restaurant that gives you raw meat and you cook it yourself! FUN!! I thought the point of a restaurant was to eat cooked food, not to cook the food and then eat it. I wonder why they have a chef! So, after lunch, we walked to our cruise terminal to board a boat taking us around the city’s canals and port. Next, we walked to the Hard Rock Café Amsterdam and had dinner. After that, we walked to the Anne Frank Huis. My 7th grade History teacher spent almost half the year teaching about the Holocaust. It was mind-shattering to know that you are in the exact place where she stayed. Some 60 years ago, many Jews were suffering here. It’s mind-shattering.

Dam Square


Floating Flower Market

Canal Cruise

Anne Frank Huis

As we got out of the museum, there was a boat passing by celebrating somebody’s birthday. Well, that day also happened to be one of our leader’s birthday as well! We were soon talking about just crashing the boat’s birthday party as a gift to our leader for her birthday.

So, we were walking to our coach until our delegation got split up into three groups trying to cross the road. But our delegation leader (Mark) kept on moving with 2/3rds of our group still behind. By now, some people in our group called him "Cheese" (I don't know why). I didn't really call him cheese because I'm fine saying Mark (because I AM Mark). But, her didn't hear us, so in my loudest voice, I called out "CHEEEEESSEEEEEEEE!!" to get him to stop. When we all crossed the street, I noticed that Mark aka Cheese was standing under this sign:

All throughout the day, one thing I noticed about Europe: there are many AIRLINE OFFICES. In Amsterdam, I even went up to the EgyptAir office. I saw the following airlines:

-Surinam Airlines
-KLM/Air France
-Air Malta
-Air India

and a Modern "windmill"

As we got to the hotel, I was a little hungry, so I went with some of the delegates to grab some McDonald’s! The next day, we were heading to Brussels.

When we crossed the border, we rolled into a Total station and I got a water bottle the size of my head for 1,10 euro. Not bad!

Since we were running ahead of schedule, we were able to stop by the Atomnium!

Soon, we parked outside a travel-themed diner and walked towards the Grand Place.

Flemish and French: The Belgian Way!

As we arrived at the Grand Place, we split up and shopped!

Around noon, we met up again at the Grand Place and ate at a restaurant nearby.

After lunch, we visited the Manneken Pis and then to the Planete Chocolat for our private chocolate-making lesson. As we watched the chocolatier, we were also staring at the samples waiting for us! As we left the store with bags of chocolate, we were given some more free time to shop.
Me with Van Gogh's mime!

While in Brussels, I saw the airline offices of Turkish Airlines and I think MALEV. Sorry, no pics

Soon, we arrived at the Hilton Brussels. After putting my bags in my room, I joined some others to going to an ATM to go get some Euro. We were walking in the cold rain looking for an ATM! Kinda fun and I guess that could be a special experience. Soon, we returned to the hotel where a group of Asiana Airlines crew were checking in. At first, I was very hesitant to speak to them. But, I soon made my way to them and I found out that the captain is from the same city as my mom! He gave me his card and an Asiana sticker.
Weird statue of violins in lobby

View from my room:

So, we grabbed some dinner and had a nice Belgian waffle for dessert. When we went back to the hotel, we met more delegations coming in from France and the UK. There were delegations from New York and Pennsylvania.

After breakfast the next day, we were off to France.

I was a little sad that we couldn’t stay in Belgium a little longer. The Netherlands and Belgium were the countries I most wanted to visit.

The next part of the TR will cover France and The United Kingdom. This may be my longest one. After that, I will cover my UA919 flight from LHR-IAD. That last part includes 2 A380 SIGHTINGS (one on the tarmac, and another on LHR grounds)!

I hoped you enjoyed this TR and I hope you’ll read my next three!

Feel free to post comments!

Mark Jamias
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RE: People To People: Neth. & Bel. W/Pics (Pt. 2 O

Tue Jul 29, 2008 11:32 pm


You are so lucky. I love your pictures.
Makes me really want to go to Europe sooner than later if ya know what I mean.

For some reason I really like your third picture!

Waiting for parts 3 and 4!
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RE: People To People: Neth. & Bel. W/Pics (Pt. 2 Of 4)

Tue Jul 29, 2008 11:53 pm

Great report once again Mark!  Smile Thanks!

And yes, this is why I love living in Europe... in fact I leave tomorrow which is a sad day - no more gettin onto a jet and being in a new country in under an hour  Sad

Anyway, looking fwd to see ur other reports!
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RE: People To People: Neth. & Bel. W/Pics (Pt. 2 Of 4)

Wed Jul 30, 2008 12:41 am

Well done Mark! Cant wait to read the remaining two parts.  spin
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RE: People To People: Neth. & Bel. W/Pics (Pt. 2 Of 4)

Wed Jul 30, 2008 3:08 am

Ok! Part Three is out!!!!

Part 1-
Part 2-

PART 3!!!!-

Part 3 is a PHOTO ESSAY covering France and the UK with some funny pics at the end! Again, feel free to comment on the thread!
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RE: People To People: Neth. & Bel. W/Pics (Pt. 2 Of 4)

Wed Jul 30, 2008 3:39 am

These get better and better!!

I feel like on a scavenger hunt. I will post in each part until I get to the elusive letter!

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RE: People To People: Neth. & Bel. W/Pics (Pt. 2 Of 4)

Wed Jul 30, 2008 4:39 pm

Alright! Part 4 is out!!! The 4th part covers UA919 and my experiences in LHR and IAD. This TR has 2 A380 sightings and a ride on the 777! Here are the hyperlinks:





This video below is the music video for Don't Stop Me Now by Queen. Our delegation manager played this song evryday to wake us up. We called it "the Morning Song" At first, is was annoying, but now, all of us miss that song. Most of us know it by heart now  spin !

"Don't Stop Me Now" (The Morning Song) by Queen!
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RE: People To People: Neth. & Bel. W/Pics (Pt. 2 Of 4)

Fri Aug 01, 2008 3:13 am

Very good!

I think I will hold my other comments for parts 3 and 4...

Liam spin 
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RE: People To People: Neth. & Bel. W/Pics (Pt. 2 Of 4)

Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:38 pm

OK, ANTIX, here is the copy of the letter that you O so wanted. I would normally ask you to add me to your RU list, but I'm not gonna be that cruel today (Ignore the parentheses that say do not copy, just making sure nobody copies and pastes:

July 13, 2008
Dear United Airlines F/A,

My name is Mark Jamias and I am traveling with People to People Student Ambassador Programs to tour Europe. I also have a strong passion for commercial aviation. I have done edits concerning the Star Alliance and key airports in US Airways Magazine, the in-flight magazine for US Airways. I have been to the US Airways headquarters in Tempe, Arizona and the AirTran Airways HQ in Orlando, Florida. I have also done bookings and price checks for my family and friends that are traveling. Just in the past school year, I finished up a project where I created contacts with many Star Alliance member airlines and I have recently joined an online commercial aviation forum.


This trip is very special to me. This is my first time going to Europe, first time traveling with People to People, and most importantly, my first time flying United Airlines. Most of the time, I fly US Airways. United will be my second Star Alliance airline I would have flown. Also, on my first leg, UA946 from IAD-AMS, will earn me enough mileage to get my award ticket on my US Airways Dividend Miles account. Then, my other leg, UA919 from LHR-IAD, will be my first trip on the B777.


Since I’ve flown US a lot, I always see the passengers connecting onto UA flights. When I’ve traveled to SFO and ORD, I’ve always wanted to fly UA after watching lots of UA planes taxi by. I am so happy to get the chance to fly United and I’m sure my experience will not disappoint.


I would like to know the registration number on this aircraft for my records and I would also like to know if I may please have a spare safety card from this aircraft and any UA pins. It would really mean a lot to me as a reminder of my first trip to Europe and my first experience with UA.


I hope that you have a good day!

Best Regards,

Mark Jamias


I hope you learn from this beatiful letter  Smile. Make it your own and just tell them what you want to say.
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RE: People To People: Neth. & Bel. W/Pics (Pt. 2 Of 4)

Wed Aug 06, 2008 5:27 pm

Quoting AF340 (Reply 7):
I think I will hold my other comments for parts 3 and 4..

Yeah, me too. I'm eagerly looking forward to them!
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RE: People To People: Neth. & Bel. W/Pics (Pt. 2 Of 4)

Sun Aug 10, 2008 12:36 am

Quoting UltimateDelta (Reply 9):
Quoting AF340 (Reply 7):
I think I will hold my other comments for parts 3 and 4..

Yeah, me too. I'm eagerly looking forward to them!

You do know they are

Quoting StarAlliance38 (Reply 6):


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