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People To People AA 133 JFK-LAX (No Pics)

Sat Aug 09, 2008 7:20 pm

June 26, 2008
AA 133
Scheduled Deaprt 3:55 P.m.
Actual Depart 7:35 P.M.
Boeing 767-200
Check in
Everything went really well. Staff was very nice and very helpful. Checked us in through our Destination of SYD.
Security went fine.
Got to the gate. I had never been in the American terminal at JFK. I have to say its very nice. Me and my buddies got some food a prepared for our long journey. A long journey that was about to get longer.
We were all ready when at about 3:00 they alerted us that they were having maintenance issues with our aircraft and we wouldn't board until 4:00. So we waited and then we were told 5 than 6 than 7. Once I boarded the flight and sat down my seat was wet! I alerted the Flight attendant and she just shrugged and walked away. Once we finally were ready we had to wait even longer because of issues loading bags. And then of course someone wouldn't get off their cell phone! So when we finally got going and headed toward the runway I saw QF 108. I was hoping that was our flight to SYD. BUt wrong! We had 12. Then finally we got on the ground we were told we got on 107 but when we went for our tickets it was oversold! How stressful! So we had to get our bags and wait until the next night!
I thought AA's service was 3 stars out of 5. There were some nice flight attendants but we also had some extremely rude ones. I was angry about the delay but what made me even more upset was how rude they were in LAX.
Look at sweatpants guy. This is a 90 million dollar aircraft, not a Tallahassee strip club

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