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AA Y AUS-BNA; AA F TYS-AUS + 777, Pics And Vids

Tue Oct 14, 2008 4:37 am

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to my next trip report, just a weekend trip to Tennessee to visit relatives, before returning back home for school.

Be sure to check out my other TRs

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Not a whole lot of background for this flight. Booked the tickets with relative ease , the only problem was I kept getting unlucky when trying to buy the tickets, and right before the purchase page, it repeatedly said the lowest fare had changed. As a result, I wound up having to call them, which was frustrating. Nevertheless, sooner rather than later, day of departure arrived.

Thursday, October 2nd

I woke up about 7:15 for my 9:25 flight. I was pretty tired, but I always manage to wake up fairly easily when I get to fly. My parents and I left (in two separate cars, since they were staying in TN longer, and I had to get back to school) around 7:30, and arrived at the airport about 8. My check-in was painless, with the self-service machine, but my parents, who were in the F line, had to wait considerably longer, due to some problem with the family in front of them. Kinda funny/ironic, really. An uneventful trip through security found me airside, and hungry. With more than an hour until my flight left, my first task was to venture over to the gate and try to nab an exit row on one or both of my flights. I headed over to gate 13, and the friendly gate agent hooked me up with 21F on my AUS-DFW flight, but no luck on my DFW-BNA flight (she offered me an exit row aisle, but a true plane freak would never accept such things  Wink). I asked the captain who was standing at the counter to fill my data sheet out, and he obliged. Then, I headed over to the Maudie's (Tex-Mex) in the airport to get some breakfast tacos, and scarfed those down. Shortly thereafter, boarding with the new Priority AAccess lines began, and I made my way onboard with my parents, who were in the row in front of me for this flight.

AA 446 (second time on this flight in three months)

Scheduled Departure: 0925
Out: 0918
Departure Gate: 13
Seat: 21F
Departure Runway: 17R
Off: 0930
Cruising Altitude: FL 230
Cruising Airspeed: 300 KIAS (450 kts GS)
Arrival Runway: 36L
On: 1008
Arrival Gate: A15
Scheduled Arrival:1025
In: 1016

AA446, according to FlightAware

For anybody who's ever read my trip reports, they already know how this flight goes. Taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise (for about 5 minutes), descend, land, taxi to gate. It's so bland/routine, and this flight was no exception. A few pictures and videos:


Takeoff from AUS



Apple Juice (I don't know why, but apple juice always tastes better in these little cups, probably because the only time I ever have them is when I'm flying, where EVERYTHING is better)  Smile

Descending into DFW, using the speed brakes.

Landing at DFW

N538AT, my ride from SXM-SJU last year. Now at DFW. Small world.

After landing, we had a relatively direct (aka not one of those land on 18R, taxi across the Bravo bridge, taxi north on Kilo to the A or C terminal...takes forever) taxi across the Yankee bridge to A15. The most important thing on this flight in my eyes is that it's on time, and today we were early. So far, so good.

Connection in DFW

We had almost two hours in DFW, so I walked over to the AA Employee Store, and browsed around. I wound up buying a shirt. I headed down to my gate at C27, and chatted with the captain for a while. I asked him to fill out my data sheet, and again, he was happy to do it. I switched my seat to 7F, the bulkhead, nice and quiet up there (compare the difference in the videos). I went over to TGI Friday's and grabbed a turkey sandwich to go. Shortly thereafter, we began boarding.

AA 2024

Scheduled Departure: 1220
Out: 1217
Departure Gate: C27
Seat: 7F
Departure Runway: 35L
Off: 1229
Cruising Altitude: FL 350
Cruising Airspeed: Mach .745 (434 KTAS)
Arrival Runway: 20R
On: 1353
Arrival Gate: C3
Scheduled Arrival:1410
In: 1400

AA2024, according to FlightAware

This was a very pleasant flight. It started with a chat with the flight attendant who was standing at the beginning of Y about lots of things from management to football, and continued with our purser, Tony, and his jokes. Everything has become so monotonous and impersonal, it's always refreshing to see people like Tony try and lighten the mood. Judging from the laughs, he succeeded. I took a video of part of his safety announcement, there's nothing to see out the window (and sorry about the breathing).

Safety Announcement

We taxied down to 35L, where we were about 4th in line for takeoff. Shortly after, we lurched onto 35L, and away we went.

Takeoff from DFW

After takeoff we turned to the northeast to join the departure.

DFW in the distance on a hazy day.

We climbed to cruising altitude, and the flight attendants came by with some Premium Snack Mix. My parents were in 6 A & B, so they hooked me up with some before coach got it. I enjoyed my sandwich from TGI Fridays, and a whole can of Sprite. I've noticed on AA that except on my short hops from AUS-DFW and vice versa, I've always been given the whole can. Always appreciated. The flight continued uneventfully, and after a surprisingly short time, we began our decent.

A fire somewhere in Arkansas

Descending into BNA

BNA on the downwind for 20R

We turned to the north over downtown Nashville for our downwind for landing back to the south. Shortly afterward, we turned back to the east on base, and then south for final.

Landing in BNA (stay tuned at the end for some more funnies from Tony)

After an awesome welcome to Nashville, we made a leisurely (and by leisurely I mean slow LOL) taxi to the gate, where we arrived 10 minutes ahead of schedule. Good job AA!

Gate C3

I stopped by the cockpit to get my data sheet, and compliment the F/O on a nice landing

MD-82 cockpit

We waited around for the bags for quite a while, but got them, and hit the road for Chattanooga, then Knoxville on Saturday.

Sunday, October 5th

After a pleasant trip in Tennessee, accompanied by some marvelous scenery in the Smokies, it was time to head back home. Suffice to say, I was looking forward to this the most, because of the Triple in First. Before that, however, here are a couple of pictures from the trip,


Beautiful scenery out my room window

I got dropped off at McGhee-Tyson airport around 12:30 for my 2:45 flight (not quite sure why it was so early), I had my boarding passes in hand and was through security about 12:40. I stopped off at Ruby Tuesday to watch some of the Titans game. I snapped a few pictures of the terminal.

Looking back toward gates 1-4

Looking toward the other end

Gate 4, my gate

I chatted with the F.O. who had overnighted in Knoxville, and based on my camera and data sheet, he knew that the report was going on a.net. We talked for quite a bit until the plane got here about flying and getting hired by the airlines. I also had a really nice chat with the flight attendant, Sue, who was very nice, and took good care of me. After a while, our ER4, N689EC, arrived from Chicago.


The passengers deplaned, and we began boarding shortly thereafter.

Boarding AE3909

Cabin Shot

AE 3909

Scheduled Departure: 1445
Out: 1442
Departure Gate: 4
Seat: 10A, moved to 11C
Departure Runway: 23L
Off: 1457
Cruising Altitude: FL 320
Cruising Airspeed: --
Arrival Runway: 4R
On: 1517
Arrival Gate: G1A
Scheduled Arrival:1535
In: 1525

AE3909, according to FlightAware

We pushed back early, and taxied to 23L. We waited around for quite a while before taking our position.

Takeoff from TYS


We climbed out, turned back to the northwest, then northeast to join the departure. Our flight today took us just past CVG.


Sue did an excellent job making sure everyone in the cabin was comfortable, and she even gave me a free bag of cashews!


The flight was otherwise uneventful, and shortly after, we began our descent into ORD.

The view outside on descent

We descended into a cloudy ORD, and approached from the SSE. We flew right past US Cellular Field, where about 45 minutes later, the Chicago White Sox would lose to the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays.

US Cellular Field

Downtown Chicago

Turning to final

Landing at ORD

The F/O told me not to criticize his landing, or be too hard on him in my report, because he's been in a bit of a rut. Well Aaron, your second landing was outstanding!  Wink I honestly thought it looked pretty good coming in, just came down a bit hard the first time. After landing, we taxied to the gate, and I went up to get a copy of the ACARS times printout. I took a quick shot of the cockpit, too.

Terminal M excitement

ER4 Cockpit

Connection in ORD

I had about 4 hours in Chicago, so I headed up to the Admirals Club to watch my Cowboys, and watch some planes.

KL 744

Aer Lingus A330

RJ 342

N794AN Tail

AA 763

BA 744

UA 772

Air One 333

AF 332

Atlas Air 744

And of course the obligatory AA Maddog shot

After what felt like a real long time, I ventured down to an insanely crowded K12 boarding area. I think a lot of it was overflow because K14 was AA 292 to Delhi.

Boarding began shortly after.

I love walking UP to get to a plane

AA 47

Scheduled Departure: 1915
Out: 1921
Departure Gate: K12
Seat: 1A
Departure Runway: 22L
Off: 1944
Cruising Altitude: FL 400
Cruising Airspeed: 460 TAS
Arrival Runway: 17C
On: 2131
Arrival Gate: D30
Scheduled Arrival: 2135
In: 2140

AA47, according to FlightAware

Seat 1A

More Seat 1A

We pushed back a little late, and made a slow taxi to 22L.

Flagship Tulsa

What more can I say about the Flagship Suite. It's so beautiful, and so comfortable. The service was great, but we were only served a cheese pizza, and then cookies. The pizza was delicious, but it was less than had been offered previously on this flight (admittedly, it is now later than it was back then). The service was good, but some of the F/As seemed a little...off. There weren't as many smiles as I've normally seen, but they were perfectly pleasant.

No more pics and/or vids the rest of the way, as it was too dark, unfortunately. I settled in to watch some movie (strangely enough, I can't even remember what it was, now), and even tried to sleep a little. My philosophy is no matter how short the fligh, or what time of day, in the FS, you have to at least put it into bed mode for a little bit.

We landed a bit late, and I went up to the cockpit for a little while to chat with the pilots. Eventually, I had to basically drag myself off my favorite aircraft, and back to the world of Super 80s.

Connection in DFW

I had a little less than an hour in DFW, so I stopped by Mickie D's for a little bite to eat, and made my way over to A13 for my flight to AUS. We started boarding very shortly after I got there.

AA 2426

Scheduled Departure: 2235
Out: 2231
Departure Gate: A13
Seat: 5F
Departure Runway: 17R
Off: 2240
Cruising Altitude: FL 220
Cruising Airspeed: Mach .7/ 440 KTAS
Arrival Runway: 17R
On: 2313
Arrival Gate: 13
Scheduled Arrival: 2325
In: 2319

Another uneventful flight, but the flight attendants were very nice on this late flight. Landed early, and had no trouble retrieving my bag, where my most recent trip came to an end.

Hope you all enjoyed my report. As always, comments, questions, criticism are always welcome.

Cheers and Hook'em Horns!
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RE: AA Y AUS-BNA; AA F TYS-AUS + 777, Pics And Vid

Tue Oct 14, 2008 4:12 pm

Quoting Longhornmaniac (Thread starter):
Descending into DFW, using the speed brakes.

Man.... what humiliatingly small speed brakes, haha.

Boeing definitely has better, a "man's" set of speed brakes Big grin

Quoting Longhornmaniac (Thread starter):
UA 772

Ohhh man, is that N217UA?? If yes, I got on that plane KWI-IAD last spring break, haha. Good catch, Mr Holland!!

Quoting Longhornmaniac (Thread starter):
Seat 1A

Oh man, that looks nice. What's with the footrest seatbelts though?

Anyhow Mr Holland, nice TR and congrats on another journey closer to your Gold status. Have you got it yet, btw?? Anyhow, you really do seem to be flirting with death, with flying on as many ERJ's and RR-powered 777's as you do......

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RE: AA Y AUS-BNA; AA F TYS-AUS + 777, Pics And Vids

Tue Oct 14, 2008 7:12 pm


Another great trip report. I always enjoy reading and commenting on yours. I wish I had the dedication and time to write about my trips. I'm home from Asia for a day, back to Memphis for training, and home Saturday. Off all next week. Taking care of my grandfather. Huts. Do it.

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RE: AA Y AUS-BNA; AA F TYS-AUS + 777, Pics And Vids

Tue Oct 14, 2008 8:27 pm

I must say you seem to spend all your time at airports eating! I am sure you are a foodie at heart?
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RE: AA Y AUS-BNA; AA F TYS-AUS + 777, Pics And Vids

Wed Oct 15, 2008 12:01 pm

Outstanding report, really really enjoyed it.
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RE: AA Y AUS-BNA; AA F TYS-AUS + 777, Pics And Vids

Fri Oct 17, 2008 1:47 am


Once again a great report! Fun to read this since I am off on my own AA trip which should if my calculation is correct get me Gold Elite Status too like you! Personal thanks again Cam for bringing it to my attention!

As always you manage to get a 777 in your trip no matter where you go in the USA! It's nice! haha

Tomorrow I am off to fly STL-ORD-PHL on the MD...Errr Transpac787 would shoot me.. I mean Super 80  Wink Happy Bro?!  Silly

Great report!

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RE: AA Y AUS-BNA; AA F TYS-AUS + 777, Pics And Vids

Fri Oct 17, 2008 3:53 am

Quoting Longhornmaniac (Thread starter):
N538AT, my ride from SXM-SJU last year. Now at DFW. Small world.

You seem to have a lot of "run ins" with planes you previously saw/flew. Great report and pics as usual, thanks for posting!
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RE: AA Y AUS-BNA; AA F TYS-AUS + 777, Pics And Vids

Fri Oct 17, 2008 10:44 am

I have to say, I love the Nashville Airport, so was cool to see it. great TR and thanks for posting!

Can I have a mojito on this flight?
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RE: AA Y AUS-BNA; AA F TYS-AUS + 777, Pics And Vids

Sat Oct 18, 2008 5:11 pm

What a cool trip report! Nice pics and comment as always. Loved Tim the funny flight attendant, but what's up with the Darth Vader breath? Just kidding.

Man, that FO knew he was a star in that report, but his first landing left a little to be desired, so I'm glad he decided to land again on 4R shortly after.

Congrats on getting seat 1A on AA47! I flew the same flight 2 days before you (Friday the 3rd) and had my first ever middle seat in business. 13E--definitely the most comfortable middle seat in the air!

Great trip report! Thanks for sharing
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RE: AA Y AUS-BNA; AA F TYS-AUS + 777, Pics And Vids

Sat Oct 18, 2008 6:01 pm

Great TR

The pics and videos are really nice

Quoting Longhornmaniac (Thread starter):
A fire somewhere in Arkansas

Wow, that looks really bad. But the cloud formation is amazing.

Thank you for sharing

Work Hard, Fly Right
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RE: AA Y AUS-BNA; AA F TYS-AUS + 777, Pics And Vids

Fri Oct 31, 2008 4:07 am

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the kind comments! As always, they are much appreciated.

Quoting Rdwootty (Reply 3):
I must say you seem to spend all your time at airports eating! I am sure you are a foodie at heart?

 rotfl  I must be. LOL! I guess it's just because with air travel being what it is these days, I'm never sure if I'm going to ever eat again! :-P

Thanks again, everyone!


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