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HKG-LHR Rtn On SIA (SQ 744/380/77W) Part 2

Sun Dec 07, 2008 4:37 am


First off, apologies for the very late posting of this trip report – I promised it in September, so December isn’t too bad! Unfortunately, however, time has taken it’s toll on my memory, and I also don’t have the menus to hand (not sure where they are), so some details are a little sketchy. Also, I’ve been having some issues with the photos (not sure if it’s me, photobucket, or what, but they might not be displayed below. If not, you can see the slideshow (which should roughly match up chronologically) here:

SIN-HKG/?albumview=slideshow" target=_blank>

If this doesn't link correctly (I have a sinking feeling that it doesn't, go to the photobucket homepage, search for user 'shefgab', then look for the SQ LHR-SIN-HKG album. Sorry, technology has finally gto the better of me.

As always, comments are appreciated. Thanks for reading.

You can see part one here:

After a month in the UK, it was time to head back to Hong Kong. I took the train into London from St.Albans, met up with my sister at the Euston Pizza Express for an early dinner (she also gave me a bag full of sushi, which was appreciated later on…) before I took the Piccadilly line down to Heathrow as I’ve done every time I’ve left from Heathrow this year.

I arrived at Heathrow Terminal 3 around 1930, so plenty of time to check in etc. I’d already checked in the night before online (I preselected my seats on the upper deck when I booked in June), so wasn’t worried about getting bad seats. My Dad and little sister would be joining me in Hong Kong for the first week I was back. My Dad spent the last week of August in India though, so we’d be meeting up in Hong Kong. My little sister was on the Jet Airways flight leaving the next morning (connecting in Mumbai (BOM), and meeting up with my Dad there, so they’d arrive together). My flights (I’d booked them to get on the A380 and B77W) weren’t fantastically timed, with a long overnight layover in Singapore. I thought, seeing as I was in no rush for once, I’d see if they needed any volunteers to fly the next day. I was definitely up for a night in a nice hotel, an upgrade the next day or some VDB compensation, so I queued up at the service desk before checking in. I wait for ten minutes, and the queue wasn’t going anywhere, so I gave up, and joined the normal check in line.

Terminal 3 is very cramped, and the queuing area was far too small to fit all the passengers of a fully booked A380. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait too long before a desk became free, and I was called forward. There was a bit of a delay (20 minutes…) as I didn’t have a Chinese visa, or a return ticket (needed for foreigners entering HK). I had a print out of my United flights to Singapore though, so they eventually accepted them as proof that I would leave. I also asked if they needed any volunteers to go on the next day’s flight, but the guy said no.

London (LHR) – Singapore (SIN)
August 2008
Scheduled: 2205-1755
Actual: 0007-1924
SQ 321
A380-800 9V-SKE (delivered 27th June 2008), 10th A380 built, 5th in passenger service

I went though security, which was understandably very busy – Sunday evening, at the end of August. There were very seats available, but I managed to find one next to the Starbucks in the middle of the main departure hall. It was watching the FIDS monitor that I noticed that the flight was delayed until 2230, hardly the end of the world (25 minutes), but annoying nevertheless. I also noted that the earlier SQ flight (SQ319, scheduled to depart at 1830 was now also delayed until 2230. There had been some localised flooding earlier in the afternoon, so I assume that that was the cause of the delays, though no other flights were as bad at the SQ319.

SIN-HKG/IMGP0476.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0476.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

T3 departure Lounge (notice the model SQ A380 on the roof)
SIN-HKG/IMGP0475.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0475.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

At around 2215, a gate was announced for both my flight, and the earlier one, and there was a cascade of passengers heading for the gates. I got to the gate fairly early, so managed to get a seat next to the boarding door. Hundreds of people continued to stream though the gates entrance for about half an hour. A 2230 departure was a far off dream by now.

SQ 321 tonight is operated by 9V-SKE, the same plane as the one I came over in
SIN-HKG/IMGP0480.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0480.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

Around 2240, they started to board. The plane, as was expected, was still looking clean and fresh, as were the cabin crew. The flight was 100% full, no empty rows on the lower deck like last time unfortunately. The time slowly ticked by, and nothing much was said by the cabin crew as to why we were delayed. Finally, at around 2330, we left the stand. We reached the end of the runway around 2355, and finally took off 0007, over 2 hours late. Interestingly, I saw the SQ 319 B744 just behind us in the line for take off, so it seems like Singapore Airlines was having a tough evening.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve forgotten most of the details of what was served etc, so I can’t tell you what the options for dinner were, other than I had quite a nice beef and mashed potato for dinner:
SIN-HKG/IMGP0481.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0481.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

And fried rice and char siew pork for breakfast/lunch:
SIN-HKG/IMGP0482.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0482.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

Due to the very late departure, the crew served the meals as soon as they could. Once the trays were cleared, the lights were dimmed, and most people I think went to sleep, including myself. I managed about 7 hours of sleep, which was pretty good. Most of the window shades were kept down for the flight. I opened mine a bit after I woke up, but it was blindingly bright, and cloud cover was 100%, so shut it again almost immediately. If you want to see more interior pics of the A380, see part one which has a lot.

Breakfast/lunch/dinner (depending on what time your internal body clock was on) was served about 2 hours before landing.

We didn’t make up much of the delay, and landed after dusk, which meant that it had been dark for an awfully long time. On the plus side, there were some very nice views out of the window on our approach into Singapore. I really like the A380 wing.

SIN-HKG/IMGP0483.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0483.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>
SIN-HKG/IMGP0484.jpg" border=0>
SIN-HKG/IMGP0486.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0486.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>
Flying over some Indonesian Islands
SIN-HKG/IMGP0489.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0489.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

I wasn’t in a rush to disembark (I now had fifteen and half hours to make my connection!), but quite a few people were desperate to get off to make their flights, including a lot of people heading to Bali. I savoured my last few minutes on the A380, before I disembarked.

On my outbound flight, I had barely any time to have a look around the new Terminal 3. This time, however, I had more than enough. I didn’t want to spend the entire time inside the terminal though, so I filled in my arrivals card, and headed out though immigration.

As I was leaving the arrivals area, I noticed that SQ 319, which left Heathrow after us, had actually arrived before us. Does the B744 fly faster, or did they just get lucky?
SIN-HKG/IMGP0490.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0490.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

I got a train from the airport down to Orchard Road, and spent an hour or two walking along, taking in the sights. I had a Singapore Chicken Rice for dinner, which was pretty good, then sat in a Starbucks for a while, and used the internet.

SIN-HKG/IMGP0491.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0491.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>
SIN-HKG/IMGP0493.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0493.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>
SIN-HKG/IMGP0495.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0495.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

I caught one of the last trains back to the airport for the night, as I didn’t want to stay in a hotel in town. Originally, I though I might spend the night clubbing, but then remembered what happened in Armenia, and though better of it.

Thanks to the jetlag, I was now wide awake, despite it being after midnight when I got back to the airport. I thought that it would be a good opportunity to get to know the lie of the land, and have a stroll. I went to the viewing mall, which had views of black nothingness, which was a bit disappointing.

SIN-HKG/IMGP0498.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0498.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

Terminal 3 has a rather strange layout. You can walk right over the departure area from the landside area, which give some interesting views of the terminal.
SIN-HKG/IMGP0499.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0499.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>
SIN-HKG/IMGP0496.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0496.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>
SIN-HKG/IMGP0497.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0497.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>
SIN-HKG/IMGP0501.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0501.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

There was a sports bar in the viewing mall area, so I sat down and had a rather expensive Tiger beer.
SIN-HKG/IMGP0500.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0500.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

Taken at 0252. My 1100 flight is still a long way away.
SIN-HKG/IMGP0509.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0509.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>
The empty terminal
SIN-HKG/IMGP0510.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0510.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>
SIN-HKG/IMGP0511.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0511.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

Once I finished my beer, I thought I’d go back airside, and try and get some shuteye, to avoid being completely out of it the next day. There are some nice chaise-longues dotted around, so I sat down and tried to sleep.
SIN-HKG/IMGP0502.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0502.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep. After about 30 minutes of getting very bored, I thought I go and find the 24 hour shop, then go to the cinema. I bought some beers, then when to see what was showing. I watched the end of PS I love you, then DOA: Dead or Alive, then Hostage. It was pretty relaxing sitting in there with my beers! I like Changi Airport!
SIN-HKG/IMGP0504.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0504.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

Once I was bored of the cinema, I headed to the Butterfly Garden. Singapore is really good with building outside gardens in the airport. There’s a butterfly one, cactus one and a sunflower one to name a few.
SIN-HKG/IMGP0515.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0515.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

From there, I went to the Premier Lounge, and had a shower to wake myself up.. It was only SGD 8, which I thought was a pretty reasonable price.

As the first ‘normal’ passengers of the day started to trickle into the terminal for the early morning flights, I thought I was my duty as an anetter to all the entire way around the airport. After all, I had more than enough time.

First stop was Terminal 1 which whilst being the oldest terminal, is not without charm.
SIN-HKG/IMGP0518.jpg" width="600" height="800" border=0>

Terminal 1 houses most foreign airlines including Cathay Pacific
SIN-HKG/IMGP0534.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0534.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

The cactus garden
SIN-HKG/IMGP0537.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0537.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

Whilst walking around exploring, I found this enormous empty area on the top floor of T1. Anyone know what used to be there/they’re planning on putting there?
SIN-HKG/IMGP0531.jpg" width="600" height="800" border=0>

From T1, I went to T2, home of Singapore airlines’ flights to less important destinations (e.g. SE Asia, India, Middle East), as well as Silk Air, and few others. The ‘big’ destinations (Western Europe, Japan, US) all go from newer T3.
SIN-HKG/IMGP0519.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0519.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>
SIN-HKG/IMGP0521.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0521.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>
SIN-HKG/IMGP0522.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0522.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>
SIN-HKG/IMGP0529.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0529.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

MAS pushing back for the first flight of the day to Kuala Lumpur
SIN-HKG/IMGP0526.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0526.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

I managed to get a very blurry picture of UA 895 (B744) en route for Hong Kong (I took this flight in October).
SIN-HKG/IMGP0527.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0527.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

An ANA B763 in the Star Alliance livery waiting to return to Tokyo
SIN-HKG/IMGP0535.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0535.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

Changi Airport now have a fully automated people mover which links all the terminals, which is pretty handy for connections.
SIN-HKG/IMGP0532.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0532.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>
SIN-HKG/IMGP05332.jpg" border=0>

I wonder if an IL86 or IL96 will ever park in T3? Have SQ got any orders pending?
SIN-HKG/IMGP0536.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0536.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

I got back to T3 just over an hour before my flight to Hong Kong. Here’s my B77W:
SIN-HKG/IMGP0539.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0539.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

The sky turned very black all of a sudden, and pretty much out of nowhere, it was pissing it down. I hoped my bags wouldn’t get wet.

A SQ A380-800
SIN-HKG/IMGP0542.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0542.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>
SIN-HKG/IMGP0546.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0546.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

The best free internet café in the world?
SIN-HKG/IMGP0544.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0544.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

Boarding started around 1020. The security people found one of my plastic corkscrews in my backpack, and said it’d be delivered to me in HKG (I forgot to pick it up). You notice I said one of them. The other managed to do a few more flights before it was finally found (again in Singapore) before I flew to HKG on United. It just goes to show, that not airport security is that good, which is quite worrying.
SIN-HKG/IMGP0547.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0547.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

I love the wide open airbridges in T3
SIN-HKG/IMGP0548.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0548.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

Another anetter?
SIN-HKG/IMGP0549.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0549.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>

Wet, wet, wet
SIN-HKG/IMGP0550.jpg" target=_blank>SIN-HKG/IMGP0550.jpg" width=650 height=488 alt="" border=0>
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RE: HKG-LHR Rtn On SIA (SQ 744/380/77W) Part 2

Sun Dec 07, 2008 5:32 am

something is wrong with all your links
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RE: HKG-LHR Rtn On SIA (SQ 744/380/77W) Part 2

Sun Dec 07, 2008 5:56 am

Quoting Jkj777 (Reply 1):
something is wrong with all your links

Hmm, yeah I thought so.

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RE: HKG-LHR Rtn On SIA (SQ 744/380/77W) Part 2

Tue Dec 09, 2008 2:56 am


I have made this mistake previously when I added the "-" into my link. Try using the underscore instead or just do away with it altogether. I have since learnt that *, -, :, ;, @, / etc are all symbols you should avoid when creating file names.

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RE: HKG-LHR Rtn On SIA (SQ 744/380/77W) Part 2

Tue Dec 09, 2008 7:15 pm

Maybe you couldl ask the moderators to delete this thread so you can repost it?

Make sure you save the text somewhere though if you do !
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RE: HKG-LHR Rtn On SIA (SQ 744/380/77W) Part 2

Sun Dec 14, 2008 9:35 am

Hi Gabriel,

Nice report, shame the pictures were not working in the post, nice to have them match up with the text.

Quoting Gabrielchew (Thread starter):
SQ 321 tonight is operated by 9V-SKE, the same plane as the one I came over in

- What a shame, real bad luck!



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