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DL LGW-ATL 4/29/09

Wed Apr 29, 2009 9:56 pm

Just returned from a quick trip to London today. Flew into LHR last Saturday morning 4/25 on DL10. Nothing new there, typical 767-3 but flying home this morning on the A330 sure makes those 767 look tatty. Might be my imagination but I felt the seat pitch on the 333 was more generous than the outbound 763 although I do have a gripe about foot room noted below.

The interior is bright, clean and, unless Joe Blow knew it was a NW aircraft, the blue interior could easily be Delta's. Check in was at DL's ticket desk, the crew was NW and the onboard announcements were a blend of both. "Thank you for flying NW, a subsidiary of Delta." "Welcome to Delta flight 811" "Northwest is a proud partner of Skyteam, visit us online at nwa.com" "Your trip today will earn you xxxx World Perk miles."

I guess it's not a big deal but I thought the brand would have been more cohesive at this point. More use of Delta terms and less Northwest, etc.

Seat 15A according to seatguru is good but I disagree. I had zero room under the seat in front of me due to the avod box. The only good part was it kept my feet warm even though I couldn't stretch out. My bigger whine is about the onboard power port. It's near the floor and the only way to access it is by feeling around with your fingers and trying to fit the charger into the receptacle. I think you need an adapter because my two pronged US plug wouldn't go in. I'm not sure why as I couldn't see and am not limber enough to fold myself in half for a closer look. According to Sky magazine, the A330's have power ports but not USB ports. Either way, I was screwed because my iPod's battery was dead.

The crew was great although it was amusing, on arrival in to ATL, to crawl along the taxi way, stop, wait, crawl some more, turn around, stop, wait, etc. I imagine the flightdeck is still learning its way around their new home. Cabin crew was senior but happy and smiling.
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RE: DL LGW-ATL 4/29/09

Thu Apr 30, 2009 10:05 am

great TR. thanks for sharing!

cheers : DALelite
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