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AR Domestic: AEP-REL-AEP (with Pics)

Fri Jun 26, 2009 6:38 pm

Hey all,

Welcome back to a short TR, flying domestic with Aerolineas Argentinas to Peninsula Valdes (a UNESCO World Heritage Site/ National Park), to see some whales!

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During my studies down here in Buenos Aires, a couple of friends and I decided to go explore Argentina a bit during a couple of long weekends. The first of these trips was to Puerto Madryn/ Peninsula Valdes via Trelew’s airport (REL). The trip was booked through a travel agent down here, and the cost for the airfare was about $270 USD.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We arrived at the airport about 3:15 for our 5:45 flight. I was a little unsure of what to expect, since I’d heard Aerolineas was pretty disorganized. That, combined with a little bit of a language barrier, I was glad we arrived 2:30 early.

AEP check-in

As it turns out, everything went smoothly, we got our boarding passes after a very short wait, and decided to explore a bit. We went to the ATM and a magazine stand, and wound up upstairs on the departure level. With plenty of time to kill, we decided to sit down at the food court, which is outside security. I was actually very impressed with how nice Aeroparque was, it looks like they’ve invested quite a bit of money remodeling the 2nd floor. You can certainly see what it used to look like downstairs, it’s very dark and shoddy, but upstairs it’s a whole ‘nether world. Lots of glass, full-length windows, very bright, and modern. The food court has quite a selection, including La Madeline, a sushi place, as well as several other, more traditional Argentine restaurants. We ate there and just relaxed for a bit, before deciding to go on through security. At this point, we still didn’t know what gate our flight was at, so after making it through without any incident (a note about Argentine security: they’ve got it figured out. None of this hassling, ridiculous trekking through security. You put your bags on the belt, empty all of the metal out of your pockets, and walk through. No stupid bags with all of your tiny liquid bottles, or shoes on the belt. No computers all by themselves in a bin. It’s security, not an invasion of privacy…ugh I hate the TSA). After we made it through security, AEP surprised me once again with how roomy and airy it was, as well as how big a couple of the stores were. At this point, we still didn’t know what gate our flight was at (I gather that’s pretty normal in other parts of the world), so we decided to go exploring the stores a bit. My friend Katie, who was on drumline in high school, wowed a small crowd in one of the stores on the drums in the game Rockband; we eventually just decided to sit down at a place with a view, where I could spot, and they could relax.

AR 732…what I’d give to fly on one of these one last time  Wink

AR (operated by Austral) MD-80

Eventually, they announced a gate, and by the time I noticed it, there was already a fairly long line. Boarding commenced at exactly the announced time of 5:15. So far, AR was impressing. (A note about the boarding process, it’s an adaptation of Occam’s Razor: this boarding process is entirely free-for-all, no boarding groups or anything, yet it’s infinitely more efficient than the micromanaging US airlines do!)

AR 2866

Scheduled Departure: 1745L
Out: 1749
Departure Gate: 7
Seat: 18A
Departure Runway: 13
Off: 1801
Arrival Runway: 24
On: 1935
Arrival Gate: 6
Scheduled Arrival: 1945
In: 1938

Line for AR 2866 to REL at Gate 7

With no plane at the jetbridge that corresponded to our gate, I correctly deduced we’d be taken to a remote stand.

LV-WGN waiting for us

As our seats were toward the back of the plane, I decided for us (more just because I’d never done it before  Silly), that we’d board using the tail cone door.

Sister MD-80, LV-BGV

Blurry shot of boarding via the rear airstairs, that APU is loud!

Shot of cabin after finding my seat.

Legroom was adequate, but nothing otherworldly

We loaded up and pushed back a couple of minutes late, and taxied to 13.

AR 2866, Cleared for takeoff runway 13

Turning onto the active

Rolling on 13, past the terminal

Airborne! Rio de la Plata off the wing

After takeoff, we turned to the north to join the departure (I’ve deduced that this is standard for all AEP departures on 13, to avoid EZE traffic, someone let me know if I’m wrong). I was given a fantastic view of the sunset.

Beautiful! AEP can be seen to the trained eye.

Eventually, we turned back to the east, south, and southwest to begin our relatively short flight to REL. I had no idea what to expect from AR onboard, so I just tried not to think about it (no sense in trying to fry my brain, I’m on vacation!). Eventually, I was handed a tray with some sort of sandwich on it, and a small piece of cake. Shortly thereafter, I was offered a drink, as well. I must say, I was pretty surprised to get even a small offering on the flight, so I was very pleased. The sandwich (some form of tostada, served cold) was really bizarre at first (I still couldn’t tell you what it was), but I decided I really liked it after a couple of bites.

Food tray

After ‘dinner’ I relaxed a bit, and got out my iPod. Since I had nothing better to do, I decided to practice some night-time photography. This was my best effort.

Cruising inflight. We seemed to have cruised fairly low (I’d guess FL220), but I don’t know for sure.

After an uneventful rest of the flight, we began to descend into Trelew.

Puerto Madryn can be seen in the distance

Touchdown on 24

Trelew’s terminal

One last shot of LV-WGN as we head to baggage claim

We retrieved our bags, and put them through an organic products detector, since they’re not allowed to be brought into the Chubut province. After that, we had a slight adventure getting to our hostel, but ultimately had a wonderful 3 days in the area.


Sea lion!

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

After a fun vacation, it was time to head back to the big city for another week of studying, before another weekend vacation.

We arrived at REL about 4:15 for our 5:35 flight, after having spent the afternoon at the paleontology museum in Trelew. Really neat! The airport was pretty deserted, but we checked-in and headed upstairs to a little café. I enjoyed the nice overview it had, but unfortunately, there wasn’t much to see. After a short while, I saw a 737 banking to the west, coming in from the south. I figured this flight had just come from Buenos Aires, so that was a little odd. As it got closer, though, I got even more excited to see that it was, indeed, a -200! Absolutely unreal feeling! I never thought I’d get to fly one of them again in my life, so I was really excited to have the chance one more time. I love the bucket thrust reversers! It taxied in, and shortly thereafter, we went downstairs to go through security, and into the really small boarding area.

After a little while, boarding was called, and I excitedly made my way out to what is almost certainly the last 737-200 I’ll ever board.


AR 1815

Scheduled Departure: 1735L
Out: 1731
Departure Gate: 3
Seat: 19F
Departure Runway: 06
Off: 1735
Cruising Altitude: FL230
Arrival Runway: 13
On: 1909
Arrival Gate: ?
Scheduled Arrival: 1923
In: 1912

We boarded quickly, there were quite a few people already on the plane, which I’d determined had come in from Ushuaia (USH), and we taxied out 4 minutes ahead of schedule. A quick taxi to 06, and the JT8Ds (this time from under the wing!), roared to life.

Turning onto 06

Thundering down the runway, and rotate!

Unfortunately, I thought my battery died shortly thereafter (it didn’t), so there are very few pictures from the rest of the trip. The flight was very empty, and I had the whole set of seats to myself (as did the girl in front of me, who was from Kansas, as it turns out, small world!) We were given some rice and chicken dish, which was edible, but not as good as the tostada on the way down. I passed most of the time talking with the girl from Kansas (strangely enough, she’s also studying at UCA, in the classroom next door, at the same time!)

Cabin shot

Photo showing legroom. Not as good as the MD-83, but not bad, either.

Eventually, we began our descent into the sprawling metropolis of Buenos Aires. What a huge city!

Buenos Aires on approach to AEP

Unfortunately, my camera decided not to focus on anything, and I forgot to switch it to manual, so there are no pictures of the bucket reversers (my only regret on this trip). Alas, I don’t think they would’ve turned out real well, anyway! We rolled out to the end, then taxied back to the stand, where we deplaned after a short holdup. I made my way inside to the baggage claim, where I reconvened with my amigas, and afterwards we got in a taxi and headed home.

Comments/questions/thoughts always welcome!

Thanks for reading! Next TR will be my second trip on this vacation, of similar style, to Ushuaia.

Stay tuned!

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RE: AR Domestic: AEP-REL-AEP (with Pics)

Fri Jun 26, 2009 7:14 pm

Loved it .... say what you want about AR ... on longhaul they are VERY average in my personal experience but on domestic I have to say that I really enjoyed my flights with them, as it seems you did. Argentina fascinates me, and you only really begin to get an idea of its vastness when aloft.

I see you flew with Austral on the 1st sector; I've never really understood what the difference between AU and AR is, or what the relationship between the two are. I love the 737-200 and the MD aircraft too, especially at the front.

I think you'll love Ushuaia - it's beautiful; you should also try to see the amazing glacial sights which can be accessed via El Calafate (FTE); if you get the chance , you MUST go; you won't regret it.

Thanks for the photos; once again I note that despite their old age, AR keeps its aircraft cabins in good condition (on domestic flights ...)
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RE: AR Domestic: AEP-REL-AEP (with Pics)

Fri Jun 26, 2009 7:57 pm

Quoting Longhornmaniac (Thread starter):
The sandwich (some form of tostada, served cold) was really bizarre at first (I still couldn’t tell you what it was), but I decided I really liked it after a couple of bites.

You had a lovely tostado de jamon y queso, a grilled cheese and ham sandwich. What I would give to eat one of those now in this warm DC afternoon! Better served warm of course, but cold is quite good too.

Glad you liked AR/AU - they do get a bad rap here but oftentimes it is undeserved, at least in my opinion. The poor thing is recovering from years of mismanagement at the hands of IB/Marsans, so it will take time...

And even better you got a chance to fly on a 732 as they are leaving the fleet next year, barring any delays with the new 73G being delivered as I type this: two joined the fleet yesterday.

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RE: AR Domestic: AEP-REL-AEP (with Pics)

Fri Jun 26, 2009 8:06 pm

Nice report! I flew Aerolineas from AEP to El Calafate back in January, with an en route stop at Trelew. We landed during the day and I was stuck by how desolate the landscape around the airport was. When we took off again for FTE, we passed over the town of Trelew itself and were surprised at how large it was.

Interestingly, on both of my trips to AEP, it seemed that LAN Argentina aircraft got to park at the jetbridges, while every single Aerolineas flight used a remote stand. The same thing happened at El Calafate - the LAN flight was parked at the only jetway, and we got off the plane via stairs.

You were lucky to get a 732... we were on MD80s the whole way.
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RE: AR Domestic: AEP-REL-AEP (with Pics)

Sat Jun 27, 2009 8:17 pm

Hi, nice trip report!
I'd love to visit Argentine one day, and also to fly Mad Dog and B732 (btw, I flew 732 once).
Don't be so sure that you'll never fly B732 again, you never know....

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RE: AR Domestic: AEP-REL-AEP (with Pics)

Wed Jul 01, 2009 8:38 pm

Quoting CityofAthens (Reply 1):
on longhaul they are VERY average

So I've heard. That, and they cancel your flight and rebook you without notice.

Quoting CityofAthens (Reply 1):
I've never really understood what the difference between AU and AR is

Me neither!

Quoting CityofAthens (Reply 1):
El Calafate

Would've been 2nd on my list of places to go, after Iguazu, but I ran out of time and money. Big grin

Quoting DCAjet (Reply 2):
You had a lovely tostado de jamon y queso, a grilled cheese and ham sandwich.

It wasn't a tostado de jamon y queso. It had some sort of mayonnaise-based pesto-like sauce inside.

Quoting Jsnww81 (Reply 3):
how desolate the landscape around the airport was

It really is. The entire area is very quintessentially Patagonia.

Quoting Jsnww81 (Reply 3):
Interestingly, on both of my trips to AEP, it seemed that LAN Argentina aircraft got to park at the jetbridges, while every single Aerolineas flight used a remote stand.

I noticed the same thing, too.

Quoting AlexEU (Reply 4):
Don't be so sure that you'll never fly B732 again, you never know....

I sure hope so!!!!

Thanks for reading, all!


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