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Piper Warrior Short Hop (KBED) - (KFIT) - (KBED)

Sun Nov 08, 2009 6:11 am

Hi everyone,

This is my second my trip report (my first can be found here)

Last weekend my friend took me up on one of his flight lessons in a Piper Warrior. We took off from Hanscom (KBED) and flew west. Once out over the practice area we did some power-on and power-off stalls, as well as steep turns. We then headed over to Fitchburg (KFIT) and did a few touch and goes there, before returning to Hanscom.

Here is a Falcon 2000 (VP-BRA), scheduled for a flight to Farnborough (EGLF)

A Hawker 800 taxiing

Lining up for runway 29

Climbout from runway 29

Climbing to 3,000

Still climbing


Clearing turns

Entering a steep turn

The view from a steep turn

Power-on stall (clean)

Recovering from a power-off stall (dirty)

After overflying the field (KFIT), we enter the pattern

Final to Fitchburg runway 32

Seconds before touchdown

*I stopped taking pictures between our first touch-and-go and our approach into Hanscom because the steep turns were getting to me*

Right traffic for Hanscom runway 29

Turning downwind to base


Final approach

Fuel truck that is refueling the plane (after we've parked)

The view was great, and his landings were solid aswell! Overall, I had a great time sitting in on my Noah's lesson! (besides my motion-sickness)
I'd like to thank my friend Noah for taking me up, and his instructor John!
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RE: Piper Warrior Short Hop (KBED) - (KFIT) - (KBED)

Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:13 am

Hi RichOS93.

Really good trip report. I also flew on a Piper Warrior a few months ago. It can be found here: A Flight With Airthanet From Kent International (by Airthanet Aug 12 2009 in Trip Reports)
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