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SYD To Europe With No Status And... Part 2

Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:51 am

The European Legs

Part 1 : Sydney To Europe Without Status And Of Lowly Class (by VHSMM Mar 6 2010 in Trip Reports)

It would appear that my story has fallen foul of the size-police and been ruthlessly edited. In this second part of my journey, I will cover the European legs between CDG and LIN and TXL. Part Three will cover the trip back to the land of milk and honey and heat and kangaroos and snakes and spiders and....

Flights 3 and 4 Paris to Milan via Frankfurt

Flight 3

LH 4219
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Registration: D-AISJ
Name: Gütersloh
Seat 18F
Scheduled Departure: 13:50
Actual Departure: 13:50

After six days in Paris, it was time to fly onto Milan. Rather than fly into the new and government promoted Malpensa airport, I decided to fly into the older Linate airport. This had two advantages, Linate was much closer to Milan and it required two flights instead of one. Whereas there is a direct flight from CDG to Malpensa on Lufthansa Italy, flying to Linate requires a transit in Frankfurt. Sigh, such is the life of an airline tragic, but I’m pretty sure most Anetters will understand my condition.

These flights were not my first with Lufthansa, having flown them once before when I used to fly business class everywhere. They were good up front, but this was the first time I have flown them in economy class and with no Star status.

I arrived at Terminal 1 at Paris’s Charles De Gaulle Airport at about 12:45 Paris time. By the time I walked around to Hall 4, where Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian, LOT and various other short haul members of the Star Alliance have their check-in facilities it was about 12:50.



For the first time I used Lufthansa’s self check-in machines. It worked like the process engineers said it would work. Not only was I given boarding passes for both flight to Milan, but I was given a receipt for the itinerary. I chose a window seat for both legs, of course. From CDG to FRA I was seated in There no queue at the baggage drop desk, but a rather large party of travellers was dropping off their luggage. I was called over to the First Class check-in desk and processed there. Strangely enough the Lufthansa check-in clerk wanted to see my passport at the bag drop, although the Shengan agreement meant that I could travel through two countries without having to show my passport to any immigration official. She also wanted to see my Kris Flyer card after spotting my old Air New Zealand Star Gold luggage tag. She wanted to confirm my status. I only had the paper version downloaded from the Singapore Airlines website, so I assured her that I did not have any status.


My flight was leaving from Gates 60–78. As I made my way through the architectural statement that is CDG, I recognised the gate as one I had used on my previous Lufthansa flight to Munich and a Swiss flight to Zurich. On the first of these, although flying business class I didn’t get to the Lufthansa lounge because it was closed for some reason, but I was given a voucher for 5 Euros to spend at a food outlet near the gate. When I flew Swiss, I didn’t get to the lounge as it was being renovated and the temporary lounge was a bit too far removed the gates for the limited amount of time I had available. Both times were stressful for me due to the massive queues at security. Bearing my experience in mind, I gave myself some time to be processed. You guessed it, no line at all – I went straight through and had 30 minutes to spare, without access to the renovated lounge due to no Star status. Of the rigours of all this international travel!




Still trecking to the gate...

Nearly there...

Made it!


A traveller's favourite phrase


No access for me (sob)






My ride to FRA, my first ride on a LH A321

As you can see, I took a few photos before boarding was called at 13:30. It all went smoothly and I grabbed a copy of the Financial Times on my way down the jetway. I was seated in seat 18F by 13:40. I had a whole row to myself. Indeed the flight looked to be about 60 per cent full. The cabin was clean and in good form. It was also decorated with Christmas decorations, with a festive wreath adoring the front bulkheads.




I've seen better legs on a chair


We arrived at runway 09R, at about 14:00 and Herr Kapitän gunned the engines and we were airborne in a spritely 35 seconds. Not bad for an A321, even if it was lightly loaded. As we levelled off, I spotted a flaw in the renowned German efficiency. While it was a minor oversight, it was something that even Qantas manages to do. The Lufthansa Magazin was from October 2009! Some how, it had survived two full months without being discarded, remember I was flying on 31 December. I wonder if the seat hadn’t experienced the effects of someone buttocks for two-whole months? Is the European air industry in such a par less state that this could occur? Oh well I suppose the advertisers from October had an extra two months exposure for free. The Luftwa..Hansa isn't perfect.





Since most airport food gives me heartburn, figuratively, financially and physically, I was starting to feel rather peckish. I wonder what dietary delight would be dished-up by the rather good-looking cabin crew. At 14:10 my question was answered, a ham roll with a smattering of a cream cheese was going to be my lunch. I was rather surprised that wine was on offer on such a short flight, but rather than sample the vintage from a German vineyard, I opted for water, I had to remain hydrated.



The Financail Times - tough times for JAL


No sooner had I supped on the bountiful feast than the pretty Frauleins were back in the cabin collecting the rubbish. No time to waste on a short inter-European hop. At 14:36 the Kapitän was again on the blower advising our landing intentions and the weather at frosty Frankfurt aerodrome. We eased onto the runway at 14:45 and parked ourselves at the terminal two tiny minutes later.






I’ve been to Frankfurt Airport only before. In August last year I transited through there flying to London Heathrow. However, due to a very late running Qantas flight from Singapore, I saw nothing. It was literally a case of running from aeroplane to aeroplane – while I made the flight, my luggage didn’t. As Lufthansa ran to schedule I had about 2 hours to kill between flights.




During that time, it became very apparent that the aviation industry is considered very differently in Germany and Australia. In Australia it is tolerated by most people and seen simply as a way of getting from A to B. Airline companies in Australia do a great job, but they have extracted the “special feeling” that flying has. You get the feeling that they are run by companies that by chance have chosen air transport as the way to make money by chance, they could just a simply be running a furniture factory or mobile telephone factory. Their in-flight magazines only talk about aeroplanes in terms of new product, not in terms of the wonder of flying. Airports are run by real estate companies as huge shopping centres and car parking stations – you get the feeling again that aviation is almost incidental to their business plans.



In Germany, I got the impression things were different. It started on the plane in Paris – there were postcards on display and not just one type. There were also printed timetables, it must be 7 or 8 years since I have seen a printed Qantas timetable! Similarly in the Lufthansa in-flight magazine there was a mini-profile of an aeroplane (Avro RJ85) – Qantas doesn’t do that anymore. The Australian Way, Qantas’s in-flight magazine is one big glossy advertising brochure. Same with the Virgin Blue magazine, although slightly less glossy. The December edition of Lufthansa’s magazine has pilots talking about flying – sure it’s about the Airbus A380, but there is nary a word about seat pitch or nifty cabin lighting, it is about simulator time, pilots and preparations. There are also articles about Embraer (I know they are being introduced into the LH fleet, but it is more than a product plug pieces) and Hamburg Airport. Newsagents were selling postcards or FRA, like a tourist destination! I like the Germanic approach to flying.


The last time I saw something like this it was at the old Bangkok Airport



Those Germans, prepared for alles...

Eintritt ist für die meisten verboten

Needless to say I like FRA. Lufthansa’s terminals were really nicely branded and I liked the fact that they provided amenities to all their customers eg self-serf hot drinks and a large selection of newspapers at the departure lounge, not just the premiums ones or those with FF-status.

Flight 4 Frankfurt to Milan

LH 3956
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Registration: D-AIRR
Name: Wismar
Seat 23A
Scheduled Departure: 17:20
Actual Departure: 17:10



The flight to Milan was on time and boarding was announced at 16:55. The gate was changed from the A-15 on my boarding pass printed in Paris to A-13. I was seated by 17:02. The load was light, again I had a row all to myself and the total flight load would not have been much more than 50 per cent. I wonder what loads are like to Malpensa – surely people don’t prefer flying out there when they can fly into Linate? Herr Kapitän did the introductions at 17:10 as the door was closed. The expected flight time was 55 minutes and weather is Milan was low cloud and poor visibility. We took-off from runway 18 at 17:15 with a forty second take-off run.


N1H1 paranioa?





The service was good and I dined on a cheese roll, something called a Kurbiskasebaugette Butter Kasse. We returned to terra firma at 18:18 and were at the terminal at Milan Linate by 18:21. Unfortunately we stayed there until 18:35 due to a problem with the Jetway. Snow wasn’t falling, but it was on the apron. Happily just as the jetstairs and bus arrived the Jetway sprung into life and was manoeuvred into position, so a slip through the snow sludge was avoided. A minor irritation and the captain kept up advised of any progress during the short delay.

The December magazine






Flights 5 and 6 - Milan Linate to Berlin via Frankfurt

Flight 5 Milan to Frankfurt

LH 395
Aircraft: Airbus A 321
Registration: D-AIRO
Name: Konstanz
Seat 27F
Scheduled Departure: 19:15
Actual Departure: 19:49

The more I fly with Lufthansa, the more impressed I become. I arrived at the self-check-in machine with my booking number in hand ready to roll. I was greeted by a multi-lingual assistant (I heard her speak Italian, German and of course English) who insisted on helping my check in, despite my protestations that I could do it. She was prepared with a list of passengers and their booking numbers so after I typed in my surname, she kindly read out my booking reference. She put me into a window seat for both legs and soon the machine was printing my boarding passes, with that my helping hand buzzed-off to help some other traveller. As there was no queue at the baggage drop, other than the person being served, I was through the system so quickly that I didn’t have time to snap any photos. I must stop being dominated by women.

There was only a short queue at security so I was airside within 10 minutes of the taxi stopping at the curb. I was impressed.



Linate airport has quiet a few retail outlets if you are interested in that kind of thing. Having no Star Status I was banished to spend about an hour with the other riff-raff. Using common-use facilities, the departure lounge at Linate wasn’t as good as that in Frankfurt – no free coffee, tea or Bonox, nor were there newspapers available, which would have been handy as Europe’s poor weather looked like it had caught up with me. As I was sitting at the gate typing this report, an announcement was made that boarding for my flight would be delayed 30 minutes due to a late arrival of the incoming aircraft. I did notice a build up of snow on the perimeter of the airport as I drove in, but there hadn’t been any snowfalls during the day. Of course Germany is in the grips of a frigid-snap, so who knows what the weather is like in Frankfurt. Hopefully the delay wouldn’t prevent me or my luggage from making the change of aeroplanes on the way to Berlin. I did have 65 minutes, but it would appear that had now been reduced to 35 minutes – gulp!

Not for me


As I had the lap-top out I decide to see if there was any free Wi-Fi. There wasn’t, which was a bit of a bummer as I had completed some important work, the delay of transmission back to HQ would no doubt hold up important matters of state. Oh well, it could wait until I reached the Fatherland. It is a worry when the ground staff keep looking out the window to see if the aeroplane has arrived yet, but that is what kept happening at Linate. Are they looking because they know that the aeroplane has landed and should be at the gate or are they looking because they are as much in the dark as we poor travellers? Who knows, although give the frequency with which it happened, I suspect the latter. Oh well the extra waiting time allowed me to wanter around the airport and take some more photographs, not that there was much happening.





Boarding was eventually called at 19:35 and I was safely in my seat by 19:41. Boarding was done very quickly and the load was only about 70 per cent full. Herr Kapitän said “Guten Abend” and apologised for the delayed departure. He said he would fly at full-speed to make up as much time as possible in the 55 minute flight. We pushed-back at 19:50 and were de-iced –still a great novelty for someone from Australia, although it was an added delay. We eventually took-off at 20:05, zooming down runway 36R, thrusting upwards after a short 25 second sprint.


Must be Milano


The service was what I had come to expect from Lufthansa, a ham roll with some kind of cheese spread followed by a glass of water and a coffee. Nothing fantastic, but not entirely bad either.



The flight that never was

Descent into Frankfurt was announced at 20:45 and just at that point we hit some rather rough turbulence – the aeroplane was shaken from side-to-side. It was announced that we would be docking at gate A-18 at 20:57. That was good for my connection as my boarding card showed us departing from A-19. We touched down on runway 25R at 20:57. Unfortunately due to circumstances not explained, we docked at a remote gate and were bussed to concourse B of Terminal 1. So much for the easy transfer! Luckily, my next flight was also delayed – by 15 minutes, not bad given the pile of snow lying around Frankfurt airport. But I had to navigate my way across to Concourse A – easily done of course, but something I hadn’t done before. I found the lift and tunnel and set off on my way to Berlin.






Flight 6

Frankfurt to Berlin

LH 200
Aircraft: Airbus A 321
Registration: D-AIRR
Name: Wismar
Seat 20F
Scheduled Departure: 21:45
Actual Departu
Flown: 727,737,747,757,767,777,DC9,DC10,A300,A319,20,21,A330,A340,A380,CRJ-200,BAe146,AVRO100,Saab340B,MD82,F100,Dash8
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RE: SYD To Europe With No Status And... Part 2

Mon Mar 08, 2010 11:03 am

The size police got me again!!!

Flight 6

Frankfurt to Berlin

LH 200
Aircraft: Airbus A 321
Registration: D-AIRR
Name: Wismar
Seat 20F
Scheduled Departure: 21:45
Actual Departure: 22:00

I found the gate in no time at all – how difficult can it be. I was just booting up the steam-powered computer to email my work back to HQ when the flight was called. As soon as I started up I shut-down. That was at 21:30. I still don’t know if Frankfurt Airport has free WiFi.




I used the self-boarding gates at Frankfurt – purely because I like to check out new technologies and the queue was shorter. It is funny though, given the number of times I had to show Lufthansa my passport, that I could self scan and board the aeroplane.



I do wonder about some people. When I arrived at my row, 20, there was someone seated in 20D. She watched me stop there and place my backpack in the overhead locker above her, take my coat, scarf, gloved and hat off and place them in the overhead locker above her yet when I asked her to move so I could get by (in German, well what passes for my German) she grunted in surprise. I don’t know – is it me or what? I was seated by 21:37. There was an empty seat between 20D and I, which to date was typical of all Lufthansa flights that I have been on.




The doors were shut at 21:43, we were de-iced and pushed back at 22:00. As we were being de-iced, the distinct smell of citrus fruit caressed my nostrils like a ritzy game-show hostess. I wondered what type of de-icing fluid they were using, was it some type of eco-friendly thing being trialled? No, it was my friend from 20D, having a snack. I guess I wouldn’t have thought twice about if on a train but it did seem strange on an aeroplane. Personally I find eating in public rather distasteful, and that is not a comment on airline food, more a comment on me. Runway 25R was still in operation and we began our 30 second takeoff run at 22:08.

The flight to Berlin was short (45min) and uneventful. So short that only a drinks service was offered. This did not bother me because unlike the characters in Inspector Rex, I have a limit to how many ham rolls I can eat, and I had reached it. We landed at about 10:56pm and pulled up next to the terminal at 11:00. Berlin airport was covered in snow, only the runway and taxiways were clear of the dense white covering. The weather was clearly taking a turn for the worse. We parked next to one of Lufthansa’s recent purchases, a Swiss A320. With typical German efficiency, I was in the taxi heading toward my hotel by 11:15pm, I didn’t bother with public transport at that time of night.





Flown: 727,737,747,757,767,777,DC9,DC10,A300,A319,20,21,A330,A340,A380,CRJ-200,BAe146,AVRO100,Saab340B,MD82,F100,Dash8
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RE: SYD To Europe With No Status And... Part 2

Mon Mar 08, 2010 5:42 pm

Very nice report with great pictures! Delays seem not too bad considering the weather.

Boeing 777s flown: UA, TG, KE, BA, CX, NH, JD, JL, CZ, SQ, EK, NG, CO, AF, SV, KU, DL, AA, MH, OZ, CA, MS, SU, LY, RG, PE, AZ, KL, VN, PK, EY, NZ, AM, BR, AC, DT, UU, OS, AI, 9W, KQ, QR, VA, JJ, ET, TK, PR, BG, T5, CI, MU and LX.. Further to fly.. LH 777
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RE: SYD To Europe With No Status And... Part 2

Mon Mar 08, 2010 6:11 pm

So far...so good. Visiting northern Europe in mid winter is certainly a challenge weather-wise. I suppose those dull grey skies must be a novelty to an Australian (unless you're from Victoria/Tasmania!), not so appealing when they're present for several months of the year!

Which city did you like the best. Milan is the only one of the three I've never visited but I'd have to say I love Berlin's blue collar grittiness.....it could almost be British.

I also notice that you've taken another picture of a departure board with Manchester on it; first Changi and now Frankfurt.  
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RE: SYD To Europe With No Status And... Part 2

Tue Mar 09, 2010 5:26 am

Very entertaining trip reports (this applies to parts 1 to 3  )

Quoting VHSMM (Thread starter):
Needless to say I like FRA

I don't. In fact, I find everything very confusing, badly signposted, impossible to find, at least half an hour away wherever you happen to be  
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RE: SYD To Europe With No Status And... Part 2

Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:22 am

Finally a chance to read this instalment (shhh, don't tell)...

Quoting VHSMM (Thread starter):
I must stop being dominated by women.

That's just funny, but sadly I cannot tell the world why...  
Quoting VHSMM (Thread starter):
I arrived at Terminal 1 at Paris’s Charles De Gaulle Airport

I have to confess that I miss flying through Terminal 1. Yes, it's confusing and lacking in virtually everything should one be stuck there for any extended stay. I disliked it at first but now I think it's different and not Yet Another World Class Steel and Glass Construction.
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RE: SYD To Europe With No Status And... Part 2

Wed Mar 31, 2010 11:42 pm

I was loving the report ( and wishing I was in Europe), then I saw a shot including Kaffeesahne.

As Kaffesahne is clearly the work of the devil, I shal take no more part in your wonderous excursions.....


Thanks again - Kent
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RE: SYD To Europe With No Status And... Part 2

Sun Apr 04, 2010 3:46 pm

Nice report and pictures.

Seems like you were getting your LH & A321 fix on these flights.

I love FRA but only for spotting, did a tfer on a LHR-FRA-ATH flight there a few years back, what a nightmare, won't be rushing back there again in a hurry.

LH are a fine airline, nothing special but you know what you are getting, not my first chice in the Star Alliance though. Swiss takes that honour in europe.



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