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RE: AF380 CDG-LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest

Mon Jun 14, 2010 4:59 pm

AF380 CDG-LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest Part 3



On board the flights

from Team
ketko2 LHR-CDG
packman LHR-CDG
Madame Concorde

from Team FlyerTalk
(never knew if Bodory ever made the flights)

First to Fly the A380 with Singapore Airlines
Artemis Shamari
Madame Concorde

I hope I haven't forgotten anyone!


Flight AF 1981 LHR-CDG
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 Gate 6
Departure Time EDT 12.50

The flight was less full from LHR than CDG-LHR. A number of Business Class seats stayed empty.


Gate sign

Busy rampers loading the aircraft

Another long line with passengers waiting to board the flight


In the distance, Miss Singapore 380 is taxiing and getting ready to go. There has to be someone I know on this plane... Mr Robert... are you in command today?

To her right, you can see Sister Emirates 380 parked at the gate at T3. She may have taken Miss Singapore's place.

Singapore Girl...

A view on the wing and engines from the gate room

Rear view as we board the plane

Looks like I have seen you before!

Going to the rear part of the upper deck, we go through the Business cabin. Every window seat gets two windows.







Upper deck Economy Cabin overview.

My upper deck 86B EcoSkysuite. This row had the two only A380 VVIPs on this flight: Artemis Shamari and myself.
We both flew on SQ380 and SQ308. Talk about party flights!!!


Overhead bin

The window seat boxes are really handy! I had not only one box but two!

Did I see you before?

Business Class - a view from the back

Everything I brought with on the trip could fit in one box.


IFE monitor says "Welcome on board"

while at the same time you can hear the Air France 380 music

Push back was slightly late at 12.55 then we were put on hold for some time before taxi.


We get to see Sister Emirates 380 on our way out



Ready for take-off facing BA Cargo building


Take-off from LHR for what will be a very short flight.
Up in the air we go!




See my take-off video clip!

The flight attendant in charge comes for drink service. Time for another same coffee... and coconut cookies.  
The stewardess's smile makes up for the rest.

Taking a little walk around. Somebody on board wanted my 380 polo shirt!



Upper deck galleys - all nice and clean


The stewardess picks up used items

Mr Chef de cabine came to ask me if I would like to visit the art gallery. This was very kind of him. An offer I could not refuse.

The man himself showing me around

First time I get to visit an art gallery on an airplane. The program of art works gets changed everfy month.

Main stairway with access to the flight deck

Going back to my seat the same way as before. There are two Business Class cabins. Front and rear.


The rear stair case

Economy section flight attendants working area on the upper deck

Going back to my seat as we are on approach to Paris CDG airport
Skymap on the PTV

Descent into CDG









Everybody on board seemed very happy about their flight in this amazing aircraft. The cabin crew and passengers alike.



We were bid goodbye on the PTV with the AF380 music to close the flight

Parking at the gate


The time came when we had to leave the aircraft...

Saying goodbye after a wonderful experience on board the Air France 380

with the last pictures of the aircraft from the jetway






Reflection - mirror view. I really like this!

As soon as we deplane ramp workers get the aircraft ready for another flight.

The last views of the aircraft and pictures before we leave

Leaving the gates area back to the main terminal building

and back in the same area where we came, ready to go our own ways. Time to say goodbye.

We will all keep good memories of this flying experience!
Shortest and cheapest.
CDG-LHR-CDG on the Air France A380 - 12 June 2010 - First day of flights.

Another airport to add to my already long list of first A380 flights with wonderful memories to behold.


Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 AF380 cards

Boarding passes

Flight certificates signed by the Captain and F/O.
Thank you Mr Eric Joppé and Patricia Haffner and all cabin crew onboard for the wonderful flights!

and last but not least my fabled T.shirt signed by British Airways Chief Concorde Pilot Mile Bannister and Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton on one side and by a number of great great A380 captains among which Jacques Rosay, First to ever lift off A380 prototype F-WWOW in Toulouse and Airbus Chief A380 Test Pilot not forgetting all the wonderful captains and pilots from Singapore Airlines. One more signature is now added on this one only tee shirt, with A380 Captain Eric Joppé and F/O Patricia Haffner from Air France. There will be many signatures to come I am sure.



I must extend my special thanks to Mr Jacques Rosay. I don't think all this would have happened without knowing him    and also to Mike Bannister, last Chief Pilot and Last to Fly the British Airways Concorde. There is not a day where I don't think of Concorde some way or other. She often comes back flying in my dreams.

Thank you also to all of you A.netters and FlyerTalkers who participated to these flights. We will meet again at some other times I am sure for more great times and adventures.

Wait... the trip report isn't finished yet.

On to part 4 and my late late return to Nice, the fabled French Riviera and another epic late night bus ride to Monaco.

 Wow!     Wow!
There was a better way to fly it was called Concorde
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RE: RE: AF380 CDG-LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest

Mon Jun 14, 2010 5:15 pm

Thanks for the great trip reports  . Bodory actually made it for the round trip and was seated one row behind me and Paul Palmer from the BA FlyerTalk board joined Rivieratraveler in Affaires from LHR to CDG. It was great to meet you and other passionate flyers for the first time !
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RE: RE: AF380 CDG-LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest

Mon Jun 14, 2010 5:23 pm

Nice report on the LHR-CDG leg that I was on with Philip (OA260). You got some great photos there. It was a fantastic trip and one that I would repeat in a heartbeat. I think AF did really well with these flights from the promotion on the website to the onboard service and the flight certificates. Pity we didn't get to say hi to anyone but there were so many people around it was really hard to tell who was who.
According to one of my colleagues, my problem is that I'm addicted to travel!
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RE: RE: AF380 CDG-LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest

Mon Jun 14, 2010 5:35 pm

Brilliant! Enchanting! I enjoyed every detail of your report. Many thanks for sharing this lovely experience.

Friends forever
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RE: RE: AF380 CDG-LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest

Mon Jun 14, 2010 5:43 pm

Merci for this great trip report! Really enjoyed reading it and glad you had so much fun. I was curious if you received all boarding passes in NCE for the whole daytrip?
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RE: RE: AF380 CDG-LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest

Mon Jun 14, 2010 7:23 pm

Great pics I can see my head in one of them  

Was great to see , I remember all the crew in your shots. Nice trip indeed.

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RE: RE: AF380 CDG-LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest

Mon Jun 14, 2010 7:28 pm

Thank you for the nice report. I wonder though whether the 'gallery' in the AF A380 is such a good idea. To me it seems to be just wasted space. I understand that airlines want to make us of the vast amount of space on the A380 but I don´t think anybody was waiting for a 'gallery' onboard an aircraft...

(P.S.: you might want to change the topic title - apart from the space at the beginning it is the same as the one of part 2)
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RE: RE: AF380 CDG-LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest

Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:10 pm

AF380 CDG-LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest
Trip report Part 4

Everything comes to an end...or how I got home half dead for a worthy cause!      

There was still time for me to go to the city before catching the other flight. We got in slightly later than planned, the time to make the long transfers between the gates to the main building and all the way to the TGV/RER station at Terminal 2 took quite some time. I did not make the RER on planned time.

However, I went to the station, bought my roundtrip ticket from the machine and hopped on a train that was direct to Gare du Nord and on to the city. With less time than originally planned it was a race against the clock. I knew where I was going, perfectly well.

Every time I go to Paris it is like I never left the city although I have been away several years. I can do it all with my eyes closed. I got off the train at Chatelet Les Halles, the place was an inferno with the crowd going in all directions. I went my way to Line 1 with only one more stop to go, station Hotel de Ville; the true city center.

After I had my shopping done at the BHV department store and nearby Mariage Frères Tea House in a lovely little street in Le Marais I went to see my old friend Luc Michel at his store. He is the most prized framer and holding many prestigious titles such as Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Maitre d'Art and Maitre Artisan.

Not only can he do framing he also restores old paintings and does amazing works on client's order. He has the most prized private clients coming from France and all parts of the world including the French government and the Mayor of Paris. He will build them pyramids and supply them with framings of any size and style and so many other works from primitive to contemporary. A true genius of a man and a true creator and also one of my dear most friends.

I always enjoy my visits to his place. We used to live across the street. He has a lovely Brazilian wife and a wonderful Dalmatian. I miss them a lot although we talk on the phone a lot and there is always an opportunity for a visit to Paris.

Time spent with this wonderful friend went way too fast. I realized it was time to go back to the airport. I said goodbye and rushed back to the Notre Dame RER station with not even a minute to go inside the cathedral and listen to the magnificent main organ.

I hopped underground into the RER station, punched my ticket and rushed down the escalators as the train came into the station at the same moment I was down the stairs. This was again a direct train from the Gare du Nord two stops further all the way to the airport CDG Terminals 1 and 2 stations. I got lucky.

I sat down with all my treasures in hand and an extra bag from the shopping trip. All I had to do was wait until I got to the airport. I arrived there 40 minutes later. It was a rather easy ride only I was starting to fall asleep and getting tired.

I got out of the train and up the escalators into the terminal. The walk to Terminal 2F was relatively easy. I already had my boarding pass for the flight to Nice. All I had to do was going through passport control and security check. There was a line but it was moving fairly fast. I had everything properly packed, especially all my teas that were put in a box so I could take them on the plane without questioning.

It all went smoothly.and I proceeded to the gate area only to find that the flight was delayed due to a fueling strike at the airport in Lisbon where the aircraft came from. Oh well... I rushed and ran like a chicken without a head for nothing.

C'est la vie. A delayed flight. Nothing I really needed but I had to do with it.

The time finally came to board the flight. This was no A380. It was a "MiniBus". No cheers, no fancy hostesses. it was quite ordinary. There was a big group of Japanese tourists getting on board. Mostly all middle-aged women on their way to Cote d'Azur. They all proceeded to the back of the plane.

Boarding was called by row numbers. I was in the forward section of the aircraft, seat 8A. A window seat. I was getting really tired. I was happy to get to my seat and being able to seat down. I did not pay attention to anything anymore. I needed more coffee to keep me awake.

The aircraft


Some Mini-Busses were parked next to us, going to all directions in Europe. They all looked like toy planes.

I was smashed to a point that I could not even take proper pictures.

I even chopped off Concorde FF.

I left poor Concorde with a chopped nose!

The forward section of the cabin was rather quiet. I had a whole row of seats all to myself. Exactly what I needed.


I did not realize we were already up in the air. Take off was fairly smooth I guess.
They could have shaken the whole house to pieces I wouldn't have even noticed it.

I took pictures of clouds along the way as I always liked clouds.
I even thought I saw a UFO only to realize that it was just another airplane.


The flying was getting near to its end. We had begun our descent into Nice but I did not know any different.

We flew above all the rizzy places of the Côte d'Azur where all the rich and famous have their sumptuous properties complete with helicopter pads. Saint Tropez, Cap Nègre, Cap d'Antibes...

You will get some true masterpieces of photography here. The kind that will win all the first prizes in all Worst Picture of the Year competitions.



That strip of lights there are supposed to be the Promenade des Anglais where they were celebrating the 150th year for Nice reuniting with France. They were having fireworks that same night and all.

There is no need to ask me what this is all about. I just don't know.

Now this looks like a blurry version of Terminal 1.

and this too.

and finally comes the "flying saucer" Terminal 1 just as blurry.

Thank G_d there was no remote stand this time.

I was back inside the terminal in a semi-normal state having a last look at the Mini-Bus

The arrivals panel was the last thing I saw in the airport.

The bad news on arrival was that I had missed the bus to go home because of the flight delay.
I knew it but again there was nothing I could do. I had no other choice but to wait for the next one.
Several fligths arrived from Germany, Austria and Scandinavia in the mean time.
The Bus trip cost One Euro for any distance travelled. Who said the Riviera was expansive?

Some passengers did not want to pay the extra cost for their big suitcases. They showed up iwth only 50 Euros bills and still they did not want to pay for the bags. One woman in Monaco wanted to be dropped off right at her house. When the driver told her that he wasn't a taxi and she would havve to get off in a different place she made a scandal. There were some really strange people on that bus. It was getting late in the night. Some young clubbers were going home sick from over drinking. They asked for the bus to stop for a while along the way so they could get some fresh air. The driver had to turn the air conditioning on so they would feel better.

I was happy to get home. It was about 1.00 AM and I had gone about 24 hours without sleep. I thought back about my day with all the good memories about the trip.

This is the end of my trip report. LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest

I am sure there will be more happy First Flights at some time or other.

Thank you all for your appreciation.


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RE: RE: AF380 CDG-LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest

Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:42 pm

An excellent report Madame,and very enjoyable to read,but you must be very tired after all that,so thank you very much for going to all that trouble to share your trip with us.All I can say is that I am really looking forward to my turn.Thanks again,

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RE: RE: AF380 CDG-LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest

Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:10 am

I really hate it when Photobucket does this. It happened to me before with the Singapore Airlines inaugural trip reports.

I upgraded to a Pro version of Photobucket apparently the pictures did not come back up normal.


I have 3 little video clips of the flight on Youtube.

There was a better way to fly it was called Concorde
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RE: RE: AF380 CDG-LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest

Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:29 pm

Quoting MadameConcorde (Reply 9):

I upgraded to a Pro version of Photobucket apparently the pictures did not come back up normal.

I upgraded to pro when I had the similar problem of exceeding the bandwidth and I had no problems. Probably you can try contacting photobucket support? Looking forward to the pictures. I'm sure they're great.

One day I will fly around the world!
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RE: RE: AF380 CDG-LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest

Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:33 pm

I wish I could see the photos , from what I have read, it should have been a very nice trip report
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RE: RE: AF380 CDG-LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest

Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:39 pm

Lol the bandwidth is exceeded. Anyway it is a good trip report!! Thanks for sharing... BTW, are you going to Shanghai to visit the expo?
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RE: RE: AF380 CDG-LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest

Tue Jun 15, 2010 7:02 pm

All is well and in good order again.

Pictures are back!

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RE: RE: AF380 CDG-LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest

Sat Jun 19, 2010 9:03 am

Thanks a lot Madame Concorde for these excellent TR. I felt I was there. I can't wait for august 14-16 to fly my 4th and 5th trips aboard the AF A380.   
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RE: RE: AF380 CDG-LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest

Sun Jun 20, 2010 3:08 am

Thank you Madame Concorde for what you are and for all the wonderful posts you make here on! It wouldn't be the same here without you, that's for sure.

Thanks again for a great TR!   
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RE: RE: AF380 CDG-LHR-CDG 12 June 2010 Shortest & Cheapest

Sun Jul 04, 2010 5:41 pm

Madame, I just got back from CDG this morning and I was in seat 84L. I flew out yesterday in exactly the same seat. Plane packed. Amazing. You will know having flown the A380 before, but I was blown away by how quiet it is esp just after take off. It's like white noise. An awesome plane and what a privilege to have flown on it. I have a deeper love of the A380 henceforth,

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