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I had delayed the next few trip reports since a bunch of things had come up in life. I had enjoyed taking pictures and taking notes for these trips, but got a bit burnt out writing them. Now with time and new motivation, I'm back and hope y'all enjoy!

If you read some of my previous trip report, especially Einsteigen Bitte Pt 3 - TXL-IAH, you read that my friend and I had gotten $500 certificates to use on future CO flights for volunteering to get bumped off our originally scheduled TXL-EWR flight back in March 2007.

Fast forward to March 2008. I had already used my $500 certificate to do IAH-EWR-HKG-EWR-IAH in March 2008 followed by the EK HKG-BKK-HKG sector in J. My friend was not as interested in using his, so I told him I would use it since it would be a terrible waste. To at least use the entire value, i purchased a ticket too YYZ around Christmas time that would use up the entire value. I knew I wanted to go on an international trip, but did not want to really do YYZ, especially around Christmas time. Being the mile whore that I am, as well as having visited a bunch of amazing European cities, I wanted a change and continue going around Asia. China seemed interesting, especially with the upcoming Beijing Olympics. However, I was not sure if I would be able to get a visa in time despite the Chinese Consulate in Houston is not too far from me. Other than PEK and PVG, TLV, BOM, and DEL were interesting destinations to consider. Ultimately, I decided to go back to HKG, especially after tooling around on the CO website and discovering another great deal. So adding a few more dollars to my YYZ ticket, including the change fee, my ticket to HKG awaited for me during Thanksgiving 2008 with the hope of discovering more of Hong Kong.

Just a few weeks after I bought my HKG ticket, I received word of a family emergency in the Philippines, and felt it was my duty to represent all the relatives in the US who could not be there to help. The only possible, and nice way to do HKG-MNL is on CX, especially with the reasonable value in J. Also the CX flight connects better to CO flight rather than PR.

Trip Report:

Days before the flight I had done a bunch of shopping, especially with a bunch of chocolates bought the day after Halloweeen, as well as packing 2 big suitcases maxed to 70lbs since I could due to my CO Onepass Elite status.

Fast forward to 23Nov08, about 23h59min before my IAH-EWR flight, I was able to check in on line on the CO website for my flight to HKG. Since this was a while back, I do not remember if I checked on the CX website from home or while waiting for my EWR-HKG flight at the President's Club at EWR. With check-in complete, I had 5D the bulkhead seat on CO 52 IAH-EWR with my name on the waitlist for possible upgrade to F, while I comfortably had 16D, the bulkhead for CO 99 EWR-HKG.

Like most times I travel, I cannot sleep the night before. I get too excited and gitty with the thought of getting on a plane and jetting off to some exotic location, especially home to the Philippines! This time I would be going to EWR, then to HKG, and then finally back home to MNL!!!!! Also, I knew that if I did not sleep the night before my trip, I would be able to sleep on the way to HKG. While a handful of travelers, flight attendants, and pilots do EWR-HKG multiple times throughout the year, it just seems odd that the casual traveler would purposely choose to do the flight twice in one year, one of the longest flights in the world!

On the day of my flight, my parents dropped me off at Terminal E, which handles CO's international check in, around 05:45. CO has fitted out the check-in counters at E with check-in kiosks. A mix of CO staff and contractor service agents make their presence to help tag bags and get you on your way inside the terminal. I re-checked in for my flight and verified both bags were just a few pounds shy of 70lbs, each, just to be safe. The contractor agents wear a decent well-groomed looking uniform that differentiates them from the CO agents. One contractor agent had started to tag my suitcase when I informed her that I needed an agent to tags my bags all the way to MNL instead of just HKG. She asked me where HKG is and told her it is a part of China as well as I would be flying a 16+hr flight nonstop. She seemed impressed, while I just grinned. When the CO agent closest to me finally finished up with another customer, she came over and asked the problem. I told her that I would like my bags tagged all the way to MNL since I would be connecting to CX 905. With a smile and a "no problem, sir", I showed her my confirmed itinerary while she typed away to check my bags to MNL. With two tags correctly printed and priority tag affixed, she handed me a slip with my baggage receipts on them. Thanking her for the help, she wished me a good flight. With that, I made my way to security just a few steps away with no wait in front of me.
Post security at Terminal E.
FIDS display with my EWR flight just after Terminal E security.

Once I completed security check by abiding by the usual TSA Simon-Says rules, it was time to venture around Terminal E as I made my way to Terminal C, where CO 52 would depart.
Outside view of Presidents Club while on the moving walkways. The floor above handles all arriving CO international flights that would take passengers to the FIS building that processes international arrival flights for both Terminal D and E.
The long Terminal E hallway heading towards one of the food courts in the terminal as well as the connector to Terminal C.
Flight information for the World flight to LAD departing today.
Best Buy Express ... I made sure I had all the necessary electronics for this trip! Did I forget to buy those noise-canceling headphones or want an iPod? I could just buy them from the Best Buy Express vending machine. Is my acne bothering me? I could just buy the infomercial favorite, Proactive Solutions!

Since my flight would depart from Terminal C South, I utilized the President's Club club in that part of the terminal. It had been a while since I used this lounge since my previous flights have departed from Terminal E. I purchased a day pass so I could utilize both this lounge and the one at EWR while I wait for my HKG flight. With the welcoming and payment taken care of, the ladies welcomed me in and even reprinted my boarding passes to the cardstock version. I walked around the relatively empty lounge and found a section of seats by the window to watch aircraft movements at IAH.
View of plane from PC Club
"Dining" area of PC Club
PC Club South Concourse
PC Bar Area
"The Brotherhood of Traveling Backpack" - If y'all a.netters read this and see this bag floating around in an airport, feel free to say hi!   

At about 5min before the boarding time on printed on my boarding pass, I made my way to C35, my gate for CO 52 to EWR. I knew ahead of time, thanks to CO Mobile that my flight would be 100% full and I would just miss out for a battlefield upgrade. I was also not surprised that the flight was oversold and offering those willing to be bumped. The $350 offer was tempting, but I was told that the next flight to EWR was later in the afternoon, missing my connecting flight to HKG. Oh well, next time.
Calling for battlefield upgrades. As a gold, didn't get one on this flight.
Plane awaiting departure of CO 52. I wish this flight was still a 762!
A rather quiet morning.   

24 November 2008
CO 52
Gate Departure: IAH C35
Departure Time (scheduled/actual): 08:00 / 08:05
Arrival Time (scheduled/actual): xx:xx / xx:xx
Gate Arrival: EWR C88
Seat: 6D
Registration: #n/a
CO Elites getting ready to board.

At the printed boarding time, the gate agent called for pre-boarding for F followed by EliteAccess, and then SkyTeam Elite. I allowed the majority of F to board before queuing with other OnePass elites to get my boarding pass scanned and board the 738 to EWR. I had the bulkhead for this flight, so was not too bummed getting the upgrade, but I really wanted those cinnamon rolls offered on the breakfast service in F. I could only salivate at the sight and smell of those sweet, sticky pieces of crack!
Legroom at the bulkhead.

With everyone on board on time, we pushed back a few minutes early. prior to pushback, the Captain welcomed everyone on board. He came on again once airborne to welcome us all to the flight and gave us some details of our flight path. At this time, the effects of no sleep started its toll on my body and I did not wake up until i heard the FAs make their way with the carts in coach to offer the typical simple breakfast service.
F cabin from my seat after takeoff.
Breakfast in Y

After the FAs had collected the rubbish from the breakfast service, people began to relax for the flight up to EWR. The FAs did do periodic water runs and would go back to the galley if people requested other beverages.    I decided to go stretch my legs a bit and headed to the black of the plane and the lavatories with camera in hand.
Y cabin pic. 100%   

I do not remember the movie shown for this flight, but do know it was not the flight advertised on the CO magazine. I would briefly watch it but not listen to it. Instead I used my iPhone on airplane mode since I had a couple of movies and favorite music playlists downloaded on it.   
The journey of life is not based on the accomplishments, but the experience.
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We landed ontime and believe docked at Gate 88 on the lower level of C1. Once in the terminal, my hunger pangs returned since the breakfast was not quite filling. Since I landed at C1, I made a quick dash to my favorite Au Bon Pain for my favorite roast beef sandwich on croissant with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and mozzarella.    I should also add that I did pack some ramen noodles in my backpack because I missed eating these on Asian flights served on Asian carriers. If others got jealous watching me eat these, they could have brought their own!
No hot dog eating contests today.
My plane towed from Term B after arrival from CDG.
FIDS display my flight to HKG.
My usual stop when I'm in EWR.   

With my two sandwiches for the flight in hand, I headed to the big President's Club by C3. On my walk to the PC, I enjoyed the ceiling-high windows with views of the CO movements. I also passed by Ciao Bella thinking I should get some tasty gelato, but as usual had to save it for another time I'm at EWR.
Heading towards PC in between C2 and C3.
Yum! Ciao Bella!   

I reached the PC, greeted with a long line of passengers I noticed with BF seats on a delayed flight to TLV. As usual, this PC remained busy with spare seats available. I did find a section on the far side of the bar to share with a few other passengers. I dropped my stuff off so I could walk around, take some pictures, and get some drinks and additional crisps and snacks for my upcoming HKG trip. The highlight of this visit was seeing, but not approaching, Rufus Wainright. I know who he is, but do not listen to his music.
Lounge area inside PC
Bar area inside PC
My ride to HKG. Definitely a nice ride!
My ride to HKG at gate.
Rufus Wainright at PC.

After making my rounds, I settled down to some hot tea along with shortbread dipped in Nutella.    I got a few packets of crisps to go nicely with my sandwiches. With those crisps safely packed in my backpack, I dug out my laptop to make sure I was properly checked in for my CX flight to MNL. Once done as well as checking a few e-mails, I headed to C121 for my flight to HKG. I arrived in time for the gate agents to make an announcement that documentation needs to be checked prior to boarding the flight. With the red stamp "DOCS OK", the agent informed me that boarding would be delayed by 15min so I had plenty of time to walk around C3.
Another pic of me getting ready to board another HKG flight.
Secure boarding area for TLV passengers inside the Hudson News?
Jamba! Jamba! Jamba!
More TLV Confusion!
C139 for TLV
Welcome to EWR! I have yet to experience US CBP at C3, always at Terminal B.

After walking around the concourse, I headed back to C121 where they had started pre-boarding only for BF passengers. Unlike my trip in March where an elderly Chinese man had shoved me in a rush to board only to be denied and forced to tell me sorry, the passengers were a bit more orderly, and the gate agents made sure all passengers adhered to the strict boarding procedures so that the plane would depart close to on-time.

24 November 2008
CO 99
Gate Departure: EWR C121
Departure Time (scheduled/actual): 15:00 / 15:15
Arrival Time (scheduled/actual): 18:50 / 20:20
Gate Arrival: HKG 21
Seat: 16D
Registration: #002

As the long line for BF boarding had diminished, the agents called for EliteAccess boarding via the blue carpet. I queued up, got my boarding pass scanned, and wished a pleasant flight. I made my way down the jetway bypassing the usual US CBP questioning random passengers and prepared my camera to take a shot before entering the plane.

By this time, most of the BF passengers had started to receive their amenity kits and menus as Y passengers started trickling onboard the plane. On this flight I landed the bulkhead seat. At this time, most of the 772 fleet had AVOD and in-seat power installed in Y. I lucked out as there were one or two left. As a dedicated a.netter I took (though this trip report is seriously delayed) I took a photo of the wider monitor from the seat behind me.

PTV with AVOD for 17D

Bulkhead 16DEF
Legroom at 16D   

As the plane continued to fill up with passengers, the Captain made his welcome to everyone on board. He explained the reason behind the slight delay, problems with the air conditioning unit and hoped the engineers had fixed the problem. Due to the flight path given, the flight would clock under 16hrs, taking a more northerly route, rather than an eastern one, and thus causing a slight delay in arrival into HKG. This annoyed me just a bit since I knew this would reduce my stay at CX's The Wing lounge at HKG. Oh well, what could you do. A few minutes after the Captain had said his hello, the ISM had decided to play the automated welcome message with Chinese translation twice before doors closed. On my flight in March, the ISM had not played the message. This time, i tried my best to capture it on my my iPhone.
Our flight path to HKG that evening.
Flight information. Only in English.

About 15min after the printed departure time, they had closed doors to the plane requiring all passengers to turn off all mobile phones and electronic devices as they prepared the cabin for departure. Once we had pushed back from the gate, the ISM called for the FAs to take their position while he showed the safety video. During the safety video, we slowly made our way to the 30min queue for departures out of EWR. Once the video had finished, the two of the FAs went down the aisle to hand out menus for today's flight.

Menu in Chinese

Menu in English

Once the FAs finished passing out the menus, most took their seats as we slowly waited our turn for departure. While we waited, I fell asleep, only to be woken up at the sounds of the engines roaring up as we made our way down the runway, I believe 22R.

Once airborne, the ISM greeted all passengers on the PA system and welcomed us on board our 15:50hr flight to HKG. He gave the usual spiel about today's service as well as the lavatory arrangement. This was followed by the lead Chinese speaker. I do have to say one thing regarding one of the Chinese speakers on this flight. For those who have watched Mad TV, one of the speakers has to be a twin of Miss Swan!!!

As we made our way towards Quebec, the FA's commenced with the initial drinks and snack service, followed by dinner.

While OK, it temporarily hit the spot so I could take my first nap after another cup of hot tea.
Comfy leg rest
Heading towards Greenland.

I was able to get a good 3hr nap before hunger pangs woke me up. With Au Bon Pain sandwich in hand, I enjoyed a tasty pre-mid-flight snack! I headed to the back galley for another cup of hot tea and water so I could enjoy my favorite sandwich.
Current position before pre-mid-flight snack
Pre-Mid-flight snack ... Au Bon Pain and free crisps!
Going on a more eastern route

After my pre-mid-flight snack, I went in and out of sleep. The times not snoozing, I would either tool around on my iPhone or check out the AVOD offerings. I got to enjoy watching Little Nemo and pieces of whatever Harry Potter movie was available. But in the end, I would go back and forth from the airline-edited to my iPhone version of my favorite movie of the year, Mamma Mia!   

After 8hrs in flight, the FAs prepped the cabin for mid-flight snack. Today's option ...
Mid-flight snack ... the "cheeseburger"   

While I was still full from my sandwich, I didn't touch the "cheeseburger" but I savored the Haagen-Dazs! The lady in 16F did not want hers and offered hers to me. Who am I to say no to some tasty ice cream!   

To note, throughout the flight the FAs would be in the aisles an offer water and pickup trash. I did notice some turn off the overhead lights and monitors to those who looked comfortably sleeping.

About an hour or two later, I was not as hungry, but thought I would go for some ramen noodles for a post-mid-flight snack. I headed back to the back galley and asked for some hot water as well as another cup of hot tea.

Post-Mid-flight snack ... ramen noodles
Current position during post-mid-flight snack
Going South ... Russia --> Mongolia --> China --> Hong Kong

As the hours fly by, I continued to enjoy being in flight. For me the flights to HKG are not long enough! Just as long as I have an aisle seat in the center section, I'm perfectly happy! Also, it doesn't hurt to land the bulkhead or even a BF seat, if I can!

With a little more than an hour left in the flight, it was time for CO's version of Dim Sum. While not quite authentic and a bit oily, I still liked this part of the flight.
Yum! Dim Sum!
Yum yum dim sum!   

Thirty minutes after the FAs came through the cabin with Dim Sum/Breakfast service, they collected the trays and then started preparations for arrival in to HKG. The Captain came on the PA system to give us the latest arrival information into HKG. We would be arriving 30min late, not too bad giving me some hope that I could spend longer time at The Wing. After his message along with the Chinese translation, the ISM turned on the arrival video for HKG.
Buddha during Pre-arrival video into HKG. You can click on the pic to see the updated arrival video on YouTube.
Circling around on approach into HKG.
One final turn to Lantau Island and HKG.
The journey of life is not based on the accomplishments, but the experience.
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Upon touchdown, the ISM was the first to welcome us to HKG once we landed on 07L. While it seemed like I may have enough time to enjoy The Wing, we had a painfully slow taxi to Gate 21. I was ready to jump up grab my bags and run towards the door so I could make a mad dash to the CX Transfer Desk. Oh well, what could I do as I was at the mercy of the flight crew and they were probably at the mercy of HKG Control. Finally, we docked, and I calmly rushed to the CX Transfer Desk on the arrivals level to check in for my MNL flight.
Thank You!
Deplaning at Gate 21.
Heading down to arrivals level.
Baggage Claim Board prior to HKG Customs & Immigration.
CX Transfer desk at Transfer Area E2. Heading to MNL.

I arrived at the CX Transfer Desk with no one in line at the Business Class counter, but the agent was handling an Indonesian family heading to SYD who were having document issues. Hoping for a 3min wait time turned to 15min wait time as the agent tried to solve the issues for the family of 5. Aye naku!    However, similar to my experience with the EK contract agent earlier in the year at HKG, the CX agent was very gracious and apologized for the delay. I had a copy of my itinerary, paper boarding pass, CO luggage receipts, and passport in hand to expedite the check-in procedure. LuLu thanked me for having everything prepared, and I teasingly said I was hoping to have enough time to enjoy The Wing or The Pier. She said I would have some time to get a quick bowl of noodles at The Wing as my MNL flight would depart from Gate 4, one of the gates next to The Wing. She handed back my passport along with my CX itinerary as she worked in ensuring my bags made it to MNL with me. Two minutes later, she handed my baggage receipts along with my boarding pass and lounge invitation and pointed me to security so I could have enough time in The Wing. After apologizing with the delay, she wished me a pleasant flight and a good bowl of noodles at The Wing. With a quick thank you, I headed towards to security with no one in line. I tried to use the A4 boarding pass I had printed at home, but was told by the security dragon that they do not accept those and had to go to the Transfer desk for an appropriate CX boarding pass. I then pulled out my actual boarding pass and she allowed me to enter the security area. After the quick strip and removal of my laptop, I made it with 15min to enjoy The Wing dressed and packed.
Boarding pass for CX 905 and Lounge Invitation   

With boarding pass and lounge invitation in hand, I made my way to The Wing. When I approached the lounge agent if I could keep the invitation as a souvenir, she said yes and marked through it so it could not be used again. Happy to add the invitation to my collection, I took the lift to the upper level of the lounge. While it did not appear busy when I exited the lift, there were rarely any seats available among the seat groupings so I could drop my stuff off and perused the lounge.

FIDS for my flight to MNL
Upstairs in The Wing ... where to go???
WHAT??? I only have 15min to enjoy The Wing and I just got here!!!
Hello? Is anyone there?
The Short Bar
Some snacks at The Short Bar!
Some hot snacks next to The Noodle Bar
Yum! Steamed sesame BBQ Pork Bun! {go}
Drinks and some savory snacks.

San Mig and BBQ Pork Bun! NICE!!!
The Noodle Bar
Noodles with pork and shrimp dumpling and my San Mig. Too bad I couldn't slowly enjoy this one!

I had to inhale those noodles and San Miguel beer as fast as I could in order to make it to my flight.    I hate wasting my favorite beer, but I really had to make my flight. The plus side, I would be able to enjoy it while in Metro Manila!

25 November 2008
CX 905
Gate Departure: HKG 4
Departure Time (scheduled/actual): 22:00 / 22:10
Arrival Time (scheduled/actual): xx:xx / xx:xx
Seat: 12K
Registration: #n/a

After returning my tray, I collected my stuff, headed to the lift, and then made my way to Gate 4 for CX 905 to MNL. When I arrived at the gate, I was surprised there was no one waiting with the gate signing flashing "Final Call". I could not miss this flight, well I could, but didn't want to! The agent manning the boarding pass scanners had told me they had just paged me as I was the last J passenger to board. Glad that I made it, he wished me a good flight before entering the jetbridge. When I entered the plane, I got a nice surprise!
CX 905 now boarding to MNL. I made it! Not Final Call
Ramps back to the terminal.
Where is everyone?
Y boarding now closed.

Apparently this was a light flight with all of the Y passengers having boarded. As mentioned I was the last J passengers to board. Now for the surprise. The first time I took this flight, we were scheduled to take an A330-300 in the regional 2-class version, but they upgraded the light flight to a 744, but with the old school recliner seats. Still, it was a nice surprise then to get a 744 flight and not an A330 flight. For this flight, the surprise came when I saw F seats upon entering L1. Oh I wish I could have tried out those seats. Thus instead of the usual 2-class regional A333, this flight would be flown on a 3-class with angled -flat J seats. WAHOO!!!
Cheers! Welcome Aboard CX 905 to MNL!
Seat 2A in F of a 3-class A333. We got a nice upgrade! 4 pax in F tonight.
Front J cabin looking at Row 11
Front J cabin looking across Row 12
Front J seats 11HK
Forward Y section. Plenty of seats up throughout Y.
Standard foot space pic. Sorry it's a bit blurry.

I was having too much fun since it was my first time in a lie-flat angled J seat since I was anticipating the regional recliner J seat CX usually use. As mentioned, there were 4 F seats occupied, but I did not recognize who those were. It was interesting when I bought my tickets for this flight, F was not available. In J, there were only 5 of us. I was initially supposed to sit in the aft J section after the galley, but I asked if I could sit in the forward section. Jai, the FA who served me the rest of the flight said I could choose whatever seat I wanted. With that settled, I chose 12K.

Other than the 4 passengers in F, I was one of the the last passenger to board the plane. Yet, we departed about 10min late and arrived into MNL ontime. Jai offered pre-departure drinks and I took a glass of champagne. After that Claudette, the ISM for the flight and made her welcome to all passengers in F and J. After she had said hello to me, I asked if she could take a picture of me.
Such a way to travel!   

After thanking her for the picture, she continued her welcome while I took a few more pictures.
Wall dividing J and F.

An Asian pilot made his welcome for tonight's flight to MNL. He informed us the reason for the delay with some last minute paperwork, but guaranteed we would land at MNL ontime. With that, he asked the flight attendants to get ready for departure. Claudette made her way to L1 so they could close doors and get us on our way.

With doors closed and jetbridge retracted, we pushed back from the gate and slowly made our way to 07L. As we made our way, Claudette previewed the In-Flight Safety Video. If you check it out, it said before 2006, but if memory serves me right it seemed they used this one for tonight's flight.

Once the video had finished, the flight crew accelerated to 07L, and then we were up in the air. I immediately tested out the lie-flat angled seat. It actually felt rather comfortable and did not feel like I was sliding off the seat.
My PTV on airmap with commercials in between.
Tonight's dinner. Not good at all.   

Not much was on offer on the PTVs, but that was OK, I enjoyed watching the moving map. Next thing I know, Jai came out of the galley with a cart and asked if I would be having dinner tonight. As I wanted to provide as much detail as I could on this flight, I chose to taste what they had on offer. I chose the beef in black bean sauce. The meat was just too fat to enjoy and the rice was too dry. The baby bok choy and the fruits were the only good things on offer. I was not able to try the dessert as it almonds in it and I have a tree nut allergy. I finished my beer just in time for Jai to take my tray. He asked if I wanted anything else and I politely decline. With a quick visit to the lavatory, I fell asleep for the last 20min and was woken up with the chimes indicating final descent into MNL.

That's it for this portion of my trip to MNL. Stay tuned for the return MNL-HKG-EWR-IAH.

Cheers Y'all!   
The journey of life is not based on the accomplishments, but the experience.
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Wed Jul 07, 2010 6:02 am

Fantastic. You got the same tiny cookies I got on CO for desert.
That CX meal looks scary.
I can only get 20 pictures in my trip reports. You can get at least double.
Thanks again. Any pictures of Manila?
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Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:11 am

Awesome TR, thanks for sharing. Yeah, that last meal certainly wouldn't be impressive for Y, let alone F.
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Wed Jul 07, 2010 9:47 am

Thanks for the TR! I am flying CO on their 777 service from DEL to EWR on Sunday. It looks like their Y service on their ULH flights aren't too bad (menus are a nice touch). Unfortunately, it looks like I may be stuck in the middle seat, and the flight is full so it is unlikely I will be able to switch to a window. Oh well. Hopefully there is good AVOD offering, although I cannot seem to find the page on CO's website so I can preview them.

Quoting aznmadsci (Thread starter):
For those who have watched Mad TV, one of the speakers has to be a twin of Miss Swan!!!

This was great. I needed that laugh.
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Wed Jul 07, 2010 9:55 pm

Thanks y'all for those who have read my report!

Quoting lychemsa (Reply 3):

Thank you!

Quoting lychemsa (Reply 3):
You got the same tiny cookies I got on CO for desert.

I know many may criticize the lack of a dessert, but I like to keep these cookies. It's nice to discover them at the bottom of my bag for a quick chocolaty snack fix!   

Quoting lychemsa (Reply 3):
That CX meal looks scary.

I guess on short regional flights from HKG, whether CX or EK, catering is not as spectacular. But then, the MNL trip is just a short 2 hours so no complaints from me. Plus, I was a bit full from the quick bowl of noodles, so no harm. I did it for the love of sharing my reports!   

Quoting lychemsa (Reply 3):
I can only get 20 pictures in my trip reports. You can get at least double.

I love taking just random photos and then organize them in a trip report like this, or on a picture montage. On trip reports like this one, I like y'all to experience the trip from my perspective because even though someone or even myself might have done the same section before and did a trip report, they are never the same.

Quoting lychemsa (Reply 3):
Any pictures of Manila?

Stay turned for my return trip! Am writing it as we speak!

Quoting directorguy (Reply 4):
Awesome TR, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for reading!

Quoting IrishAyes (Reply 5):
I am flying CO on their 777 service from DEL to EWR on Sunday. It looks like their Y service on their ULH flights aren't too bad (menus are a nice touch).

I don't believe anyone has done a CO report to either DEL or BOM, so hopefully you get to do one! As for the menus, I know they do them on HKG, PEK, and PVG flights so regular crew can ask the Chinese passenger to just point to whichever one on the Chinese menu and they will get that meal.

Quoting IrishAyes (Reply 5):
Hopefully there is good AVOD offering, although I cannot seem to find the page on CO's website so I can preview them.

While not as in depth as EK's ICE or other AVODs, the CO one is pretty good with a wide range. In terms of the latest releases, you can see what's on offer in the CO magazine, and am pretty sure they will be on offer on AVOD. They also have a bunch of older movies and a wide range of television shows. You will also be able to watch Chinese, Japanese, and Bollywood flicks. As to how recent they are, that I do not know. Also, in Y each triplet of seats have 2 power ports.

Quoting IrishAyes (Reply 5):
This was great. I needed that laugh.

I can now say that on 5 of the 8 EWR-HKG and HKG-EWR sections I have had Miss Swan as a flight attendant!, and 3 of those times she has served me.

Thanks y'all! Stay turned for the return and more trip reports!
The journey of life is not based on the accomplishments, but the experience.
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Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:45 pm

Hey Collin! Nice TR!

Quoting aznmadsci (Thread starter):
San Mig and BBQ Pork Bun! NICE!!!

Two of my co-workers are from the Philippines. We make a weekly run to one of the Asian supermarkets in Garland for San Miguel beer and Lechon. We keep a steady supply of San Mig in the fridge at work!  
It is what it is...
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Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:47 pm


Thanks for another good report! Looks like you had a nice trip with CO and CX. I love flying Continental Airlines, and I think they do a really nice job with everything, but I am really not that impressed with their food service in Y for a flight to HKG. The dimsum dish looks to be nice, but packaged cookies as desert for the first meal? I wish they would serve cake or something else, like a brownie at least! Oh well, we can only wish ...  


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Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:12 am

Wonderful TR! I am glad to see you had a wonderful adventure, and a few more tags to your bag!  
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Wow! Thanks for the TR! I always saw this EWR-HKG-MNL routings on Expedia/Orbitz/other Travel sites and event since NWA went away, looks very appealing compared to DL! Last time I went back home to MNL was in '98.

How much was J class from HKG-MNL?

Salamat po! Thanks!
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Thanks again y'all for reading!   

Quoting LAXdude1023 (Reply 7):
We make a weekly run to one of the Asian supermarkets in Garland for San Miguel beer and Lechon

While not the same, I can get San Miguel at the mothership Specs Liquor store or even at Central Market. As for lechon, it's rare to get the full pig, but I can make a damn good "lechon kawali" using pork belly!   

Quoting LAXdude1023 (Reply 7):
We keep a steady supply of San Mig in the fridge at work!

That's my boy!

Quoting 767747 (Reply 8):
Thanks for another good report!

Thanks for reading!   

Quoting 767747 (Reply 8):
Looks like you had a nice trip with CO and CX

I rarely travel on OneWorld carriers, but CX is one of my favorites and impressed with them both on board and at the airports. Still have yet to try SQ and would love to do their IAH flight!

Quoting SXDFC (Reply 9):
Wonderful TR! I am glad to see you had a wonderful adventure, and a few more tags to your bag!

Yes I have definitely added a few more since then and will add another one next month! Stay turned for that trip report!   

Quoting StarAlliance38 (Reply 10):
Wow! Thanks for the TR!

Salamat Pare!

Quoting StarAlliance38 (Reply 10):
Last time I went back home to MNL was in '98.

I love going back and try to go back as often I can. It definitely recharges me especially after spending time with family, good food, and life outside the US.

Quoting StarAlliance38 (Reply 10):
How much was J class from HKG-MNL?

It's about 600+USD. It is a bit of a splurge, but there are some positives, especially on the way home where the ladies at the J check in at MNL ignore how much the bag weighs and how many I check in. Well, they let me check in 3 at slightly greater than 70lbs each!   

I've gone to MNL via NRT, KIX, TPE, and HKG, and HKG is one of my favorite airports to transit.

Quoting StarAlliance38 (Reply 10):
Salamat po! Thanks!

Hahaha! I'm not THAT    for "po"! Salamat is just fine!  
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Quoting AznMadSci (Reply 6):
I don't believe anyone has done a CO report to either DEL or BOM, so hopefully you get to do one! As for the menus, I know they do them on HKG, PEK, and PVG flights so regular crew can ask the Chinese passenger to just point to whichever one on the Chinese menu and they will get that meal.

Yup - got it taken care of, will post hopefully tomorrow. We didn't receive menus, which I'll explain. Thanks again for the TR!
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Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:26 am

Great report and even greater pics! Thanks for sharing

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Sun Jan 16, 2011 12:51 am

Sir How do you go through customs at EWR im a native but have never gone through Terminal C Please Answer My Question i have gone through T B

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Nice trip report! My dad flew MNL-GUM-HNL-IAH-EWR on CO last summer, quite a long route to get home. I'm also a Fil-Am and we went home last summer with OZ, a wonderful airline with excellent service. CO looks good based on your TR and that DimSum looks great! Would love to fly with CO, ehrrr UA next time we go to the Philippines. Though we prefer JFK..

And you had so much food! LOL. And that bag of yours, great collection!

BTW That CX meal looks horrible.

Nice report, I always enjoy trip reports especially one that involves the Philippines 
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