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Cayo Coco - Havana, Aero Caribbean W/pics

Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:20 pm


Hola ! I was recently in Cuba on vacation and successfully managed to include a domestic flight as part of our travel arrangements. Flying domestically in Cuba remains quite a rarity from an perspective and there are no other internal Cuban flight trip reports here that I could find. This also seems to be the first report on Aero Caribbean.

After years of US sanctions, Cuban aviation remains in a state of uncertainty. This means an exotic combination of Russian and Western aircraft plying the skies over this Caribbean nation.

I was sincerely hoping to get aboard an aging Russian airliner, but sadly it was not to be.


Route: Cayo Coco (CCC) - Havana (HAV)
Airline: Aero Caribbean
Aircraft: ATR 42-300
Flight: 7L 1817
Registration: CU - T1509
Date: Sat, 10 July 2010
Flight Time: 1 hour 5 mins


Headquartered in Havana, the airline was established in 1982 and started operations on 2 December 1982. It was set up by the Cuban government to provide domestic flights and regional charters to supplement Cubana. Currently, the majority of the fleet is comprised of ATRs. I did see two EM110s and two Yak40s in Aero Caribbean colours in HAV, but it was not clear whether these aircraft were active or not. It looked liked one of the Yaks may have been used and one of the EM110s was in the hangar. I did not see any Yak40s move whilst I was in Cuba.

Aero Caribbean operates both domestic scheduled services to Cayo Coco, Hoguin, Santiago de Cuba, Cayo Largo, Neuva Gerona and Varadero. I also understand that some international flights are undertaken to places like Grand Cayman, Managua, Santo Domingo and Punta Cana.


Our ATR42 for today’s flight was Number 009 off the production line and delivered to Command Airways of the US as N140DD in January 1986, making the airframe over 24 years old. It later flew with American Eagle, before going back to ATR, and then ending up in Cuba with Aero Caribbean in 1998. It is one of 3 ATR42s in the fleet.


The Aeropuerto Internacional Jardines del Rey (IATA; CCC, ICAO: MUCC) is situated on Cayo Coco, in Ciego de Ávila Province, Cuba. The airport was inaugurated on December 26, 2002 and replaced the original airport located further west of the current location. In fact, the old airport runway has been linked up to form part of the main (and only) road that links Cayo Coco with its neighbour, Cayo Guillermo. The airport is the only one in Cuba that has a shared administration with AENA, the Spanish company that manages 47 airports in Spain, twelve in Mexico and three in Colombia. The majority of flights to Cayo Coco come from Canada, with charter services also from Britain and other parts of Europe.

The weather in Cuba at this time of the year is hot, hot, hot with plenty of moisture and humidity in the air. Saturday 10 July was no different. We left our hotel and made our way via taxi for the short journey to CCC. The airport itself is quite compact, with a small check in area. It was difficult to take any pictures without arising suspicion, as there seemed to be more staff, including immigration and security personnel wandering around than passengers. I managed to sneak a pic just near the entrance to the terminal and did not want to get into a discussion with security or immigration officials about why I was taking pictures!

Outside the terminal

The terminal is air conditioned, and relatively spacious for the small number of flights which were listed on the FID. Apart from our flight to HAV, which was listed as being on time, all other 5 flights for the day were either going to Toronto or Montreal. Air Transat, Canjet and WestJet all operating these flights. There is a separate entry for domestic flights which means passengers do not need to go through “Immigration Checking” as it is described at Cuban airports. Unfortunately, after securing our boarding passes at the check in desk, we moved through the channel for domestic passengers, which led straight into a holding pen, with no views of the ramp at all! At least there was a snack bar, and the room was big enough for the number of passengers on today’s flight to Havana, which I estimated to be about 35.

Check in queue at CCC which moved quickly

Fairly sterile waiting area

Our flight was not due to depart until 1355 and just after 1300 we managed to spot our little ATR42 arriving from Havana through the heat haze. A short time later, a bus rolled up and the boarding call for our flight was made. With such a small number of passengers, we were all onboard the bus quickly and it trundled out onto the tarmac for the short ride to our aircraft.

Up close

With “Environment Friendly” titles

I waited til last to get some pics of the aircraft on the ramp. Nobody seemed to mind although I was discreet as I had read that taking any photos at Cuban airports was prohibited - see above. We were welcomed onboard by a single male flight attendant, Luis, and I made my way to seat 4A, with was close to the port side propeller. The starboard propeller had started up as I was entering the cabin, so the crew were clearly eager to depart - that, and perhaps trying to cool down the cabin.

View from seat 4A

My first impressions of the aircraft were that the seat pitch was very tight, and the cabin itself was roasting. No ground equipment or APU seemed to be in use and whilst the aircraft had only been sitting on the ground for 20 mins or so, it was like a furnace inside. The cabin was also very simple, and you could tell it was an old ATR which had not been refurbished for many years. However, this was all part of the fun flying domestically in Cuba. It was exciting to be onboard my first Cuban domestic flight.


After the door was closed, the flight attendant welcomed everyone aboard in Spanish, then English and gave us some flight information. The safety demonstration was also given in Spanish and English. A local newspaper was handed out to those who could read Spanish. He then wished us all a nice flight on Aero Caribbean. No announcements were made by the flight crew at any time of the flight which was a shame, but our flight attendant more than made up for that with his friendly demeanour. I looked at my watch as we began to taxi out to the runway and was astonished to see it was only 1335 some 20 mins earlier than our scheduled departure time! I guess they figured we were all onboard, and there were no delays, so why not go early?

A short taxi up the single runway - no taxiways at CCC so we used the runway to taxi up to the southwesterly end.

Lining up and ready to go

Sorry for the poor quality of the pics, as the outside of my window was particularly dirty. All it needed was a good clean!

There were no hold ups by the time we got to the end of the runway, as there was no other traffic and the props fired up, we started our take off roll. I was instantly on notice at how loud it was in the cabin, which I am sure was a feature of the early model ATRs. Having experienced a brand new ATR72 of Binter earlier this year from TFN to LPA and TFN, it was clear how far the ATR had come since 1986!

Our take off was relatively short, and we launched into the hot and humid Cuban skies, passing the terminal to our left. You can see how simple but functional the terminal arrangement is at CCC.

We tracked north and out over the aqua waters of the Cays before making a sharp left turn, heading toward HAV. The cabin remained extremely warm, and passengers were all sweating profusely, for nearly 15 mins before it started to cool down. The views outside however, were fascinating as we flew parallel to Cuba’s northern coastline, before heading slightly inland, where the green Cuban countryside was evident. Just the odd small town along the way.

Passing the airport

Apart half way into the flight, we were served a drink, which was most welcome, given how hot the cabin had been on departure. Service was always with a smile and the flight went very quickly. The flight was relatively smooth with only the odd bump here and there. We did spend some time just before descent dodging a couple of large storm formations, which are common at this time of year. We were advised to keep our seat belts on for the remainder of the journey.

Poor seat pitch (from my perspective)

Emergency Card

Avoiding some bumps inside these huge cloud formations


Descent commenced soon after, and we floated gradually toward Havana’s Jose Marti International’s Runway 06.

Just as we were landing, we passed the ex Air Lib DC10 which is now used as a trainer, as well as a couple of Aero Caribbean aircraft - one of which looked like it had been cannibalised for spares. After a smooth touchdown, we taxied past the Cubana hangar, revealing several exotic Russian aircraft. I don’t know how many IL96s CU have in their fleet, but one was in the hangar, and another was outside with engine covers on. I had thought they only had two or three of these aircraft in total, so this left me wondering what or who was operating CU’s intercontinental flights, if any?

AN24 getting some work

Yak42 resting

For some reason, the aircraft parked at the International Terminal (T3) and a bus was waiting to meet us. I had wondered whether the aircraft was to operate an international charter which is why it parked where it did. Everyone disembarked and a friendly goodbye from Luis, we were bussed……well I thought we were going to the nearby terminal, but in fact, we were driven miles away to the old original terminal which is on the other side of the airfield, which is used solely for domestic flights and some charters.

Shutting down at a remote parking position at T3

CU-T1509 resting on the hot ramp at HAV after arriving from CCC

This is where we were bussed to - the original terminal at Havana

Was I complaining? Definitely NOT. We had a great ramp tour as we passed T3, which was quiet at this time of the afternoon, with a sole COPA 737-800 at the gate, getting ready for a departure to Panama City.

We finally made our way to the old terminal building, passing several beauties on the way.

CU-7I703 at the Cargo Terminal

Some of the Aero Caribbean fleet at the domestic terminal

The bus ride sadly came to an end, and we were deposited at the terminal. A Cubana AN24 had just arrived as well, and we passed this all white aircraft whilst walking to the terminal.

Once inside, we were greeted by a dimly lit room, which whilst dark and somewhat dingy, was air conditioned, and only 5 or so minutes later, our bags came off. We headed out and made our way into central Havana. My first Cuban domestic flight was over.


Flying Aero Caribbean was a pleasant surprise. I guess I had no real expectations which made the experience a positive one. Whilst the ATR was ancient, and very loud, it was more than sufficient to get us from CCC to HAV efficiently. Although seat pitch was non existent, I did not find it too unbearable for the short flight (I am 6ft tall). The flight was not only on time, it was actually early so no issues with time keeping by Aero Caribbean. I have to wonder, however, whether this is the norm? Onboard, service was simple, but with a smile. What more could you want really? Bags were delivered in a matter of minutes after arrival so on the ground, no complaints either. I was disappointed that the flight was not operated by a Yak 40, but I was glad to simply add this flight to my log.

I have to hope that once sanctions against Cuba are lifted, that Aero Caribbean can really flourish and I wish them well.

Thanks for reading and any comments are welcome.


Cuba was simply amazing - an incredible place to visit, from the decaying old buildings and grandeur of Old Havana, to the cobblestone narrow streets of the UNESCO listed town of Trinidad de Cuba, to the crystal clear waters of the northern Cays. I can highly recommend it. Alas for most Americans, it still remains off limits.
Here are a couple of snaps taken in Havana and Cayo Coco.

Habana Vieja (Old Havana)

Statue of Jose Marti in Parque Central

Grand Theatre, Parque Central

Capitolio Building, Grand Theatre and Hotel Inglaterra, Parque Central from our hotel room

Catedral de la Habana, Habana Vieja

Cayo Coco 1

Cayo Coco 2

Cayo Coco 3
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RE: Cayo Coco - Havana, Aero Caribbean W/pics

Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:18 pm

Hello PalmJet,

What a great report and of great interest to me! In November of this year I will visit Cuba myself and will make a domestic flight on AeroCaribbean as well from Holguin to Havana. Great to already have some impressions of what I will experience.

Quoting Palmjet (Thread starter):
I was sincerely hoping to get aboard an aging Russian airliner, but sadly it was not to be.

Sounds familiar! The travel agent told me we were going to fly Cubana and I watched their website already hoping for some russian made aircraft. Then I received the confirmation and I was also a little disappointed to see the flight being operated by an ATR of Aerocaribbean.

Your pictures of Cuba look amazing and I'm really looking forward to visit this great country!

Thanks for sharing this great report!


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RE: Cayo Coco - Havana, Aero Caribbean W/pics

Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:43 pm

Hi Palmjet, nice and very inviting TR, thank you for sharing !!! Those pics of Cayo Coco's beach attractions and the Cuban bushes from the air are lovely !!! Yeah, don't recall having seen an intra-Cuban TR on A.Nett before; congratulations for making this one a first !!!

I am planning to take a trip to Cuba from Cancun sometime this coming fall, and would love to try that very same flight you are introducing us to here. Was your airfare and lodging part of a package deal ? How much is the HAV-CCC-HAV sidetrip selling for ?

Best regards
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RE: Cayo Coco - Havana, Aero Caribbean W/pics

Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:18 pm

Hi both

Thanks very much for your comments.

Yes, I was disappointed not to get a Yak 40 - apparently, Aero Caribbean have approximately 6 in the fleet, but I only saw two in HAV and neither of them moved. I think the ATR 72s are more modern than the 3 ATR42s in their fleet. I am sure you will have a nice flight from Holguin.

I booked our tickets through as Aero Caribbean don't seem to have their own website. The fare was not cheap - approx £70 per person. However, it was quicker than getting the bus or a private taxi/car back to Havana! Our trip was all booked separately so there was no overall package. We flew directly into HAV from LGW on Virgin Atlantic.

Cayo Coco was the last stop in our trip as we spent time in Trinidad de Cuba in addition to Havana, The beaches in the Jardines del Ray are simply amazing.

I understand that CU mostly use their Yak 42s between Cancun and Havana - XA744 you have a really good chance of getting on one of these if you fly from there. Good luck !
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RE: Cayo Coco - Havana, Aero Caribbean W/pics

Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:59 pm

Wonderful TR! Thanks for sharing! Cuba, especially Havana looks great. Pity that I can't go though  . Hopefully the ban will be lifted in the future  
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RE: Cayo Coco - Havana, Aero Caribbean W/pics

Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:53 am

Cuba looks amazing! Thanks!  
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RE: Cayo Coco - Havana, Aero Caribbean W/pics

Sat Jul 17, 2010 8:45 am

Great TR , I love Cuba having been 4 times. I stayed at the Parque Central and its a perfect location. Great to see a rare report so well done for sharing. I think you have sold me my next Winter vacation  

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RE: Cayo Coco - Havana, Aero Caribbean W/pics

Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:57 am

Hey all - thanks for reading.
Cuba IS amazing - nothing like anywhere else I have travelled to and so unique.

OA260 - Great! I would certainly go again too. Yes, we stayed at the Parque Central in Havana too. There are actually two Parque Central hotels - the original hotel with the lovely lobby, and the ultra modern one next door. They are both called the same thing but they appear to be entirely separate, with their own roof top pools! We found the hotel(s) (we stayed in both, for the first 4 days in HAV, and then on the last night before leaving for the UK) were excellent.
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RE: Cayo Coco - Havana, Aero Caribbean W/pics

Sat Jul 17, 2010 2:59 pm

Wow, great timeing for this report. I'm off to Cuba in 5 days time (longhual with Iberia Business Class). I've got one domestic flight from Baracoa to Havana, but I'm as yet unsure what airline/aircraft it'll be. I'm hoping for the EMB 110, as I'm not a fan of the ATRs or Yakolevs.

What did you think of Cayo Coco? Did you book the flights and accom yourself, or as part of a tour?Any hotel reccomendations down there?


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RE: Cayo Coco - Havana, Aero Caribbean W/pics

Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:23 pm

Hey Gabriel - thanks for your comments. Your domestic flight sounds great. Must be one of the longest domestic sectors possible in Cuba? We did not get to Baracoa, but it looked like a nice place to visit. I would be surprised if they use an EM110 for that, but then again, anything is possible in Cuba! Have you got an e-ticket? I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to book the flight from CCC, and it was all automated. I understand many domestic flights are also operated by Aerogaviota - using more modern ATR42-500s but I don't know which routes in Cuba they fly. The Cubana Yak42s tend to be commonly used on the Santiago de Cuba - Havana runs, in addition to the regional destinations such as Cancun.

We found Cayo Coco to be lovely although the resort we stayed at was hit and miss in relation to food and service. However, the beaches and wildlife were amazing and we were really able to relax. The hotels in the area are all inclusive - there did not seem to be any other types - I guess it's becuase there are no "towns" per se and no cafes bars or restaurants - so you need to spend all of your time in the hotels for that. Cayo Coco is one of the main locations for 100s of Cuba's indigeneous flamingos, and it's very easy to see them in the wild in the lagoons and shallow water.

Make sure you take plenty of insect repellent if you are heading that way as this time of the year, the mosquitoes come out at dusk in droves!

We flew to HAV Virgin Upper ex LGW. Have a great time!
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RE: Cayo Coco - Havana, Aero Caribbean W/pics

Sun Jul 18, 2010 7:07 pm

Hi Palmjet,

Fantastic report and pictures, thanks a lot for sharing your experiences of this very special flight with us. Reports about Cuban domestic flights are really rare here on A.Net, so this one was highly interesting. A pity that you didn't get the Yak, but I guess a flight with one of the oldest ATR's was something special as well.

I also liked your pictures of Havana and Cayo Coco. I would love to visit Cuba myself once, too.

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RE: Cayo Coco - Havana, Aero Caribbean W/pics

Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:51 pm

Hey Christoph, thanks for your comments. I was really looking forward to seeing how this flight would be and it was above expectations. Pity about the Yak, but it seemed like they will be flying them for some time yet - unless things drastically change in Cuba! It's a great place to visit - hope you can visit some day. Cheers P/jet
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RE: Cayo Coco - Havana, Aero Caribbean W/pics

Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:31 pm

Excellent report! Wonderful pics. It truely is a step back in time. I too hope sanctions are lifted for travel. It would be really interesting to see who has rights to fly there prior to the sanctions since so many carriers are now gone. Who inherited from whom! Can one imagine the day we would see CU in an alliance!  
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RE: Cayo Coco - Havana, Aero Caribbean W/pics

Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:54 pm

Quoting Palmjet (Reply 9):

Thanks palmjet. I'm off tomorrow. The flight to Baracoa has been booked by someone else so no idea about etickets etc. I'll try and organise a CCC trip when I get there. Upcoming flights: LGW-FNC-PDL-TER-LIS-LUX-LHR-MUC-BRN,BSL-LHR

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