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SYD - MEL - LAX - JFK & Back On QF Long W/80+ Pics

Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:17 am

This trip has been in the planning for about 12 months, I run a couple of websites and have a couple of clients located throughout the US and wanted to tie in a visit with a conference that I wanted to attend in New York.

Planning was pretty simple, I would be flying Qantas on all the long haul flights between Melbourne & LA and also continuing on to New York.

I am based in Sydney but when it came time to rebooking my flights (I had a credit from Qantas from a previously cancelled trip) it turned out it would be cheaper to fly in & out of Melbourne.

So I added on a quick side trip to head to Melbourne the afternoon before I was due to fly out and come back the morning I flew back from LA.

Please accept my apologies for the quality of some of the pictures as I was using a combination of my iPhone and my small Nikon (I didn’t have the space to bring my main DSLR) and there will be a distinct lack of in-flight shots of the terrain & sky, because being 6’3 I try to (where possible) take the aisle seat so that I can get up and stretch my legs when I want without having to be beholden to other people in my row.

Qantas 437
Aircraft Boeing 767 - 300
Sydney – Melbourne
Schd dep: 13:30
Schd Arrival: 15:05
Seat 2J - Business

I grabbed a cab from the office and headed to the airport, which took about 40 mins. Check-in was nice and efficient there was only 1 person in front of me. I was asked if I wanted to get on an earlier flight but I declined as I wanted to get something to eat and relax in the lounge before getting on the flight.

I headed up to the domestic Business Class lounge and settled with a nice view of the apron.

Qantas A380 from Business Lounge

I must admit in my opinion the only difference between the Qantas Club & Business lounge is that the food offering is slightly more substantial in the Business lounge, and that the only view is looking north over the first couple of Qantas gates and the maintenance hanger.

Light lunch at the Qantas Business Lounge

I was one of the first on board and got settled in, I was soon offered a choice of orange juice, Champagne or water and chose a glass of OJ. We pushed back more or less on time and had a bit of a taxi ahead of us as we were taking off from the southern most runway.

QF Boeing 767 SYD - MEL

Qantas B767 Domestic Business Class Cabin

Controls & cocktail table

Legroom on domestic Business seat

Shortly after takeoff the service began almost immediately. On this short flight we were served lunch with a choice of a local red or white wine, as we were having lamb I decided to go with a red and lunch was delicious. The service on the flight was flawless.

Lamb lunch on QF437 SYD - MEL

I had decided that I was going to stay at the Hilton at the Airport for a couple of reasons. The main one was its proximity to the terminal meant leaving the following morning at 7am would be nice and easy, and secondly I was hoping to get a room with a view over the airport operations to keep me occupied for the afternoon & evening. After checking-in to the hotel I managed to get a room with a nice view and spent it doing some last minute work whilst watching the MEL arrivals & departures.

Hilton Melbourne Airport

The wake-up call for 6:15 came as requested, and I awoke to a beautiful day to be travelling for over 15 hours on the A380!!

The morning of departure

Aircraft: Airbus A380 – 800 – Fergus McMaster (4th A380 in fleet)
Boarding: 10:30
Schd Departure: 10:10
Air bridge(s) retracted: 11:08
Push: 11:22
Takeoff Roll: 52 seconds
Wheels Up: 11:39
Schd Arrival: 07:30
Wheels down: 08:55
At gate: 09:13
Seat: 58 J

Check-in was quick and easy, as I am a Qantas Club member I was able to check-in at the premium check-in desks and there was no one else waiting I was processed in 3 minutes. After check-in I found a seat and filled out the departure documents and proceeded through immigration & security. There was a short queue at Immigration however I was through both in about 10 minutes. I went and checked to see if the aircraft had arrived from LA as yet and it hadn’t so I thought it was a good chance to get down to the Qantas Business Lounge and get some breakfast. It was my first time in the Qantas Business Lounge in Melbourne and I found it clean the food & drink stations well stocked however could not get over how claustrophobic it makes you feel without any windows or natural light. I had some toast, fruit & yogurt and a coffee and proceeded to make my way back up to check-out the Duty Free shopping and have a walk around the terminal.

Qantas Premium Check-in: QF Club, Premium Economy, Business & First

Departure docs

QF Business Lounge

Food & Drink buffet

The gate area started to fill up as boarding time got closer, however the 09:20 boarding time came and went without any reason for the delay given. We were eventually informed that the delay was caused due to extra cleaning required, however this seemed a bit strange as approx 10 firemen proceeded to the gate area. Boarding was eventually called a little over an hour late @ 10:30. Once on board I got acquainted with the differences of the A380 compared to the B747. The seat seemed much the same, with the major difference being that the IFE was working as soon as we boarded (and worked all the way through until we disembarked).

Our A380 being loaded

The now infamous RR Trent 900

Qantas A380 Economy "Red Zone"

Eco seat with Pillow, headphones & amentity kit

Economy amenity kit

QF A380 economy legroom

IFE Control

Once it seemed all the passengers had boarded the aircraft the captain came on to apologise for the delay and advise us that we would be further delayed as we would have to wait for a couple of passengers who were connecting through Los Angeles to a South American country would not be allowed to enter the Untied States so would have to find alternate routing home. Once the passengers were taken off the plane, and their luggage had been removed I could now formally thank my lucky stars that I had the two seats next to me vacant for the flight. However no sooner was that realised then an older lady in the row behind me decided that it was her right to use the window seat as extra storage for all her belongings.

Once we pushed back we taxied over to the main runway where we were to be departing in a northerly direction. Watching the taxi & take off on the tail cam was something new and quite fun to experience. As a lot of people have advised the A380 is extremely quiet on take off and seems to effortlessly climb into the sky at take off.

Tailcam @ gate

Tailcam just after liftoff

We were offered lunch approx 1 hour after take off and I chose the beef option, which came with some vegetables, a potato salad, bread roll & cheese and crackers. The meal was great and the portion seemed quite decent for an economy meal. While I was enjoying lunch I watched the movie A-Team, and constantly found myself laughing out aloud.

QF 093 Lunch

IFE - The A-Team

Desert consisted of a Mango ice-cream which must have come straight from the deep freezer as it took about 10 minutes before I could even bite into it, however was very nice when I was able to finally eat it.


About 90 minutes after lunch was cleared away the crew came through and offered either tea or hot chocolate with marshmallows, I chose the hot chocolate and was not disappointed. Shortly after collecting the tea & hot chocolate service items the crew came through with the Snack on Q goodie bags. I reckon this is one of the greatest ideas in customer service for long haul flights.

Hot Chocolate

Snack on Q

I continued to have a play around with the IFE switching between movies and TV shows and checking our progress with the flight map.

One of the best things about the upgraded fleet for the Qantas long-haul operations are the in-flight snack bars, in my opinion they are brilliant. It makes it so much easier to be able to go and get your own snack or drink without having to disturb the flight attendant. When I was taking a walk through the rear of the cabin I noticed how incredibly cold it was at the back of the aircraft. So much so that I normally try and find a place where I can do some stretches and not get in anyone’s way, which is normally near the aft toilets, however during this flight I couldn’t stay down there for more than a couple of minutes because it was too cold.

Snack Bar

Snack Bar

About 3 hours out from our revised arrival time the smell of breakfast began to waft through the cabin, this is one of my favourite times on a long-haul overnight flight, knowing that you are almost at your destination but also that breakfast is around the corner.

For breakfast I had ordered the hot option, which came with eggs, bacon, beans & tomato, together with a fruit salad, fruit roll & a coffee. Once again the meal was excellent.

Cabin in the morning


Sunrise over the Pacific

Once I had finished with my breakfast I made a quick beeline to the bathroom to get changed and freshened up to ensure that I didn’t get caught in the middle of the waiting game that normally occurs just prior to landing after a long-haul flight. For the landing I made sure that I got the window seat and as we made landfall over the continental United States I knew we would be using the northern set of runways at LAX.

We flew out over the Hollywood Hills before making a series of right hand turns which would bring us in line with the northern most runway at Los Angeles International Airport. It was great to watch the approach and landing both out of the window and on the tail cam.

Downtown LA on approach to LAX

Arriving at TBIT gate 122

Once we landed we made our way to the Tom Bradley International Terminal. My previous experience with TBIT had been a very good one, as I had to only wait about 10 minutes prior to being processed by immigration, however I braced myself for a much different reception after arriving on a 80% full A380. However I was to be wrong as once again I was through immigration in about 10 minutes, however had to wait about 25 minutes for my bag to arrive, and I got caught up in a rather long line for customs however within just over 1 hour of landing I was outside and waiting for the shuttle to take me to my hotel, the Los Angeles Airport Marriott.

As I had factored in a rest day all I really wanted to was get to the hotel and get some sleep. I had requested a room, which would allow me to overlook the southern runways of LAX, and as I had reserved the room from the night before I was in my room and asleep within 20 minutes of clearing customs.

All in all I could not have been happier with my first flight on the Qantas A380 it was a very comfortable experience, the crew was great, the food excellent and the IFE once again proved to be a winner, and to get two seats next to me free just capped of a perfect first flight.

Waiting for the hotel shuttle

View from my room at the LAX Marriott - Emirates 777

View from my room at the LAX Marriott - United 777

QF 107 LAX - JFK
Aircraft: Airbus A330 - 200
Boarding: 08:30
Schd Departure: 09:00
Push: 09:33
Takeoff Roll: 37 seconds
Wheels Up: 09:47
Schd Arrival: 17:25
Wheels down: 17:40
Seat: 25 G

It was an early start after what ended up being a late night in the hotel bar, the alarm went off at 5:30am as I wasn’t sure what to expect at Tom Bradley. When I was looking at the flights between LA & NYC I was a little disappointed to see that the operations had been moved from T4 over to TBIT, and even more disappointed when I discovered the route had been downgraded from a 747 to an A330. I had travelled this route a number of times and always enjoyed that fact that I would more often than not get at least 1 or 2 seats to myself.

Never the less I pulled myself out of bed had a shower and got my self-going for the day. After an easy checkout I left a bag with the Bell Captain as I would be returning in a couple of days and wanted to ditch some documents I wouldn’t need until the end of the trip. Once outside I joined the queue for the trip to the airport, which was entirely made up of AA cabin & flight crew and me.

Once at the terminal I really wished I had have stayed in bed as not only is QF 107 the only early departure it is the only departure from TBIT until about 11:20 in the morning so there were very little shops open and the whole terminal had a somewhat surreal feel to it. After checking in I made my way to security to at least get through to the Qantas /One World lounge to have some breakfast, however was rather abruptly told by the TSA agent at the start of the security line that it wouldn’t be open until at least 7:30 because they were all in a meeting. I decided to head up to the upper concourse to see what was available for breakfast, which was a choice of McDonald’s or a sandwich, I opted for the sandwich and a Gatorade for breakfast. I managed to get some shots of the incoming QF birds before making my way through security.

King room @ LAX Marriott

QF 107 LAX - JFK Check-in

TBIT Departure board

QF 107 arriving from Sydney

Our steed for the day

Once through security and into the lounge it was even more deserted than landside of TBIT, however it was all stocked and just waiting to be taken advantage of. I grabbed a bit more to eat and then proceeded to pass the time catching up on the never-ending supply of emails. About an hour before scheduled departure the lounge started to fill up, the first person into the lounge after me looked like he was in a scene straight out of the Amazing Race he ran into the lounge and straight to the shower attendant to get into the shower, it turned out he was followed by a steady trail of what must have been connecting QF 107 passengers who had just arrived from Sydney.

About 20 minutes prior to scheduled boarding I headed down to the gate and it was pretty easy to tell the passengers who had connected through from Sydney, they were the ones passed out, and in once case, drooling on their shoulder.

Qantas / One World TBIT Lounge

The original boarding time of 08:15 came and went and we finally invited to board by rows @ 08:30, one on board it was easy to tell this was going to be a very full flight. One of the last passengers to board was in fact going to be my seat mate in 25 F, and what a better way to introduce herself than to demand that I get out of her seat as she had the aisle seat, when I showed her my seat number and the diagram on the overhead compartment she wasn’t happy. Then after settling in she made a thing about having to get up and get some water for her water bottle, and I thought to myself that this could be a looooong flight. However after we took off she pretty much passed out and only woke up for lunch and then when we were on final approach.

We were slightly delayed in departing due to some of the connecting passengers from Sydney being caught up in customs & immigration. We pushed back at 09:33 and we were hurtling down the runway approx 14 minutes later, we took off to the west and made a sharp turn back towards the northeast and headed on that course for the remainder of the flight.

Shortly after take off the cabin crew came through and requested that all the window shades be drawn so that if passengers wanted to sleep they could. Shortly after this lunch was served and whilst not being entirely hungry I knew it best to take lunch as it was already well after 2:00pm East Coast time and it would be a while till I got dinner.

For lunch I chose the chicken, which turned out, to be Chicken Cacciatore with a fruit salad, bread roll, cheese & crackers, water and I took a coke zero as well. It was very nice and once again I found the portion to be just right.

A330-200 Cabin

Chicken catchatore

The flight was pretty uneventful except for one of the female flight attendants who whenever she was asked for something by a passenger made it quite clear in her attitude that she thought it was beneath her.

I passed the time by watching Californication and started watching Get him to the Greek until I too could no longer fight off the affects of sleep and decided to get some shut eye. I got about 90 minutes sleep, and woke just before we started our decent into New York. It was at this stage I was starting to get quite excited as it had been about 4.5 years since I had been in the Big Apple and had my previous 3 attempts to get back either postponed or plans changed so to be in final decent was great news.

We touched down about 15 minutes late and made our way over to the gate area where we disembarked. After what seemed like an eternity my bag finally came out and I was in a cab 5 minutes later on the long ride into Manhattan. Whilst it was a long cab ride I had an awesome taxi driver, which made the journey a lot of fun.

IFE - Californication

Cabin mid flight

QF 108 JFK - LAX
Aircraft: Airbus A330 - 200
Boarding: 17:35
Schd Departure: 18:55
Push: 19:12
Takeoff Roll: 36 seconds
Wheels Up: 19:32
Schd Arrival: 22:10
Wheels down: 22:30
Seat: 1 J

After a couple of very successful days of meetings & networking in New York it was time to bid farewell and head back to LA. I stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott Times Sq South in Manhattan and can highly recommend it to anyone who needs a centrally (Mid-Town) located business hotel in NYC that won’t break the bank.

Due to the numerous changes I had made on this ticket the final change had bumped the return sectors (JFKLAXMEL) into a higher booking category and had opened up the possibility of a points upgrade on each leg. I had made the request about 2 months earlier and when I logged into check if it had come through I was very pleasantly surprised to see that it had, so at the very least my flight from NYC to LA would be at the front of the plane on this leg.

After my last meeting finished early I thought it would be best to head out to the airport and avoid any potential problems with traffic later in the day.

Courtyard Times Sq South King room

Courtyard Times Sq South King room desk area

Times Sq

How times change. Last time I was in NYC this was Lehman Bros

JFK Terminal 7

The trip out to the airport was lightening quick, so much so that I got out there before the check-in counter had opened. I wandered around Terminal 7 for a little while and saw that BA had a mock set up of the Club World & World Traveller Plus seats set up in the terminal.

BA Club World display

Once the scheduled check-in time came I headed around to the Business Class counters and waited, and waited, and waited. The display board said that boarding was open however there were no staff on hand to check me in. I asked a BA rep where the QF check-in agents were and she said they are in a meeting, and she didn’t know when they would be out. By chance I headed around to the Economy & Qantas Club check-in area and found that there were 4 staff behind the desk completing check-in so I just jumped in line. I was told that there should have been someone over there but she must have had to do something elsewhere!!!

Once the bag was checked I headed through security and onto the upper concourse. I checked out the Duty Free selection and then decided I would stop and have lunch at Sammy’s a great bar with great staff.

Terminal 7

After lunch I headed through to the BA Terraces lounge and found a seat near an electrical outlet and did some work. The BA Lounge was quite nice however, I found it strange that there weren’t many TV’s displaying either news, business or sport.

BA Terraces Lounge

I finished up my emails and headed down to gate 5 where we were due to depart from. Premium, Special Assistance and families with young children were asked to board and I made my way down the jet-bridge and onto the aircraft. I got settled in and made my self very comfortable in the Qantas Skybed for the journey. The crew for this flight was predominantly an older male crew but the service was fantastic. George, our Flight Attendant came around and personally introduced himself to everyone and made a note of the gentleman sitting in 1K that as he was a Platinum FF he would ensure that he got his choice of meal, however he made it very easy and said that he would be sleeping for the entire flight.

QF 108 JFK - LAX

QF A330 Business Class cabin

Business class legroom

BUsiness Class cabin

My jacket was taken and hung up, and then a drink was offered and I took Orange Juice. George then brought around Menus for everyone. The captain them came on and welcomed us aboard and gave us some information about the flight & flying time etc. He apologised for the short delay and advised that we would be flying into a headwind the whole way, however he would try and get us into LA on time.

Beer & Snack

Shortly after push back and take off, we were presented with a refreshing hot towel and the first drink service started shortly after. While taking our drink order George also took our dinner requests, I chose the lamb and he also recommended a red to go with it, and I took him up on his suggestion, however had forgotten what it was, but it was very good.

Amenity kits were then handed out. About 40 minutes after take-off the main meal service began and George set out the table setting and brought through the entrée, which was delicious. After finishing the entrée George came through and topped up my wine and shortly after brought through the lamb main. The lamb was magnificent.

QF Business Amenity Kit


Dinner & a movie

Lamb main

After clearing the main service items away I settled in and finished watching the movie Knight & Day which was not too bad, even thought it had Tom Cruise in it. It was then time for desert & Bailey’s which went together perfectly. George generously refilled my glass 3 times, which was the perfect tonic for me to get some shut eye. I reclined the Skybed and got comfy, and managed to get about 2 hours sleep.

Dessert & Bailey's

Coffee & Bailey's

As I woke up we were about 30 minutes from landing @ LAX and George came through and prepared the cabin and made genuine small talk with each of the passengers. While we were chatting he told me that he is only a casual and works about 8 days a month and predominantly does the SYDAKLLAXJFK route which pretty much equates to 1 trip a month. He was saying that how a lot of the Premium customers were very disappointed when they dropped the 747 from the LAXJFKLAX route as the loss of the First Class cabin ruffled a lot of high-end corporate travellers feathers. He had heard a rumour that they were planning on introducing the A380 on the route when the yields pick enough to justify it.

After we landed in LA I thanked George for the great service he provided. It was a truly great flight with exceptionally professional service you would expect on a leading carrier.

QF 094 LAX - MEL
Aircraft: Boeing 747 - 438
Boarding: 22:30
Schd Departure: 23:20
Push: 00:33
Takeoff Roll: 54 seconds
Wheels Up: 0:49
Schd Arrival: 08:45
Wheels down: 10:23
Seat: 17 J

As the final day of my trip rose I quickly logged on to check to see if my upgrade request for tonight’s flight to Melbourne had come through, and it had, what a relief. I was once again staying at the LAX Marriott which provided good access to a range of meetings I had over the previous couple of days.

My last day in the US was a relaxed affair, I went for a walk around the immediate area in the morning which included walking around LAX, I then headed over to a local shopping mall where I picked up some presents for loved ones back home, and generally lounged around the pool and did nothing for the better part of the day. I had reserved the room through until 7pm which made it easier to relax during the day.

I started to get ready at about 6pm, had a shower and started packing, after checking out I jumped on an empty shuttle bus and headed for TBIT. Once at TBIT the difference from when I left for New York was massive, it was a hive of activity with people & luggage everywhere.

I quickly checked-in and was given my boarding pass and a lounge invitation with directions on it. As I knew the QF lounge would be packed I headed to a bar landside to watch the rest of a Baseball game I had started watching earlier at the hotel. At about 9:00 I headed through security and into a packed QF / One World lounge, where I managed to find a seat however within about 5 minutes had a nice older lady asking if she could sit with me, which I had no problem with. Her routing was the complete opposite of mine, she was flying via Sydney to get to Melbourne, while I was going via Melbourne to get to Sydney. We chatted for a while before I got stuck into some emails that had come through from my office. I decided that even after the first Sydney & the Brisbane flight had departed it was still too crowded for my liking so I decided to get up and head to the gate.

TBIT Gate 121 Q
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RE: SYD - MEL - LAX - JFK & Back On QF Long W/80+ Pics

Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:35 am

Sorry it seems the remainder of the report got cut off; I will continue below:

Boarding was called about 10:30 and I made a beeline for the door, and after picking up some duty free I had collected earlier I made my way down to the aircraft. Once on board I was directed to head upstairs to the upper deck. I settled into my seat and my neighbour came onboard just after me. We chatted while we were waiting for the plane to depart, he had come from Detroit and was heading for Melbourne for business and was due to be on the ground for about 37 hours before heading back to Detroit, and he had been doing the same trip every 2 weeks for the past 3 or 4 months!!!! Interestingly he said that on one of the trip he had flown with V Australia in Business and that after that trip that he preferred to fly with them across the Pacific but Qantas / OneWorld was his company policy when available.

We were delayed in closing the door and pushing back as we were still waiting for 1 customer. When the customer came on board he ended up sitting in 16K, which made the next 15 minutes very entertaining. It was very clear that this gentleman was extremely intoxicated, and to make matters worse he was a large man. He was a nightmare for the FA’s as soon as he was onboard. He was mumbling / ranting obscenities, and when asked to “Use an indoor voice” he then started to recline his seat into it’s bed position which was a problem for 2 reasons, first we hadn’t taken off yet, and he was in an emergency exit row in the upper deck, and was clearly not fit to assist the crew in the event of an emergency. During the ensuing 20 minutes they removed another FA who was travelling on personal business and moved them into Economy so they could make the customer who was originally seated in seat 16J more comfortable (i.e. move him as far away as possible), which didn’t really make the upgraded FA very happy at all.

Although all this was of no use, as the customer was still ranting and continued to put the seat into a bed position every time the FA’s left him alone. So in the end the passenger was removed from the flight at the request of the Captain & Customer Service Manager, much to the relief of the rest of us.

I apologise for the lack of photos early in the flight as I was busy chatting and once we reached cruising altitude I hit the recline button and went to sleep.

I managed to get about 6 hours of sleep, and when I woke up I asked for a Smoked Turkey & Cranberry sauce Panini, which was lovely. After I had finished the Panini I went for a walk around the aircraft (with the exception of First Class) and noticed that the rest of the flight was about 95% full.

Qantas B747 Business Class inflight bar

Upper Deck Gallery

Cabin during flight

Once I got back to my seat I watched a couple of movies on the IFE and also on my iPad. We were about 3 hours out of Melbourne when the smells of breakfast started bringing everyone to life. We had ordered breakfast via a room service type menu card when we boarded at the beginning of the flight and nominated our preferred meal time, which I thought was a great idea. For breakfast I chose the Bacon & Eggs option with some toast & fruit. I also ordered a coffee and forgot to tick that I wanted milk & sugar, and when I had finished I asked if I could get some, and the reply was “Oh you didn’t nominate it on your form, that’s why you didn’t get any.” A simple “Certainly I will get some for you” would have sufficed in my opinion, oh well. I was on the lower deck stretching my legs as we crossed the NSW coast and I must say there is always something re-assuring when you cross land over your home country after being away.


The engine room

The remainder of the flight was very pleasant, arrival documents were handed out and filled in and I got changed and ready to hit home soil running as I had a connecting flight to Sydney which I was hoping that I could get an earlier flight instead of burning 4 hours in the Qantas Club.

QF Business IFE


Business Class legroom on the upper deck of the 747

Once on the ground we made our way through the terminal to Immigration where I am constantly jealous of the passengers who have the new chips in their passports while I have to wait in line to get standard look over and questions. Once through my bags were out in about 2 minutes and I was off to Customs. Once through the main part of the line, the Customs official saw my Business tags and asked if I had just come in from LA and I said I had and he ushered me through to an express lane where a customs dog quickly did a sniff around and I was on my way.

The flight with Qantas was a bit of let down in terms of the service I received, when compared to QF 108 from JFK to LAX. I definitely got the feeling the 2 female FA’s in the upper deck business cabin were very much just going through the motions. Other than that the flight was great, the seat / bed was very comfortable, the food was great and the IFE was decent (even though I much prefer the new A380 option of being able to watch through until disembarkation).

Once through to the Qantas Domestic terminal I re-checked-in and asked whether I could get on an earlier flight however was quickly informed that all seats between Sydney & Melbourne were full as they had been having operational issues the day before which had caused a backlog of travellers.

I spent the ensuing hours in the QF Club and after having a shower I relaxed and did some work while overlooking the QF domestic operations at MEL. I didn’t get around to taking any photos of the MELSYD leg as I was asleep for most of it and it was a pretty standard domestic economy run.

Overall I had a very successful trip and had 4 great flights & 2 exceptional flights with Qantas over a 2week period.

Please feel free to post any comments or questions.


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RE: SYD - MEL - LAX - JFK & Back On QF Long W/80+ Pics

Wed Nov 24, 2010 3:37 am

Hey Jase,

thanks for posting. Makes me really look forward to my upcoming trip to New York in 2 1/2 weeks time even though it looks like I'll miss out on my first A380 trip and will be downgraded to the 744. Did you manage to get comfortable in the 744 business class seat as it is not entirely flat ? I am 6'7 so I am not really happy that I'll most likely be stuck with 20 inches less seat pitch on the 744.

Cheers from Brisbane,

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RE: SYD - MEL - LAX - JFK & Back On QF Long W/80+ Pics

Wed Nov 24, 2010 3:49 am

Good report! Nice views from all your flight. Qantas always looks pretty good in J and Y!

How neat that you got to fly on an A330 between LAX and JFK .. I used to see a Qantas 747-400 at JFK when I'd be passing through; they must have just changed the aircraft for this flight! I always wished you could fly on Qantas going to LAX from JFK, (I've made this trip a few times) but you can only if you're connecting onto Australia.

I'd love to visit Australia. Definitely on my short list!

Thanks for sharing!

Matthew (767747)
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RE: SYD - MEL - LAX - JFK & Back On QF Long W/80+ Pics

Wed Nov 24, 2010 4:26 am

Hi Pete,

I am jealous, wish I could get back to NYC already, such an awesome place to be. Yeah I'd be disappointed about the downgrade as well, guess time will tell when they will back across the Pacific.

Quoting bps3458 (Reply 2):
Did you manage to get comfortable in the 744 business class seat as it is not entirely flat ?

I must admit I didn't get as much sleep from LAX - MEL that I thought I would have, and I can only really put it down to the slight decline which you sleep at does have an affect. That being said most other people around me slept without problems, I am also on the taller side 6'3, and have pretty broad shoulders and it was pretty tight when I tried to sleep with my head at the very top of the seat, my shoulders just fit in.

Hope you have a great trip, travelling in Biz is always better than Eco, that is what I kept telling myself when I couldnt get back to sleep  

Thanks Matthew, travelling on QF between LAX & JFK is my preferred option over any of the other legacies operating the route

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RE: SYD - MEL - LAX - JFK & Back On QF Long W/80+ Pics

Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:17 pm

Excellent Report. Thanks for sharing.

Quoting SydQFflyer (Thread starter):
and the reply was “Oh you didn’t nominate it on your form, that’s why you didn’t get any

That's a totaly cold, abrupt, wierd choice of words to responsed to something as simple as cream and sugar. Completely unexceptable for Buisness Class.
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RE: SYD - MEL - LAX - JFK & Back On QF Long W/80+ Pics

Wed Nov 24, 2010 8:26 pm

Interesting. I didn't know that you could fly QF between LAX and JFK even if you're not immediately connecting to a flight to/from AUS or NZ. So it seems that even if you have a stopover in LAX on your way to/from JFK, you can still fly QF on the domestic sector?
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RE: SYD - MEL - LAX - JFK & Back On QF Long W/80+ Pics

Wed Nov 24, 2010 11:24 pm

Great report.

Is the A330 that you flew on LAX-JFK-LAX based in the United States for these flights? Also are Qantas allowed to sell domestic flights within the US or is it only for passengers flying SYD-JFK. It's interesting that you were able to stop in LA and then fly on with Qantas.
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RE: SYD - MEL - LAX - JFK & Back On QF Long W/80+ Pics

Thu Nov 25, 2010 5:07 am

Wow! great TR! lots of pics is always good! Glad you had a good trip!

Quoting crosswinds21 (Reply 6):
Interesting. I didn't know that you could fly QF between LAX and JFK even if you're not immediately connecting to a flight to/from AUS or NZ. So it seems that even if you have a stopover in LAX on your way to/from JFK, you can still fly QF on the domestic sector?

Correct. You could even spend a week in LA and still catch that flight.

Quoting Eaa3 (Reply 7):

Is the A330 that you flew on LAX-JFK-LAX based in the United States for these flights? Also are Qantas allowed to sell domestic flights within the US or is it only for passengers flying SYD-JFK. It's interesting that you were able to stop in LA and then fly on with Qantas.

It operates SYD-AKL-LAX-JFK-LAX-AKL-SYD based in SYD. QF can sell to any of their pax flying from outside the that is pax with QF flights from MEL, SYD, BNE, AKL.
Has been like this for many years.
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RE: SYD - MEL - LAX - JFK & Back On QF Long W/80+ Pics

Sat Nov 27, 2010 7:37 pm

Quoting SydQFflyer (Reply 4):
Hope you have a great trip, travelling in Biz is always better than Eco, that is what I kept telling myself when I couldnt get back to sleep  

You are so right. My wife couldn't understand that I was upset of the equipment downgrade. Got QF mail on Friday advising of equipment change. At least got seat assigned on the upper deck (18A) but will get to the airport early on the 11th as I really want a seat in row 16 with the extended leg room.

Cheers from Brisbane,

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RE: SYD - MEL - LAX - JFK & Back On QF Long W/80+ Pics

Sat Nov 27, 2010 8:51 pm

Great trip report. I had no idea Qantas flew the A330-200s between LAX-JFK-LAX... I really like Qantas and hopefully next time I would have more than just a mediocre crew.

Quoting SydQFflyer (Thread starter):
About 90 minutes after lunch was cleared away the crew came through and offered either tea or hot chocolate with marshmallows, I chose the hot chocolate and was not disappointed. Shortly after collecting the tea & hot chocolate service items the crew came through with the Snack on Q goodie bags. I reckon this is one of the greatest ideas in customer service for long haul flights.

The Qantas Hot Chocolate and the Snack on Q goodie bags are the nicest items on Qantas...Something I will definitely be looking forward to whenever I fly Qantas again!

Quoting SydQFflyer (Thread starter):

I must remember to ask for Breakfast instead of Continental Breakfast lol...I still am not sure if I still got that right.

Those school kids in the seat back videos are the next iconic thing other than the Kangaroo on Qantas!!
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RE: SYD - MEL - LAX - JFK & Back On QF Long W/80+ Pics

Sun Nov 28, 2010 9:57 am

Why is the cabin fully dark on a daylight LAX-JFK flight? Do they always do this?
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RE: SYD - MEL - LAX - JFK & Back On QF Long W/80+ Pics

Mon Nov 29, 2010 12:33 pm

Quoting Airbusa322 (Reply 11):
Why is the cabin fully dark on a daylight LAX-JFK flight? Do they always do this?

Most pax have come through from the SYD - LAX flight and by the time the flight hits it's cruise altitude it is approx 5am Australian Eastern Standard Time, and the crew came through and requested everyone put their shades down so that if people wanted to sleep they could do rather easily. Also probably makes for a much easier flight for the crew!!
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