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Lufthansa, Qatar And Air Asia To And Around Asia

Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:27 pm

Welcome to my tripreport from Amsterdam to Bangkok and around Asia the long way, including some flying around in South East Asia.


As it was time for our holiday and family visit in Thailand, I was looking for affordable and interesting flights to Bangkok. Mrs Ozzietukker had only 1 demand, no more ‘small KLM’ plane from Dusseldorf to Amsterdam. (Although I don’t think it was her idea of fun to have 2 stopovers to get to Bangkok).
As I am not impressed with KLM either, only for the good prices with KLM from German airports, I looked around for alternatives.
The natural choice would be Emirates since I have never flown with them to Bangkok, but while they did have promotions, they did not on our selected dates, and there was not much room for changing dates because of already booked flights in Asia. (In the end they did offer very good prices 2 weeks for departure, on my selected dates, but you can’t have everything).
Qatar Airways on the other hand had an interesting offer from Frankfurt for 459 euro, eventhough with a long layover (13 hours) on the way out in Doha, but a perfect timed flight on the way back to Europe. And with the good reviews about the entertainmentsystem and the generous legroom, especially on the DOH-BKK legs, I decided to book this flight.
To get to Frankfurt is not so difficult, you can take the train, or fly with Lufthansa, and with Lufthansa in total 4 euro’s cheaper compared with the train it was a no brainer which option I took, especially there would be no stress if there was a small delay in any of the inbound flights to Frankfurt.

To get to Amsterdam from my hometown in time to get the Lufthansa 07.15 flight by public transport is not possible, luckily my father is living close to the airport and agreed to let us stay for the night and get us to Schiphol airport on time the next morning.
Lufthansa Check-In was quite busy, but it only took 10 minutes to get served, and the luggage could be tagged all the way to Bangkok, perfect, this saved us some time in Frankfurt, and more important, I hate carrying luggage, I rather see it at the final destination, you won’t see me voluntarily carrying more then 3 kg hand luggage either.

The security check can be long when you depart from the Schengen gates, but I cannot complain this morning, only 3 minutes waiting, and they even use common sense nowadays, no more shouting, and they actually appear friendly and try to speed up the process.

The plane is already at the gate since it overnights in Amsterdam.

The boarding started a bit late, and with quite a good load it did take long.

October 13, 2010
Amsterdam (AMS) – Frankfurt (FRA)
Flight number: LH4689
Departure: 07:25 (07:36) – 08:35 (08:45)
Aircraft: Airbuys 320-200 (Unknown)
Load Factor: 89%
Seat: 25 A

The loadfactor was good, but there was no one sitting next to us, they really do fill up the plane in front more then the back, I should really think of selecting the last row for my future flights

Sadly or probably as punishment because of the late departure from the gate we have to taxi all the way to the ‘Polderbaan’. This morning it took 20 minutes before we are actually there and able to take off..

Take off, apologize for the bad quality, when there is not enough light, my camera is not good, really time for a upgrade!


The first sunlight of the day is always nice!


The on board service started


Lufthansa still serves the same sandwich they did since my last trip in 2008, but it is actually not too bad, probably because I was hungry.

Presented in plastic. Cheese and Turkey (?) sandwich


I prefered the Cheese and coke really

Getting lighter and approaching Frankfurt





Passing Big Brother

Really the Lufthansa Terminal

Frankfurt is a big airport, but since we arrived at the B-pier and the Qatar Check-In pier was located there also it was not far to walk at all. We could have used the transfer desk as well, but I prefer to be able to walk around the airport a bit since we have 3 hours for the next flight.
In my best German I greeted the grandmotherly check-in lady, but to my surprise she get back to me in fluent Dutch... With Qatar you have to present yourself at the desk, most probably because of the Credit Card and visa check.

Not busy at all at this moment, but it can be more busy as I saw later.



Exploring Frankfurt Airport we end up at the Mc Donalds.... they actually have a nice location and the hot chocolate and pancakes are not that bad. The Schwip Schwap bought at the supermarket is actually my favourite though!


The Skytrain back to Terminal 1


Qatar Airways have arrived!


The security is a breeze, 2 years ago I had to wait 30 minutes, now the security staff have to wait for me before I put my coins in the backpack. I dunno what happend since last trip, but the staff is also a lot more friendly.

Qatar Airways up close!


October 13, 2010
Frankfurt (FRA) – Doha (DOH)
Flight number: QR028
Departure: 11:55 (12:10) – 19:00 (19:05)
Aircraft: Airbus 330-200 (Unknown)
Load Factor: 95%
Seat: 37 A

This Airbus 330 was still equipped with the old inflight entertainment, small screens and the controls could only be used from the controller in the chair and could not be moved... Also the entertainment box is quite big and limit the legroom at the window seat, although when travelling together this is not that big of an issue. But compared to the 777 from Qatar this is a step down.


Slightly behind schedule we finally start moving


After a slow taxi finally things getting moving faster again


Frankfurt Airport from the sky.






Overview Frankfurt


The first service is a drinks round and a small snack bag. Not the usual peanuts or almonds, but quite a interesting mix, sadly not to see on my picture...

While enjoying the snack, I suddenly see a company plane at the left side.


This Airbus 340 does go a bit faster then our Airbus 330, but we keep alongside for quite a while, until they take a more northern route.


While I am able to eat a sandwich on the plane and eat some snacks, I cannot stand any hot food at all. Even the aroma of the other food around me get my stomach upset.
Good thing is that Qatar Airwas does offer the FPML (Fruit Meal Platter) on its flights. There are airlines out there who as cost cutting measures reducing the options for selecting special meals.
Qatar serve the special meals on the same time as the regular meals, a good policy, since you can eat together with your partner, the downside is that they do forget who have a special meal and you have to actively ask for it.


Seafood Pealla for my parter.



I was informed it did not taste good at all. But the sides, the yoghurt, the bread and the crackers with the cream cheese actually tasted quite good. Also they did serve another drink round when serving the meals, so you would not get thirsty.

Constanta Airport, Romania


Cabin View




Entering Iraq airspace.


Losing daylights, but the mountains still visible


I search around Iraq where this was, but I cannot remember... somebody have the answer?


Last daylight


The flightime is only 6 hours, but Qatar don’t want the passengers to get hungry, so about 1,5 hour for arrival the crew is back in action handing out an inflight snack.

For me it is a actually quite good yoghurt, kudos for Qatar catering


For my partner, it was a pie...


I looks okay form the outside, but, according to my partner, it is definately really bad, she cannot understand that someone will like this. After her first bite she asked for the lamb version, but that one was even worse. So no points gained for the Qatar catering from my partner point of view.

Getting close to Doha.


As said before, my camera is not good at all for night photographing, and while i did try, all the photo’s looked bad, you cannot see a thing.
After arrival, we parked, as far as I could tell in a remote stand. I did not know how remote that stand actually was until the busride was over. I have read about people complaining about the long distance to the terminal, I thought they were a bit overreacting, but they were not. I mean, 13 minutes when the doors from the bus closed until we reach the terminal building without slowing down is really a bit far out of the way, and really there should be some space more close to the terminal available.

7 pm is also really busy, because when I arrived in the terminal I saw this.


Total chaos, as I had 12 hours until my next flight I had time enough and was in no hurry at all, but people really forcing their way through, shouting, and had no manners at all.
In the end it did took 45 minutes to get through, and there were a lot of announcements for people to come forward if they had short connections. The security checks itself was laughable, I have the idea this was really compulsory and the scanners were set on machinegun before they react, not 1 bag was put asside, and not 1 time the scanner beeped, I doubt if it was even on. (No problem for me, it were al transitpassengers so I did not feel insecure).
One tip, if you have a short connection, try to select a place at the back of the plane if you travelling economy, you will be the first of the plane.

At the time of booking I looked at the options for a hotel for a reasonable price. For me it was not a problem to get into Qatar, for my partner it was, and ofcourse Qatar was happy to help, but 250 euro for 12 hours hotel is a bit over the top.
At the other hand, 12 hours at Doha Airport in the public area is also not really something to look forward to, so I decided to book the Oryx Lounge.




The lounge itself was quite okay, unlimited soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks could be had when asking them at the staff. The food was okay, but limited, and some nice salads run out and could not be refilled. The chairs were comfortable, and when put together you could manage to get some sleep.
The booking was actually only valid for 6 hours, but I read they were not really enforcing that. To be sure they had no chance I asked for a towel before the sheduled end time, sadly my partner did not, and when she was in the shower they asked if wanted to extend my reservation.
Fair enough, since I was in there already for 9 hours, but I did not want to extend for 2 hours really, and since they not forced me to go out before my partner was finished showering we only had to spend the remaning 2,5 hours in the general terminal.

It looks nice and quiet actually


The foodcourts are overpriced though.

One big (expensive) duty free shop

The lower gates seemed to be used for ‘local’ flights.

The sun rises early!

Nice and clear sky

October 14, 2010
Doha (DOH) – Bangkok (BKK)
Flight number: QR610
Departure: 08:10 (08:20) – 18:55 (19:05)
Aircraft: Airbus 777-300 (Unknown)
Load Factor: 91%
Seat: 39 H

The best part of an airport without jetways is boarding by stairs!




Would that be the plane seen flying around earlier?

Passengers getting seated

Sadly this flight I could not have a window seat. There was a Thai man, sitting there, and actually I did want to sleep anyway and preffered the aisle seat. It turned out he was supposed to sit Business Class as his daughter working for Qatar Airways, but because it was full he, as non revenue flyer was downgraded.
This would limit my picture taking for this flight.

Just after take off.

Dinner is served!

The fruit platter was 3 times the fruit thing in this picture. My partner enjoyed this meal and mention this is the best inflight meal she ever had. The snack service toward the end of the flight was a big dissapointment again for my partner, the exact same pie’s were handed out, and for me a small fruit basket. Not too bad actually, although I did give it to my partner.

As it was getting dark no more options to get any nice photo’s. The entertainment system in the 777 is superb, big screen, and easy to use controls. The selection of music is big, as is the selection of movies and TV series, and they do add some movies every month.

Arrivel was slightly delayed, but not really a problem, since the most time is getting through customs around 7 pm Thai time anyway, there are actually a load of widebody planes arriving at the same time. But at least the luggage is on the belt once through customs.

As mentioned earlier, there was not much room for changing travel dates since I booked quite a few Air Asia flights for unbelieveable cheap prices. For 2 persons from Bangkok to Bali for a total of 35 euro including tax is cheap and a deal not to be missed.

Getting to Bangkok Airport at such an early time from Chonburi is impossible by public transport, so we had to overnight at the airport. There are many choices in Lat Krabang, and they all offer transport to and from the airport included in the room rate. Silver Gold Garden was my choice, and not bad at all for only 15 euro.

Too early was the sound of the alarm clock, but hey, if you want to fly cheap, you have to make some sacrifices.
Check-in was quick. Self service machine have arrived by Air Asia and by using them you can cut the lines, especially if you have no luggage to check in.
Do make a seat reservation online if you travelling together, it is only 1 euro or so and you are guaranteed to sit together, otherwise the system just assign you a seat, and it might not be together.
Pasport and security control at this time of day is quick, actually, since the new lay out of security at Bangkok airport after immigration it is never busy, and you are able to bring some drinks on board the flight if you wish.



October 18, 2010
Bangkok (BKK) – Denpasar (DPS)
Flight number: FD3677
Departure: 06:15 (06:25) – 11:30 (11:25)
Aircraft: Airbus 320-200 (Unknown)
Load Factor: 80%
Seat: 30 A

The seatpitch in Air Asia is tight, but luckily there is no one in between us, so that saves my knees. I cannot think of sitting 4 hour in this plane with someone beside me.

Finally we are moving

Rainy day

But soon we are through the clouds

The couple behind us annoy me quite much, well, the male member of them, since he is putting his knees in my seat, which make my seat actually come forward. I understand that you might feel cramped, but this is not the way to gain some space.
After a few hard punches with my seat he gets the message though and change seats with his partner.

Inflight service started

Bad thing is, that eventhough we reserved our sandwich online, we are not on the list, good thing I print out the confirmation and do get the sandwich, but I have heard otherwise. And try to get money back from Air Asia is not something you want.

I love those clouds




Getting close to Bali, this vulcano appears not to be active, still it is an amazing view


Alongside Bali Island

Just after landing


Not busy at all

It is indeed not busy at all, and there is no line for the Visa On Arrival office, and there is also no line for immigration. As we have no luggage, we are out in the public 10 minutes after landing.

Relaxed atmosphere.

Bali is nice, although getting more and more traffic jams. Taxi drivers sometimes advise to walk rather then to take a taxi to a certain area. There should be a better way of public transport to get the roads less busy. Although outside of the tourist area from Kuta or Seminyak it is much better and you get stunning views of the Island.

To get back to the airport is only possible by taxi, but to get to the airport is about half of what you pay to get from the airport, since to the airport there is not fixed pricing.
Denpasar airport itself is not super busy, although the Air Asia lines can be long, with the new self check-in service installed you can bypass the lines though.

October 18, 2010
Denpasar (DPS) - Bangkok (BKK)
Flight number: FD3678
Departure: 12:00 (12:15) – 15:20 (15:20)
Aircraft: Airbus 320-200 (Unknown)
Load Factor: 90%
Seat: 30 A

The plane was slightly delayed inboud, hence the late departure. The shedule is not like Ryanair that padded, but we managed to more or less make up for the delay.

Sadly I don’t have pictures for the way back, the camera battery was dead, and the charger was left in Thailand. But it gave me some time to relax watch outside the window en enjoy my pre orderd hot dog, although the Thai version in Air Asia lacks of any sauce.... But actually not bad at all.

Thailand is nice, but with the Air Asia sale it was also possible to book BKK-KUL-BKI-KUL-BKK for only 30 euro including tax, adding some Tune hotels in it, and you have a rather nice cheap trip around Asia.

To get to the airport was possible by public transport this time, always nice to ride up to Bangkok Airport, much better then Don Muang.


Not looking to busy at this time of hour.

Since I had some time to spare I decided to walk around a bit, and try the small food court downstairs at the left side of the airport, normally I go the bigger one at the other side, but this one is not to bad actually. The weather was sunny, but at this time of day it is actually kinda nice, and walk to the Airport garden.


Not many airports where you can have such a scenery.

After a short while outside it was time to get through immigrations and security, this time it was rather busy with russians who where eager to get soon onboard their 11 hour delayed flight, and they were in a hurry to get through.

D8 was the departure gate, and this gate is one of the few gates which make it possible to actually get a decent shot of the airplane.

Just arrived from KL.

Todays flight not appear to be that busy;

October 26, 2010
Bangkok (BKK) – Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
Flight number: AK735
Departure: 10:00 (10:06) – 13:05 (13:15)
Aircraft: Airbus 320-200 (9M-AHU)
Load Factor: 55%
Seat: 30 A

The loadfactor was not good at all, but I still liked my prebooked seat 30A (It is not adviseable to book the last row on Air Asia, those seats do not recline, and if the one in front of you does recline you not gonna have a good flight).

After a slight delay for no apparent reason we started moving;

And moving;

And moving;

It took us 16 minutes to reach the runway, which is kinda odd because there was an active one not far from out gate.

You can see it did rain quite a lot;

Nice views


Some clouds building up above sea;

Quire relaxed with only 55% of the seats filled;

The view outside still was nice;

Lots of residential area around KL

We flew towards the sea before turning into KLIA

Palmoil factory?


We landed on schedule, but it was quite a taxi to the KLIA LCCT terminal, we Air Asia people do not deserve a nice terminal.

Luckily this meant deboarding by stairs!

One is not supposed to make pictures on the Tarmac in Malaysia, but not once I have been bothered by security staff, probably they understand that they can’t fight them all.



Bye bye


Up close

Will I see one of you anytime soon?

Immigration was a bit more congested since last visit, but finally in 30 minutes I was through. The first 3 ATM’s I tried refuse to accept my ATM card, signalling it has a faulty chip, well, it has no chip at all, since if it did, it would not work in other ATM’s around Asia.
HSBC Bank outside at arrivels was willing to accept my ATM card though, but it seems Malaysia is more and more trying to do something about fraud with electronic banking. Probably a good thing.

If you want, you can stay at the Tune Hotel at the airport, if you book early the prices are good, but don’t expect anything more then a room with shower. At least the walkway to get there is now finalised and you not have to walk at some dirt road.


Instead I grapped a bit to eat at the foodcourt. Far better then KFC and the likes.


I then headed to the city, I advise to take the bus and train connection to KL, you know when the bus departs, it is actually on a fixed schedule, unlike all the other 9 RM options to get to KL.
With 12,50 RM it is not much more expensive then the bus, and it only takes 1 hour to get to the city, where only the bus might take double to reach KL city center at certain times.


Next day it was time to continue to Kota Kinabalu. At arrival I was shocked to see the former flight to BKI had a delay from 3 hours. (They only show delay, not how much, but we end up following this flight to BKI), but our flight was only 20 minutes delayed.

This flight gonna be busy;

October 27, 2010
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) – Kota Kinabalu (BKI)
Flight number: AK5114
Departure: 16:00 (16:20) – 18:30 (18:46)
Aircraft: Airbus 320-200 (9M-AFT)
Load Factor: 72%
Seat: 30 C, but 30 A was where I actually was seated.

Hello there;

Nothing can beat boarding by stairs;

I was the last one to board and someone was sitting in my seat, but the opposite seat was still free, so rather to decide to move that person, I took a row of 3 for myself.
After I sit down we started moving quick, following 9M-AFI to Kota Kinabalu. The low cost terminal is actually next to the runway, so it was not a long taxi at all.

Take off;

KLIA control tower;

Nothing but palmtrees

The weather was not so good, and soon we were into the clouds;
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RE: Lufthansa, Qatar And Air Asia To And Around Asia

Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:35 pm

As it was getting dark, it was impossible to make any good pictures. The flight itself was uneventfull, only at landing quite some turbulence.
It was raining cats and dogs, and while it was not cold, deboarding by stairs is now not something you really want to do. I really like Air Asia though for providing the umbrella’s for this occasion. I was the second one out, but the first person slowed down in order to let me find out where to go... because BKI lacks one thing.. signs. You actually arrive at the domestic side, but since you come from KL, you have to go to the international side. To get there you have to walk straight through the place where they load and unload the bags at the airside, quite strange, as you would not expect to go there.
Immigration was quick, I was the first one in, and there was no one at the desks, I actually passed them, but they called me back to get my passport stamped.

As it was after 7 pm, there is not public transport to get from BKI airport, and the taxi’s work on a fixed price system. 50 RM to get to the Tune hotel is daylight robbery for the distance travelled, more then the 2 flights and night in the hotel cost in total. But at least the taxi was actually a good version, and not some old proton with no working airconditioning.

Tune Hotel Kota Kinbalu

The hotel itself was nothing to write home about. For the price paid it was more then good, but I would not advise a longer stay there, since there are far better options to be found in the city itself, since the Tune hotel is actually out of the city at some shopping mall complex.

The Budget Terminal for Kota Kinabalu does not have so many flights, and eventhough there is no check-in machine operating yet, you still get served quick, no one in line.


Terminal view from upstairs;

I sat down for a while, using the free wifi from KFC on my Ipod, but that gets boring so I decide to explore a bit outside the airport and see if you can view the tarmac.
You actually can if you walk around the building, but I did get looked as some kind of nutter, Not many people who want to walk into the sun to get a view of the tarmac...

Not much action, a lonely MAS plane and some Transmile cargo planes.


As it was 30 minutes for departure, it was time to get through security, into the rather small departure lounge.

2 shops and 1 restaurantcafethingy, which all were overpriced in my opinion.

Hello Again

October 28, 2010
Kota Kinabalu (BKI) - Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
Flight number: AK5123
Departure: 10:55 (10:51) – 13:25 (13:21)
Aircraft: Airbus 320-200 (9M-AFT)
Load Factor: 74%
Seat: 30 A, but I moved to 5 A.

Walking to the plane never gets boring


Deja vu?

As I was again the last one to board, I saw someone sitting in my seat again, this time it was a family with kids who understandably wanted to sit together. I decided to say nothing and walk to the front where the Hot Seats are and sat down in 5A, way much to front in a plane for my liking, but if you sit down in the emergency seats the cabin crew will not allow you and send you back, as I did not want to be the one who split a family up, and most certainly not want to sit in a middle seat in row 26 this was the best solution for all involved. The crew did make a remark in general that the ‘Hot Seats’ supposed to be for people who paid for them only via the intercom, but never asked to see my boarding pass, probably since I sit down at this place right away rather then moving there from another seat.

Strange view for me, the engine seen from the front

With the flight arriving early and the quite speedy boarding process we were on the move even before sheduled departure time.

The Real BKI terminal looks much better then the budget version

No delay when turning on the runway and soon we are loose from the ground

Kota Kinabalu after take off http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d9/ozzietukker/Qatar%20Explorer/Qatar144.jpg

I kinda like this angle from the front now

This place looks much better then the Tune Hotel


BKI airport

It did not take long before the inflight service started

I did not prebook anything online this time, but there were quite a few takers. Air Asia serves the people who have prebooked first, probably a good thing, but you cannot buy anything extra when they come around with the prebooked meals, so no drinks to accompany your meal.
No big deal for me, as I was in the front I was soon able to buy a coke with lots of ice.

We got some turbulence

But it soon cleared and you could see Siantan / Pal Matak http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d9/ozzietukker/Qatar%20Explorer/Qatar154.jpg



When we get to Peninsular Malaysia it was first covered in clouds

But it got better

Port Dickson

Touchdown. (From the back you have a better view on the wing)

Bye bye, nice flying with you!

I booked another night in KL. While I could have choosen to continue my journey the same day, with Air Asia you always have the possibility to have cancellations or delays, eventhough whenever I fly with them this is normally not the case.

Tune Hotel Kuala Lumpur

This hotel is not too bad, just a place to sleep, and if you book early quite cheap. Do ask a room facing away from the road or on a high level, otherwise you will have some problems with the traffic noise.

Kuala Lumpur biggest landmark

Different angle

Next day at the airport I checked in at the desk and wanted to go to international departures, I get turned back and told I have to get to the Y gates near domestic departures


Well, this is really nothing, a good thing I decided to go to the toilet before getting through immigration and security check, since there are no facilities. As our flight and the flight next to us was slightly delayed, some people were not amused about the lack of facilities. I am not sure the need for this small 2 gate area.


October 29, 2010
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) – Bangkok (BKK)
Flight number: AK742
Departure: 13:40 (14:05) – 14:45 (15:20)
Aircraft: Airbus 320-200 (9M-AFR)
Load Factor: 79%
Seat: 30 A, but I moved to 5 A.

There was a slight delay with the inbound aircraft, but in the end it was not too bad, since they started boarding and let us wait at the tarmac under the shelter.

No problemo, as this give me some time to take some more pictures.

As I was booked for seat 30A one should board from the back

I actually sat down in 30A, but this chair was broken. The seat reclined all the way back. As I felt bad for the person behind me, 31A cannot recline at all, and if someone in front of you does you are really unconfortable, I asked the flight crew if I could move. I was allowed and since row 5 was free I sat down there... Hmzzzz probably this is going to be my favourite seat after all.

Departing late meant that 3 Malaysian 737 could start before us

Masjid Sultan Abdul Samad

Good weather

Directly over KL

I was in time to capture the KL Menara (TV Tower)

The Petronas Towers a bit more difficult

Then it was to sit back and relax. No pushy sales, and nice views outside,

We did take a quite direct route and made up some time, turning over Chonburi

It probably was busy as we turned back in direction of the sea, and flew quite far out before turning back.

Finally above land again

Sukhumvit Highway

The city from a far distance


With landing on 15:10 it was still a bit of a taxi. But this delay is nothing compared to the passengers on the plane where we parked next to. This flight was delayed 23 hours, and looking on the screens after arrival, actually all the flights of this Russian? Charter airline suffer delays from 6 up ot 18 hours...

I speedwalked to immigration, ignoring the first queue as it was super busy and walked to the second one, it did not really help me since there was a trainee and he was probably on his first day because it took him 4 minutes per passenger.
In the end I did manage to get another bus close to my destination though, but not thanks to the understaffed immigration of Bangkok Airport.

After 2 more nice days it was time to get back to Europe. Qatar actually moved the departure time 40 minutes earlier, due to daylight savings time, but this was not such bad news, as it gives a bit more time for connecting in Doha.

No lines at all this early morning.

According to the departure screen we depart on time

But on the arrival screen you can see the inbound plane is delayed. (Also note the plane from Khorat, it would be fun one day to fly Happy Air)

After a bite to eat at the food court, I prefer this above the other kind of restaurants in the airport we went to immigration and security check. Immigration was busy, but this time I did not stand in line since I could go to the Thai Passport control desk. The lines where the zig zag version, but while long I don’t think it was so bad, probably 20 minutes or so.
Lines at security are non existant and we were soon through and have to say goodby to the Thai architecture.

Suvarnabhumi Airportis not so photofriendly, but still I tried.


Not so much people today.

At check in the check-in agent the agent told the flight was not full after my question and he would try to keep the middle seat open.

November 1, 2010
Bangkok (BKK) – Doha (DOH)
Flight number: QR613
Departure: 08:35 (08:56) – 11:40 (11:30)
Aircraft: Airbus 777-300 (A7-BAK)
Load Factor: 49%
Seat: 39 A

I did not need to have asked to leave the middle seat open, they left open the complete last 7 rows when boarding was completed.


Lots of legroom


Sad to see the MD11 go, good for the passengers of Finnair to fly on a plane with, (while limited), personal inflight entertainment.

Hey, I recognise you!

Thai Airways on hometurf.

After quite a long taxi, 21 minutes, those big planes just don’t taxi fast we finally took off

A bit foggy



If you look closely you can see the new airport link

Into the clouds

Nyaungzin, Myanmar

Qatar first does a drinks round, before commencing the meal service. I actually like they include some real brand orange juice rather then some unknown brand in small cup which taste like nothing. Also the croissants are actually quite nice.

Fruit Meal

Chicken Noodles

Cannot get enough from looking outside

Much to the horror of my partner it was soon time for an inflight snack...

I think my option was far better!

I was quite happy with the inflight entertainment, but after listening to the last CD from The Killers, and watching the movie Cyrus. (Bad choice, don’t trust inflight magazines promoting movies), I wanted to play game.

That not went well with the system. And it was not just my PTV, with my partner and the people in front of us the same story when you wanted to play a game.

I had to miss my beloved inflight map for over 30 minutes until the system resetted itself. So I had no choice but to look outside.

Getting close to Doha http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d9/ozzietukker/Qatar%20Explorer/Qatar209.jpg

But first over UAE

Minhad Military Airport

Approaching Dubai

It actually is impressive to see the Palm Islands. Especially as it was for me the first time to see it with my own eyes.


Getting into Doha

Outskirts of Doha




Hey, I see some grass.





This time we parked quite close to the terminal.

Deboarding a 777 by stairs is always good

Bye Bye

I need not to have worried about the connection. How busy it was around 7 pm last time, how relaxed was it now. No other people around, and landing, taxi, bus to the terminal, security, in all only took 13 minutes. Impressive. So short connections are possible.

Good views on the apron


Not too many people around at first.

Overpriced foodcourt, especially for the quality one will get. No wonder it is not busy.

November 1, 2010
Doha (DOH) – Frankfurt (FRA)
Flight number: QR23
Departure: 13:25 (13:31) – 18:20 (17:53)
Aircraft: Airbus 330-300 (A7-AEC)
Load Factor: 80%
Seat: 42 A

In the terminal it is quite cold, luckely at boarding you have the chance to warm up when standing outside.

Business Class passengers can walk into the plane well protected against any weather.


Everyone boarded in time, but the captain had to hold back departure in order not to arrive in Frankfurt to early. So we had some 15 minutes to wait.

After 15 minutes we started taxiing, and in my eyes a strange route in order to let other Qatar airplanes going past us, I think we would have been better of waiting 5 minutes longer then to start taxiing.

Take Off





In Doha Airport and in the inflight magazine of Qatar they had an advertisement about the Qatar Version of Palm Island

Above the clouds again

First the drink round, and then the mealservice. I have to say, I do like fruit, but as the airliners see each flight as a flight on itself you do get another meal... No shortage of vitamin C for me!

My partner had the Fish this time. Let we say that the cheese spread on the crackers was the only thing good of this meal.

Can someone tell me which airport this is?


The inflight entertainment on this Airbus 330-300 was the same as on the 777, albeit with a smaller screen. This makes the flight go by a bit more quick. Good thing as it was getting darker.

There was another snack service, but my partner declined, since she was not trying any more pies. For me the fruit was also a bit too much so I end up putting it in my bag.
I understand Qatar Airways want to offer a snack, but a bit more variety would be nice, now one get offerd 4 times the same..

Sun is setting

Just before descent to Frankfurt

Sadly my pictures of landing are no good at all, as mentioned before, I really should upgrade.

Passport control on Frankfurt was quite busy, only 3 desks open, which result in quite long lines, but they solved this by checking a bit quicker and not scan every passport.

Transfer to Lufthansa was easy, there are enough desks around, so there is always one not busy. Good thing I not trust on online check-in only, since you have to present yourself on the desk in order to make sure your bags are located and get loaded on the flight.

After a bit to eat it was time to get through security, the line did not look long, but the staff decided that we should not wait at all and directed us through the priority line. The staff there looked surprised, but the staff member wo brought us here told them (in german) that he found something to do for them and should not complain.
I have heard of this before and is actually quite good that they want the passengers processed as quickly as possible rather then let people have to wait.

As we were tired we sat down at the gate area and I did not felt to explore the terminal futher.

November 1, 2010
Frankfurt (FRA) - Amsterdam
Flight number: LH1002
Departure: 21:00 (21:00) – 22:10 (22:25)
Aircraft: Airbuys 320-200 (D-AIQR)
Load Factor: 89%
Seat: 24 A

The door closed on time, and it was only a short taxi to the runway. From there I don’t remember much until we just about to land on the infamous ‘Polderbaan’ at Amsterdam since I was asleep, completely wasted from the long trip.

Taxi this time took long, as is usual when landing at the Polderbaan. But Schiphol or probably the luggage handler should do something about the luggage delivery on the belt. This just takes ridiculously long. There are not many flights arriving around 10 pm at night, so it should not take 40 minutes to get the luggage on the belt, this is just not good enough.

All in all it was a good trip, I definately would want to fly with Qatar Airways again, when the price is right and the stopover not too long that is.
Air Asia is still my favourite low cost airline, they have not let me down yet, so I will continue to fly with them, just take some precautions in your flight schedule.
Lufthansa remains good value for the flights in Europe, nothing more, nothing less.

I hope you enjoyed this flight report and feel free to comment or correct me if I make some mistakes.
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RE: Lufthansa, Qatar And Air Asia To And Around Asia

Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:36 pm


Great trip report and photos!
I will be flying KUL-BKI-KUL soon, so I am curious did you use international terminal in KL? I mean did they check and stamp your passport?

Quoting ozzietukker (Thread starter):
You actually arrive at the domestic side, but since you come from KL, you have to go to the international side.

I never heard about that! but I heard that Sabah has different customs and immigration.

Regards, Alex

edit: I wrote this before you wrote the second part!

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RE: Lufthansa, Qatar And Air Asia To And Around Asia

Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:42 pm

Well, international terminal is probably sounding more then it actually is, it is the international side from the budget terminal where you get a stamp which state that you entered Sabah on XX XXX 2010.
At depature they check this, but you do not have to fill in a new immigration form, you keep your old one.
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RE: Lufthansa, Qatar And Air Asia To And Around Asia

Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:49 pm

Quoting ozzietukker (Reply 3):
Well, international terminal is probably sounding more then it actually is, it is the international side from the budget terminal where you get a stamp which state that you entered Sabah on XX XXX 2010.
At depature they check this, but you do not have to fill in a new immigration form, you keep your old one.

What about KL? Do I get exit stamp from LCCT?
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RE: Lufthansa, Qatar And Air Asia To And Around Asia

Sun Dec 05, 2010 7:37 pm

Hi ozzietukker,

Your report has instantly caught my attention! Lufthansa, Qatar and Air Asia are airlines I was flying with during my last summer holiday to Indonesia. You bring back the nice memories again. Thanks a lot.

Quoting ozzietukker (Thread starter):
With Qatar you have to present yourself at the desk, most probably because of the Credit Card and visa check.

Oh yes, the same procedure was observed before we could obtain our QR boarding passes,

Quoting ozzietukker (Thread starter):
This Airbus 340 does go a bit faster then our Airbus 330, but we keep alongside for quite a while, until they take a more northern route

Great shot!

Quoting ozzietukker (Thread starter):
Qatar serve the special meals on the same time as the regular meals, a good policy, since you can eat together with your partner, the downside is that they do forget who have a special meal and you have to actively ask for it.

How was your dining experience with coloured table cloth laid underneath your meal tray?

Quoting ozzietukker (Thread starter):
For 2 persons from Bangkok to Bali for a total of 35 euro including tax is cheap and a deal not to be missed.

A steal indeed!

Quoting ozzietukker (Thread starter):
The seatpitch in Air Asia is tight, but luckily there is no one in between us, so that saves my knees

Well, you could have considered booking Hot Seats!

Quoting ozzietukker (Thread starter):
Getting close to Bali, this vulcano appears not to be active, still it is an amazing view

It is Mount Ijen. You were blessed with the clear view.

Quoting ozzietukker (Thread starter):
Aircraft: Airbus 330-300 (A7-AEC)

That is so funny. I have been on the same aircraft. Just check this: Bye Asia 2: Private Cabin? DOH-MUC With QR In F (by akhmad Oct 24 2010 in Trip Reports)

Thanks again for sharing. I really enjoyed it.

Friends forever
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RE: Lufthansa, Qatar And Air Asia To And Around Asia

Sun Dec 05, 2010 8:01 pm

Nice TR,

The aircraft was a B777-300ER and not B777-300 (sorry to nitpick). BTW why didn't you take the flight direct to Bali? QR flies there.
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RE: Lufthansa, Qatar And Air Asia To And Around Asia

Mon Dec 06, 2010 4:20 am

Hi. I've heard a lot of good things about Qatar. Unfortunately all the pictures say "Bandwith Exceeded." Any way this can be fixed? I'd really like to see them. Thx
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RE: Lufthansa, Qatar And Air Asia To And Around Asia

Mon Dec 06, 2010 5:03 am

Hey thanks for sharing. Seems QR is still not quite the 5-star airline they claim to be. I also had similar experiences with some of the snacks in Y which were like eating heated carton as well as with a 30 min bus ride to the plane! I thought it was parked in Saudi Arabia!

Why didn't you and your partner go to the city during your layover between FRA and BKK? I've flown 4 times through DOH and 3 of those times I paid USD25 to get a visa to go to the city. I suppose there's not much to see, other than walking along the Corniche or going to one of the Souqs. That still beats spending 12hrs in DOH, even at the lounge!

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RE: Lufthansa, Qatar And Air Asia To And Around Asia

Mon Dec 06, 2010 6:54 pm

Quoting AlexEU (Reply 4):
What about KL? Do I get exit stamp from LCCT?

No, you depart from the Domestic Terminal in KL, and you don't get stamped there, also by return in KL you won't get checked, just by departure at BKI airport.

Quoting triple7man (Reply 7):
Hi. I've heard a lot of good things about Qatar. Unfortunately all the pictures say "Bandwith Exceeded." Any way this can be fixed? I'd really like to see them. Thx

It should be working now!

Quoting ojas (Reply 6):
Nice TR,

The aircraft was a B777-300ER and not B777-300 (sorry to nitpick). BTW why didn't you take the flight direct to Bali? QR flies there.

The trip was intended to go to Thailand, since my partner is originally coming from there. But a side trip to Indonesia, especially Bali is always welcome.

Quoting Coal (Reply 8):
Hey thanks for sharing. Seems QR is still not quite the 5-star airline they claim to be. I also had similar experiences with some of the snacks in Y which were like eating heated carton as well as with a 30 min bus ride to the plane! I thought it was parked in Saudi Arabia!

It probably will be fixed when the new terminal is ready... although with the big operation Qatar have I am not sure they will manage to reduce the long bus rides.

Quoting Coal (Reply 8):
Why didn't you and your partner go to the city during your layover between FRA and BKK? I've flown 4 times through DOH and 3 of those times I paid USD25 to get a visa to go to the city. I suppose there's not much to see, other than walking along the Corniche or going to one of the Souqs. That still beats spending 12hrs in DOH, even at the lounge!

For met it is not a problem to get a visa, and even at night I would prefer to walk around then to spend time in the lounge. Sadly for my partner it was only possible with the overnight hotel and sponsored by Qater...

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RE: Lufthansa, Qatar And Air Asia To And Around Asia

Mon Dec 06, 2010 6:59 pm

Quoting akhmad (Reply 5):
Your report has instantly caught my attention! Lufthansa, Qatar and Air Asia are airlines I was flying with during my last summer holiday to Indonesia. You bring back the nice memories again. Thanks a lot.

I did remember this report, actually a reason to write the ehm economy version of Qatar Airways.

Quoting akhmad (Reply 5):
How was your dining experience with coloured table cloth laid underneath your meal tray?

Well it does look nice, they should just improve the Snack service.

Quoting akhmad (Reply 5):
Well, you could have considered booking Hot Seats!

I prefer to sit in the back with any airline, just not the last row, the plane is usually less filled there and I like the view. Although I have to say, the hot seats are probably a good deal since they are less crowded then the regular seats.

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