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TAP FAO-LIS-HAM Excellent Experience

Wed Dec 22, 2010 10:11 am

Heading to Hamburg for a business trip and living in the Algarve, I booked the best rate and most convenient/reliable route for me: TAP with direct flight from Lisbon in eco.

I got my boarding card printed at home the day before - was just surprised the FAO-LIS leg could not be checked online... Oh well, reserving a seat on the longer flight was more important to me than on the "jump" 20 min. flight from FAO to LIS.

Dec. 12, 2010
FAO-LIS TAP Air Portugal TP 1908 CS-TPA Fokker 100 Portugalia "Albatroz"

depart. on time 11:03 from gate (official 11:05) in Faro

How nice to sit in a 21 years good old Fokker 100 ! Closing my eyes on the rather higher incident rate, I enjoyed the almost noiseless cabin at take-off (I sat over the wings)... This cannot be matched by any wing engine plane !

Sorry , no picture...

full plane, very quiet and speedy take off.
25 min flight, no service.
take off direction east, left curve and straight line into Lisbon with bridge "ponte 25 de abril" on the right.
smooth landing, overcast weather - touch down 11:38.
arrival terminal 1, but bus transfer (no skywalk).

Flight LIS-HAM, Sunday, Dec 12
TP 566 13:10 LIS - 17:30 HH
CS-TNR A320 manuf. oct. 2008
depart. gate 13:08 (2 mn. early)
55 px (of total 169)
bus shuttle to a/c
take off 13:15
quiet and modern new cabin, new flight info, comfortable blue/grey leather seats friendly and professional crew warm food (cod fish with mashed potatoes, fresh spinach, side salad with mushrooms, vanilla milk rice with cinnamon for dessert)-very good and tasty, jut a pity no choice of meat for those who don't like meat.
Excellent red wine from Alentejo ("versatile 2008") straight North East line from LIS via La Rochelle - Paris landing 20min after beautiful sunset over the clouds, early touch down 17:04, at gate 17:09 (official 17:30).
overall very pleasant, quiet, clean and efficient. Elegant TAP outfits too with handsome female attendants and attentive Maitre de Cabine.

Wednesday, Dec 15 2010

HAM-LIS TP 563 A319-111 CS-TTD “Amadeo de Souza Cardoso “, delivery 3/3/98

A/C was expected with later departure from HAM at 13:05 instead of 12:50 (reason: late arrival of incoming a/c) which caused uncertainty about the possibility to catch the continuation flight to Faro - only 45 min lay-over in normal situation in LIS, now reduced by 15 min…
A/c did arrive at around 12:40 at the gate which then allowed our departure from gate at 13:10 with take-off at 13:15.
About 40% occupation rate (54 px out of 132 total).
Weather on take-off was fair.

Thank God we had tail wind so we reached speeds of 920km/h. We took a route via Rotterdam – Paris.

Service on board was friendly again, seats comfortables (we asked for emergency row no. 9 with more leg room) and catering was top: “Koenigsberger Klopse” in fine caper sauce, rice & garniture, appetizer of couscous vegetable salad w/ smoked salmon and fresh dill, dessert was a “Streuselkuchen” apple crumble pie, red wine was “versatile 2008” Alentejo region. Coffee or tea.

Interior was clean.

Landing at 15.02 (so trip lasted 2.47 hours which is a record for me on that route) in direction north-east – plane took a sharp left curve before reaching the 25 de abril bridge for finals.

Parking position (picture 957) at 15:09. En route to parking, look at picture 958 TAAG Angola airline 777 with defect engine to be repaired following last week’s incident over Lisbon.

So it looked like there was absolutely no problem to catch the connecting flight, as we arrived more than on-time in Lisbon, despite the initial delay.

But this was not counting with the tremendous amount of time for deboarding, bus transport to Terminal 1, walk to shuttle bus which took us BACK to terminal 2 (WHY COULDN’T THE 1ST BUS EN ROUTE TO TERMINAL 1 NOT DROP US AT TERMINAL 2 , which is on the way to terminal 1 ??? Did not make sense, sorry !).

When we arrived at Terminal 2, gate was closing for the flight to Faro and they told us they already cancelled us because of the delay in Hamburg, but were trying to take us back – Question: why ?? We arrived on time and ticket was sold to us with that short connection time, so no surprise / nobody inform us to contact ground staff etc. Anyway, we were 3 people total from Hamburg to Faro and we were all taken on board after 5 min of waiting for change of booking as cancellation had already been done.

LIS-FAO TP 1913 Dec 15, 2010

CS-TTG A319-111 “Humberto Delgado”, delivered 5/11/98

As always, rather long wait in bus in front of terminal 2 until all passengers are checked in. And then: bus drive is only a few seconds, as a/c was parked… 40 meters away ! We could have walked to a/c… All this bus expense does not make sense, especially the back and forth between the 2 terminals instead of doing 1 stop at Terminal 2 on the way to Terminal 1 to let domestic px get off !

In plane at 15:48.

Push back 15:54 on time, quick take off at 16:00 with early rotation (plane with 40 px only), then right curve heading south (see pictures 959 to 970 for that trip from park position in Lisbon to landing in Faro).

No meal or drink service on this short 30 min trip.

16:11 start of descent to Faro already (10 min into the trip).

Beautiful views before and at landing on the coast – Vilamoura Marina, Quinta do Lago area and finals. Very smooth landing at 16:29 direction east with full extended flaps.

Park position at 16:33.

Overall trip was very pleasant, as only 40% occupancy, excellent service, on time schedule (departure delay in Ham was caught back), no problem at online check-in (except a not understandable impossibility of online check-in for the Faro flight !).

TAP: definitely NOT “take another plane”. Serious airline and on this trip the cheapest fare : 270E return ticket all the way from Faro to Hamburg. Air Berlin was in the 500 –ish !”

Hope you enjoyed, Daniel.

TAP new 320 wing view
new flight info software
fine food on longer flights like LIS-HAM
generous leg room at emergency exit row
again tasty food and well presented on HAM-LIS leg
TAAG Angola airlines 777 involved in engine incident over LIS the week before
parking in LIS
approaching FAO turning over Albufeira region
finals in FAO
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RE: TAP FAO-LIS-HAM Excellent Experience

Wed Dec 22, 2010 7:18 pm

Hi Daniel,

nice report about your trip to HAM, good to see you enjoyed it. You were lucky to get one of the newer A320s, I couldn't try the new interior on my LIS/FNC trip.

I'm very impressed by the meals - the presentation is better than on various airlines' long-haul flights.

Quoting dtswi (Thread starter):
“Koenigsberger Klopse” in fine caper sauce, rice & garniture, appetizer of couscous vegetable salad w/ smoked salmon and fresh dill, dessert was a “Streuselkuchen” apple crumble pie

Interesting, I got a similar meal on Oman Air back in February.

The Next 5* Carrier? MUC-MCT-DXB, Oman Air A330 (by PlaneHunter Mar 25 2010 in Trip Reports)

Quoting dtswi (Thread starter):
And then: bus drive is only a few seconds, as a/c was parked… 40 meters away !

Yes, the same happened to us prior to the LIS-FNC flight. Quite odd.

Nothing's worse than flying the same reg twice!
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RE: TAP FAO-LIS-HAM Excellent Experience

Sat Dec 25, 2010 11:11 am

Thank you PH!
Congratulations for your stunning pictures and report on Oman Air.

Keep on going  


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