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Right after Christmas of 2010 I decided to take a trip to BRU. Living in the DFW area you have many options to get around the world because the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport it is Oneworld Mega HUB! Also Southwest Airlines has a large operation out of Dallas Love Field. This trip landed me on United Airlines jets. The first flight was flight 588, a 2:14 departure to ORD on a United (Mainliner) Boeing 757-222.

I entered terminal E via an escalator from the lower level of the horse shoe shaped terminal complex. After arriving on the ticketing and departure/arrival level, I scurried through the security checkpoint which was quite packed. At DFW, United does not offer a fast lane for premium passengers. At the gate the agents were efficient but not overly nice and made numerous announcements about checking bags because this flight was full. United offered boarding for First Class, 1K and Global Services PAX on a red carpet lane. I was seated in 3B. Boarding was uneventful. One of the four female flight attendants offered me Orange Juice, Water or any other beverage prior to departure from the gate. I had water. The flight was full and the majority of the 24 seat first class cabin PAX were upgrades.

After push back the purser made her announcements and showed a safety video which was prefaced by United's CEO welcoming PAX and talking about the merger with Continental. After the video the FAs did a check and were very friendly in asking people to turn off phones and devices. The purser joked with passengers saying "C'mon I see you all the time, you know that is supposed to be off!" We taxied out and lined up behind some American MD-80s and a Delta MD-88. After the MD-88 (probably headed for ATL) lined up on the runway, The flight deck announced for flight attendants to prepare for takeoff. We were next and we took off from the south accelerating northward on runway 35L for the short 2 hour flight to ORD.

Once in the air, the flight attendants immediately got to work while we were still at a climb. The purser took everyone's drink orders and also asked if we would like a light snack.

After the beverage service the flight attendants offered hot towels to the pax and placed down white linen on the trays.
The snack was a chicken pasta and soup.

After the snack a warm chocolate chip cookie was offered to all PAX.

As we got closer to ORD the flight attendants had to sit down because things got a bit bumpy. Once we landed we had to wait for a gate because we got into ORD about 35 minutes early.

This was an uneventful nice domestic flight on United.

The Brussels leg is coming soon. I hope you all enjoy the report. Sorry I don't have more tail number info. I was just taking pictures    

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Good little report!

Looks like you had a nice flight with United in F! Nice that they served something!

Thanks for sharing!

I love to fly!
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looking forward to your ORD-BRU TR. I spent 6 years in Brussels and cannot wait for your review!! I suggest the Wingtips restaurant above the departure level of BRU for spotting. The food there, STILL sucks!!!

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