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Continental/American ECO., ELP-IAH Part 1

Sat Jul 09, 2011 7:06 pm

Hello all ! ,
This is my first time writing a trip report so I hope you like it!

Airline : Continental (United Logo)
Flight # 401 ELP-IAH
Departure Time : 6:00 AM
Seat: 10F (X) Economy
Aircraft : 737-500
Flight Time : 1 hour 56 Minutes

I was flying with my family to a part leisure part business trip , I wasnt planning on going but since we were using our airlines miles , it wouldn't cost a thing for me to go so my parents happily let me go.
Using miles can be a hassle , most of the time you cant get a good flight using 12,400 miles. There were 2 Flights , One leaving at 6 AM , At another at noon , Since my Mom hates flying and if she has to fly always chooses the bigger aircraft we chose the 6AM ( It was a Boeing 737-500 ) , Our return gave us no options ( We had a meeting to go to Friday morning which would end at 1 ) The only option was a flight that would get us in really late and we didnt want to do that , and it was a ERJ , ( My mom kindly said no ) So we decided to come back on American ( With a stop in DFW ) My mom said the MD-80 was a ok aircraft and she happily chose that flight.

Check In:
I checked us in and chose our seats online , we were also checking in one bag so I decided it would save us time if we paid for it online.

We arrived at the airport at 4:35 AM , Since El Paso isnt a really big airport , there really isnt a need to arrive at the airport 2 hours before. We proceeded to the Continental ( United Logos ) Check in desk where the supervisor ushered us to a self service machine and basically did everything for us , she printed our boarding passes and checked in our bag , within 10 minutes we were on our way to security.

Security was Short , Since we were there early there wasnt much of a line , and we were then ushered into a Full Body Scan or just a Metal Detector , I was surprised to see that some people were using the metal detectors and not getting pat down. We cleared security at 4:50 and proceeded to Terminal B.

El Paso airport has recently undergone renovation , 4 New restaurants that includes a Pizza Hut Express , and a huge Panoramic Food Court , Sadly it was still dark outside and I couldnt take any pictures.

Southwest Currently Dominates El Paso Airport.

After a 10 minute walk we arrived at gate B9 with 15 Minutes before Boarding.

I decided to quickly go to starbucks to get a morning coffee before our flight , knowing that Airlines dont give much food on board anymore.

Our plane waiting for us.
I was quite excited to see we would be flying on the United Livery Aircraft!

The load this morning was about 60% , Boarding began at 5:37 ,The first call for boarding was for anyone in the US Military , I was surprised as usually they board First Class and Military together. Then came the call for first class and elite members , then economy by rows ( Starting in the back ) We were on our aircraft by 5:50.

The view from 10F , and the beautiful sun coming up over the mountains.
Shortly after the captain came on and said we would be departing shortly , our flight time would be 1 hours 56 minutes and that the weather in Houston is light rain and cloudy.
At 5:55 Doors were closed and we began to push back.
The crew then began their in flight safety demonstration , I felt that continentals crew has really lacked detail , as many people had their seats reclined and windows shades down and the crew didnt care , never even mentioned anything to the passengers .

After letting an American MD-80 Take off we aligned onto Runway 4 and Took off at 6:07

Shortly after take off beverage service began at about 6:20 .
After being served I kicked back and relaxed with a movie on my iPad which for some reason stopped playing after 10 minutes , so I just listened to music until we began our descent.

Once again the Crew has no attention to detail ,
On our descent the captain or crew started to care , and they started asking people to open their shades and put their seats up , however no announcement was made to turn off electronic devices , I sorta just figured since we were about to land that I should turn mine off.

Landing in IAH Runway 27 I believe.

Gate C24.An ontime arrival at 8:54 AM.

Continental is a good airline , I do like their service however their crew needs to be more professional and more welcoming on board.

Will be posting my Return Soon! Thanks for reading  
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RE: Continental/American ECO., ELP-IAH Part 1

Sat Jul 09, 2011 8:28 pm

Quoting Fedex710 (Thread starter):
I felt that continentals crew has really lacked detail , as many people had their seats reclined and windows shades down and the crew didnt care

Window shades are operator-specific; there is no federal rule that the shades must be op or down for takeoff/landing.
Some crews will make you do it anyway, but these crews are typically just being obnoxious control freaks.
Seatbacks should be up, but I often find that early morning flights are a bit more relaxed with this.
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RE: Continental/American ECO., ELP-IAH Part 1

Sat Jul 09, 2011 9:16 pm

Their international flights in Y to Europe are really subpar. But they have a good frequent flyer program.
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RE: Continental/American ECO., ELP-IAH Part 1

Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:28 am

Yes , their frequent flier program is great! First class is sometimes available for 25K miles the same price as an economy easy pass ticket.

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