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Upgrade To First! Emirates HYD-DXB-JFK

Thu Dec 01, 2011 2:38 am

Recently, I took a quick trip to Hyderabad, India. I live in NY, so the best choice was obviously EK! This trip report focuses on the return, which is EK 529/203 from HYD-DXB-JFK, on November 8, 2011. I was originally traveling with my dad, who was booked in F, but when I booked my ticket, F was showing full, so I had no problem travelling in J. During check in at HYD, I asked about F availability, and the agent said they were full in F o both flights still, so I decided to just stay in J, as I have no problem, but I requested that I was willing to pay, or use skywards miles, at DXB, if seats become available, which I can do, because I am a skywards gold member. The agent checked us in, and wished us a nice flight, and we made our way through security to the lounge, which is not that great, but hey, it's HYD. We stayed in the lounge for about 20 minutes, had a snack, and made our way to the gate, to be first to board. The flight was 100% in F, not even 40% in J, and i'm not sure about Y. I slept this flight, as I was still sort of on NY time, as we had arrived in HYD on EK F, for a wedding of family, only the day before! That trip made the record for my shortest long haul trip ever! Anyway, I woke up about 5 minutes out of DXB, put on my shoes, and watched the view from the landing gear cam, on this A330-200. After arrival, we made our way to the transfer desk, and asked if any seats had opened up in F. She said that 1 more seat was available- Suite 1K(my favorite seat on EK's 777 F!), but she couldn't give it to me, until check in closed at 1:25am, and the flight was at 2am! I agreed, and my dad and I both went to the J lounge, as he really didn't care about not getting to go to the F lounge, as we have been in it on numerous occasions. We had some late night dinner, than we went to the front desk at 1:20am, and she swiped my gold card, and printed out my boarding pass- with Suite 2K! Hey, its not row 1, but at least it's in F! By the time all this was over, it was time for boarding, and I walked out to the gate- 201, on the lounge level, but it was deserted, so we went down to the Y gate, and boarded from there. It seemed like were the last in J or F to board, with a 100% in both cabins, and again, I am not sure about Y. I was in 2K, with my dad in 2F. This flight was a great one, and I have a youtube video of this flight here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3Ag4uO9-5o
Also, go ahead and check out a few of my other EK F videos. The rest is pretty much normal, and since I don't want to bore you with any more words, enjoy the video, and I hope that you liked this report. Oh, and one more thing, the only complaint I have, is that during de-boarding at JFK, they don't use door 1L, only 2L, which makes it a hassle for F passengers to get out, as J passengers tend to run for the door, before we can get to it. What I'm saying is, if anyone from EK is reading this, on 777 flights when you are not using door 1L, please hold all J, and even some Y passengers made it off before we did, until all F passengers are off, especially when the flight is so full.
Thanks for reading, and please subscribe to me on youtube- emirates202
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